tagLoving WivesJoe & Karen Ch. 02

Joe & Karen Ch. 02


Ch. 2: Cumming Out Party

The events in this story occur after the events of "A Good Workout." To familiarize yourself with the people involved I suggest you read that story first. Just trying to help aid in your enjoyment of the ongoing saga of my wife and me. I wasn't present for all the events told in this story but the things that happened without me were recounted to me by my wife later the day it occurred. I fill in the blanks elsewhere.

It was a nice breezy evening and my wife Karen was sitting out on the patio having a glass of wine and reading a book. The patio of our first-floor apartment faced the parking lot. Karen saw our friend Peri pull into her stall in the parking lot and walk her way with a grocery bag. Peri had to pass our patio to get to her apartment. The girls hadn't seen each other in a while so Karen invited Peri over to chat. Peri says she will come over as soon as she get changed and grabs the bottle of Kahlua we had given her for her birthday the week before.

Peri shows up with a few items in a grocery bag and asks Karen where we keep the glasses. Peri tells Karen to have a seat in the living room and proceeds to mix up some concoction in the kitchen. Peri emerges with two drinks and hands one to Karen. "What's this," asks Karen and Peri replies, "It's a Jamaican Blowjob," and chuckles. Peri tells Karen she had stopped off for a drink after work and the bartender suggested she try a Jamaican Blowjob. She liked the drink so much she had two of them and asked the bartender what was in it. Peri stopped by the store on her way home and bought the extra ingredients she needed to make them herself.

Karen and Peri sat down on the couch and sipped their drinks while they caught up on what was happening in their lives. Karen could tell Peri was a bit tipsy because she began to talk about sex. She bemoaned how stagnant her sex life had become during her marriage. She said now that she was single she wanted to try new things and experiment with new sexual experiences and just go where her urges took her. After having had some wine while she read her book, and having downed the Jamaican Blowjob Peri made for her, Karen was beginning to feel the alcohol a bit too. She responded to Peri's statement by blurting out, "Like having sex in the exercise room?"

Peri blushed and got a shocked look on her face. "You saw us?" she asked in astonishment. Karen went on to tell Peri that we were in the hot tub and saw the whole thing. Peri was even more embarassed by the fact that I had seen her get laid in the exercise room. She soon eased back onto the couch and said, "You know what? I don't care that you guys saw us. It was great. He was so big!"

The two of them laughed and Peri went to make more drinks. She returns with two fresh drinks. Karen goes on to tell Peri how hot we got while we watched her and her friend in the exercise room. Peri asked if we got hot enough to do something about it right then and there and Karen said we did. "Well I guess it served more than one purpose," said Peri. "Man, I'm getting hot just thinking about it, how about you?" Karen started to get a little horny recalling our evening of voyeurism and answered, "Yes."

Peri prodded Karen for the details of what occurred while we watched her and scooted closer to Karen on the couch, waiting with bated breath for Karen to tell her. Karen, loosend up by the alcohol, gave Peri the play by play of what transpired in the hot tub. Peri periodically let out giddy squeals and put her hand on Karen's shoulder as she listened. Karen went on to finish the hot tub story and told of how we were still worked up when we went to bed and wound up making love again. Peri began stroking Karen's hair as she told the story of our lovemaking in bed and interrupts, saying, "You have such soft hair." Karen timidly thanked Peri for the compliment, not knowing where it was all going.

Although Karen was a bit uncomfortable having Peri sitting so close, stroking her hair, and complimenting her, she found she was getting strangely aroused. I had broached the subject of sex with another woman in my sex fantasy whispers to Karen but she never thought anything of it beyond that. Peri moved her hand back to Karen's shoulder, rubbing it for a moment, then said in a soft voice, "You know, I've always thought you have great breasts." With that Peri moved her other hand to Karen's breasts and gently squeezed.

Karen was so caught off-guard that she didn't know what to do. She just froze. Karen was confused, not knowing what she was thinking or feeling at that point in time. She was definitely aroused and feeling the effects of the alcohol. She just sat there and listened to Peri's soothing voice as she continued to massage her breasts through her sweatshirt. Peri's fingers made small circles around Karen's stiff nipples as she continued talking. "I'd always wondered what another woman's breasts would feel like. Yours feel wonderful. How do mine feel," Peri said as she took Karen's hand and placed it on her own breast.

Karen kneaded Peri's breast softly. She could feel herself getting wet as she felt Peri's nipple stiffen under her palm. Peri then slid her hand under Karen's sweatshirt. Her soft, slender fingers found Karen's hard nipples and rolled them as she whispered in Karen's ear. "It gets me hot just thinking about you and Joe watching that night. Like I said, with my newfound liberation I just go where my urges take me. You should try it."

All resistance Karen may have had is washed away with Peri's words and the hot breath on her ear. She doesn't protest when Peri lifts her sweatshirt up over her head and moves her head down to suck on Karen's nipples. Peri sucks on Karen's nipples tentatively at first but really gets into it as her passion mounts. As she devours Karen's tits Karen moves her hand down between Peri's legs.

When Karen's hand moves over Peri's crotch Peri pulls away. "I want to taste you first," she whispers and moves onto the floor in front of the couch between Karen's legs. Peri tugs at the sides of Karen's sweatpants and Karen raises her hips allowing Peri to take her sweats and panties all the way off. Peri moves her face to Karen's pussy and spreads the lips with her fingers as she flicks Karen's hard clit. Peri runs her tongue between Karen's slit and buries her face in her muff, coating it with Karen's juices.

The new sensations running through Karen's body are like little electrical charges. They all originate from her clit and are caused by Peri's mouth and tongue. Karen had always liked it when I went down on her but this was different. This was a woman eating her pussy and Peri was bringing her to orgasm faster than I ever had. Karen cried out as she came violently from Peri's tonguing. Peri kissed her way up Karen's nude body and they shared a wet open-mouthed kiss.

