tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersJock Princess Ch. 05

Jock Princess Ch. 05


I wake up and it's still late and it's still dark outside with Logan having moved and moved me and I'm lying face down in the pillows as he's been fingering me and lubing me again.

"Mmm...? What...more?"

"Yeah, you don't want more Princess?"

"I...oh...mmm...okay...not awake but...that's sooo good Logan."

He chuckles and my buttcheeks get pulled apart more and I wake up as his big cock sinks inside of me all in one steady push again.

My body is waking up with this mixture of what again!?

And yay cock!

The yay cock part is growing really fast.

Oh fuck it feels bigger after the fucking he gave me before and I fist up the sheets as Logan's fucking me.

And there's lotion suddenly on his hands and he's massaging me as he's fucking me and there's thing combination of things just making this really fucking good.

I'm getting a massage which is rare as hell for me and really nice.

Logan's sort of leaning on me holding me down to the bed with his weight as he's massaging me and that's making me feel small again in a good way.

He's really fucking me...oh fucking god when his hands come up and over my shoulders he's slamming cock hard into me making whines come out of me.

"Eeeeee....oh, oh, oh...ff..fuck...Logan! Harder, harder!"

"Harder it is Alexis....Oh I like that on you. Alexis it's sexy like a pair of dark black stockings if it was a name..."

Harder, oh fucking god he's fucking me harder.

"You're such that kind of princess, a hot, hot cock loving garter belt and stockings sexy fucking creature."

"Aaaaah! Aaaaah ff...FUCK LOGAN!!!"

I cum and I cum hard with both having a sissy orgasm from the hard direct and perfect cock pistoning I'm getting but I spurt too making me scream and see stars.

He keeps fucking me.

Now focussing just on hammering fuck-love into my sissy button.

Even with the lotion his hands are rough, worked, the hands of a carpenter...the feeling of scratchy hard calluses against my skin is so fucking masculine to me.

Fuuuuuck....I really, really like men.

He's rabbit fucking my spot over and over and over until I'm really starting to cry and sob with pleasure and then he shifts to the deep full strokes as he's getting closer and closer and then I sissy again as Logan fills me with another lava hot spurting of cum deep inside me.

Fuck, fuck, fuck...I love that...I know deep inside that his cum tipped me over the edge of cumming.

And I don't care why my body craves it but it does.

Every spurt is this good thing, there's something just so, so good about each finishing hip pump her gives me as my bum squeezes out as much seed from him as I can get.

And then there's that weight of his laying on my as he rests and kisses my neck and nibbles on it and is all fun and intimate with me as our breathing gets to be normal again.

Logan's pelvis pushed tight to the curves of my butt making me feel so femmy.

His weight, those big arms circling around me hard and tight and sliding under me so he can cup my breast forms.

"I love how you cum Alexis, jesus you're really a sissy."

"I so am, I can't help it...despite everything that I was like in high school and college I love this, love that you can make me feel so right and perfect. I like being femmy and a bottom and just everything."

"So the getting handled is good?"

"Yeah...I mean I'm not into the hurting stuff or getting some guy to treat me like shit. That'd be a hell no but this...this is really perfect Logan, seriously I love having that taken charge of feeling as I'm being fucked and making each other feel good."

He's sucking on my neck and definitely giving me a hickie and I don't care. I've never really minded having those.

"Yeah I'm not a fan of the hurt me, hurt you stuff but yeah...this is nice...I'm usually not into femmy a lot or twink boys because they're kinda whiny but this, this is nicer."

"Amazon sort of my sister said."

He chuckles. "Femmy Amazon yeah, definitely, I like that you're this femmy and still sort of built but not built."

"Not a fan of skinny?"

"I like someone I can really cut loose with without hurting them too much, that's solid enough to hold tight like this."

"Mmm...I like being held actually too Logan, it's not something I've really gotten out of past lovers and things and this is just really nice it feels good to be held for once...having someone doing that for me is really nice."

He nods against my skin. "Part of why I love being gay...getting this contact, giving it too. I can get it, feel them...you getting held and feel the reaction in your whole body that's a definite big thing for me."

"That's...that's actually awesome and likely one of the best explanations other than the sex a gay guy's ever given me."

I feel his smile against my skin. "Thank you, I like to share things."

"Oh...oh I know that and I'm grateful."

"Well you're welcome."

We snuggle more and sleep and I wake up to parts of the big window opened and the smell of the lake area which isn't bad at all plus the smells of flowers and fresh mown grass and I can hear Logan down the hall doing things and I slide out of bed and head to his bathroom grabbing my bag.

Oh...I can feel that feeling of being fucked so hard, so well inside me. Not just my butt it's inside of me too and I get cleaned up.

The wig being on better and the breast forms make a world of difference in me not freaking out.

I look fucked, well bedded but the hair, the boobs it all fits.

I'm not a straight guy, not anymore and looking at myself in the mirror even being a guy's not too right either.

I put the wig up in elastics and take off the rest of everything and text my sister.

*Had a great night, safe and sound and I think he's making breakfast.*

She doesn't answer back since it's early and I shower carefully and shave too just to be sure and then re-do my make-up and that makes me feel great.

Especially after I take my hair down and fix it up and then get dressed again into my gaff then fresh panties and my corset getting it tight and then getting my bra on.

I finish with a bit of perfume and slip out just in my underthings looking for Logan.

He's in the kitchen and he's making something and i can smell something great baking and he smiles at me.

"Morning beautiful."

Okay I blush at that because it came softly and easy from him and his face just showed he actually meant that.

"Morning handsome, you cook?"

