tagErotic CouplingsJoe The House Guest

Joe The House Guest

byDana Gallagher©

This story involves a point in time during my marriage to my ex husband. While my sex life with my husband was good at least after he had learned a few things, I do not like to write many stories concerning my sex life with my ex-husband cause I do not wish to remind myself of the good sex that I walked away from.

To keep a woman a man needs to be good at more things than just sex.

This story on the other hand involves two men my ex-husband and his best friend Joe. Before you read on, Know this I never did anything with Joe though I may have fantasized about it, I do not cheat!

Okay about Joe my husband met Joe when he started working at a metal services company. My husband Richard became friends with Joe through work and more so when they began playing D & D together (yes you read right two grown men that played dungeons and dragons).

Joe was married to a woman named Jillian. Jillian and I became friends talking all night long while our men were playing their game. I am no longer friends with Jillian because my first impression of her was wrong and she basically used my confidences confessed to her in friendship to stab me in the back.

So, it was not surprising when Joe and Jillian’s marriage ended. During the time that Joe and Jillian were married I had no thoughts, feelings, or attraction toward Joe. I don’t know why, but there was just nothing there.

After Joe had left Jillian, I still wasn’t attracted to Joe, this didn’t happen until he became our houseguest, living in our small laundry room.

Joe ran into troubles finically, and also with the shit his ex-wife was putting him through accusing him of things he did not do. Also, he was going through a custody battle for his and Jillian’s son.

I can’t actually be sure of the time frame that Joe came to stay with us, but I think it was around 2001 going from March to about June or July, but I’m not real sure about this.

Richard told me that Joe would be staying with us just like that, not asking if I minded just that he was staying with us. When Joe first moved in with us, I still had no attraction for him.

I can’t be sure when my attraction for Joe started exactly maybe it began when my friend Tiffany started whispering things in my ear. During our phone conversations Tiffany would whisper in my ear telling me that I should leave my husband and get with Joe.

Tiffany would tell me that Joe was perfect for me, he was good looking, and he was about as shy as I am. Also, during his marriage to Jillian he was nice and considerate doing things for his wife that my husband never did for me.

A little bit about Joe, he was tall, very tall. Joe was 6’6”, and he was skinny, but not anorexicly so. Also, Joe used to dress western, wearing cowboy boots and wranglers (this type of dress always trips my trigger, I don’t know why). Joe’s wranglers were fairly tight, but not so much that I could tell which side he hung his cock on, just tight enough that I could see his skinny long legs. The boots probably added about another inch to his height.

Joe would usually top his onsom off by wearing a t-shirt or a buttoned up long sleeved denim shirt tucked into his wranglers, along with a western belt, the buckle was a good size, but not ridiculously large.

Also, Joe wore a black cowboy hat, hiding his full head of slightly wavy very red hair.

I ‘m not sure what exactly attracted me to Joe maybe it was the whole package or maybe it was just his height. The tallest man I have been with was 6 foot tall, and the rest have been 5’11” or shorter.

My infatuation with Joe increased as his visit with us lasted. I never walked in on him in the shower or saw him naked or anything like that. Though a few times I would catch a glimpse of him walking from the laundry room to the bathroom, wearing only a pair of boxers or just his wranglers. When he would pass by with out his shirt on and he would crisscross his arms across his chest like a woman covering her bare breasts.

Once Joe brought a basket of Disney movies home, from his collection, for my kids to watch, in some weird way I thought this was his way of giving me a present. Also, Joe would give me money I would try to give it back to him, but he said it was for letting him stay there.

There were some nights when Joe would be in his room and my husband would be asleep in our bedroom. I would be up late at night (as usual) and in the living room either reading or watching TV but, mostly reading and listening to my CD’s.

In my house the wall in the main part of the living room was right up against wall in the laundry room/Joe’s bedroom. I would sit there and think of Joe and wonder if my attraction toward him was shared between us.

I would think of him lying on his palette on the floor in his room wondering what I was doing out in the living room.

Some nights I would think so hard about Joe that I would become horny and would go and wake up my husband and climb on top of him.

