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Jobcentre Interview


"Fucking hell!" The pretty young blonde growled into the telephone, "I don't fucking believe it! How am I supposed to......I'm not swearing........ok I was; but only a little...... fucking hell!"

She then blankly looked at the receiver before banging it back into the cradle. The young woman then sat in stunned silence for a moment or two until her big brown doe eyes began to fill with tears before she stood up and strode towards the Jobcentre door.

Davy was already three steps ahead of her and held the door open. The blonde walked straight past him without a second glance and once in the car park she stopped and began fumbling in her big fake Prada handbag.

"Here, use these." Davy whispered as he handed the girl a packet of tissues.

She took them and looked mystified that a complete stranger would be so helpful as she wiped her wet eyes.

"You look like you need a smoke too?" The handsome young man told her as he offered her a Marlboro. She nervously took a cigarette and let Davy light it for her.

The girl inhaled the smoke deeply into her lungs before exhaling it away from her Knight in Shining Armour.

This was a well practiced manoeuvre for Davy. He was a 'scout' for Terry Regan who ran a porn video and internet business alongside other illegal activities across the region.

Davy's job, among many others was to find new talent for Terry's thriving porn empire and he'd had spotted Layla as soon as she walked into the Jobcentre. The leggy blonde ticked all of his boxes – she was very pretty, cute even; dressed sexily in a very short denim skirt with two low cut vests that exposed her ample cleavage and a glimpse of a cheap leopard print bra. Her hair was naturally dirty blonde and piled high with long chunks straggling down the back and sides and her red platform shoes looked a little bit tatty and wouldn't have been out of place on a pole dancer but weren't normal attire for a Tuesday morning at the Jobcentre.

Pretty young girls who were 'signing on' were often quite amenable to making a few extra pounds in Terry's films; in fact they didn't always have to be young or pretty as there was a burgeoning market in films and webcams using older ladies. Davy could never understand why someone would want to watch a Granny playing with her saggy tits and hairy gash or getting shagged; but he wasn't in a position to judge anyone's standards; especially as he was usually the one who had to shag them. He had been drawn into this murky business two years previously when he owed one of Regan's dealers nearly £1,000 in unpaid drug debts. He'd taken the obligatory kicking with good grace and when it was suggested that he could pay of the debt by acting in dirty films he'd jumped at the chance.

The debt had been paid off long ago but he know earned a good living finding new 'starlets' and also starring in films shagging MILF's, Yummy Mummy's and occasionally even the odd Gay movie. He didn't like the latter stuff but with enough toot up his nose he'd shag a frog if he could stop it jumping around!

"Do you fancy a coffee or something?" The suntanned Lothario smiled and held out a hand to point to a nice Hotel on the opposite side of the street.

The blonde sniffled and nodded her head as she put his tissues into her bag. She'd never been into the Café before as it was quite expensive; so she was suitably impressed as she stared around the plush surroundings.

The waiter took their order and Davy began gently asking questions; without trying to appear too obvious. He'd done the exact thing 20 – 30 times before in the last 2 years and had an 80% success rate.

Her story was the same as all of the others – can't find a job; no/aggressive boyfriend, problems with parents/landlords/credit card companies/drug dealers and basically this one thought the world owed her a living but didn't want to get her hands dirty. She was now relaxed in his company and already drinking her second cup of coffee and telling him about the 'bastards at the Jobcentre' who had stopped her money because she'd been late signing on the previous week and possibly the two previous appointments.

Davy wasn't listening. He never did. He was discretely eying her up; she would fit in nicely – long legs, biggish boobs that looked natural, a pretty face and a sexy appearance and he'd even spotted a couple of tattoos on her ankles, wrist and shoulders.

He bided his time and when she began fidgeting he asked if she wanted another cigarette. She nodded, because she'd been waiting 15 minutes for him to ask! Before going out into the garden he checked his watch. The bar would now be open.

"Do you fancy a proper drink?"

Layla thought for a moment and thought of the classiest drink she'd ever had; "I'll have a Blue Wkd, thanks." Then she walked across the foyer and into the beer garden that doubled as a smoking area. Every male eye within 50 yards watched her as her hips gently sashayed and swayed from side to side.

