tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJoe & Sue Ch. 02

Joe & Sue Ch. 02


Just a note: This is a sequel to a story called, Joe and Sue. Yes, I tend to be very original with my titles. :) If you have any questions that spring up from this story, please feel free to read the first one before asking. Most of them will be answered there.

Also, Thanks to Anjil_Lover for all the editing help. It is greatly appreciated! :D


Sue woke sometime later that afternoon. Lying quietly in the bed, she wondered momentarily why she was so sore. Then memory washed over her and she groaned softly, blushing red. That stupid dress! That was why she was so sore.

Pushing herself into a sitting position, Sue discovered that Joe had left the room. This provided her with the time to take a physical inventory. Looking down at her naked body, sure enough there were fresh bruises on her breasts, and her shoulder was stinging slightly from where he had bitten her.

But none of the pain was really that horrible a feeling, except for her rear end, where the headmaster had belted her before she had ever come home. At approximately this time in her thought processes, she noticed a large towel draped across the bedside table. This seemed out of the ordinary, but it made her realize that she would indeed like to take the time to get cleaned up.

Grabbing the towel, she made her way to the wash room, only to find that a steaming hot bath had been drawn up, filled with lovely scented bath foam. Bubble baths were considered a luxury in her home, and as a result, she had not had many throughout her life. The thought that Joe would go to such lengths for her made her very happy. After a moment, she got into the bathtub slowly. The water was still so hot that it hurt a little, but it felt extraordinarily nice to lay back and relax in the water.

Joe had been keeping an eye on Sue all afternoon. After she had dozed into sleep, he had gone to get the towel, and had left it where he knew she would see it. This was followed by a careful inventory of her damages. He really was a kind man, but when the heat of passion took him, he often became too rough. There seemed nothing he could do about it, and that was why he had not had many girlfriends.

Once he had satisfied himself that she seemed to be in no way permanently harmed, he had went about his day, making certain to check in on her now and again. When it had become apparent that she would be waking soon, he had gone to draw the bath for her, and retreated to the family room.

After the bubbles had completely vanished, Sue let the water out of the tub and proceeded to have a scalding hot shower as well. The hot bath had relieved most of her pain, though her bum was still tender, and she was feeling more or less back to normal. Wrapping herself in the oversized towel, she slipped into the hallway to go to her bedroom. Where had Joe gotten to? But then, just as she wondered about him, there he was, leaning against the door of the family room.

"Good afternoon, Sue Storm." Joe used the pet name that her family usually used when speaking to her. "How was your bath?"

Sue had come to a dead stop when she noticed Joe, her heart skipping a beat. Her emotions were jumbled, and she did not know if she was pleased to see him, or frightened. But it was obvious that her punishment was over, so she settled for pleased. "It was very nice. Thank you. I didn't even know we had bubble bath in the house." Smiling shyly up at him, she continued by him and entered her own bedroom.

Before she shut the door, Joe commented, "Dinner will be ready shortly. You looked too peaceful to disturb, so I took the liberty of getting it all ready. Don't be too long coming down." Sue looked back at him, eye brows arched with surprise. Was it that late already!? Joe just smiled mischievously at her and turned to go downstairs to the kitchen. "Also, I left some cream on your bed for you. It will help make sitting easier for the next little while; use as much as you need."

The rest of the weekend passed more or less as it normally would have. The main exception to this was that Joe treated Sue as if she were made of spun glass, and spoiled her more than she had been spoiled for a very long time. But by Sunday morning, Sue wanted to test his limits. It would seem that Friday morning was a dream, if not for the tell-tale bruising on her breasts. And while it had hurt dreadfully, Sue had derived great pleasure from the treatment as well. The fact that it was Joe who had done so simply made it that much the better, as she had fantasized about him for years.

Thus, Sue started the morning in a way that she knew would set Joe's temper on edge. Every morning when he woke up, he went for a run. Upon his return, he sat at the kitchen table and had a cup of coffee while reading the morning paper. This morning, when he went to put on his sneakers, he found the laces knotted together quite intricately. It took him a full 20 minutes to un knot them, and while he was mildly amused, by the time he got going, he was also incredibly annoyed. What did she think she was doing!?

