Joel and Carrie Ch. 01


"It's one of the more expensive suites, but they don't go this time of the year, so my uncle lets me have one for free," Tara explained.

"There's wine when you're ready," Jill said.

"I brought this," I said, holding up a bag.

"What is it?" Carrie asked. I pulled one of the two bottles out.

"Champagne! I love champagne!" Tara cried. "Put it on ice and we'll have it later."

"You're now her new best friend," Jill joked.

"Do you want me to fill the hot tub?" I joked back. "I can't wait to see you ladies in your bathing suites."

"And Carrie told us that you were such a nice guy," Jill replied.

"Nice, not gay!"

Tara started coughing and gasped out, "You made me choke on my wine!" It didn't sound too bad.


"The hot tub is for later," Carrie said.

We finished a bottle of wine while we watched the first movie. Thankfully one of the ladies brought stuff for us to eat. The movie was a tearjerker, but I kept making comments that made them laugh.

"Men!" Carrie snapped after one particular mushy scene where I made fun of the actor.

There was only one bed in the room. It was king sized so we could all fit if we squeezed, but I sat on the floor to make it more comfortable. It was also to stop me from getting any crazy ideas. I wasn't sure why they decided to invite me, but I wasn't going to blow it by trying something stupid.

The movie ended and we all stood, stretched and took turns using the bathroom. Jill selected another movie when we were ready. Tara opened one of the bottles of champagne while Carrie grabbed more munchies. I sat back on the floor as the movie started.

"Hey, chicken little!" Jill joked. "There really is plenty of room up on the bed. Are you going to stay on the floor all day?"

"I think it's safer down here," I joked back.

"You've got that right!"

"Here," Carrie said as she sat on the floor next to me and handed over some cheese and crackers.


"I bet your wondering why we decided to invite you?" she said softly.

"I figured an orgy was planned," I teased.

"Think you can handle all three of us?" she joked back.

"Probably not, but I would sure love to try!"

"Don't count on it," she laughed. "We're not like that." I wasn't really disappointed because I knew something like that could never happen to me. Okay, maybe I was a little let down, but mostly because of all the flirting they were doing.

"So then, why did you invite me?"

"Well, for a couple of reasons," Carrie answered, suddenly uncomfortable. I felt a piece of cheese hit me on top of my head. Tara and Jill were looking down from the edger of the bed. Both were grinning.

"Carrie likes you," Tara said.

"Now shut up and let us hear the movie," Jill put in.

"Some friends!" Carrie grumbled as she blushed.

"Any time," they laughed as their heads disappeared. Carrie was watching me for my reaction.

"You don't really know me," I sighed.

"You'd be surprised," she grinned. "I might not have gotten your name completely right, but I remember you."

"Bull," I said in disbelief.

"You were in my freshman biology class," she said. "You sat with your friend Robbie and had a thing for the girl in front of you." Becky was the first girl I dated in high school.

"That's pretty good," I said, surprised she remembered.

"I also remember you helping Mr. Roberson in computer class last year."

"The poor man is really all thumbs," I said. "If I didn't help, he would likely have burned down the school."

"And you tutored Tiny during football season," Carrie added. Tiny, as you probably guesses, was the size of a small mountain.

"He was actually pretty bright," I shrugged. "He just had problems with Spanish."

"Do you remember..." she began, but I cut her off.

"Okay, I get the point," I interjected. "You do remember a couple of instances where our paths crossed."

"I remember a lot more than that," Carrie argued.

"In that case, do you remember when Tommy Hadley broke his arm in gym class?" I asked.

"Sure," she replied. "He was climbing the rope and fell. I came in just after it happened."

"Actually, you came in and caused it to happen," I grinned. "Tommy saw you in those pink sweats you used to wear with the word "Soccer" across the ass and fell."

"Really?" she asked with a laugh. I nodded.

"Can you blame him? You have one hell of an ass!" I said, rather daringly I thought. Once again I felt a piece of cheese hit me in the head. This time it was only Jill looking down at us.

"Will you two please shut up!" she snapped. "I can't hear a thing!"

"Sorry," Carrie and I said in unison. Jill shook her head and disappeared again. We sat quietly, but I wasn't really interested in the movie. Instead, I found myself looking at Carrie.

"You're staring," she whispered after a while.

"I'm sure you're used to it," I shrugged. She shook her head, but kept watching the movie. That was fine with me. I kept watching her.

"Do I have something on my face?" she joked, obviously a little uncomfortable with me looking at her.

"Yes," I said, surprising us both, me probably more than her. "Two lips I want to kiss again." She looked at me and smiled as I slowly moved toward her. Our lips touched and it was much better than the first night. She didn't just want to kiss. She wanted to kiss me. It probably didn't hurt that I wasn't freaked out this time either.

Carrie tasted spectacular and I let my tongue brush against her lips tentatively. I wasn't sure how she would react and I didn't want to cause a scene, not with Tara and Jill in the room. I didn't have to worry. Carrie's mouth opened slightly. I took advantage and worked my tongue along her lips. I heard her stifle a moan just before her tongue touched mine.