Karen could taste her own juices on Peri's lips and tongue and it only served to get her hotter. Peri whispered, "Would you..." but Karen moved her finger to Peri's lips to stop her from speaking. Karen knew what Peri wanted and she wanted it too. She was insatiable now. She wanted to explore and taste every inch of Peri's body.

The two of them stood up and Karen took off Peri's top while she removed her pants and panties. Karen guides Peri back onto the couch and drops down between her legs on the carpet. She takes one of Peri's nipples in her mouth and hungrily sucks on it, then the other as she massages Peri's tits from underneath. Karen pushes them together and flicks the nipples, coating them with the saliva fromher outstretched tongue, as Peri's peaks sit just inches apart.

After sucking on Peri's tits for a good long time Karen kisses her way down Peri's stomach to her raven-haired mound. Once there, Karen buries her face in Peri's musky pussy. Karen's tongue juts in and out of Peri's pink slit as she enjoys her first taste of another woman. She focuses on Peri's clit after lapping at her pussy and smearing her face with Peri's juices.

Karen was so intent on eating Peri's pussy and Peri was enjoying it so much that neither of them heard me unlock the front door when I came home. You can imagine my surprise when I walked into my livingroom. Here is my wife naked, on her knees in front of the couch eating out our neighbor Peri, who is lying naked on the couch. Both women sat up with a fright when they realized I had just come into the apartment.

After I got over the the initial shock of what I saw I blurted out, "Don't let me interrupt you guys. Mind if I watch?" With that Karen went back to work on Peri's slit. They were both so into each other by this time that I don't know if it would have mattered if I had walked into the apartment with Peri's ex-husband and my father in-law.

I dropped my things in the corner and moved a chair over by the couch to get the best view possible of one my favorite fantasies come to life. I honestly didn't think Karen had it in her to do something like this. Definitely a pleasant surprise. I pull out my already-stiff dick and begin stroking it as Karen brings Peri closer and closer to orgasm. Peri grabs the back of my wife's head and grinds Karen's face into her pussy as she cries out, "Oh Karen...oh yes...make me cum...make me cummmmmm...," as she reaches her peak.

Peri pants, "Oh God Karen, that felt soooo good," and french kisses Karen's again. She looks over at me with my hard cock in my hand and continues, "But you know, something was missing." That was all the invitation I needed. I stripped off my clothes faster than I have ever done in my life and moved to the couch. I stood in front of Peri and Karen, who were now both on their knees in front of the couch, and offered up my throbbing tool to their mouths. Peri grabs my cock and sucks on it first.

Her experienced mouth felt so warm and wet wrapped around my cock. That woman really knew how to suck a dick. I can't understand why anyone would want to divorce this awesome lady. Peri was truly the complete package. She and Karen took turns sucking on my dick but I had other things on my mind. I moved them so they were facing the couch but still on their knees. I had them bend over onto the couch and dropped down behind them.

I buried my face in Karen's pussy as I reached between Peri's legs and ran my fingers up and down her slit. Both women were sopping wet. As I ran my tongue from my wife's clit all the way to her ass I slid my finger inside Peri's pussy. I finger-fucked Peri briefly then moved over to taste her sex. Peri and Karen were strangely quiet as I was working on them and when I sat up to move to Peri I saw why.

They were locked in passionate kiss. I could see their tongues entwined when their lips parted mometarily, then one would suck the other's tongue back into her mouth. I moved my face down to Peri's spread lips and licked them as I probed Karen's pussy with my fingers. I attacked Peri's pussy with a vengance. I had been fantasizing about this moment since I first met her and it was all I had hoped for.

After devouring Peri's pussy and coating her with my saliva from clit to asshole I got up on my knees behind Peri and guided my aching cock to her opening. I pushed the bulbous head of my cock inside Peri slowly, then pulled back out. I could feel the "pop" of my dick head exiting Peri's surprisingly tight pussy. I again pushed back inside slowly, going slightly deeper with each stroke, then pulling back out. By the time I had pushed inside Peri's slit all the way she was moaning to Karen, "Oooooooh...your husband is sliding his hard cock in my pussy...ooooh Karen....his cock feels sooooo good inside me."

I started to pick up my pace a little and was thoroughly enjoying fucking my hot neighbor, so much so that I didn't realize I had moved my hand from Karen's pussy and was grabbing Peri's hips as I thrusted deep in inside her. I didn't want to ignore Karen but I wanted to focus my attention on Peri. I didn't know if I was ever going to get the chance to fuck her again and I was going to make the most of it. It was a political decision I made at that point. I was thinking surprisingly logically, all things given, but I didn't want to hear from Karen later abuot how I ignored once I started in on Peri.

I had Karen move up and sit on the couch with Peri between her legs to work on her as I again slipped my dick inside Peri from behind. I grab onto her hips and begin to drive inside her hot pussy with more force this time. Peri reaches down and rubs her clit as she laps at Karen's pussy. Before long I'm pounding in and out of Peri, my balls slapping against her fingers as they furiously rub her hard nub.

"Peri...you feel sooo good..." I pant as I feel my passion build. I look up and Karen's eyes and mine lock. A look of pure lust is in her eyes as she grabs onto Peri's hair and cries out with another orgasm. I reach my peak and call out, "I'm gonna cum," as I pull my cock out of Peri's hot pussy and pump my load out over her back and ass. Peri frigs herself to another orgasm as I milk the last drops from my dick and smear my cum over her ass cheeks.

As we all lay there panting on the couch Peri says, "See, this is what I've been missing out on," and we all laughed.

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