Davy looked and smirked. "100% Chav!" (#A Chav is the equivalent of Trailer Trash).

When Davy joined her in the garden Layla was wearing a pair of huge fake D&G sunglasses and sat in such a provocative way any passers by could nearly see her knickers. As he lit her cigarette the waiter arrived with their drinks and the guy couldn't keep his eyes off her pouting chest when he placed them on the table. She was in her element and Davy knew this was the moment.

"Look," he pretended to stumble with his words, "If you need cash.......I've got a friend who.....well.....if you really need money quickly."

Before he'd finished the sentence she leaned forward and asked; "He's not another money lender is he?"

"Well......he's got a ....sort of......photography business." He stopped so she could take in the term he'd used; she nodded. "He's always looking for pretty girls to....you know.....model for him."

Davy pretended to look away in embarrassment but could see she was thinking over what he'd said.

He shrugged his shoulders; "He pays cash.....and....well.....I think you look gorgeous.......and I think he will too. It'll be easy money."

He sat back and held out his hands as if to say 'it's up to you now.'

Without asking Layla took another cigarette from his packet and nonchalantly lit it as she considered his offer of help and took a long look at the man making it.

Davy was 6ft tall, reasonably muscular and 28 but looked younger. He had longish brown hair that covered his ears and was expensively cut. Now that he was earning good cash he was perma-tanned with two small diamond studs in his left ear and always wore Designer labels; today it was a pristine white G-Star t-shirt, Diesel jeans and a pair of Adidas Forrest Hills trainers; he looked street smart, but not too showy; which was perfect for an operation like this.

"What would I have to do?" She asked through a thin smile; the very first of their meeting. "How much are you talking about?" She then took another long drag from the cigarette.

"It depends, I suppose." Davy had to stop himself from grinning; she was hooked quicker than he'd expected.

Again he shrugged his shoulders and smiled; "It depends....everything has a price." He knew he had to be as vague as possible at this stage, so as not to frighten her off; but he also had to make it clear that these weren't going to be pictures she could show her Granny.

"The first session would probably be topless.....you know.......maybe you would have to take your knickers off." He stopped speaking to see her reaction; there wasn't one so he continued, "you'd probably get £30 for that sort of thing."

Layla took a last drag from the cigarette then stubbed it out before taking and lighting another.

"£30?" She asked, "And all I'd have to do is.....show my tits?"

Davy nodded and lit up a cigarette.

"£30?" Layla was as deep in thought as she'd ever been, "Cash?"

"That's right....cash." The young man confirmed and winked; which made the blonde giggle.

"When can I start?" Layla grinned and squirmed on her seat at the thought of posing for the camera; which a dream she'd had since she was a little girl.

"I'll give him a call now if you like." Davy winked again as he stubbed his cigarette out. Layla smiled and nodded before gulping down the last of her Alcopop.

Davy walked to the corner of the garden and fast dialled Rory who was editing a movie back in the studio.

"I've got some fresh meat." He laughed into the phone as he waved at Layla who was revelling in the attention two old men were giving her. "She's tall, blonde, leggy and thick as pig shit!"

It was agreed that Davy would take her to the makeshift studio immediately by taxi.

Once inside the back of the taxi Layla's tiny skirt rode up her thighs and without trying Davy kept getting a glimpse of her red panties and so did the driver in his mirror. Layla was oblivious to the men as she started asking questions about the video part of the business.

Davy didn't know or trust the foreign driver so spoke in a whisper and kept the details vague; but admitted that the 'big money' was from appearing in the films his friends made. Most were solo girls using toys and stuff on webcam but the films could include more men than women which earned the girls a lot of money. It soon became obvious that what he was telling her was actually turning her on as she began to look a little flushed around the cheeks and chest plus she was squirming again and she couldn't sit still during the rest of the journey across town as he kept whispering about different scenarios.

Eventually the taxi arrived at a rough looking old Pub-Hotel down by the docks. Layla suddenly became apprehensive as she watched Davy pay the grinning Asian driver with a £20 note from a thick wad then guide her around the side of the building.

"What's this place?" Layla asked as she stopped; dead in her tracks.

