tagIncest/TabooJoe & Melissa Against the World

Joe & Melissa Against the World


The first time I had sex with my sister I was living in a sketchy apartment a few blocks from her house. As she was currently remodeling it, she lived in a trailer to the side.

That night my computer finally gave up the ghost. But there was my brother/sister role play group at nine. I had to be there. Melissa had a computer.

As I walked closer to Melissa's trailer I found odd disjointed sounds were forming into the moans of my sister and the groans of her enthusiastic male friend. I was of two minds. On the one hand, society says sex between a brother and his sister is just well, icky. On the other hand, my dick was getting hard. I could go with my heart or my head. Dick won.

I crept to the trailer, staying in the shadows. Their voices were getting louder. I was mesmerized. Intoxicated. I leaned against the bedroom wall of the trailer, closed my eyes and listened. Cock throbbing in my hand.

I could not believe I was doing this. Melissa was my sister, for god's sake. A chat room was one thing, but this was the real deal! God, was she loud. The sound of her voice in the throes of pleasure was turning me on in ways other women's voices never did, like it dug into my jeans and stroked my cock, again and again. How could what I was feeling be wrong when it felt so right?

Thanks to a vivid imagination, I easily formed a mental picture of what was going on in Melissa's bedroom. In it, Melissa's ankles were behind her head. And she yelled...

"Fuck me harder!"

Both the sound of her bed thumping against the bedroom wall and Melissa's moans became louder and more furious. They beat with the rhythm of the veins throbbing in my cock, which I was jacking in the night air.

And then my sister cried out even louder. Seed spurted out of the head of my beautiful cock as a lightning bolt flew up and down my spine. I came harder than any time with another girl. How the hell can that be wrong?

A car honk woke my reverie rather abruptly. A car was idling not 20 feet from where I stood, a flashlight illuminating yours truly pulling his pud outside of a trailer. Nothing creepy there.

The driver laid into the horn no less than half a dozen times, no doubt to alert the resident's of the trailer to my presence. Melissa's friend, a burly redneck named Glenn, made his timely appearance known when he stormed out brandishing a gun. He saw me and put the gun away. "Jesus Christ, Joe, what are you doing?" he demanded.

"I was just taking a piss," I lied.

Glenn eyed me for a long time, longer than I'm comfortable with. "What did you need?" Playing it macho.

I told him about the broken computer and wanting to use Melissa's. But it wasn't a good time, obviously.

He stepped closer and lowered his voice. "You can tell me, buddy. Were you whacking it out here? Hell, I would if I were in your shoes. Damn, that girl knows how to fuck! You should try her out. But not tonight."

With that Glenn jerked his head to the road. I went back to the apartment.

I lay in bed, stroking my cock and picturing Melissa fucking me instead of Glenn.

Knuckles rapped on the front door. I ignored them. By the third time I could no longer ignore them. It was Melissa. She was wearing a bathrobe and slippers.

"Is something wrong?"

She looked at me and said, "Glenn told me what you were doing but, believe it or not, it kind of got me hot. When Glenn saw it didn't bother me, it bothered HIM. He grabbed his clothes and left. Since I now knew you were interested in me, I decided to walk up here and..."

Her thoughts were interrupted when she eyed the raging hard-on in my shorts. "Suck...you...off," she breathed in my ear. She winked at me before opening her bathrobe. She was naked beneath. She shrugged off the robe. Small tits, smooth stomach, tight ass, perfect body.

She dropped to her knees before me. She tugged down my shorts and wrapped her fingers around the base of my cock. She wrapped her lips around the sensitive tip and sucked. I hissed involuntarily.

Oh, my God. I never thought this day would ever come. And, boy, would it, again and again.

Her head bobbed back and forth on my Joe and going down until the tip of my prick banged against the back of her throat. She grabbed my hands and held them to the back of her head. She gestured I was to hold her head there. I readily agreed.

She ground her mouth against me as her throat muscles massaged the top of my cock. I was about to blow my load when Melissa pulled away. "No, no, dear brother," she purred. "I want to feel you come in my wet pussy."

She led me to the coach and pushed my ass down. She started idly stroking my cock. "Mmm," she hummed and took my hard cock in her mouth. She just held it there while she cupped and played with my balls. It felt so good but I wanted to fuck my sister.

"Melissa, get up, honey," I said as I gently lifted her face to mine and kissed her. Her mouth opened to receive my tongue. Our tongues intertwined as we kissed deeply. Clutching her body to mine and grinding her wet pussy against my hard cock, I made her cry out when the tip of my cock rubbed her swollen clit.

It was a heady feeling. The combination of the sound of her voice crying out, and knowing I was responsible for eliciting that sound from her, pushed me over the edge. I grabbed Melissa's hips and easily sank pussy onto my hard cock. I lifted her ass up a few inches and started thrusting upward. Melissa was grunting along with me as we ground against each other.

We swiveled our hips in opposite directions, sending sparks up and down my spine and eliciting moans from Melissa. And then we were humping, her legs straddling my hips as she bounced up and down against me, my Joe filling her lovepipe. Our moans and groans filled my apartment.

I could tell she was getting close to orgasm by how shallow her breathing was getting. And by the sudden tightening of her body, like her pussy had been hit by a lightning bolt. "Oh, Joe," she repeated over and over, her hands caressing her breasts. She let one hand fall to her clit and began to rub. "Mmm," she purred. She grabbed my hand and guided my fingers to her clit. I rolled it between fingers and Melissa shrieked in pleasure.

That lit my cock rocket's fuse. I felt a rush of ecstasy so powerful it made me cry out my sister's name. "Melissa!" I shouted as my cock splashed seed against the walls of her pussy. She climaxed and the shuddering of her body only added to the overload of pleasure I was experiencing. I could only imagine what she was feeling.

"Fuck!" she yelled, and then collapsed against me. We lay sprawled on the sofa, face to face, chest to chest, my cock inside her pussy. Skin slick with sweat, breathing hard. My mind and my emotions swirling together in the afterglow of sex with my beautiful, sexy sister, Melissa.

After a while of laying there and feeling her hot breath against the side of my neck I spoke up.

"Was that a mercy fuck?" I asked. What the hell did I know?

She snorted and punched me in the arm. "No, you nerd," she said. She leaned in and spoke in a conspiratorial secrecy." Believe this, brother. Before I am done fucking your brains out, you will be begging for mercy."

I did beg in the end but I am just a man, not a machine.

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