"Definitely, I like to eat too it's a good life skill."

"I'm not a great cook."

"Coffee or tea?"

"Coffee please."

Logan pours me some from his perk and it's nothing fancy but it's fresh and there's cream and sugar on the table and I have my first mug black. It's my thing that wake me up cup bitter and good and bracing. I'll do cream and sugar after for the coffee that I'll nurse.

A thing from college where my first cup was rushed getting ready for classes then my second was from the kiosk in the quad once I was on campus.

I smile with delight as he takes out scones from his oven all hot and there's jam and butter on the table too.

"You bake?"

He laughs. "That's not baking Alexis that's bisquick mix."

"They're hot and smell awesome."

He takes one for himself and kisses me and I could get used to this.

It's pretty nice being the girl.

He butters his adding this great smelling jam that I try and have no idea what the heck it is but there's chunks of orange colored fruit and berries and I think a cranberry?

"You make this too?"

He's got steak out and shakes his head no as he does something with green peppers that have been grilled and charred adding then on top of the steak and then some diced jalapeno and onion?

"No, I got it down the road we have a small stand shop with three or four farmers and they sell and make things. That's apple jelly with diced mango, yellow currants and cranberries."

"Oh I need to go to more farmer's markets...this is danged good."

He nods then adds salt and pepper then another piece of steak then more salt and pepper like a sandwich?

"We all do honestly Alexis, we let them sell their hard work at their prices more than them having to sell to a store for less or the middle man."

"Hey as a seller of hardware and lumber I'm a middle man too...well woman."

"Hardware and construction are industries themselves I work my own rates and you make that possible babe. You guys also don't gouge as much as others and you get local lumber as much as possible instead of big box places that get stuff for really cheap from poor places around the world."

"Wow you're really into this stuff."

Logan blushes. "More than just the big dumb guy?"

"Definitely more, you make me think and you make me smile too."

I get my scone and jam and get up and go to the counter to watch him and kiss him in the process.

We have a sweet morning kiss between us.

"So what are you doing with the steak?" I ask.

He smiles. "Well I'm going to grill it but the steak's a little tough since it's cheap so I'm tenderizing it and adding peppers because they go with steak and..."

He has salt and pepper on all of it and the stuff in between both steaks and he has it on cling wrap and then covered by cling wrap and he actually uses that meat hammer thing you see in kitchen sets.

"I've never seen anyone actually use that."

Logan laughs and beats it all flatter but into one steak at the same time and all that stuff in between them and then he leaves it.

"Potatoes next." He goes to get them and I kiss him and sink down to my knees. "You first."

"Oh...oh yes please."

It's a repeat of me getting here last night but slower. I'm not drunk but I really want to do this for him and me too. I mean as soon as I thought of it I really wanted to do it.

It's good too...I love the look of my nails around his cock, I just like sucking it and knowing how that feels and all the things that feel good too and then making Logan moan and groan and his hands go from the counter to my head then through my hair.

"Oh...mmm...Alexis, fuck...Alexis...god princess that mouth of yours is magic...suck me, suck me...take it all...take it all."

Logan's hips move and he's fucking my mouth again and holding me there and I'm not passive either instead pursing my lips giving him as much lip to cock contact as I can give him and then pressing my tongue up to the underside of his cock.

"Oh...oh fuck Lexi...fuck, fuck, fuck that's it that's incredible...I'm going to cum!"

He buries his cock in and I know he was going to and I inhale as he does through my nose and pinch my thigh to block the gag reflex as he's all the way in and firing his cum into me.

What cock I have in my fingers is stroking even more cum from and he sighs and pulls out leaving a trail of cum over my tongue.

Perfect, just perfect and I slide up his great body and I kiss with him and tuck him away.

"Wow...you're such a great cocksucker Lexi."

"Thank you I'm learning still."

We kiss a little more before having another coffee and wow the feeling of coffee and just...just everything on dick friction puffy lips is so femmy and delicious feeling.

Cum goes with dark roast coffee too, the tangs sort of blend so well and then there's the smile on my face from just adding my cream and sugar this time after having Logan's thick cream.

And Logan finishes by making chunky fried potatoes with fresh herbs and grilled that steak thing to medium and serves it up with hollandais with capers?

That was really, really damned good.

The steak all juicy and tender and there was that steak meets green peppers and onions flavor and the salt and pepper are perfect then good potatoes and the sauce just kicks ass.

"Wow Logan that was amazing, what's next?"

He blushes. "For me work I've a few jobs on the go I work weekends too sometimes."

"Oh...am I making you late?"

"No, we're up early enough."

"Let me get dressed the rest of the way?"

"I'll clean up."

It's sort of the end of this great night and morning and it still is sort of awkward being on the girl side of this whole morning after thing and I don't overstay my welcome.

It's all still friendly even nice as he drops me off at my place after telling him where it's at and we share a fast kiss. "This was awesome Logan, it really was."

I go inside pretty fast so I'm not seen being Lexi in open daylight and sigh as I close and lock the door.

I half kick myself for not giving him my number and e-mails.

My sister's not here either and I head upstairs and start the process of going back to Alex.

I've got lots to think about.

Stuff Logan said and work.

Me and him and how good things felt.

Me and hook ups like this, do I want this, or do I want more than this?

Getting electrolysis.

Seriously if I'm going to do this I really don't want to keep shaving like a guy.

And once I'm Alex again, sort of I make some coffee and start working on the dining room of the house changing it from my plan of a dining room to a lounging sort of nook, something relaxed.

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Wonderful writing!

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Beautifully written

Absolutely wonderfully written - both romantic and slutty!

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