tagLoving WivesJodhaa's Lovers Ch. 01

Jodhaa's Lovers Ch. 01


"Wake up, lazy bones! It's time." Jodhaa felt her husband move close to her and press his body against her back. Mark's hand moved up her smooth thigh and over her round hips. She groaned and feinted sleeping. But Mark was undeterred. He moved his hand down between her thighs and into her crotch. She was still wet from their last night exertions. They had made love several times on the last evening, and he could still feel his juices sluicing out of her ass. He moved his other hand up to cup one of her magnificent breasts and tease its nipple. "I know you are not asleep." He said as he nibbled and kissed the back of her neck.

"Poo!" she said. "And I was enjoying the way you were waking me." She said leaning back to kiss her husband. "Have you forgotten what day it is?" He said. She looked at him then it hit her. She sat straight up. It was the week she had been waiting for.

"It's today." She said. "I have to check my temperature." She ran to the bathroom and came out smiling. She was ovulating just as the doctor had predicted and now her special week was finally here. This had been her idea from the beginning, organizing a meeting of all the men she cared for in India on the week she was ovulating and submitting to them all in random order so that her husband Mark would be in competition with them all! She was giddy with the thought of having the men to herself for a week. That is why they had to use condoms for the last few weeks, so Mark would not have an advantage over the other men.

But it had not been easy to set this up. First she had to talk to the Princess, who oversaw the women and the breeding schedule for the harem. She then had to discuss with them all. Kyrhan, as usual, wanted to step out in order to leave the place to the other suitors. Dinu had said that he was too old for such games. Mark had just mumbled that he could sire a baby from her womb any time. But when she expressed how much she had awaited this, neither of them would deny her and gave in.

Gwanendra and Deenpal had been the hardest to convince. The mountaineer had argued that he couldn't leave his men without supervision even for a single week. So Jodhaa had to work out a way to get them free for the week. She had asked Kyrhan to give her an introduction letter to his regional supervisor. She had taken two weeks to seduce the portly man. But after introducing the man's cock to the soft valley between her tits and the warm wetness of her mouth, he had finally given the order to Gwanendra to visit Kyrhan's mountain resort under the pretext of asking him to give his name to a peak in the mountains.

Kumar had been much easier to obtain his formal agreement. He had been asking for more time with Jodhaa. But Kumar didn't want to be placed in competition with other less important people than himself in his opinion. She convinced him to join in if nothing else he did not want to be left out.

Finally that left Preeti, Gwanendra's wife. She could not just preempt her husband away for a week. Though they shared the men in their lives quite freely, she could not do that to a sister. So she discussed it with her and got her a gift in exchange. Mark got an invitation to the fashion show in Mumbai but he hated such shows and she had arranged for Dan to visit for the week and take both the Princess and Preeti to the show. She was more than glad to share and couldn't wait for the show. And Dan was happy to visit and be escort for the two lovely ladies.

It took awhile for her and Mark to get to the mountain resort. At this time of the year, they would need special equipment to reach the hotel, and it would be empty except for her and the men and a few workers who kept up the resort during the down time. They would all become her willing prisoners until she has completed her scheme. In her scenario, all these fine men would fuck her every day during the next week and one of them would hopefully breed her. She had no intention to try to discover who the winner has been but all these men would be nice studs for her!

Finally they reached the resort. The rest of the men would not be far behind them. They quickly took their bags to their rooms. Kira had made a reservation for her : the nuptial room she just wished the other girls in the harem would make the same experiment : there had not been too many swollen bellies in the palace these months. She remembered fondly the time when all the girls in the harem, even those who lived abroad had gathered in Khyran's palace to be bred by their alpha male, the Prince. A few months later, all the girls sported huge bellies that were the living proofs of the prince's virility! Jodhaa had butterflies in her stomach. She had dreamed of this for weeks until everything was put into place. She went to the bathroom to get ready while Mark went to greet the other men.

"Jodhaa." Mark said as he entered the room. She stepped out of the bathroom. She stood naked in the light and took his breath away. She had done her hair so it was flowing down her shoulders and framed her large round breasts. Her make up was perfect. She was a vision of beauty and lust. "Wow!" her husband said moving to kiss her lightly on the lips as his hand roamed down over her round ass cheeks.

"No." She said. "You know the rules. You must wait your turn like the rest of them." She said pulling away from him. Mark wrapped a sari over her shoulders to cover her nakedness. It was so thin that it was almost transpoarent but the clothes this day were not meant to hide her curves but to display them. She held her hands out and Mark tied her wrists together with manacles. This week, she must forget the meaning of the word NO! Only the dice would decide who would spend the night and the day between her legs or pounding at the hole he chose.

