tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJodie's First Appointment

Jodie's First Appointment


This story was written a very long time ago, but following an email I got from a reader who read the second part on here I decided to re-type it so that I could share it with you all. I hope those that enjoyed the second part now enjoy the first part. It is largely unchanged from the original...

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Jodie had been recommended to a special clinic by one of her friends when they had shared their sexual problems over a few bottles of wine. She had been a bit reluctant and was nearly put off completely by the high fees, but Abbey had persuaded her that it would be worth every penny if she went with a positive attitude.

Now Jodie sat in the plush waiting room, it was very warm and she had already taken her coat off and was just thinking about taking her thin cardigan off too when a rather heavily bosomed nurse called her name.

"Jodie Clark"

Jodie stood up and smiled at the nurse who smiled back and asked her to come through to the main room. Jodie went to pick up her coat but the nurse said it would be fine to leave it as she was the only appointment today and nobody else would be coming into the waiting room.

Jodie followed the nurse into the main room and again noticed how warm it was.

"It's hot in here isn't it?" Commented Jodie.

"It has to be..." Said the nurse and flashed her a grin.

Two therapists sat behind a very large desk and they welcomed her warmly, although they didn't stand up to greet her, which Jodie thought slightly odd.

"Hello Jodie, I'm Doctor Shaw and this is Doctor Lewis."

Doctor Shaw was about forty and a little bit overweight, but his colleague looked barely thirty and was much more to Jodie's taste. Both the doctors wore white coats, though for some reason Doctor Lewis' coat had a small blue stripe over his breast pocket. Jodie couldn't help looking at him, particularly his incredibly dark eyes. Doctor Lewis smiled at her and she felt herself blush slightly.

"Please sit down Jodie, we have a lot to get through today."

Jodie sat down, first taking off her cardigan to reveal a white T-shirt, through which her nipples were clearly visible even though she was wearing a bra. The doctors talked to Jodie for some time and established the nature of her problem, during this discussion the nurse returned with a cup of tea for Jodie. When she tasted it, it didn't taste quite right but the doctor quickly pointed out that it was merely laced with a very mild relaxant.

Jodie had explained to the doctors that, although she enjoyed sex, she could never relax enough to orgasm with someone else and that she was confused because some things that turned her on were things that she found unpleasant.

By the end of the discussion Jodie was feeling a bit more relaxed and she didn't object when the doctors suggested that they have a look at some film. For the best part of the next hour the three watched videos showing pretty much every kind of sex and the doctors observed Jodie's reactions to each different style and made notes on the pads on the table in front of them.

When the last video had finished the doctors told Jodie that they would like a little discussion and that Jodie should go through a door into a changing room and select and change into a 'costume' for the next part of the session. Jodie stood up and walked over to the door and the doctors watched as she walked, admiring the way her tight jeans clung to her curvy figure, particularly her lovely arse.

While the two doctors discussed Jodie's problem, Jodie found herself in a small room with a rail of costumes down one side. She looked through the clothes, there was leather, lace, see through lingerie, etc... but she decided on a white lacy bra and knicker set with white stockings, the kind of thing a bride might wear on her wedding night she thought to herself.

She peeled off her jeans and pants and folded them up and put them on the small chair that was in the corner, before pulling on the white lacy knickers. Then she pulled the T-shirt over her head and released her breasts from her everyday bra. She looked in the mirror at her breasts and smiled - she liked her breasts, they weren't too massive but they were big enough that some of her boyfriends had tit-fucked her.

One of her boyfriends seemed to enjoy that more than actually fucking her, which Jodie found hard to understand - even when he tried to explain that what he really liked was to see his cum shoot over her face and neck.

Jodie fitted the new bra and looked at herself in the mirror, she looked alright she decided, considering she was in her mid-thirties. Jodie was admittedly a little plain, but she had a certain spark of sex appeal about her.

After about twenty minutes the door opened into the main room and Jodie reappeared in her new outfit. The doctors looked up and Dr Shaw in particular gave her an admiring look before they both stood up.

"Aah, there you are Jodie... that looks excellent - a very good choice, it suits your profile perfectly."

Jodie didn't understand what that was supposed to mean, but thanked the doctors anyway. Then Doctor Shaw suggested adjourning to the 'Treatment Room' and the two men walked out from behind the desk towards another door, which was partly hidden in an alcove. The three of them walked into this new room to find the nurse already waiting for them.

