tagGay MaleJocks of the South Pt. 01

Jocks of the South Pt. 01


Nick Evans loved Mondays. It was the one day he could skip class-the excuse of volunteer work had gotten him off school more times than he could count. And seeing as Monday was the beginning of the working week, Nick knew that Francis McCarthy would be out on his farm, working hard, without a shirt on.

The McCarthy Farm consisted of a barn, a house, a stable for livestock, and large fields filled with various crops. A river ran behind the farm, which was built on the bottom of a forested hill. It was perfect for Nick to drive his old car to the hill on Mondays, bring some tissues, lube, and a dildo, and then spy on the McCarthy boys as they worked.

By the time Nick was in his Senior year, all the remaining McCarthy boys had left home, except the youngest-Francis-who looked like he'd wanted to stick around to inherit the farm when his parents passed away. Francis was twenty, two and a half years older than Nick, but he was much larger in comparison.

He was 6'2", compared to Nick's 5'9", and was built powerfully with lean muscle. He had a small waist and large shoulders, muscled arms, a strong, beefy chest and chiseled abs. His face was pale and freckled, sporting bright green eyes and a straight nose. He used to have a big bush of curly brown hair on his head, but now it was cut short and straight, usually sticking up in a spiky fashion.

Nick didn't have many friends, which might have contributed to the reason why his parents had bought him a car-it gave him more freedom and would encourage him to hang out with friends once he went away for college. But Nick hadn't bothered to try that tactic in high school. He was shy and not at all outspoken-it seemed too scary to talk to people. No friends meant having a lot of free time outside of school.

But Francis McCarthy had a lot of friends-and Nick knew it.

Even when he didn't have a car, Nick would bus to the edge of town and walk up the dirt road to the top of the McCarthy's hill. The farm boys would take off their shirts in the sweltering heat, exposing their glittering, suntanned bodies. Their herculean figures were sweat-soaked and buff, giving them an alluring sheen as they worked. They'd plough fields, trim the grass, fix up broken fences, feed the horses and drive around with the tractor doing other various farm work.

The two McCarthy boys seemed a bit competitive, which would explain why they were both so well-built and muscled up. It was also rather hot to see them teasing each other while only half-dressed, smacking each other on their fat, round asses and sometimes stripping down to their underwear to go swimming in the river. But sometimes, when no one was around, Francis would strip to way less than his underwear.

Nick had noticed that whenever Francis' parents were out in the town, Francis would invite a few girls and boys over and they'd go skinny-dipping in the river at night. Of course, this was a perfect way for Nick to rub one out, especially when Francis would bring a girl up to his room, turn out the lights, and make the chick moan her brains out. Their fucking noises made him extra horny. Also, it didn't hurt to see Francis' older brother sometimes take a dip, or attempt to seduce one of the girls by showing off his fat, big dick. It usually worked.

But something was different this Monday.

Nick knew that Mondays were when Mr. and Mrs. McCarthy had their date nights in town (which was why Nick took Mondays off from school), and it would sometimes result in Francis calling over friends or jacking off alone in his room. Despite the fact that the hill was a way's up from the house, if Nick squinted enough, he could sometimes see through one of the windows into Francis' room, able to see him walking around buck naked. But he'd never seen him with a boner, or jacking himself off.

But today, as the sun began to get close to the horizon, Nick couldn't see or hear anything. He parked his car on the other side of the hill, where the dirt road was hidden from view. He had walked up the hill with a few tissues stuffed in his back pocket and binoculars in his hands-the one his uncle had bought him for bird watching when he was eleven. He'd only been using it recently to try and get a better look at Francis through his window. The past few weeks seemed to have consisted with him staying indoors and masturbating instead.

Nick laid down on his stomach in his usual spot between two large bushes and a big oak tree. He was skinny enough to fit and not get his clothes stuck on the thorns or branches. Nick used the binoculars to scope out each window of the house, and about five minutes later, he'd seen no sign of Francis. His truck was still parked at the front of the house, which meant Francis had to be near. Other than a strange thumping sound, he couldn't hear or see the twenty-year old.