"Are you sure you want to go through with this?" he asked her tenderly. She nodded her head, too excited to speak. He opened the door and led her out into the hallway and toward the lobby. With the place empty, they had been able to use the area normally reserved for the guests of the resort for their fun. He stopped her just before the lobby. She could hear the men talking and laughing just beyond the door. "Ready?"

"Yes," she replied.

He took her by the hand and led her into the lobby. She heard the initial gasp from the men waiting in there and then they clapped to show their approval; she knew that she was still very pretty and she went every week to the spa for some Ayurvedic massages. She had still no wrinkles and her appearance was of any young woman in Kyrhan's harem. She did not know who would sire her baby and she didn't care a damn! Kyrhan would make a perfect father, strong and healthy if a bit old, Mark would be fine too, Dinu much older than the others but he was still a very good man and would make an ideal father, Gwanendra was so supportive, Deenpal was still new to the group, but he was a good strong man, and Kumar was extremely beautiful, even if self centered. She was almost sorry that just one of these fine studs would become the father of her next baby, she would have been proud of having a baby with all of them!

Mark defined the conditions Jodhaa has established. "OK, sirs! Here are the basic rules for the whole week!" she heard her husband say, "No anal, no rubbers and you don't pull out. One of us will have the pleasure to breed my dear Jodhaa but you won't know the father! Every day we will gather here after breakfast and each will have a turn with Jodhaa and each night one of us will have her all to himself. You've got your tickets so we have decided the order of your attempt since the morning and fate will also decide the order of nights. #1 will get the first turn in the mornings and #2 the first night and so on for seven nights. Afternoon will be ladies' choice but we have just a single lady here! That will be the only moment where condoms will be allowed just in order not to count the time spent with my wife. Understood? Good. Do not cheat or try to get her alone when it is not your turn or night."

"Seven?" Jodhaa asked. We are just six! "I have something special planned for you on the last night." He said giving her a light kiss on the cheek. "Now to start the week off properly, we will all have a turn in order of our numbers."

He took her by the hand again and walked her round the room. She felt like a prize cow being paraded before an auction but it was done in order to excite these studs. She hoped it was going to be worth it. Mark lead her toward the heap of pillows that would be her playground. Mark helped her onto it. "Get down on all fours", he commanded in a loud, peremptory manner, quite unlike his usual tender tones. She knew that this tone was for the benefit of their audience.

She knelt down and then put her manacled hands on the mattress in front of her, bending over and putting into position. Her butt up in the air, her thighs parted, making her cunt easily available for doggy style fucking if the next suitor wanted it. There were totally free to choose any way of fucking her. Mark asked "Ready?".

"Yes, Master," she replied, like a good slave.

"All right! Who has got #1" she heard him say, Gwanendra announced "I have". "Jodhaa is yours, then" Mark said.

She braced herself and felt the mountaineer step onto the mattress behind her. An erect cock pushed against her pussy lips and then she was pushed forwards as it entered her. She felt his thighs pressing against hers, hands clasped her waist, and Gwanendra started to fuck her. She just appreciated the strength of his assaults. He said nothing, just grunting as he drove into her. It was so strange to feel all these eyes watching her. All these men had fucked her, some of them many times but it was the first time she had displayed herself so blatantly. She just heard Mark encourage Gwanendra : "Go deep, my friend fuck her harder, give Jodhaa what she wanted!". The approval from Mark aroused Jodhaa even more! She began to push back against him. With a final deep thrust, he came, filling her womb with his seed. He just froze and she realized he was shooting his cum into her. pussy For a moment, she felt his full weight bearing down on her then he withdrew from her and stepped away.

"Number 2!" Mark shouted.

The mattress shook again as Kumar stepped up behind her. This time, her stretched out cunt was entered swiftly. Her boobs were grabbed wildly and her partner leant over her and whispered in her ear, "Right, now, cunt, make your bottom wiggle to make this a good one for me!" That was really this son of a bitch of Kumar, always on the prowl to say something bad or dirty to her.... He drove into her hard, and she bit her lip as he squeezed her boobs again and again in time with his fucking. She would have hated if he had been the first to enter her but Gwanendra had copiously greased her cunt. She thought he was looking for some revenge for his frustration of not being the only one to fuck her ...He tried to get deeper and deeper into her and she came to hope he would dump his load in her pussy before she was too sore to enjoy the next men.

Eventually he finally cummed, with a roar, and the force of his thrusts, as he shot his load to the top of her cunt, almost pushed her over onto the mattress. When he had cummed, he stayed fully inside her until his penis began to shrivel and then reluctantly pulled out of her.

