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Paige Glenn's job had a lot of perks that came with it, as she soon found out. She got a nice office, a company car, 3 assistants, membership to the company gym -- a lot more than she ever would have hoped for. She looked forward to working for Bryant and Associates for a long time and promised that she would find some way to thank her long-time friend Ellie for recommending her.

"You can thank me at the company retreat next weekend," the pretty ash blonde told her.

"Company retreat? This is the first that I've heard about it," Paige said as she moved up in line to order her afternoon coffee.

"Oh yeah, Dick has them every year, he and his second wife," Ellie smiled. "When he became really successful, he dumped the shrewish first wife and married someone even younger than we are," Ellie observed. "That's okay, Mila is a sweetheart and Dick sure doesn't look or act like a man about to turn 50. They have their own island and the whole week is all-expenses paid and you get paid to go too. It's a chance to de-stress and have fun -- lots of fun!"

"Why do I get the feeling that there is something you're not telling me?" Paige asked.

"Because there is something I'm not telling you," Ellie told her. "The whole week is one big party -- a clothing optional party!"

Paige rolled her eyes and saw she was next in line. As she ordered her coffee, she turned back to Ellie and said "Next thing you'll be telling me is that everyone who comes gets into swinging!"

Ellie said nothing but whistled a little tune.

"Ellie, you're kidding! I can't do that, I haven't even been married for a year! What would Frank say if I told him I wanted us to swing with other couples? I don't think he'd be too happy about me ..." Paige lowered her voice "... fucking other guys."

"That problem is easier to solve than you think," Ellie smiled as they found a table to sit at. "Don't fuck other guys; no one will force you into anything. If you get horny, fuck other girls. There will be a lot of hot women."

Paige looked at Ellie and remembered that back in college, Ellie had admitted to experimenting with some of their sorority sisters. "El, did you recommend me for this job so that you could get me to have sex with you?" She asked. "You know I've never swung that way."

"I'd be lying if I said it didn't occur to me," Ellie grinned. "But no, my motives were unselfish. However, now that you have the job, I think you should have a good time. What happens there is like what happens in Vegas -- it stays there. Attendance isn't mandatory, but it is suggested. Once Frank gets a load of the eye candy available, I doubt he will mind you having some fun. You should see Dick's daughter -- wife # 1 might have been an absolute bitch, but they sure did make a beautiful kid. Her name is Honey and baby; it sure suits her, mmmm!"

"You've slept with her, I take it?"

"Nope, we didn't get as far as sleeping," Ellie teased. "She's an exotic little thing, got some of her mom's Eastern looks but is fair-haired and tan, like her dad. Oh, let me see -- here's a picture I took on my Smartphone." She held it up for Paige to see and there was no mistaking the beauty of the young woman.

"You should come Paige, I bet you haven't taken a vacation since your honeymoon and that was 3 years ago," Ellie told her. "You've earned the job and everyone likes you, so just go to the retreat, let your hair down and you'll come back feeling like a new woman."

"I didn't think there was anything wrong with the old one," Paige groused.

"She's a bit too uptight," Ellie told her as she sipped her coffee. "Talk it over with Frank and see what he says."

"If he isn't interested, we don't go," she told Ellie. "I won't do anything to cause him any harm. I took my vows seriously."

"That's why I will never get married," Ellie grinned. "Too many rules and regulations."

"There's that, plus any man you married would likely make you sign a pre-nup," Paige laughed. "They way that you burn through money, you'd bankrupt a millionaire."

"Oh honey, you're underestimating me," Ellie laughed. "If I had enough money, I think I could likely bankrupt a billionaire."

Paige found it hard to work for the rest of the day. If the purpose of the retreat was to relax a person, it had failed miserably. She was more uptight than a long-tailed cat hiding behind a rocking chair, as her mother used to say. She didn't want to leave it until after dinner tonight and have her husband freak out. She could check out early, so she called Frank and told him to meet her at the Bistro where they had first met. He was always in a good mood when they ate at Hannah's because they fussed over him. As was his regular habit, her dark-haired husband was right on time. He was wearing her favorite suit, a charcoal-gray one that brought out all his best features. Both he and Paige liked to dress nicely; it was one of the things they had bonded over. Now they might be bonding over getting undressed. She wasn't sure how he was going to like this news, better to feed him first.

"Prime rib?" She smiled as he sat down the table across from her.

