tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJoan's Year Of Changes Ch. 05

Joan's Year Of Changes Ch. 05


The dog nudged my hand with his wet nose. When I moved it, he whined then jumped up so both of his paws were on my side of the bed. He started to bark as soon as my eyes opened.

"Ok, ok, I'm up. Give me a minute and I'll take you out." I told him but then turned to Joan's side of the bed, hoping she'd take him; but I was alone.

I threw the sheets aside and followed the dog to the backdoor. I let him out and out of habit checked to make sure the gate was closed. It was closed and the latch was pulled tight, before going back into the house I looked over the other side of the deck. The umbrella for the patio table was up and on the table was a bright green table cloth, plates and service for four. A big vase of freshly cut hydrangeas sat in the middle of the table.

"I told you Cora must have met some one. She'll be here in two hours for lunch. Good thing you're up, she's bringing Geoffrey over for us to meet. Are you taking a shower?"

I nodded. "How long have you been up?" I asked as I turned toward Joan. She was wearing a short skirt and t-shirt. She was barefooted and her hair was pulled back into her usual ponytail. Her smile was clean, quick and as disarming as a compliment.

"I forgot to reset the alarm so it went off at five o'clock. I got up at five thirty. I've been through my workout and just got off the phone with Cora. Geoffrey's an accountant at her work and I guess they've been dating for a while."

I walked past Joan and through the doorway into the kitchen. Coffee was already brewed so I poured myself a cup. Joan never stopped talking about Cora and her new boyfriend. I caught that they had been dating since she started her internship. They continued to see each other after she was hired full time. He was a midlevel accountant from a nice family in Michigan.

"He makes a good living and he loves her. She thinks he's the one." Joan said with an air of expectation.

I wrested my mind from thoughts of dark hands holding and kneading Joan's big white, breasts and planted it where I stood, in the kitchen where Joan was telling me how to act for our daughter. It's, Funny that she didn't have to tell me how to act last night.

I listened to Joan, smiling through the entire list of does and don't. "Don't ask questions like your firing off a bullet list. Don't judge him by how he eats."

"I'm not going to judge him on how he eats." I calmly protested.

"Yes you will. You always say that you can tell everything about a person from how he sits at the table and eats." Joan shot back.

"I'll keep it to myself." I said, thinking the issue was over, but I was wrong.

"No, you won't, you'll make a face when he picks up his fork with his fist or uses his knife to push his peas onto his spoon or ..."

"Why is he using his spoon to eat peas?" I countered. Joan took my humor as a direct challenge, so I put my hands up and told her that I wouldn't even watch him eat. Then I turned on my heel and went back upstairs.

Like a drunk with a hidden bottle I went first to my office and opened the email account. Her story of yesterday's tryst with Kevin was not in the list. I felt let down and confused. Somewhere in the back of my head, sanity told me that disappointment was the wrong emotion. I tried to shove it all out of my mind as I shut down the computer and started my shower.

Once I had my pants and shoes on I went down stairs and refilled my coffee. Joan was nowhere to be seen. I checked the living room and basement. I went out onto the deck and just as I turned to go back I saw her on the other side of the forsythia, standing against the house. She was in such a position that only a person looking for her would have found her. No doubt she would have seen her pursuer first; but not me, I learned to search quietly.

Going through the garage and out the side door I was able to stand quietly next to the house and listen to Joan's conversation.

"But, I didn't have time. I know I promised. I'll send it on Sunday." Joan said to into her phone. She sounded frantic.

There was a short pause then, "Ok, I'm sorry I know I promised. I'll write the letter and make sure it's up first thing tomorrow morning. I'll stay home from Mass if I have to. Please, I'm sorry. It will only be two days late."

Joan was close to tears as she pleaded with her caller. I'm sure if Joan was alone she would have been begging for extra consideration. "I didn't do it on purpose, I ran out of time. I didn't mean for it to be late." Joan whined.

After a long pause, she said, "I'll do whatever you want. My daughter Cora is coming over with her boyfriend to meet us. They'll be here until early afternoon. I'll do whatever you want after they leave. I promise."

After Joan stopped pleading, she began nodding her head. Was she in trouble at work? If she's pleading like that, it must be serious. I backed away from the corner and went through the side door of the garage and back into the house.

