tagInterracial LoveJob Description: Cuckold

Job Description: Cuckold


For a true cuckold what could be more satisfying than the sight of your wife and her black lover fucking on your marriage bed. His black 12-inch rod thrusting into your petite wife’s pink wet cunt. The moans of satisfaction as he thrusts his prick into her, filling up her love tube in a way she has never experienced before. As their lovemaking becomes more passionate her whimpers turn to cries of excitement as she begs him to fuck her harder wrapping her legs and arms round his body. She hits the peak of an organism as he floods her unprotected womb with copious floods of sperm. You then slip from the room unnoticed as they lay cuddling, recovering in post-orgasmic bliss from their activities. After all you do not want to be a gooseberry to their special relationship.

Imagine your desire to fully partake in the cuckold lifestyle. This was what I had fantasised for many years. My name is Keith, my wife Sarah and I were both in our late 20’s. Married for 5 years the spark had faded from our sex life. To spice things up we started to share our fantasies during our lovemaking. When I told Sarah mine she was taken back being fairly prime and proper. As time went on cuckolding became a regular feature of our occasional love play. Sarah started to look at related websites and reading on line stories of people active in the lifestyle. We regularly talked about her taking a lover but had yet to have the courage to take the plunge.

Things changed when my work required us to move to London from the North – East. Sarah had a dead end job and with no close relatives or friends there was nothing stopping us relocating. My only living relative was an Aunt who had a large house in Brixton only a few tube stops from where I would be working. She was 38 and a widow, her husband having died in a motor accident many years ago. Although we exchanged Birthday and Christmas cards, we had not seen her since our wedding however I had heard she led a bit of a wild life style and regularly jetted off to Jamaica with close friends for holidays.

She had often in her cards invited us to come and stay. Time had never given us the occasion to take up her offer but with the cost of renting Sarah suggested we ring Aunt Jane. She was over the moon we had made contact. It turned out she was going to be in our area the next weekend for a conference. She had intended staying in a hotel but I insisted the least we could do was provide accommodation for the two nights she was going to be up here.

The following Friday I met Aunt Jane at the Railway station and we soon were home at our flat. Sarah had cooked a lovely meal and after enjoying our fill of food and wine adjourned to the lounge for coffee and more drinks.

I am not sure how the subject came up but Aunt Jane was asking about our love life, I was surprised Sarah admitted it was not frequent and a bit dull. In fact we need to fantasise to give it a bit of spice. My Aunt perked up at this, tell me Sarah what are your fantasies. Sarah was embarrassed at this question realising perhaps with the drink she had said to much but under my Aunts probing admitted we were both turned on by the idea of a cuckold lifestyle.

Capital said my Aunt, I have had many lovers over the years even whilst Steven was still alive and I would add with his approval. I particularly found our black brothers well endowed and can recommend Sarah you go black. Once you have experienced a mighty black cock anything else will seem second best. Staying with me will give you the chance to experiment with this lifestyle. After all apart from me who will know you? At the end of the day you can return here no one the wiser. Think about it but if you want to live out your fantasies you do need to agree some ground rules so that there is no misunderstanding. My wife laughed, you mean like a job description for a cuckold. Yes-replied Jane I think that is probably a very good analogy.

It was getting late so we all adjourned to bed. In the morning Jane asked us if we had thought more about her comments. I looked at Sarah and then replied, yes, we may live to regret it but it is something we both want to experience. I could not get the thought of my wife with her lover out of my mind all night. Good she replied, when I get back tonight I want you to have agreed the rules for cuckolding. We will then have a little test. Sarah, at my conference is a dreamboat 6 ft black Jamaican called Paul. I know he is on his own and will welcome a night out. What could be better than myself, my nephew, his wife and her lover going out for a fun evening? Sarah and I looked at each other in stunned silence but neither objecting to Jane's proposal. The next minute she was gone leaving us to prepare that special job description.

By the time Jane returned we had drafted our golden rules. As the day had gone on our draft had got more and more extreme and more exciting, I had gone of to masturbate several times as Jane kept telling me she was saving herself for Paul.

We sat down with a glass of wine to share our thoughts with Jane. We had decided to take it in turns. Before we started Jane said do you mind if I add bits if I feel it would add to the experience. OK I replied hesitantly. With that I then started.

To set the scene, I said we have decided that Sarah should only have sex with her lovers. In extreme circumstances I can use my tongue or fingers but only at Sarah’s request. Sarah continued, although we are married, Keith accepts I will live a single’s life style going to clubs etc without giving any explanation of whom I am with and when I will return. However for safety I will keep you informed Jane but this information should not be shared with my husband. My turn: in line with what we have agreed, it is appropriate Sarah only goes on holiday with her lovers. Jane went on, I intend advertising on singles and interracial websites. I then added, Sarah has agreed to dress provocatively and go without panties. Jane added at this point to say, if Sarah does not wear panties then you should Keith – it helps reinforce your standing with Sarah and her studs. No problem I replied, how could she know I got a turn on wearing them when Sarah was out, I could now do this openly.

We looked at Jane and I said what do you think, She smiled, a good start but have you thought about children? No I replied but Sarah is on the pill and it should not be a problem. What do you think a real cuckold would ask his wife to do Keith?