In the middle of the room was a black plastic/foam covered table such as one might find in any doctor's surgery, except that this one was made up of one large rectangle for the users back and two longer pads for their legs. The two smaller pads were also fixed by some cantilever mechanism which allowed them to be easily moved apart as required.

Jodie was helped up onto the table by the two doctors and told to lay on her front. Once in position one of the doctors asked the nurse to massage Jodie's shoulders and back which gradually relaxed her even more.

Doctor Lewis talked to Jodie about her problems a little more and then asked her to roll over onto her back. Jodie did so and the two doctors and the nurse stood around her looking down at her half-naked form. As they continued to talk, all three began softly rubbing her skin in various places. Doctor Shaw softly rubbed her left arm and Doctor Lewis her right, while the nurse rubbed her hands gently over the fronts of Jodie's legs.

"Now I want you to close your eyes for a while Jodie." Said Doctor Lewis.

Jodie did as she was instructed and lay still, concentrating on the doctor's voice. The nurse had stopped rubbing her legs now, but the doctors were still touching her, only now their hands where gently stroking her stomach and moving upwards towards her breasts.

"Now that you are relaxed, we are going to move you on to the next stage of the treatment. I want you to keep your eyes closed until I say though, okay?"

"Yes." Replied Jodie a little nervously.

"Now don't forget, we are here to help you so you really don't have to worry... you need to trust us. We know exactly what we are doing, we've done this many times before, so please don't worry. You won't be hurt in any way, but because of the nature of your problem we might have to be a little 'hard' with you.

"Ummm, okay... but what exactly do you mean by 'hard'?"

"Well, basically your problem stems from your desire to be 'forced' to do certain things that you don't find consciously arousing. Deep down you want to do them - but for whatever reason you won't allow yourself, probably because you think they are degrading or in some way 'dirty'.

"Oh..." Jodie almost groaned, as she felt the one of the doctor's hands move up and begin stroking her right breast through her bra. Her nipples were rock hard and the doctor gently squeezed them, causing Jodie to exhale deeply and allow her head to move to one side. Then she felt the nurse at her feet again...

"Now keep your eyes closed Jodie, your legs are going to be moved apart in a moment but there's nothing to worry about."

Jodie felt the table beneath her legs part and move outwards, at the same time her legs were bent at the knees and pushed upwards to make the position more comfortable for her. Jodie's mouth opened as she suddenly felt very vulnerable and she began to breathe a little more deeply.

Next Jodie heard the drawers of the trolley open and close and then she felt the nurse slip between her legs. She bent down between her thighs and began softly kissing the insides of Jodie's thighs while the two doctors now openly massaged her tits through her lacy bra. Doctor Shaw bent closer and spoke quietly to his patient...

"The reason you chose this outfit Jodie, and we knew you would, is because you consider yourself to be a 'good' girl. That's why doing bad things turns you on so much. But this creates a conflict between what you think you want and what you really want... or need. Deep down you want to be forced into doing these 'bad' things, because then you won't feel guilty about wanting to do them."

Jodie moaned as she felt the nurse move to the very top of her thighs and begin stroking her through her knickers. The nurse was naked although Jodie couldn't see this as she had removed her uniform after Jodie had been told to close her eyes. Now Jodie felt the soft flesh of the nurse's impressive tits against the insides of her thighs as the nurse began to kiss her stomach.

"Umm, please... stop her... I, I don't... I'm not a lesbian."

"Shh!" Whispered Doctor Shaw. "You don't have to be a lesbian to enjoy being pleasured by a woman Jodie, just relax and let the nurse make you feel good."

Jodie relaxed a little for a few moments and then she felt her lacy bra being undone. The catch was at the front between her breasts and one of the doctors released it easily, allowing her flesh to move sideways and out of the bra's cups. She felt the doctors lean over her from each side and take a nipple into each of their mouths, their warm tongues flicking at her straining pink buds.

Between her legs the nurse had dragged her breasts over Jodie's lace covered pussy before bending down fully between the woman's legs. Jodie felt her pussy becoming increasingly wet and nearly opened her eyes when she felt the nurse gently pulling the lace to one side, revealing her pink, wet lips and dark pubic hair.