"Might as well, I've been watching my weight," he smiled as their server came to take their order. She knew them both well and repeated Paige's suggestion. "We can order some wine, if I get a bit blitzed, you can drive me home and take advantage of me," he laughed.

Frank had provided her with a nice segue without even knowing it. "I plan to take advantage of you often, handsome," she told him. "Okay honey, full disclosure here -- do you ever think about having sex with other women?"

"You mean, do I think about cheating on you?" He asked. "Because the answer is no, I don't."

"You do fantasize, right? We were not each other's first, you must have had a few fantasies over the years," Paige said to him.

"Oh sure, if that's what you're asking," Frank admitted. "Film stars, actresses, Victoria's Secret models, that kind of thing. Even our server is kinda cute, I can cop to that," Frank said.

"What if I gave you permission for an entire week to live out your fantasies, would you go for it?" Paige smiled and leaned close.

"I get the impression there's something you're not telling me and I think you had better tell me," Frank said, his tone sounding serious. Paige was smart enough to know he wouldn't make a scene here, but he could get angry. She told him all about the retreat and she must have told him 15 times if she told him once that they did not have to attend.

"That is probably the most insane thing we've ever talked about," Frank said as he fell back in his chair. "We're not swingers, either of us. Now you want us both to jump in, feet first?"

"I think we could give it a try while we're still in our 20's and have these bodies," Paige admitted.

"Maybe you have a magazine model body, but I sure don't," Frank admitted.

"Oh, please. Ellie's told me a few times that she thinks about fucking you," Paige answered, the wine loosening her tongue just a bit. "Now you would have my permission to do it. Of course, it could only work if it went both ways."

"You want my permission for you to fuck Roger?" Roger was Ellie's 2-years younger boyfriend and Frank was not necessarily his biggest fan.

"Maybe, or some other guy. There will be a lot of us. I wouldn't mind fucking Ellie, if I got bold enough," she told him.

"Whoa, where did this idea come from?"

"Ellie mentioned that she's had the hots for me since college and I decided if it happens, it happens. Of course, that's only if we go. I'm doing a good job for the company, so we don't have to, nothing will happen if we don't make it," Paige told him.

They made it. The young married couple decided that Paige's idea was right. Why not enjoy a clothing-optional week and get some sun, some food and some sex? They were barely there an hour when a beautiful young woman came out of the luxurious home and sat down right beside Frank. "You're a new ... face ... around here," the young woman giggled, making no attempt to hide where she was looking. Paige knew who she was because she'd seen a picture, but Frank was a bit out of his element. "I'm Honey, Richard's daughter," she purred. Paige loved the befuddled look on her husband's face, it was odd for the attractive lawyer not to know how to handle himself. "It's kind of a tradition around here that I get the new cocks, do you want to?" She asked. Frank looked back at his wife and Paige shrugged.

"I don't see why not, sure," Frank said and let Honey lead him into the house. The minute the two chairs were vacated, Ellie and Roger came to fill them.

"So, you've decided to loosen the leashes, right?" Ellie trilled and gave Paige a kiss. It wasn't their usual hello kiss, this one held a lot of promise. Frank had gone for some extra loving and now, it seemed to be Paige's turn. "Roger wasn't here with me last year and he didn't get to experience all the fun," Ellie told Paige. "I told him his first threesome could be with the two of us and he was down with that. You want to fuck her, don't you baby?"

"You had better fucking believe it," Roger said. "I have wanted to bone Paige since the first time I met her. She's almost as hot as you are, babe," he told them both.

Ellie leaned over and whispered "I know you wonder why I put up with him, but you're going to find out, if you chill out. Come on baby, you know you're hot for me, you have been since I brought it up last week."

Paige nodded, stretched out and let the sun play upon her bronzed body. She wouldn't have any tan lines by the end of the week, that much was sure. She burned easily, so a respite from the sun might be a good idea. "Okay, stud and slut, take me somewhere and show me what you've got," Paige told them. "We might as well get this party rolling."

"We could just fuck here," Ellie suggested. "People here do it all the time, Dick is a bit of a voyeur."

"Sorry babe, I'm not quite ready to be an exhibitionist," Paige confessed. "Going nude in front of my co-workers is still freaking me out a bit. If I know you, you've got some nice little spot we can go and get down to business," she laughed.

Ellie smiled and nodded. She had forgotten about Paige's very Protestant upbringing and that she had only come out of her shell during their college years. Ellie decided to make this first time all about Paige and not about Roger. With his looks and sexual stamina, he would be swimming in hot pussy for the rest of the week. Paige needed to be looked after and so, she took care of Paige and let Roger trail behind them.

