tagIncest/TabooJoe and I

Joe and I


Hi, my name is Donna. My best friend growing up is a male whose name is Joe. We grew up together having lived side by side (in adjoining rooms) since we were infants. In case you haven't figured it out, Joe is my older brother.

We've never been anything but friends. From a sexual standpoint though we pretty much knew each other's sexual secrets and histories.

There was one secret Joe managed to withhold from me. I learned this only because a couple of my older girlfriends told me that Joe was well endowed. The first time it was mentioned my reply was 'so what'.

I was between my Junior and Senior year of college. Several college girls who lived a couple of towns over decided to throw a party. At the last minute my date opted out and I conned my brother Joe to be my date.

The party was great and somehow the lights got turned down and the party turned sexy. Joe and I went along with it and danced slow and close. Soon I forgot that he was my brother. My pussy started getting wet and I could feel Joe growing hard.

We decided that since we were 'dating' that maybe we could be like other 'dates' and go someplace and neck. It took a while to find a place to park but finally we did. We were acquired at first but soon were necking like old friends.

It didn't take long for our tongues to get into the act. Not long after it was also our hands. Neither of us were virgins, we had been there before. As I felt Joe's hard through his clothes I realized that my friends were right.

We wasted little time getting into the back seat. It was a beautiful night, with a bright moon and it seemed almost like daylight. Almost before I knew it he had my panties off and his fingers were inside of me. I was hotter than I had ever been.

I don't know if it was because he was my brother or just because he was a guy with a hard cock and I was sex starved, but as I said I WAS READY.

After a few minutes he stopped and we worked his pants down. I looked at his erect penis. I was shocked. There in the bright moonlight it looked gigantic. I was in shock.

I put my hand on it and it felt almost as big as it looked. I started stroking it and meanwhile got up on my knees beside him on the car seat. I spread them so that he could get his fingers deeper inside me.

As it turned out my face wasn't very far from the head of his penis. You can imaging what happened next. You got it, I took him into my mouth. Just as I was becoming aquatinted with that 'big' cock, it erupted. I was surprised at the amount of cum that filled my mouth. It seemed to be too much for me to handle.

At that point I decided that there was only one sensible thing to do. I swallowed all of it and I enjoyed it. It was not my first experience swallowing but it was the first time that I enjoyed it. After all it was from my brother.

He was kind of deflated by then and having a little remorse. I was still horny but we got back into the front seat and drove on home. I went to bed. A moment later I was masturbating fiercely. I came several times as I anticipated what it might be like to fuck that bigger cock which happened to belong to my brother.

The next day I couldn't keep my mind off the thought of that big thing inside of me and it bringing orgasm after orgasm to my willing body. The big question in my mind was "Can I take it." My friends liked it so why wouldn't I.

Joe worked and when he came home he took a shower and finished just in time to sit down for supper. When he did he found only me their. Mom and dad were at a company 'wing ding' I explained. They most likely would not be back much before 1:00 AM. Then I took the 'bull by the horns' and spoke across the table.

"Joe, how about I take you to bed about 9:00 tonight. Sort of a reward for showing me a good time last night. OK?"

Joe mumbled a yes, got a bit red and retreated to the yard to was his pride and joy. About a quarter to eight he found me on the patio dressed in as little as possible.

Since we were possibly still visible to others it was a modest A line dress. The dress hide the fact that there was only my naked body underneath. Joe sat beside me on the swing.

I took his right hand and placed it high on my inner thigh. His quick fingers immediately discovered the absence of panties.

Joe took my hand and led me into the house. We climbed on to the my bed seat without even discussing it. We wasted no time getting our arms around each other and our tongues working. It took him only a minute till he discovered that I had no brassiere on either.

With my cooperation he had his trousers down and my dress around my waist quickly. We were kissing all this time and moving about. Soon I had my back down on the bed and my legs spread. I was waiting, quaking with anticipation. I didn't have to wait long till I felt his penis trying to push it's way into my pussy.

We started thrusting toward each other and it was just starting to enter when I felt it begin to pulse and the hot cum came shooting out. It was like a flood. Most was all over my labia and flooding out over the rest of my crotch. That that was at the entrance to my cunt was extra lubrication. Between it and our excited thrusting that big thing was inside me in the next instant.

I felt that cock fill me as I had never been filled before and then started to slide in and out. Before I could get around to thinking about having an orgasm. One overcame me.

I then hung back for a minute and maneuvered around till I was on top. I took control and began to slide it deep into me and then lift myself till it was almost all the way out, totally enjoying it's length and girth. It seemed like only seconds till I felt Al come again.

His hot fluid filled me deep inside as it spread. Warming me all over my insides. We hardly slowed down but began to go at it harder and harder till just a few minuets later we both came again, almost together. By then I was so full of cum that I could not hold it all.

This seemed to finish us both, and we stayed coupled together for several minutes till I began to think of what we had done and rapidly cooled down and began to disengage myself. Joe pulled away and began to finish undressing, becoming naked .

I suddenly felt my thighs getting wet as the cum began to come out and spread itself around. I quickly ran laughing to the bathroom holding myself to protect the carpet. Entering the bathroom I just let it run down my legs before I got into my shower. It prolonged the memory.

Our parents went away that weekend. We fucked several times over the next 48 hours but never did I achieve the satisfaction of that first encounter.

We have done nothing since. It is now almost twenty years later. I still have very fond memories of our initial two encounters. Recently both our circumstances have changed. We have been in touch and discussed renewing our activities.

Joe says that he has improved his foreplay and screwing technique. He says that he knows now that size is not enough. We do have a 'date' for next weekend. A trip to the Pocono mountains.

I have great hopes.


PS-It is now two weeks after our date. It became dates. It was great.

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