Nick got rid of the binoculars and began to look across the fields of the farm. Sure enough, there was Francis ploughing something on the floor with an axe, making the thumping noise. Nick wasn't sure why Francis was working so late in the day-he'd already spent enough time in the barn that same morning and Nick had only stopped watching him earlier to get some lunch from town-when he thought Francis had quit for the day. But having returned after a quick dinner, Nick wasn't sure why Francis was still on the field.

His arms were stretching and contracting, showing off his powerful biceps bulging out of the short sleeves of his darkened, sweat-stained white shirt. He had on a dark pair of boot-cut jeans fastened with a big belt. He was wearing those sexy cowboy shoes he usually did, and had his hat propped up nearby against the fence. His dog-tag flashed the sun's light against his chest. The fabric of the shirt was taught around his chest, his nipples poking at it. It was clearly two sizes too small.

His muscles rippled with each movement and as Nick's ears adjusted to the noise, he could hear Francis' deep, hardened grunts and groans with each swing of the axe. Nick realized later that he seemed to be cutting up firewood. But why would he be doing that when it was so hot out-when it was almost spring?

Nick felt his dick stir beneath him. Watching the ripped hunk attack the wood had gotten him hard already, but hearing his moans of effort made his cock throb with anticipation. But Nick wasn't going to jerk it yet-Monday nights were usually when Francis would fuck some chick or go swimming naked and Nick was holding out hope that this week would be different from the last few.

By now, Nick knew that Francis' friends weren't coming. It was getting too late for them to do much, and Francis was on the field working which cut out the possibility. But suddenly, the brunette dropped his axe and stretched out his arms. Nick watched the hunk's shirt lift a little, exposing the thick trail of brown hair going down his abs and into his pants, which were sitting right below the well-defined v on his waist.

Then, in one quick motion, Francis pulled off his shirt and used it to wipe the sweat off himself. He showed off his big, beefy torso to nobody, flexing his abs and scratching his nipples. Nick watched him wipe his hard, pink nipples, the brown fuzz on his pecs, and then move to his tight abs, down the happy trail and a bit into his jeans. His thighs were thick and heavy-set, pushing hard against his pants and causing his belt to reveal a little more of his pubes with each step he took. Francis walked wide-legged, as if he had blue-balls or something. His ass bounced as he went and his brown hair was matted with salty sweat.

Nick could just imagine Francis' big sweaty dick tucked nicely in his pants, and the low-hanging, sweat-covered balls swinging beneath. Nick desperately wanted to smell his stinky, manly musk and take the jock's cock into his mouth, but Nick pushed these thoughts from his mind, watching Francis walk seductively toward the house.

Nick's heart raced. He watched Francis bend down to get his hat, sticking his perky ass into the air. Nick saw the crack of his ass and realized that he wasn't even wearing any underwear-just going about business commando, his balls swinging free. Nick put a hand to his cock, sticking it in his pants and rubbing the hot head of his own dick. He pulled back some of the foreskin and used his fingers to massage the head. He moaned and sighed for a few, and then turned back to see Francis.

The hunk was inside his truck, a black 2004 F-150, trying to start it up, but all Nick could hear was the failed rumbling of the engine. He wore an angry expression on his face and got out of the car, still shirtless and sweaty. He propped the hood open and then went back to the trunk to find some jumpstart cables. The vehicle's battery must have been out.

Nick watched the stud bend over, exposing his ass cheeks to the hot weather as he searched through the trunk. When he found nothing, he swore and kicked the bumper of his car.

Nick had an idea. Despite always being scared of the possibility that one of the McCarthy boys might come up the hill one day and accidentally discover him, he was desperate to get Francis to notice him-and helping him jumpstart his car seemed like the best way to do it. He scanned the property quickly, making sure that no one else would see Nick go down the hill, and then headed to his car.

Nick ran down the hill, back to his '98 Civic. He hid the lube back in the glove compartment, took the tissues out and stuffed them in with the binoculars too.

Then, Nick drove a bit past Francis' house. He parked hastily in front of Francis' truck, making it look like he'd just been driving by-not parked behind the hill for the entire day. He got out of the car and walked slowly towards Francis, having rehearsed what he was going to say to him.

'I was driving by when I saw you having problems with your truck... I was driving back into town... do you need me to help you out?' he said to himself, practising.

"Hi," Nick said suddenly, his heart beating wildly. Francis looked even hotter up close. He had faint brown stubble across his high cheeks and sharp chin. His eyes flashed brightly in the sun and his long eyelashes were sexy. He gave Nick a cocky smile, showing him perfect white teeth.