In the bedroom, she toppled on top of her gorgeous friend and decided just to lick and suck. Paige would likely be caught up in the spell rather quickly and that proved to be correct. Her body began to respond to Ellie's caresses and despite her upbringing, Paige knew that there was nothing wrong with women loving other women. She looked over at Roger and saw his cock was already getting hard. Dear Lord, he had at least 3 inches on her husband! She loved Frank, loved fucking him, but as Ellie sucked her tits and moved down to her pussy, she knew what she wanted.

"Come here, fucker," Paige said, her voice throaty and husky. "Mama wants to suck that big fuck stick of yours and swallow your cum." She had never done that for Frank, but this week, all rules went out the door. His cock was in her mouth before she knew it and her girlfriend was lazily lapping at her cunt. Even the way Paige was thinking had changed -- the word cunt had been horrendous to her in the past, offensive. Now, it seemed to add to the lewd acts they were committing. "Once you get hard, put that fucking baseball bat inside my cunt," Paige ordered. "While you're doing that, I'm going to eat your girlfriend's snatch. Oh God El, you're making me cum, you slut! I'm over the top, right there, oh YES!"

Paige wondered how Frank was doing with Honey, but she didn't have enough time to care. Her body wanted cock and as Roger's cock slid free with a "pop", she spread her legs wide enough for him to fuck her. Instead of getting in the doggie position like she usually did with Frank, she decided to let the hard-cocked younger man fuck her in the Missionary style. "Come here bitch and ride my fucking tongue," Paige said to Ellie. Her friend was over the moon that Paige had adapted so quickly. She moved her body up the bed and slid her pussy down to Paige's face.

Ellie couldn't believe it, her friend had to have been holding back! There was NO way that this was Paige's first time at eating cunt. She was simply too skilled and too eager, she wasn't stopping for even a minute and she seemed to be greedier with every passing second. She thrilled to hearing Paige's grunts and groans while her boyfriend banged the shit out of the horny blonde. As she had told Paige, Roger might be a lout, but he knew how to fuck and possessed incredible stamina. His fucking wonderful cock could stay hard for hours and not give out.

"You're a good lover, Frank," Honey purred as she enjoyed her third orgasm. "Some of the other guys that come to this thing treat me like a slut because I love to fuck or like a porcelain doll because my Daddy is their boss," she said. "You treated me the right way, you knew I came to the bedroom to fuck and yet, you still treated me well, you paid attention to what I liked and you gave me all of that and more," she sighed as her orgasm came over her. She continued to ride his cock, which had not gone soft. "Your wife is a lucky bitch, which one is she?"

"The blonde that was sitting beside me when you ... propositioned me," he laughed and thrust his body up to send more cock into the younger girl.

"Oh damn, she was hot," Honey groaned. "Fuck, if I had known she was your wife, I would have asked her to join us. I like girls, too," she said.

"I'm not sure that she would have, she's never been with one before," Frank told his first lover since marrying Paige. "She's going to have fun with Ellie before this week is over, she told me as much."

"Oh boy, will she EVER," Honey groaned again as she moved her hips to take more cock. "Ellie knows what a girl likes and her boyfriend seems like he's got a nice package, even if he does come across like a bit of a bonehead."

"You noticed that too, huh?" Frank laughed and stroked her body. Soon, his orgasm followed Honey's.

The remainder of the week surpassed anyone's expectations. Frank and Ellie finally fucked and he wasn't at all jealous when she fucked Roger or even Dick. After all, while Paige was having her first DP, he had Mila sucking his cock, Ellie riding his face and Honey's lovely tits to suck on. Then he banged gorgeous little Mila while she ate Honey's cunt and the others watched them. Paige was suitably impressed that her husband didn't seem to suffer from any type of performance anxiety while everyone watched. "My husband, the porn star," she laughed to herself.

"We're going upstairs, the men are going to go shoot pool," Honey smiled as everyone broke apart.

"Oh, and what are we going to do while they're shooting their balls into pockets?" Paige laughed. She linked arms with Ellie on one side and Honey on the other while several of the other women preceded them inside.

"Well, we don't have balls, but we do have some double dildos," Honey grinned naughtily and winked at Ellie. "I'm sure those will fill your sockets well enough."

Paige grinned happily as they entered the house. This had been a terrific week so far and there were still 5 more days to spend debauching herself. At the rate she was going, she would need a vacation from her vacation.

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