Jodie gasped when the nurse's tongue first touched her, its flexible form moving smoothly between her lips and parting her as the nurse savoured the taste of her wet slit for the first time. Nurse Simmons loved to eat pussy and would have gladly stayed there all day, but she knew the treatment had to move on and after a few minutes of thorough pussy licking she introduced the tip of the dildo she had been warming in her left hand.

Jodie felt the smooth plastic tip press against her pussy and then the pressure as it was slowly inserted, past her knickers, into her sopping wet hole.

"Oooo...No!" Sighed Jodie.

"It's okay Jodie, just relax. You know as well as we do that deep down you want the dildo inside you - even though you think you don't. Your 'good' side wants to supress the feelings, but you mustn't let it. You have to admit to yourself that you like to be used Jodie, I know it's hard but you've got to do it."

Jodie struggled with her feelings as the dildo was pushed further inside her pussy.

"Would you prefer a real cock inside your tight little pussy Jodie?" Asked Doctor Lewis.

Jodie swallowed hard, he knew she fancied him and now he was playing on it.

"No, no... I don't know." Answered Jodie.

Doctor Lewis took her hand and guided it down to his cock, which was now sticking out from the join in his white coat. Jodie hadn't noticed that the doctors were naked beneath their coats earlier, which was probably why the whole place was kept so warm. Jodie felt her fingers close around Doctor Lewis's cock, it was incredibly hard and she gently wanked him as she enjoyed the sensation of the dildo being worked inside her wet slit.

"You do want it, don't you Jodie. You know you do. You want to feel it with your fingers, you want to taste it in your mouth and then you want it rammed into your tight little cunt, isn't that right?"

Jodie couldn't speak, but she felt herself nod in agreement.

"But I think you want more than that don't you Jodie. I think you want much more. I think you want us to force you to take Doctor Shaw's cock too. And I think, maybe you want to feel something inside your arse as well don't you?"

"No, no..." Said Jodie, getting just a little scared now.

"You do, you know you do." Said the doctor as Jodie began wanking his cock harder. "See, you're getting me ready aren't you?"

Jodie gripped his cock harder still, pumping it hard as the nurse fucked her sopping wet cunt with the dildo. Then Jodie felt Doctor Shaw move her other hand down to close around his own cock. Jodie sighed as she felt the two hard shafts in her hands. Part of her wanted them to use her body, fuck her in every hole and shoot their cum all over her, but still part of her fought against the idea.

"We are going to make you cum Jodie, before you leave you are going to cum and we're going to do all these things to you and more. Your cunt and ass are going to be fucked raw and your mouth will be full of pussy juice too. That's what you really want isn't it Jodie?"

Jodie couldn't answer... as he spoke she was becoming more and more turned on and yet, she couldn't really admit to herself that all of this was true.

"Open your eyes Jodie and look at my cock." Said Doctor Lewis.

Jodie opened her eyes to see her hand still wrapped around the doctor's hard shaft. The sight of it turned her on even more. Inside her pussy the dildo was being twisted round by the nurse and then abruptly it was removed, leaving her feeling desperately empty. The nurse handed the dildo to the doctor who in turn held the glistening plastic cock towards Jodie's mouth.

"Taste your cunt Jodie, suck your juice off this cock and then you can suck a real cock."

Doctor Lewis moved the dildo closer towards her mouth and Jodie nervously parted her lips and stuck her tongue out a little. The doctor placed the tip of the dildo on her tongue as Nurse Simmonds returned to licking Jodie's aching clit.

"That's it Jodie, lick it up like the slut you know you are." Said Doctor Shaw as he slipped his cock from her grasp and walked down the bench towards her feet.

Jodie became nervous as she wandered what he was up to. She soon found out as the nurse moved away from between her legs and Doctor Shaw replaced her, placing his hands on the insides of her stocking clad thighs and rubbing his cock against her dripping hole. Meanwhile Doctor Lewis was teasing Jodie with the dildo and she had smears of her own juices all over her pretty face.

The Doctor removed the dildo from her mouth for the last time and moved closer. Indicating his hard cock he said, "This is what you really want in your mouth isn't it Jodie?"

Doctor Lewis teased her with his impressive cock, rubbing it against her chin and face.

"You want to taste my lovely cock don't you, because you're a slut... isn't that right? You want it forced into your mouth because you won't admit to your own depraved desires."