When he got back to the house over a half hour later, he found the front door locked. Knocking availed no answer, and upon checking, the back door was locked as well. The only open window was one on the second story. While Joe would have absolutely no trouble in scaling the side of the house to get in, it did not please him that he had to. Why had she not answered the door??

Looking through the house revealed no sign of Sue, and no note to explain her disappearance. Her bed was not made, which was abnormal, her room was an absolute mess of clothes, which was obviously against her parents rules, and there was a bag of make-up lying open on her vanity. Gritting his teeth, Joe went downstairs. First he would have his coffee, and then he would get to the bottom of what was going on.

Despite going out of the way to be difficult, Sue had not had the heart to hide the coffee on him. However, she had hidden the sugar, and drained the milk down the sink, forcing him to drink it black, something he detested with a passion. Even reading the paper could not calm him, as random pages were missing, and the entire sports section had vanished into thin air.

Joe was seething by this point. It was a mystery to him what was going through Sue's mind, to be pushing his buttons this thoroughly, but if her goal was to make him angry, she had succeeded. Just as he finished his coffee, he heard the front door unlocking. Sue strode into the kitchen, eating the end of an ice cream cone and carrying a new carton of milk.

Batting her eyes innocently at Joe, she smiled. "I saw that we were out of milk, so I went to the store and picked some up. I decided to get some breakfast for myself while I was out." Sue's eyes twinkled at him as she stuffed the last of the ice cream into her mouth. There went the rule about eating regular healthy meals, dessert only ever coming after supper.

Joe's face was stony as he looked at her. She was wearing the same short dress from Friday; only this time, she had not worn the leggings. It was also pretty obvious that she was not wearing a bra, as it was so tight it fit her like a second skin. Her makeup was actually done quite nicely, and did make her eyes look that much bigger than usual; and she was wearing spiked heels that added a full 4 inches to her height. Her long auburn hair was swept up into a pretty knot on the top of her head, and held in place with some equally pretty hairpins.

The only thing that made her outfit even remotely acceptable for public wear was the dress shirt that she wore over top of it. There was no question that it must be one of his, as it hung to her knees and the sleeves had obviously been rolled up 6 or 7 times, but were still even with her wrists.

Sue smirked up at Joe, and set the milk on the counter. Dropping her house key on the floor, she gave a mild, "Oops." Bending over to get it showed Joe that if she were not wearing his shirt over top of her dress, that he would have gotten a prime view of her lady business.

By the time Sue straightened up, Joe was standing inches from her, his hands on his hips and the look on his face deadly. Grabbing her by the forearms he shook her once, hard. "What - Are – You – Try - Ing – To - Pull?" With each syllable he gave her another shake, glowering down at her. Sue flushed slightly, but said nothing, her expression challenging him silently.

Seeing what seemed to be disrespect in her eyes, Joe tightened his grip on her forearms and picked her up. Bringing her to his level, he glared menacingly at her. "I don't know what has gotten into you, but go get changed this instant!" Shaking her once or twice to knock the ridiculously high heels from her feet he set her down again, shoving her towards the stairs.

Sue stumbled towards the stairs because he pushed her, but stood still after regaining her footing. "No."

Joe's jaw dropped and he took a step towards her, his hands clenching into fists at his side. "What did you say to me!?"

Sue turned and bristled at him, her eyes spitting fire. "I said no! I will not go change! I like this dress!"

Joe literally growled at her, causing her to take a step back. The black look in his eyes frightened her, as she had never seen him this angry before. But she was not the sort to back down from something once she started it, so despite that she was shaking slightly from nervousness; she tried to keep the defiant look on her face. "I won't do it! And you can't make me!"

With those last words, Joe lunged for her, but she dodged. She found herself grateful that he had shaken her shoes from her feet, as she ran up the stairs two at a time. But Joe was quite a lot bigger than her, and a runner, so he was faster too. Before she was on the top step, he caught her ankle and caused her to fall forward, landing stomach first across the carpet at the top of the stairs. Twisting, she tried to free herself of his grip, but she was not strong enough. Instead she rolled onto her back and used the foot that he was not holding to kick at him.