"The Empire?" Davy responded. "It's a pub my friend owns. It's a bit run down out the front; but he runs a few businesses around the back and upstairs; don't worry; I'll look after you."

Once they'd gone through a security gate she saw a dozen or so Portacabins and a host of TV aerials. With another saucy wink Davy opened a door at the back of the building and led the blonde into a smart kitchen were an attractive middle aged woman was drinking a cup of tea and reading a paperback novel in only a black Basque, knickers, stockings and a pair of sexy stilettos.

"Hello gorgeous." Davy greeted the woman and bent forward to kiss her on the cheek.

"Hello Big Boy." The woman chuckled as she sipped her cup of weak tea.

"This is Debs," The young man told Layla as Debs held her hand out. "And this is........fuck!" Davy laughed, "I don't even know your name!"

Layla nervously whispered her name as she shook the older woman's hand.

"Don't worry yourself sweetheart; Davy'll look after you; won't you?" Debs smiled; "Or I'll cut his balls off!"

Davy winked at Debs then led Layla up some stairs were Rory was organising his camera and an older man; Mike was setting up the lights in what was once a bedroom.

Before the men saw them Davy turned to the girl and gently took her arm.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked as sincerely as possible, "we can turn around and go if you want, with no harm done."

"You know I need the fucking money." Layla sighed and nervously straightened her short skirt.

"Hello Maestro!" Davy greeted the man with the camera, "this is Layla, our latest recruit."

The chubby bearded camera geek looked up, nodded and smiled while taking in as many details of the sexy young girl as the human mind could store. Mike tried not to leer but it was difficult; as he was an archetypical Dirty Old Man and played that role in films as and when required.

"Okay, darling," Rory addressed the girl, "has the stud muffin told you what we are going to do?"

Layla looked at Davy then back at the fat man before shaking her head.

Rory sighed, "I'll take a few test photos of you and if I like what I see and you are comfortable in front of the camera we can move onto 'Phase 2', where you get down to the nitty gritty."

Layla looked at Davy for reassurance and he smiled and winked.

"Do you want a drink?" Mike asked from the corner of the room. "Tea or coffee? Wine? Beer?"

Again Layla looked at Davy who asked for a bottle of lager so Layla asked for a glass of white wine.....with lots of ice.

When the Old Man returned Layla was already sitting with one foot raised on the red sofa showing all three men her red knickers as she cupped one of her boobs through the t-shirt and pouting for the camera.

"Slowly pull the straps of your vest down over your left shoulder, babe." Rory suggested in a warm and friendly voice; "great; great.....that's great...very sexy."

Layla was loving every second now as Rory complimented every thing she did and Davy and Mike were lusting after her gorgeous young body.

Mike handed the drinks around and Layla took a big slurp of her wine then handed the glass back.

As she shifted position Rory asked he to lift her vests in stages until her boobs encased in the cheap leopard print bra were on show. Davy spotted her tattoos; some script down her side, a dragon on her shoulder as well as a big black set of wings on the small of her back. Davy liked tattoos on a girl

"Wow, great, sexy – very sexy." Rory kept telling the young girl who was revelling in the attention.

He soon had her bending forward to emphasise her cleavage and roughly cup her boobs while blowing kisses at the camera and then; without breaking stride he told her to unclip her bra.

Layla stopped for a fraction of a second but continued as she 'needed the money' but more importantly was loving being in front of the camera.

"Hold it there." Rory told her as the straps fell to her wrists, "now pull your left hand away." She did and her boob was on show to the three men, who all spotted how stiff her pink nipple was, "now the other, then lift your arms in the air in a ta-da movement."

Layla did exactly what the man wanted until she was sitting with her arms in the air and her bra dangling from her right hand as Rory took photo after photo of her fantastic, perfectly natural 32c bouncing boobs. Rory was impressed, as was Davy who was contemplating fucking her as soon as possible (on or off camera) and Mike was wondering if the others would notice if he slipped out for a wank.

Rory was in control now and told Layla to cup her boobs, push them together, flick the nipples then without giving her time to think, suggested she lie back slightly, like she had earlier and raise her foot onto the sofa again.

Layla was in the mood for anything now and he knew it.

"Stare at the camera babe and then stroke your panties for me." Rory was in total control, as usual.