I'm not sure how long we kissed liked that, but somewhere in the middle I moved my right hand and grazed the side of her left breast. She didn't react so I rested my hand on it and started rubbing in small circles. Carrie caught my hand in both of hers and pulled it away. She stopped kissing and looked at me. I could see her surprise, but also her desire. I sat there staring into her eyes waiting for her to make a decision. Slowly, she smiled and put my hand back on her breast.

I leaned forward and started kissing her again as I felt her nipple harden under my touch. Carrie had nice size breasts, not too big and not to small. Playing with them made my cock stiffen considerably. My jeans were getting uncomfortable. I took a moment to adjust myself. Carrie noticed what I was doing and smiled. She saw the lump in my pants and raised an eyebrow. I shrugged and went back to kissing and fondling her breasts.

I was so enmeshed in the feel of her breasts under her sweater that it took me a moment to realize that she was resting her hand on my hard on. I moaned into her mouth softly. She pulled back from our kissing and looked into my eyes as she used her finger to map the outline of my cock through my jeans. We were both panting by now.

"Why don't you two take it to the other room? There's a pull out couch," I heard Tara say. Carrie and I both jumped and pulled away from each other in surprise.

"Tara, you're such a spoilsport!" Jill complained. "I was enjoying their show a lot better than the movie we picked!" They were once again looking down at us from the edge of the bed.

"I think it's time for the hot tub," Carrie grinned.

"Maybe even a cold shower first," Tara joked.

"I may need one," I put in, only half in jest. I had no intention of getting up until I calmed down. "Why don't you three get changed first?"

"Having problems?" Jill asked with a knowing grin.

"I wouldn't call it a problem," I smiled, but I was blushing as well.

"Let's go ladies," Carrie said. "We'll get changed in the other room."

"Now who's being the spoilsport?" Tara grinned.

"Joel, you get changed and start the hot tub," Carrie said, ignoring Tara's comment. I nodded and the three left. I caught myself staring at their asses again. As soon as the door closed I heard giggling.

I changed quickly and put on the water to the hot tub. I took another sip of my drink as I waited for the ladies to return. They took a while and I could hear them giggling every so often. I didn't mind the wait. It gave me time to calm down.

"I hope this isn't all a dream," I sighed to myself. I finished my drink and refilled all of our glasses.

"Are you ready?" Jill called from the other room.

"Sure!" I called back, not sure exactly what she meant.

"Here we come!" Tara laughed. The door opened and the three ladies walked in. They were all wearing robes. Tara was the first to take hers off. My mouth fell open and I didn't even bother to try and hide my almost instant erection.

"I'd say he likes what he sees," Jill grinned. I nodded dumbly. They weren't kidding when they said they'd be wearing their skimpiest bathing suits.

"You like?" Tara smiled, spinning about slowly. Her skin was pale. It went well with her dark hair and suit. I knew she had a nice ass, but even I didn't realize just how nice it would look uncovered! Her bathing suit wasn't quite a thong, but it was close.

"You look amazing!" I finally got out.

"How about me?" Jill asked, as she dropped her robe and spun around. Her muscles were even more defined then I thought, but they weren't masculine looking. She was wearing a thong. Her suit was yellow and orange and fit her personality. Her ass was just as attractive as Tara's, but in a totally different way.

"Joel, you're drooling," Carrie teased.

"Not yet," I smiled. "Take off that robe." She grinned and added her robe to the others on the floor.

"Now he's drooling!" Tara laughed. I wasn't, but it was close. Carrie was very tan and it went well with her hair. Her breasts filled out the top of the suit nicely. Her golden tan made her heart shaped ass extremely tantalizing. The bathing suit was a string bikini, leaving nothing to the imagination.

"Our turn to take a look!" Jill said. "Joel, stand up."

"Um..." I began, clearly embarrassed.

"Just think of it as a way of showing us how much you appreciate how hot we look," Carrie grinned. I shrugged and stood self-consciously.

"I'd say that's some appreciation," Tara said, her eyes flashing lustfully.

"Damn!" Jill cried with a shake of her head. "Carrie, you lucky bitch!"

"You can say that again!" Carrie laughed as she walked up and gave me a hug. If anything, my cock hardened more. She rubbed up against it mercilessly.

"Not yet!" Tara giggled, pulling Carrie away from me. "It's time for the tub."

"I wouldn't mind another drink," Jill put in. I gave them their refilled glasses.

"Trying to get us drunk?" Tara asked.

"Like you ladies need it!" I snorted.

"You know," Jill grinned. "We should invite guys more often. It's a whole new experience!"

"I'll say!" Tara laughed.

"I wouldn't mind Joel coming with us again," Carrie put in.

"You wouldn't mind Joel doing quite a few things," Jill retorted.

"Ladies, let's get into the tub," I said. "I can't take much more of this talk." They giggled.

Tara was the first in the tub, followed by Jill and then Carrie. I went last and Carrie gestured to the place next to her. I happily complied. It was a big tub, but it was cozy with the four of us in it.