"Let me go!" The kick caught Joe square in the chest and he let her go instantly, having to grab onto the railing to keep from falling down the stairs.

With an inarticulate roar, Joe stormed up the stairs and lunged for her again, just as she was about to get into her room. This time he caught her around the knees, and no matter how viciously she struggled she could not pull free. Flipping her onto her back, he slapped her to try to make her stop fighting. This caused her to cry out, but she did not stop struggling to free herself. So he grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder, carrying her kicking and screaming down the hall to the master bedroom again.

Flinging her face first across the bed, he straddled her, pulling the shirt she had stolen up so that he could see her rear end. Flipping the little dress up as well, he was startled to see that she was not wearing any panties. "Have! You! Lost! Your! Fuck! Ing! Mind!" With each syllable, Joe brought his hand down hard on her bare bottom. The cream he had given her on Friday had done the trick, and while there were still faint stripes from the belt that was the only evidence remaining of the beating she had endured at the hands of her Headmaster.

Joe kept spanking her until she was laying still, sobbing into the bed. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he pulled her out and stood her in front of him, glaring at her. Sue did not fight anymore, but the look of defiance had not left her face, even though there were tears falling. Keeping her head back, she glared right back at him, trying to control her tears and also trying to hide how excited she was that her plan had worked.

"You said you weren't going to go out in public dressed like that again!" Joe pulled the stolen shirt from her body, his eyes moving to take in her curves under the dress. Sue tilted her head back defiantly, rubbing at her tears, and smudging her makeup even worse without meaning too.

"I didn't!" Sue flinched when he raised a hand, as if to slap her. But he simply reached forward and rubbed her cheeks roughly, obviously trying to remove the smudged make-up for her. "That's why I wore your shirt! So I could button it up around people!"

Looking down at her in that skimpy little dress made Joe want to take her immediately. "You were still a very bad girl this morning, weren't you?" Sue fell silent, dropping her head, trying to appear ashamed. Joe pulled her chin back up and glared into her eyes. "I asked you a question!"

"Yes I was." But Sue did not apologize for her behaviour, merely stood and looked at Joe expectantly.

Joe pushed her to her knees. "No apologies, huh? Well, we'll see about that. Get my shorts off!" Keeping his hand on her shoulder, he raised himself a little to make it easier for her. Tugging lightly on the legs of them, she pulled them down very slowly, trying her hardest to irritate him. "NOW!"

Once the shorts were around his ankles he stepped out of them, kicking them to the side. "If you try to run, you will regret it." Letting go of her shoulder, he tucked his thumbs into his briefs and pulled them off too, revealing his rock hard dick. Sue had sat back on her heels when he let her go, but otherwise did not try to leave. The look in his eyes scared her and somehow she knew that if she pushed much harder, he would lose what little control he still had.

When he sat back on the bed, she did not need telling. In fact, he was hardly back sitting before she was leaning forward to take the end of it in her mouth. This caused Joe to look down at her sharply, but she had started to suck him into her mouth, and distracted Joe from the question he had been about to ask. Reaching to her hair, he pulled the hairpins out so that it tumbled down around her shoulders. Entwining his hands in the thick locks, he allowed her a few moments to go at her own speed.

"Look at me!" She looked up as she sucked. "I want you to try to deep throat me, without help." If she had been able to, she would have nodded, but with the grip he had on her hair, she was not able to. So she simply started bobbing up and down on his shaft, still sucking and licking as she did, going deep enough to gag herself, then pulling back up and doing the same thing again. It soon became apparent that she would not be able to get past her gag reflex on her own, and so when she pushed down, he pulled down at the same time and forced himself past her gag reflex.

Not letting up, he pulled her down as far as he could before she started to struggle to pull up for air. Once she pulled up, he let her catch her breath around his cock. When she drew an extra deep one, he pulled her down and thrust up at the same time, shoving all the way in with one thrust. Leaving his cock deep in her throat, he gloried in the feeling while he stood up and sat her on the edge of the bed. Keeping her head tilted at the appropriate angle, he started to face fuck her, pulling almost completely out and thrusting back in all the way in one go.