The third man in her cunt was Mark. He was better, a much more skilled lover than Kumar. Yes! He made love to her and didn't just fuck her. He seemed to have unending stamina. Perhaps it was her imagination but he stretched her wider than Kumar. He varied his rhythm and caressed her boobs, he whispered sweet words in her ear not obscenities. Kumar grumbled and pouted as he watched Mark and Jodhaa. But a stern look from the Prince and the other men silenced him.

It was no problem to respond to him and make love to him. He knew where to touch her and how to bring out such sweet pleasure in her. When he pulled her deep onto him to shoot his load inside her, he realized that she was cumming at the very same moment. Before he withdrew, he whispered to her "I hope you will carry my baby." she experienced a frisson of excitement .

"Number 4!" Mark called out.

Deenpal raised his hand looking around tentatively. He was still new to the group and was unsure of how to act, especially with the Prince attending. But with encouragement from Gwanendra and Mark he walked to the center of the room. He got behind Jodhaa and asked; " Ready?" She smiled and nodded, even wiggling her ass toward him as encouragement.

He aimed his thick horn of a cock at her already dripping cunt and pushed it in. It stretched her full. He did not have the length of Kumar or the Prince but he had the girth. She loved the feeling of being full of such manly cock. He was still very hesitant in fucking her. When Gwanendra told him of this group and of the week he could hardly believe it. And now being in front of this group and fucking Mark's wife was too much.

But he soon got over it. Jodhaa moved to meet his thrusts. He had never met a woman like this, a woman who loved fucking so much. Ever since their time in the mountains, he had been amazed by her lust. She was a sexual animal who demanded and got from her lovers deep pleasure. No individual man could ever satisfy this woman. But he would do his best.

He soon forgot about the other men around him and was lost in her. He was a rutting animal mounting a woman in heat. He gave her as much as he could and she called out for more. Both of them were sweating and grunting like animals in heat. When he finally came, she was not far behind him emptying his sperm into her already filled cunt with a cry of lust.

When he came back to reality, he pulled his cock from her cunt. A river of cum ran from her stretched pussy. As he backed away from Jodhaa, the other men gave him a round of applause. Mark and Gwanendra complimented him on his performance. Kumar just grunted and nodded toward the patrolman.

"Number 5!" She heard Mark call out. Dinu rose and came forward. Jodhaa smiled. Now her Dalit husband would take her and breed her. She was such a lucky woman. She had a loving husband in both Mark and Dinu, not to mention the lovers gathered around this room.

"Ready, my wife." He said. She nodded. Despite his assertions that he was too old for such games, she knew he loved this. She could feel it as his thick cock slid into her. He made her call out in pleasure as he fucked her good and hard. Even at his age, he could put most men to shame in bed.

Dinu took her like a true Indian husband , with power and tenderness. The old Dalit knew how to treat a woman like her, to make her feel like she was truly fucked. He knew how to make her scream at the pistoning of his cock deep in her. She was in heaven when he finally grunted and added his potent cum the brew in her cunt.

The last one to mount her was prince Kyrhan. He had let the other pick their number first to ensure he would be the last. She was glad he was the last guy as his behemoth cock would act like a piston and push all the remaining seed into her womb. If her previous lovers had failed to breed her, the massive injection of their sperm would do the job. She knew how potent Kyrhan could be and she was quite sure that she was pregnant already but the next couplings were just for the fun, to ensure impregnation.

The Prince mounted her, even after Kumar and Deenpal, He stretched her as he moved deeper into her womb. Finally he came to rest at her cervix. He allowed her to become accustomed to his size before beginning his movements. He was an expert lover and knew how to make a woman really enjoy sex. He took her close to orgasm only to back off, then again got her close before easing back. When he thought she had had enough, he used all his skill to bring both of them off to a wild crash of orgasms. She could feel him coating her already full womb with more cum. She knew this night she was bred by one of her lovers, but she had the rest of the week to enjoy making sure.

Jodhaa laid on the mattress, breathing heavy. A pool of cum formed around her rear as she caught her breath. Mark came over to his wife and laid next to her. He untied her hands. Then he kissed her shoulder and neck as he brushed a wet strain of hair from her face. "Well?" he asked. " how do you feel?"

"Full." She said with a smile.

"Do you think you have been properly bred?" He said with a smile. "Cause we could all go home now."

"Oh no!" She said shaking her finger at the men. "All of you are not getting out of this week so easily. As a matter of fact. I think I am ready for the next round. Who had number one again?"

"You heard the woman, Gwanendra my friend." Mark said getting back up. "You are next again." He said as the big patrolman stood and walked over to Jodhaa as she rolled over and opened her arms for the first of her lovers.

To be Continued

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