A few minutes later, Joan came into the kitchen from the patio. She was staring at the ground with a worried look on her face.

"Is everything OK?" I asked genuinely concerned.

Joan looked up and for a moment stared at me then suddenly blurted, "Yeah, everything's fine. Just a small misunderstanding at work, I may have to work tomorrow morning, just some paper work that was left. Its no big deal."

Joan shrugged her shoulders and walked passed me to the kitchen. "The quiches are finished and the pastries are done. Would you get the wine?"

I looked at her in disbelief. "Wine? Wine for brunch? What the hell have we become?"

"Ed, it's not every day that a daughter brings home a young man to meet her parents. He's taken by Cora and the very least we can do is make sure he understands the good choice he's made."

I nodded and helped set the table. A few minutes later the door bell rang and I opened it for my beautiful daughter and a tall, soft looking man who appeared to be in his mid to late twenties.

After our introductions I led Geoffrey out to the deck, we took our seats at the table and began to talk. "So Cora tells me that you're over the Accounting department, how long have you been with the firm?" I asked, in hopes of getting a light conversation started.

Geoffrey replied somewhat demurely that he was the senior account and not technically anyone's boss.

"So who makes the rules?" I asked

"What do you mean; the rules?" Geoffrey answered. He looked a bit confused but still held a slight smile as if the question was patently absurd.

I continued with, "The procedures on how everything is done. What's first and what gets done last. What information is important and what can be ignored. You know, that kind of thing."

"Oh, I updated the manual. Our tax obligations were reduced last year. I found the equipment depreciation that was missed by Gary. He was my predecessor." Geoffrey continued his dry litany of accomplishments. When he stopped he looked me in the face. I was smiling.

I took a sip of my wine and said, "So you're over the Accounting department."

Geoffrey stared at me then opened his mouth but instead of saying anything just took a loud breath. He turned his head and stared at his glass then took another audible breath that ended with "Yes, I guess I am."

His answer was met with smiles from Cora and Joan and it opened the channel of communication between him and me.

Geoffrey turned out to be a pretty decent guy. I have to admit I had my reservations. All of the accountants I've known have as much humor as they do variety in their profession. Geoffrey was a happy exception. His job supported the life he wanted. His passion was hiking and camping. During his last year of college he hiked the Appalachian Trail.

I asked him what impressed him about the hike. "Well, I guess it was that I had to rely on things that weren't there and I couldn't see. It was more than just faith in humanity. It was a belief that things were going to be there when I arrived. Things I had never seen. It was one thing to hike all day with a tent on your back. I can put up a tent. I can feed myself, but if the trail map read that a hostile was at a certain bend in the trail. Well, you begin to hope for it, hell you, needed it to be there. I'd never seen the place, never met the people and had no idea if the map was accurate. What if it burned down last week? Sure I would have been fine, I brought extra food, but when you've got your heart set on something not having it can be demoralizing."

Geoffrey fell silent then, staring at his empty glass he said, "It was one of the best experiences of my life."

"I'll bet it was." I said, trying to sound as affirming as possible.

Joan quietly excused herself to fetch the food. Not long after, Cora got up to help. I saw them talking in the kitchen.

Geoffrey worked his way through college and just like Cora he interned for a year. Though he was very humble in listing his accomplishments, he was very ambitious. We talked about hiking, camping, movies and books. We had a lot in common.

Cora came back with her arms full of food. Joan always cooks twice as much as necessary. Her hospitality can be summed up with "it's always been better to have too much than let anyone leave hungry." It was obvious with the quiches, fruit, pastries, drinks and snacks no one was going to leave hungry.

Geoffrey helped Cora arrange the food on the table. "Where's Mom" I asked Cora.

"Oh She had to answer a message that was left on her phone." She said it would only take a minute. She was heading toward the bathroom. That's probably what's keeping her."

I nodded then got up, "what else is there to bring out?" I asked Cora, but Joan answered from the hallway. "Just the fruit and the other quiche."

"The other quiche?" I asked incredulously.

Cora answered, "Yeah, she made three; she said she wasn't sure what Geoff would like so she made three choices."