I thought for a moment, I guess a true cuckold would ask his wife’s lover to impregnate her. Good said Jane we are getting ahead of ourselves with that idea but I am pleased you are thinking along the right lines. I am sure as time goes by you will introduce extra rules for the pleasure of Sarah and your humiliation. Now Paul will be here within the hour – scoot children and prepare yourselves for an evening of fun.

Sarah would not let me into the bedroom whilst she got ready, Paul turned up whist she was still dressing so Jane and I entertained him. He turned out to be a really nice guy and not fazed by our newfound relationship. I felt very much in awe of his 6 foot black muscular frame. Just then Sarah came into the room. She looked stunning in a pink boob tube with a matching white skirt. Her top did nothing to hide her erect nipples. Without looking at me she crossed the room, put her arms round his neck saying I have been looking forward to this moment darling. She then kissed him with a long lingering kiss running her tongue round his lips then plunging it into his mouth. After a few minutes they came up for air. Paul said now that’s what I call a friendly welcome. The evening went in a blur. Sarah sat next to Paul and they chatted as if they were on a date alone leaving Jane and I to talk to ourselves. I noticed Sarah was very much into touching Paul at every opportunity and with his hands often below the tablecloth I could guess what he was up to. After coffee and liqueurs we headed back home. Whilst Paul went to the bathroom Sarah said to me, would you mind if I slept with him tonight, only if I could watch first time I replied.

This was how I stood by the door watching my wife’s black stud thrusting his magnificent ebony cock into her petite but now well stretched cunt. Listening to her telling him how he was the best and she had never experienced such a good fucking. At that point I slipped out to make my bed on the sofa. I don’t know what the neighbours thought but the noise of their rutting at regular intervals during the night would have woken the dead.

Once we were in London living with my Aunt, Sarah put her mind to finding a new job. In reality her interviews were for pretty dull office positions but in my dream world my wife secures a new job with a company totally focused on the Cuckold and Interracial life style. Imagine her excitement at securing this position, which has nothing to do with the desk job or what the company makes…just the company culture and ethos.

After being told she has the position, the formal offer and contact of employment turns up in the post.

Put yourself in my shoes. Darling she says, come and sit down. My job will be the focus of my life from now on. You need to read and agree to the terms and conditions of my employment.

Employment Contract: Interracial Brothers Inc

Job title: White ho to Black Master

Specific Role: Personal Assistant Slut to Raul Black.

Job Specification:

To provide all secretarial and personal (sexual) services required by your line manager. Any requests must be complied without hesitation or reservation. Raul’s needs must always come before yours, your family or friends.


Oral: Able to arouse and take any size cock in your mouth. Swallowing all ejaculations

Conventional: Be familiar with our booklet 30 positions to satisfy your lover, regularly look to offer a variety of positions to your designated sex partners. In this context designated does NOT include your Husband.

Anal: On your first day, you will be issued with a set of stretching dildos to help you accommodate anal sex. It is part of your job role to encourage your line manager to use your back entrance. This option will be particularly important when entertaining more than one client at a time.

Training and Development:

Raul has taken upon himself your personal development. This training will often involve Weekends and Evenings in perfecting your slut status. We expect you to be very grateful for Raul’s commitment and likewise to accommodate this schedule you need to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet his requirements.

Dress Code

Dresses or Skirts with tops are standard clothing for your position. Trousers are not allowed.

Hemline must be no longer than 4 inches above the Knee.

Stockings are to be worn at all times. These can either be with a Garter Belt or self-support.

Shoes must have a 5-inch.

Bras may only be worn with your line manager’s approval. Then they must either be ¼ cup or with nipple holes. Nipples must be visible through your dress at all times.

Tops must be low cut and provide easy access to your body. I.e.: front buttoned or tie necked.

Panties will be company issued and available from the company shop – these will be thong style in an assortment of colours. Each pair will be personalised for you with the wording: Property of Raul. These are to be worn in future at work and home.

Upon completion of your probation period, you will be issued with your company insignia. This is a very attractive gold necklace with a matching tag engraved Raul’s Slut. You will be expected to wear this at all times with pride.

Travel and Accommodation:

At times you will need to accompany Raul on business trips. This is to provide secretarial support and provide sexual relief to him and where appropriate to help secure business for the company, designated clients. When booking accommodation you will share a room with Raul and make it quite plain to the hotel you are married

But sleeping with your Lover.

Staff Incentive Scheme: pregnancy – castration – piercing – breast enlargement.

In addition to your generous salary, we do believe in offering staff rewards for going that extra mile. Areas you can earn a bonus for are:

Pregnancy – After 12 months employment, if you volunteer to stop taking birth control and are successfully bred by one of our designated black brothers.

Piercing – A good slut should continually look to make herself stand out. Septum, tongue, nipple and clit rings are seen to be in good taste and will be rewarded accordingly.

Castration – In accordance with our code of conduct, you are not permitted to engage in sexual acts with your husband. A bonus will be paid to you if he agrees to be castrated as a sign of his commitment.

Breast Enlargement – A good slut should be proud of her breasts – company healthcare will pay for enhancement to 44 DD – after all we believe in staff having the right equipment for their role.

Having read the job specification my wife turns to me saying do you think I should sign to confirm I accept the position. As a keen cuckold what could I say?

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