"Hey," Francis said, his deep voice making Nick's heart ache.

"You having some car trouble?"

Francis looked back at his truck. "Uh, yeah man. My battery's out. Must have left the lights on."

"Do you... need a jump?" Nick asked, trying to stay calm. It was unnerving to be standing in front of such a hot, sweaty boy who had his shirt off. Francis' body looked spectacular in the bright light. His usually pale skin was tanned from working in the sun, and his nipples were strangely erect. His thick, square chest was covered in a fuzz of brown. The man's torso was ribbed with clear-cut abs and the deep v-lines that disappeared into the blue jeans were so clearly defined that they a shadow of their own. Nick could make out the bulge in his low-rise jeans, and the dark pubes that poked out from his waist. There were a lot of them, and they trailed up his navel in a thick forest. His six-pack was covered in more faint hair

"Oh wow, yeah dude, that'd be great."

"Okay, I'll get the cables and move my car," Nick replied, getting into his Civic and turning it back on. He positioned his car next to Francis' and then came outside with some cables. Francis bent over the hood of his car, wiping some sweat and grease from his face and toned, muscular body as he attached the wires. Nick did the same to his and then got in to start his car, watching the jock's muscles flex and move.

When Francis' car started, the stud gave Nick a big, dopey smile. "Thanks, bro. I really appreciate it. I would have been stuck here until my parents came home."

"It's nothing, really."

Francis then looked at Nick, scratching the hair on his abs. "I'm Francis, by the way."

"I'm Nick."

"Nice to meet you Nick," he said, giving him a sweaty hand to shake. It was big and rough, like the rest of Francis' body. Nick took it and shook his hand, smiling back. "Say, Nick, it's pretty hot out here. Do you want something to drink? I oughta give you something for your help."

Nick could only watch Francis' smooth, pink lips move as he talked-staring at any other parts of his hot, bulging body would make things really weird. "Oh no, it's alright."

"Nahh, c'mon man. I owe you. I got some fresh orange juice in the fridge."

"Well, okay then."

Francis smiled at him, grabbing his shirt off the fence and leading him back to the house. "Cool. C'mon, follow me."

The front entrance of the house was empty. It was a clean, tidy kitchen with no dust. Nick looked around a bit anxiously, never having been in the house before, he didn't know where anything was. He saw a hallway leading to a set of stairs, and then another which lead to what seemed like a living room. Francis threw his shirt on the counter and went to the bathroom first.

"I'll just be a second, gotta piss," Francis said to him,

Nick nodded, liking the sound of the words that came out of the jock's mouth. As Francis disappeared, Nick took a few strides further in, sticking out his neck to catch a glimpse of the house. Having seen no one else, he got a bit daring. He picked up the sticky shirt and took in a deep breathe, smelling Francis' dirty stench and relishing in the thought that just in another room, Francis had his dick out. But without warning, a door slammed shut from the hallway. Nick jumped in fright.

"You like the shirt?" Francis' deep voice came. He was standing in the hallway, looking at Nick.

"H-huh?" Nick stammered, in awe of the sight before him.

His dick was clearly curved inside his jeans, pressing a bit against the side of his pants. From what Nick had seen, and considering the size of the bulge in his pants, Francis had to have been hard to accomplish something that big.

He stood with his legs apart, a horny look on his face. He had a straight jawline, high cheekbones and bright green eyes that stared down at him. His thick arms and shoulders twitched with anticipation.

"You like the smell of my shirt?" he asked again.

Nick was trembling. He had already put the shirt back on the counter, trying not to piss his pants in fear. "I-uh... I just-"

"Go upstairs."

"W-what?" Nick spluttered, sure he had misheard.

Francis gave him a cocky nod toward the staircase. "Go upstairs. Third door at the end of the hall."

Nick couldn't believe what he was hearing. What the hell was Francis doing?

"Why do you want me to go upstairs? I don't know-"

"Go upstairs!" Francis said again, bit louder than usual. He took two steps toward him. Nick could smell the musky sweat on Francis' body and the power that his hot, lean, body was radiating. Not wanting Francis to knock him out cold right there, Nick started down the hall toward the stairs. He looked back only once, just to make sure he hadn't hallucinated the whole thing. But all he saw was a small smile on Francis' stubbled face, and the shadow of the bulge in his jeans.