Joan sat her phone on the counter, grabbed the quiche and joined us on the deck. After the blessing, Joan made sure Geoff was served first then Cora. We ate and talked. It was a beautiful day and the time just seemed to stand still. Joan and I have always been very proud of our daughters and now, Cora was bringing home a very eligible young man. It was a wonderful turning point in all our lives.

Joan told stories of Cora's childhood. The time she got her head stuck in the banister and the time she dressed the cat in baby doll clothes and took it to school. Her teacher lectured Joan for nearly thirty minutes on the need to be vigilant with small children.

The brunch date turned out to be much more than just a meal. In the midst of talking, Geoff mentioned being a big fan of Paul Newman. I told him that I was too and we talked over the actor's extensive film career. I couldn't believe he hadn't seen Road to Perdition. Though Newman's only in it for a few minutes, in my opinion it was a movie not to miss.

So I invited Geoff and Cora to stay and watch the movie down stairs in our media room. They readily agreed. As they were both nodding their heads, I noticed a grimace cross Joan's face. It lasted only for the moment that she was staring at the kitchen clock and then it was gone.

I didn't mention Joan's odd expression; instead I offered to clear the dishes so Joan could embarrass Cora with her stories. They all agreed, so I took the plates, cleared off the uneaten food and put the dishes in the dishwasher. That's when I saw Joan's phone; it was sitting on the counter. With my back to the deck, I opened the phone. One missed call. It was from a number I didn't recognize. There weren't any messages so I just closed it, wiped up the rest of the counter and then went to the bathroom.

Coming out of the bathroom, I closed the door and looked down the hallway through the sliding glass door. Cora was sitting in a warm yellow sunbeam. She was smiling as she always did; pure and gentle. Her love for Geoffrey was just as guileless. His eyes held nothing back, he was too entranced. Their love was a wonder. Cora hadn't stopped smiling since they arrived and now she watched Geoffrey and mimicked his movements as if in perfect synch with his every wish. Cora was acting like I had never seen before. My pragmatic, self-reliant, self possessed daughter was completely in love with this man. I was warmed by the rightness of their coupling.

Then coldness filled my arteries. Joan wasn't on the deck. Her chair was neatly pushed under the table and her phone wasn't on the counter. Mechanically, I started walking. My forced strides took me quickly through the kitchen. I grabbed the handle of the patio door and pushed it back. I don't remember hearing the door slam against the wall but I'll never forget the expressions on Cora and Geoffrey's faces. My sudden expulsion from the house evaporated their reverie. They were startled. The sun was hot and I knew I had to think of something quick.

"Oh geez, I'm sorry, I greased that door yesterday and forgot how easy it opens." I was hoping my smile which seemed too tight for my face wasn't a caricature. They needed to believe that nothing was wrong. So I started to believe it, but Joan was gone.

"Where's your mother?" I asked as I took my seat.

"Oh, she said, she'd be right back, she promised another teacher that she'd email some directions or something." Cora answered dismissively. I sat down and over the rim of my coffee mug watched the young couple completely ignore me. They talked about their jobs and people I would never know. They giggled and smiled over jokes I'll never understand. None of it made any sense to me, none of it mattered. I gulped down the last of my coffee, held up the empty cup and asked if anyone else wanted a refill. They of course said no. So I waved my mug and proclaimed that I would be back after making more coffee.

Making a show of being more careful with the patio door I turned to slide it slowly and quietly into place. My display was lost on Geoffrey and Cora. They wouldn't have noticed me unless I danced on the table between them. I quickly started the coffee then quietly searched the house. Starting in the master bathroom I made my way down the hall to the guest bathroom. By the time I was back in the kitchen, it was obvious Joan was not in the house. I grabbed the knob of the door leading to the garage.

It wouldn't budge. The door was locked.

I didn't shake or rattle the door, instead, I unlocked the knob with one hand, and then with both hands I lifted up on the door as I slowly opened it. It swung toward me without its usual squeak.

The overhead garage light was on. It should have been off, unless Joan was in there looking for something, but then the door wouldn't have been locked. Why was the door locked? It could have been an accident. Suddenly, I heard something that confirmed the light's deliberateness.

"That's it, bitch, suck my cock" said a deep thick voice.