Jodie felt the older doctor start to push the tip of his cock into her sopping cunt. She tensed as she felt the intrusion, but as she took him inside she was rewarded with the younger doctor's cock sliding into her warm, wet mouth. Jodie closed her eyes as she tasted the thick cock and leant forward to take more while she moved her hand between his legs to rub his swollen balls.

"That's right Jodie, rub my swollen balls like a good little whore. Maybe if you do as you're told you'll get to swallow my cum before you leave, you'd like that wouldn't you? All really dirty girls love the taste of cum."

Doctor Lewis savoured the feel of Jodie's slick mouth closing around his cock and looked over at his colleague who was pushing himself deeper into Jodie's tight pussy. Nurse Simmons was sucking on Jodie's tits now, closing her mouth round one nipple while pinching the other, and swapping over every thirty seconds or so.

Doctor Shaw was thrusting deeper into Jodie's cunt now, he was right up to his balls and building up his pace. While Jodie continued to suck Doctor Lewis's meat, Nurse Simmons left her tits and moved down her body, licking her way across the woman's stomach until she reached her white lacy knickers and Doctor Shaw's slippery cock. The nurse pushed her hands inside the woman's underwear and began to rub flesh either side of the doctor's hard prick. Jodie moaned as she did this and when the older Doctor pulled his cock out and pushed it firmly into the nurse's willing mouth for a few seconds, the woman took the opportunity to slip her fingers inside Jodie's hole and lubricate them thoroughly before moving them upwards to rub her swollen clit.

Jodie was getting more and more turned on now, but Doctor Lewis suddenly pulled his cock out of her mouth and ordered the nurse to climb onto the bench on top of Jodie. Jodie protested strongly , but the doctor told her to co-operate or she might have to be restrained.

Jodie looked up at the nurse's thighs towering above her head, and then saw the doctor's hands pull her cheeks apart, exposing her dripping cunt and tight arsehole. The doctor smiled down at her before moving his face between the nurse's thighs and roughly licking her pussy for a moment. When his tongue was thoroughly coated with her juices he moved down and kissed Jodie, forcing his tongue into her mouth.

Jodie was trembling slightly now. Doctor Shaw's cock was back inside her pussy and the nurse was rubbing her clit beneath her knickers, but the cock she really wanted was out of her reach. Doctor Lewis moved away from her and returned to the nurse's rear, this time he dragged his mouth up between her cheeks and Jodie watched bemused as the doctor's tongue began pressing urgently against the nurse's tight arsehole.

This sight was confusing to Jodie, normally it would have disgusted her, but as she watched the doctor probing the nurse's ass with his tongue she felt her cunt becoming even wetter than it already was.

Then Jodie felt the older doctor's cock pulled out of her and the nurse moved her head down , pulling the white lace out of the way so that she could lick the patient's clit unimpeded. Doctor Shaw appeared at the head of the bench, his cock still glistening with Jodie's juices.

As she looked up again she saw Doctor Lewis move away from the nurse and then Doctor Shaw's fingers started to gently probe the nurse's ass. Jodie noticed that the doctor's fingers were covered with some kind of lubricant and he applied more and more as he pushed first one, then two fingers deep into Nurse Simmons' eager ass.

"Does this turn you on Jodie, watching me prepare Nurse Simmons' asshole for my thick, hard cock?"

Jodie licked her lips and cleared her throat, unsure of how to answer.

"I think we both know it does, doesn't it? Just think... in a few moments you are going to watch my fat cock disappear into her arsehole, and all the while you will be licking her clit... how does that make you feel Jodie? A bit slutty maybe, like a bit of a whore?"

Jodie couldn't speak anymore, she just moaned as she felt Doctor Lewis filling her empty cunt at last. Doctor Shaw pressed the other woman's hips down and Jodie watched as her pussy descended over the lower part of her face.

"Now be a good girl and lick that pussy... you enjoyed her tongue and now it's your turn to be nice, besides she's going to need it with my cock stretching her arse out."

Jodie looked up with pleading eyes, but he wasn't about to let her off the hook and now as Jodie's attention was focused on the warm, musky pussy placed over her mouth and Doctor Lewis' cock buried deep in her cunt, he moved around the sides of the bench and fastened her wrists to the sides. As soon as her wrists were secured she felt Doctor Lewis pull his cock out of her and the nurse's tongue move back over her clit.

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