Nick went up the stairs and down the hallway, opening the third door like Francis said. The room was littered with sweaty clothes, dirty underwear, and even some girls' lingerie. There was garbage lying around, a few criminology textbooks-which Nick was sure didn't belong to Francis-posters of cars and naked girls put up on the wall. There was even a picture of a threesome-a girl with a strap-on was fucking a chick, who eating out another girl's pussy. Nick wondered if Francis' parents knew he had all this porn up here.

There were two beds in the room, as if Francis had had to share with his brother. The first bed was piled up with a bunch of clothes and food wrappers, while the other one was messy and unmade, clearly having been in use. He sat on this one, not wanting to know what kind of junk was on the other.

Nick sat there, anxiously rubbing the boner that the smell of Francis' room had given him. It reeked of dirty clothes and dried up cum. Nick's briefs were wet with pre-cum, and his balls ached as he sat there, not daring to move as he heard footsteps. Then, the door to the room slammed open, and Francis stood there, still in his jeans and boots, without his shirt. His dick seemed harder now, and his soft nipples were erect. The silver dog tag was still hanging on his chest. He looked at Nick with a hard glare.

"Take off your pants."

"What?!" Nick yelled.

Francis didn't react. "Take em off."

"W-why?" Nick asked. He had a feeling where this was leading to but he couldn't bring himself to just give in so easily, or to believe it-he didn't want Francis to know he was gay. "Why are you doing this, why am I up here? I just wanted to help-"

"Cut the shit. You think I didn't see you up there the last three weeks? Spying on me? What've got up there, binoculars?"

Nick's mouth was completely dry, his heart racing, and his head pounding. His boner disappeared again. He had no idea what to say-where to even begin. Should he come clean? But Francis only knew about his recent visits though...


Nick somehow found the strength to say something. Sweat was dripping down his messy brown hair, and he had an urge to wipe it off but he didn't dare move. "U-uh yeah. Th-they were b-binoculars."

Francis smiled again, a sight that made Nick scared and horny. "Yeah, thought so. They were reflecting the light in my face y'know. Lucky my folks didn't see you."

"Th-then why didn't you say anything?"

Francis adjusted his jeans a bit, as if he was showing off a bit more of his pubes to Nick. "Wanted to know whether you'd come again. If it was really me you were watching or just doing something else."

Nick was doing something else besides just watching him run around half-naked but he didn't say anything.

"And after I saw you touching yourself I had a feeling I knew what was up."

Nick turned white like snow. His heart had seemingly stopped dead.

"You come around before? When I have friends over?" Francis asked him.


"Don't lie."

Nick hesitated. "Um...y-yeah. Sometimes."

"Then take off your pants."

Nick was still taken aback. "But why?"

Francis sighed. He pulled out a swivel chair from behind the door and sat down, his legs spread out wider than was necessary. His abs crunched up beneath him, rolling a few drops of sweat off his skin. "Your brother was in my grade, wasn't he? Scott Evans?"

Nick thought he was gonna barf. He knew his family. "Y-yeah. He went to College Station High School."

Francis nodded. "Yeah, I went there. How is he? Where'd he end up?"

"Um... he's at UCLA right now. Third year."

"California? Cool, cool. My older brother, Matt, is at University of San Fran."

There was an awkward silence for a while as Francis stared at him, biting his lower lip.

"W-why am I here?" Nick said suddenly.

Francis put a hand over his groin, smiling a bit. "You've been here before. So you know that my friends haven't been around in a while."

Nick knew that Francis had a party a few weeks ago that had gotten in the way of him jacking off to Francis' naked dips in the river. After that, his friends seemed to have stopped coming around. "Uh... I guess."

"Well my girlfriend-ex-girlfriend... caught me fucking some other chick. Now half the town knows I'm a lying, cheating prick, and none of the girls I know will talk to me. And after my parents found out about me having a party behind their backs... they don't let me have friends over anymore."

Nick wasn't exactly sure how that fit in with him being up in Francis' room.

"No girls coming over means no getting off. And if I can't get off, I can't do work around the farm. And if I don't do work, I don't get the farm."

Nick gave him a funny look. "Why don't you just jack off?"

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