When he couldn't hold it anymore, he thrust in with a groan, and pumped his seed deep down her throat. There was no question as to whether or not she would swallow it, because he was in far enough that she had no choice.

Pulling back out, Joe looked down at the rumpled girl, obviously still irritated. "Do you care to explain your behaviour this morning?"

Sue shook her head no, and did not answer. After it became apparent that she was not going to speak, Joe pulled her into him, crushing her lips with his. Forcing his tongue into her mouth, he laid her across the bed beside him, running his hands all over his body. The defiance in her eyes was turning him on and he could hardly stand it. Reaching between her legs, he found her slit. Rubbing his thumb along it, taking care to avoid her clit, he smiled to himself, starting to think he might understand her behavior from this morning. She was absolutely drenched, and starting to wriggle under the ministrations of his thumb.

"Oh Sue..." Joe murmured this as he reached behind her to unzip the dress again. "Dear gorgeous Sue." Pulling the dress from her body, he started kissing down her chest until he reached her breasts. Rubbing his tongue roughly across first one nipple and then the other, he took one into his mouth, sucking on it as if his life depended on it. Rolling the other between his thumb and forefinger, pulling and pinching, Sue moaned with longing, arching her back to press harder against him.

Joe was quickly getting hard again, but he ignored his own need to continue kissing down her body, pressing his face between her legs. This delighted Sue, as he started licking her pussy with the same vigor that he had been sucking her nipple. Finding her clit was not difficult and he sucked it into his mouth hard, so that Sue was twisting on the spot, moaning loudly. At the same time that he reached up to play with her nipples again, he bit down on her clit. Normally it would have hurt her, but instead it just pushed her over the edge and without warning, Sue reached climax.

This spurred Joe on and he pulled harder on her nipples, realizing that it was the combination that had pushed her over the edge. As the waves of pleasure finally started to recede, Joe got to his knees on the bed. Grabbing her ankles, he pulled them up so that they were resting on his shoulders. And before Sue quite realized what happened, he thrust hard into her aching pussy, burying every last inch inside her with the one thrust.

Sue's scream was more of a moan and she dug in with her heels, pressing up against him as he thrust forward. This time, he did not give her time to adjust to the size of him. Instead, he immediately started thrusting hard, pounding into her with vigor. With each thrust Sue let out a soft cry, as it actually did hurt to be pounded that hard. But mixed with the pain was the strong pleasure that was starting to overwhelm her senses again. Soon she was lifting her hips to meet his thrusts and had slid her legs down behind him to wrap them around his waist. This was an attempt to pull him deeper into her.

As Joe thrust, he reached around behind her and started to rub her anus with his big thumb. Squirming hard, Sue looked up at him, whimpering softly. But no amount of squirming could deter the man, and he started pressing on her anus with his thumb, leaning forward to draw a nipple into his mouth again. As he sucked on the nipple, he bit down on it lightly, glorying in the moan this elicited from Sue. This prompted him to bite down harder as he forced the thumb past her sphincter, and continued to pound into her pussy.

Having something in both holes, combined with the torment he was inflicting on her breast, Sue lost it again, going into a second orgasm, locking her ankles around his waist and bucking. Joe rode her throughout the orgasm, forcing his thumb deeper into her ass, and working in first one finger and then another. As he fingered her ass roughly, trying to stretch her a little, the extra pressure merely forced Sue straight back into a third orgasm, driving Joe wild.

But being as he had already cum once, Joe was good to go for a while yet, even if her tight pussy seemed as though it was trying to squeeze him in two from the continual orgasm. Pulling from her, taking advantage of the fact that she was still dazed from the multiple orgasms, and that he was drenched with her juices, he flipped her onto her hands and knees, spreading her ass cheeks wide. Before she could protest, try to pull away, or even realize what was going on, Joe starting pushing forward, slowly but insistently. Gasping as he pressed into her, he felt like his cock was being squeezed to death by the tightness and he moaned, needing all of his self-control to wait and allow her bottom time to adjust to the intruder.

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