I froze solid. Then, impulsively, I looked down the hallway. Cora and Geoffrey were leaning in close toward each other and talking. Cora put her hand on his shoulder. Geoffrey was smiling.

The words, "You're a pretty lady. A real pretty lady but you're prettier with my dick in your mouth" came to my ears. The deep languid voice came from the front of the garage. I pushed the door open a fraction of an inch more but stopped when I felt the first hint of a screech. Then I stood stone still hoping my greed hadn't betrayed me.

The sound of a muffled gag and a quiet exhale filled the garage. Then Joan said, "Please Kevin, cum for me. Cum in my mouth so I can swallow you." Joan sounded conflicted; like she does when she's eating ice cream.

"Now that isn't nice. You make me think you just want this over. What if I want more than just my dick sucked?" The deep voice hissed.

I felt like I was standing in a cold wind. It was Kevin who was on the opposite side of the car most likely naked and most definitely using Joan.

"I thought you had feelings for me." Kevin said shrilly.

"I thought we wanted the best for each other." He added with some hesitation.

Then the voices stopped. Some rustling sounds came from the other side of the car. Then suddenly it shook violently on its springs. Joan came into view. I could see her through the windshield and driver's side window. She was naked and bent over the hood. Because of my angle of sight, I couldn't see Kevin. But I didn't have to; the car rocked side to side. Joan extended her arms so she could prop herself up on the hood. With each forward thrust Joan goaded her black lover. "Fuck me harder. Oh, that's it shove that cock inside of me." she said in a shrill, but quiet voice.

I turned, stepped back and looked out onto the deck. Cora and Geoffrey were still talking. Their eyes were glued to each other. Geoffrey was spreading his hands out on the table. Cora's gaze danced between the table top and his eyes.

I left the door ajar and watched my daughter look lovingly at her boyfriend while I listened to her naked mother mate with a black man in our garage.. Cora gazed into the house. I don't know if she saw me. It's possible that she couldn't see through the glare of the sliding glass door, but she seemed to give me a slight smile and nod as I mouthed "I'll be out in a minute". Thank God she didn't come inside. Thank God she understood my silent message. I stared at her for a moment longer. Then a squeal was cut short and there was a low pitched moan that transformed into a slow "Oh my God".

"You love my dick don't you Mrs King." Kevin said loudly

"Yes" Joan replied

"Yes, yes what?" Kevin demanded, as the car rocked like a carnival ride.

"Yes, I love your cock. I'll do anything for it." Joan said plaintively. He face was turned toward the windshield and through it toward me.

"Yeah, you love my black cock. Your daughter's in there; your husband's in there and here you are, fucking a black man. Tell me out loud, have you ever cum on your husband's dick? Hmmm, have you ever creamed on his white cock."

Just as Kevin began to repeat his lewd question Joan arched her back and nearly yelled, "No, I've never come like this. I can't, I'm his wife."

"And you're my whore." Kevin growled then was silent. The garage was filled with the noise of their violent mating. The car rocked steadily with each thud of Joan's thighs against the quarter panel. Her moans filled the air just like his black cock filled her pussy. Then she went slack.

I saw Joan again through the windshield. She was laying flat across the hood. Kevin's hand was on her back holding her down. He was behind her, fucking her like a machine. Joan was biting her knuckles. She winced with each thrust and bared her teeth. But, she was pushing back on the brute, lifting her ass up to take more of his cock. She caressed him with her free hand, the one she wasn't biting. Her white fingers traced over his black skin, outlining his taut muscles and wordlessly encouraging him to spend himself inside her. She wanted this vicious fuck. The mating was arousing her more than I ever could.

I looked away from their adultery to watch my daughter talk to her boyfriend. They were content to just talk; neither of them looked away from the other. As they talked, their hands moved and gestured over the table, Cora giggled and smiled cleanly then she leaned forward and gave her fiancé a tender kiss on the lips.

Voices once again drew my attention back to the garage.

Joan was quietly pleading, "I'm sorry Kevin, I won't disobey again. Oh God, I'll do what you say."

"Now you going to do what I tell you? Kevin hissed back.

"Joan nodded, then seemed to think better of her response and said, "I'll, do anything you want."

"Yeah bitch that's the way it is." Kevin growled as he ground his cock deep into Joan's womb.

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