During this time of Joe’s visit, I think that my husband and me had the best sex life of our married life. It is a wonder how my husband didn’t figure out what was going on, cause I usually didn’t initiate sex, but during Joe’s visit I did it numerous times.

My husband would go on and on talking about how surprised and thrilled he was when I would wake him up and basically just attack him in our bed.

Maybe you think I’m wrong for fucking my husband while thinking of another man, maybe you think I had an infidelity of the mind. Well, if you think so, then that’s your opinion. But, read what I have to say first.

Men: How many times have you gone to a wife or girlfriend after going to a strip club, or watching a porno? And do you really think that the only thing that is running through your woman’s head is pleasing you? Get real!!

Women: Do you truly believe the times your husband or boyfriend has came to you for sex that it has always been because he wanted you and only you? Are you sure he wasn’t thinking of that young girl at the Quick Trip counter, or the model spread eagle viewed on the computer screen, or even possibly Jana Jamison (the self titled porno queen)? And how many times have you gone to your man with thoughts of Brad Pitt or George Cloony running around (naked) in your mind?

If you have never done this then you are truly more of a saint than I. I’m just saying it’s not right, but it’s not wrong either.

Sometimes while with my husband I would wonder if Joe could hear us having sex and if he could hear us, I wondered if he wished it were him I was with.

One night during Joe’s visit, in particular, I remember. My husband was asleep in our bedroom; I was up reading in the living room. Suddenly I hear Joe’s door open up, I didn’t move I acted as if I was completely absorbed in my book.

Joe came walking out into the living room. Joe had been depressed for the last few days for his son’s birthday had been not too long ago and Joe hadn’t gotten to see him. Joe stopped in the middle of the living room and cleared his throat to get my attention. I looked up at him. Joe was wearing his wranglers, a t-shirt untucked, and no shoes or hat, of course.

“Melissa, could you come in my room and talk to me a little bit. I wouldn’t ask, but I’m feeling a little depressed and Richard’s asleep and I just need someone to talk to.” Said Joe.

I was attracted to Joe, and I imagined that he was attracted to me as well, but I never thought he really was attracted our friendship was totally platonic.

I told Joe that I would talk to him and followed him into his room; he brought a chair from the kitchen for me to sit on, while he sat on the floor. I felt honored that Joe would value my opinion.

We talked about Joe’s divorce and the problems he was having with it, and we discussed his custody battle. At one point Joe asks me how God could let something this bad (his custody battle) happen to a fairly good person (himself), at that time I didn’t have an answer.

We talked about how his ex wife had stabbed me in the back and the lies she told, and talked about how she had stabbed him in the back as well. We moved on to lighter subjects talking about our children (I only had two at this point), laughing about the stuff they do.

Also, we discussed his ex wife and my husband’s problem with telling the truth. I told him some of the stories my husband came home with describing Joe’s and his male prowlessness, getting to numerous fights and winning those fights while at work. Joe couldn’t remember one fight at work and if he were to choose someone to guard his back while in a fight, it wouldn’t be Richard.

We also discussed my husband’s habit of stating the obvious, after being out all day under an overcast sky, and saying hey it’s started raining, as if this wasn’t expected all day long. Also, when my husband stated his belief that breast-feeding wasn’t natural. We laughed long and hard at this.

Our conversation wasn’t sexual in the least; it was just being in the same room as Joe and talking with him. For some reason it got me going, my mind was alive wishing that Joe would just take me in his arms and start kissing me.

I wondered what Joe’s reaction would be if I had gotten up from the chair and crossed over to him and just straddled his lap. I wondered how Joe kissed, if it was soft or if was hard and deep. I have to admit I also wondered how long Joe’s cock was, being that he was so tall.

Once I got a look at Joe’s pants, I was in the laundry room washing some clothes, and I picked up a pair of jeans at first I thought that they were either Richard’s, or mine but upon a better examination I realized they were neither. When I figured they were Joe’s jeans I couldn’t help myself and checked out the inseam, 38” inseam! Thinking about this really turned my ticket; I guess I’m a leg woman (then why do I keep getting men 5’11” and under?).