Layla didn't need telling twice as her pussy was on fire and they all knew it. Her long fingers slid across the cheap nylon and she could feel her pubic hairs bristling at the soft touch. Without being directed she tweaked a nipple with her other hand.

"Now between your legs.....stroke your kitty for me and then push your finger into your knickers as deep as the material will allow." Rory had now taken the camera off the tripod and was kneeling in front of her.

Layla was trembling as her fingers moved over her puffed up cunt lips with the camera less than a foot away recording every slight movement. Her left hand was squeezing the blood put of her perky tit as her right began probing her slit through her knickers. She was a horny girl at the best of times but couldn't remember ever being this wet; as her knickers were being shoved inside her pussy.

Satisfied with the shots, Rory sat back and whispered for her to put her hand inside the knickers. She did as she was told; slowly sliding her hand through her long straggly blonde pubes until she accidentally touched her clit which made her shudder and bite her lip. Rory got the shot of her face, but only by accident.

"Take your pants off now." The cameraman urged as Layla stroked her drenched and swollen cunt, "then leave them dangling on one ankle. She didn't want to stop, but was under his spell so complied. As she pulled the pants to her knees she raised her hips which gave Rory the first shots of her fresh young pink pussy, the camera clicked like a machine gun.

With the knickers wrapped around her right ankle she lifted her left foot onto the sofa and began rubbing her cunt without any further direction. First her middle finger then a second slid inside her hot cunt in her desperation for satisfaction; but it wasn't enough so she began slapping her cunt lips then fingering herself as she tugged and nipped her already stinging nipples.

Davy mentally noted her need for pain while pleasuring herself.

Soon she was sliding around the sofa cushion with three fingers jammed and twisting in her cunt which were now covered in white fanny froth and her palm was pressed firmly against her tingling clit. Layla's chest was flushed and heaving until finally her body suddenly arched as her orgasm hit her with an almighty rush as she jammed her fingers in as hard and deep as they would go.

Rory's camera had recorded every minute detail and both he and Dave knew that even if she never did another thing for them they could make a few quid from this shoot. But they both knew she was a slut and a natural performer and would be back for more. If experience told them anything, the pretty young blonde would quickly become a star of the UK Porn scene.

Layla's eyes were tightly closed as the adrenalin drained from her body and she was soon slumped in a heap on the grubby sofa as Davy and Rory began checking the photos in the screen on the camera. Mike was already back in the toilet stall tugging on his cock for the third time.

When the afterglow of her orgasm faded away Layla rolled onto her side and covered her breasts with her arm. Davy saw that the girl looked a bit embarrassed so smiled and handed her an old red dressing gown that they kept for situations just like this. Layla turned away from them as she pulled it on.

"Fancy a smoke?" He asked and began walking out of the room; Layla followed until they were in the yard behind the Pub.

"Are you ok?" Davy asked with as much sincerity as he could muster, "That was fucking amazing.....you are a fucking natural."

Layla blushed as she exhaled a plume of blue smoke and pulled the thin gown a little tighter across her bosom.

"Yes, thanks." She nodded and felt her cheeks getting even redder. "I can't believe I did that.....fuck......I really can't believe it. When.....do I....get my money?"

"Shit!" Davy chuckled and fished in his pocket for his wad of notes and peeled off a £20 and a £10 note and handed them over. Layla eagerly grasped them before realising she had nowhere to store them; but they were hers now.

"So," Davy enquired as she stubbed out her cigarette, "how do you feel now?"

Layla shrugged her shoulders and smiled. Her nipples were still poking through the thin satin of the gown which Davy took to be a good sign and he wasn't to know that her pussy was still fizzing and her stomach was churning with sheer excitement.

When they entered the bedroom Rory had already uploaded the photos to a laptop and was excitedly checking them out. Davy handed the girl the remnants of her wine which she gulped down. Mike glanced at the younger man and with a nod disappeared to get a fresh glass for the 'model.'

"Fucking Hell, you're sexy." Rory turned to Layla as a picture of her peeling her knickers off filled the screen, followed by close up of her hot pussy. Layla looked on in silent awe as both men praised and flattered her. The old man soon returned with a larger glass of white wine and handed it to her.

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