I also wondered how it would be to fuck Joe, I knew he was as shy as me or shyer without a beer or two in him, I wondered if he’d take some persuading. I also wondered if it would be different to fuck someone so tall, or if it would even matter.

During our whole conversation these thoughts were running in the back of my mind. As a result of these thoughts, I become hornier and hornier, feeling myself get wet. Finally our conversation was at an end, and Joe thanked me for talking to him and said he could probably get some sleep now. I was almost afraid to move thinking that my wetness may have seeped out to show a wet spot on my clothes as if I’d peed myself.

I got up anyways, without revealing my worry and there was no wet spot, but I sure could feel the wet spot between my legs and in my panties. Joe replaced my chair to the kitchen and thanked me again for talking to him, I told him I would get back to him with an answer to his question, why God would let this happen to him.

When I left his room Joe turned out his light and closed his door. I walked away feeling ashamed for my thoughts, but also really horny. I decided to take a shower. Usually when I take a shower even when I go in there intending to play with myself, I make sure I wash first and play afterward.

I went into the bathroom and undressed, still with thoughts of Joe in my head, and started up my shower, brushed my hair, and got into the shower. This time I didn’t waste time with washing up, I would do that after I came and released some of this horniness I was feeling. In my shower we had one of those hose showerheads, I untwisted the showerhead turning it into just a hose. I raised my leg up on the side of the bathtub, and proceeded to spray the water from the shower hose into my pussy.

I moved my hips back and forth causing the spray to go up and down the length of my pussy. With my free hand I slicked up my hand with a bit of soap and then ran my hand over my nipples.

I thought about Joe, and how it would be to live with him instead of my husband. I thought about how he’d walk in the house, taking off his cowboy hat as he entered, and how I would just run up to him and jump in his arms. Then he’d wrap his arms around me and hoist me up so that I could plant a kiss firmly on his mouth, and explore the depths of his mouth with my tongue.

I then wondered if Joe could hear my activities in the shower, and if he’d figured out what I was doing. At first I was afraid he did hear me, then I was half hoping he had heard, and the sounds had made him horny.

I imagined that Joe heard me starting the shower and the he imagined me getting naked and climbing in there. Then I imagined he heard the sounds I started to make as I began to please myself. He would just know that the sounds I was making were because I was horny for him.

I imagined that his cock got hard at my muffled sounds in the shower, and he started picturing me playing with myself, and in turn he became so aroused that he had to pull his own jeans down and release his pent up hard on and begin to play with himself. Stroking himself with each sound I made in the shower and as my sounds got closer to orgasm he too became closer to orgasm, stoking himself faster and faster.

At this I stopped moving my hips and concentrated the water spray right at my clit area, and within seconds I felt an orgasm rip through my body and imagined that Joe too had an orgasm rip through his body just at that same second, his cum shooting out of the tip of his cock and on his hand. My body began to shake and I felt my pussy muscles pulsate, and more fluid than just water ran down my legs.

After this massive orgasm I had to stop, pulling the hose away from my pussy, my leg standing back down on the floor of the bathtub. I replaced the showerhead to the hose. After this I began my normal cleaning routine, washing and shaving. The whole time I was cleaning myself I could not get Joe out of my head, he just kept popping back in there. My horniness came back full force, even after the last major orgasm.

After I finished cleaning my body, I again untwisted the showerhead. I raised my leg up on the side of the bathtub, and sprayed my pussy with the water from the hose. My hips moved causing the water to spray up and down the length of my pussy. My hand once again slick with soap began massaging my tits and teasing my nipples with my soapy fingertips.

This time I imagined Joe and I out at the park with all our children his and mine. We all had fun running around the park, then we convinced my sister to watch the kids for a little while, while Joe and me walked through the woods surrounding the park grounds.

Once we were deep enough into the woods, where we wouldn’t be seen, Joe would stop me, and press my body up against a tree and in one motion he would begin to kiss me, and massage my tit as well. I would moan out when Joe did this, cause I wanted him every minute of every day.

His hand would go up my top, and massage my tit, me being able to fully feel his hand on me with nothing in between. He would massage my tit, and gently squeeze it in his large hands. Joe’s lips would be locked on to my own, and his tongue would roam the insides of my mouth, and with his tongue in my mouth I would wrap my lips around his tongue and suck on it, causing Joe to let out a moan of his own, for he loved it when I sucked on his tongue.

Then Joe would move his hand out of my shirt and move to the waist of my shorts, and pull at the button fly until it came undone. His large hand would go into the waist of my panties and all the way down to my pussy, his fingers would deftly go in between my pussy lips to find my clit, where he’d began to rub with his large finger. I would squirm from his touch, feeling that I would cum very soon, but wanting his long cock inside me first.

I would stop kissing Joe and my own hands would go down and pull my shorts and panties all the way down my long legs (not half as long as Joe’s). I would wiggle my legs until my clothing was the rest of the way off me. Joe getting my hint would undo his wranglers, releasing his trapped hard on, and then he would wrap his long arms around my waist.

Joe would pick me up and I would grab on to his hard shaft and guide it into my awaiting pussy, then I would wrap my legs around his small waist. Joe would once again press me into the tree, and he would thrust his long cock deep inside me, loving how wet I was for him. He would thrust deep inside me, while pressing me to the tree, which each thrust I would make an “ah ug” sound, as with each thrust he would go deeper still until I almost could feel him throughout my abdomen. Joe would then lift my top up and start making a meal out of my tits, licking and sucking each one in turn.

Suddenly I would feel my orgasm building (as it was in my shower), and soon my body would explode, shaking from head to toe, my muscles constricting and releasing around Joe’s cock. Next Joe’s body would spasm, and then he would go completely rigid, just as juice spilt from my pussy, Joe’s cock would spasm within me and he would dump his hot cum deep inside me. We would stay like this for another second while Joe kissed my mouth deeply, sucking all the wind out of me. Then we would separate and Joe would place me softly back on the ground.

My fantasy over, so much I wished that, it could be real. I had just had another massive orgasm in my shower. Just as massive as the one Joe had given me in my fantasy, though in my shower his cock wasn’t inside me. I replaced the showerhead to the hose, and ran the stream of water down my legs, to wash my cum and Joe’s imagined cum off my legs.

I turned off the shower and grabbed a towel and began to dry off. My masturbation sessions and the fantasy of Joe left me in kind of a trace like state. My mind kept thinking of Joe, and wishing there was a way I could be with him. (At this point I was not ready for divorce yet, I thought there still was a chance that my husband would suddenly become a better man. Plus I was not going to leave a man for a possible fantasy, only to find out that Joe would reject me.)

My mind kept going to Joe, I couldn’t make it stop, I fantasized everything, like if we’d met earlier in life, before he met Jillian and before I met Richard. Then I fantasized remeeting Joe a few years down the road, after I had finally given up on Richard actually growing up into a mature man. We would have a chance meeting at the grocery store, and I would tell him how I was now too divorced, and he would ask for my phone number, so that we could talk. I would not only give him my number but also my address and late that night he would come over and we’d suddenly have so much passion between us that we’d start to fuck the minute he walked into my place.

These were the thoughts that ran through my mind as I toweled off and began my usual after shower ritual. My horniness became renewed once again; I tried to tell it to go away, but since my mind kept bringing up Joe in a whole host of scenarios the horniness would just increase.

Finally I made up my mind that I needed sex, real sex, not masturbation with fantasizes on the side. I decided it was time to attack my husband, since that was the only cock in the house that I could have inside me. I put on a fresh pair of panties and an oversized t-shirt.

I walked out of the bathroom, and threw a longing look through the kitchen at the door to the laundry room. I walked down the hallway, and stopped at the kid’s bedroom and peeped my head inside to make sure they were still sound asleep. They were, my children sleep like the dead like my husband. I closed their door.

I walked to the door of my bedroom; the door was standing ajar, like it always is for better air circulation. I walked into the darkened bedroom, being careful not to step on a discarded toy left by children. I made my way to our king sized bed (my husband claims it’s California king, but I have seen a California king sized bed and our bed is not that big).

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