"Now what?" I asked.

"We gossip!" Jill replied. I moaned.

"Oh brother!"

"It's fun!" Tara laughed. "For instance, wait until you hear who's dating Mr. Henk."

"The track coach?" I asked in surprise.

"Not one of the students?" Jill added.

"Not this year's student," Tara replied meaningfully. "But I hear that Gina Davies from last year may actually be moving in with him."

"It makes sense," Carrie said. "She was on the track team."

"I thought she had better taste," Jill frowned. "Mr. Henk is such a letch!"

"I wouldn't be too quick to judge," Tara said. "What about your and Mr. Seafer?"

"You slept with Mr. Seafer?" I asked in awe.

"Leave him out of this!" Jill snapped at Tara, and then turned to me and said, "I did not sleep with him."

"What about the kiss?" Carrie asked knowingly.

"It was one kiss!" Jill cried. "In fact it was a birthday kiss."

"Teachers don't normally kiss students on their birthdays," I snorted, thinking about how wrong I was about Mr. Seafer. I always thought he was a good guy.

"Oh, it wasn't my birthday," Jill smiled slightly. "It was his."

"Huh?" I asked intelligently.

"Look, it's really no big deal," Jill said, no longer smiling. "I was leaving work one night in the fall when he stumbled out of a nearby bar. He was pretty drunk so I gave him a ride home. It turns out his wife dumped him the week before. He was miserable. I was feeling pretty bad for him, so I helped him to his front door and gave him a birthday kiss."

"Wasn't there some tongue action involved on his part?" Tara prompted. Jill sighed.

"Yes, but I don't think he realized what he was doing," Jill admitted. "Like I said, he was drunk."

"What happened the next day?" I found myself asking.

"Are you kidding?" Carrie asked. "Poor Mr. Seafer damn near quit and turned himself in to the school board."

"It took quite some time to convince him to forget it ever happened," Jill sighed. "He's a nice guy. He never tried anything else with me."

"That's some story," I said with a shake of my head.

"Yes, it is," Jill sighed. "And if I ever hear that you told someone it, I'll hunt you down and kill you."

"Not to worry," I smiled. "I can keep a secret."

"Prove it," Carrie said.

"Okay," I frowned. "Did you guys know that Franky Collins is gay?"

"Really?" Tara asked in surprise.

"Of course not!" I said between laughs. "I can't tell you any secrets I'm keeping. That would be breaking my word."

"Bastard!" Tara snapped, splashing water at me. Carrie and Jill laughed along with me. I buried my face in Carrie's shoulder to protect my eyes. It gave me one hell of a view of her breasts.

"Naughty, naughty," Carrie whispered in my ear. She knew where I was looking. In answer I brushed one of my hands along her thigh under the water. She retaliated by squeezing my cock. Carrie was certainly not shy! I forgot about everything else for a moment and kissed her.

"Wow!" Jill said. "That looks like one hell of a kiss!" I broke away from Carrie and blushed.

"He is a good kisser," Carrie admitted.

"Better than Roy Tolver?" Tara asked.


"Bull!" Jill put in. "I kissed Roy sophomore year. No one kisses like him!"

"Who is this guy Roy?" I asked.

"He's from Millton Academy," Carrie answered. "It's an all boys school."

"We always get invited to their dances," Tara put in. "Roy is just one of the guys there."

"And all three of you kissed him?" I asked in amazement.

"Not on the same day!" Carrie laughed.

"Not even the same year," Tara put in.

"Now I'm jealous of a guy I've never met!"

"I can fix that!" Jill laughed and moved toward me. It was obvious what she planned.

"Hey!" I cried in surprise, my eyes darting between Carrie and Jill for a moment.

"It's okay," Carrie said. "You can kiss her if you want."

"I thought you said you three weren't like that?" I asked in confusion, not quite grasping what was happening.

"I lied," Carrie grinned, but Tara shook her head.

"We aren't really," she put in, moving closer as well. Her eyes promised things that sent a chill right through me.

"The truth is," Carrie said, smiling. "That two months ago we came here to celebrate Tara's eighteenth birthday."

"She's the youngest," Jill put in helpfully.

"She'd just broken up with her boyfriend and Jill refused to date high school boys anymore after the fiasco with Todd last semester," Carrie said, slipping her hand past the band of my bathing suit.

Her hand quickly found my cock. She squeezed it once before grabbing hold and starting to work it back and forth. I moaned. Carrie certainly knew what she was doing. The weirdest part was she didn't even bother stopping her explanation. "I was dating Jimmy and as usual, we were fighting."

"I decided to have some fun and brought a couple of porn movies I found in my brother's closet," Jill said, taking over the explanation. "I figured we watch them, make fun and have a great time."

"Which is exactly what we did," Tara added. "The only problem was that the movies also made us extremely hot. There was one with a crazy sorority lesbian scene."

"Jill was always the horniest out of us," Carrie grinned. "I suggested that we use the hot tub. Jill said we should try it nude."

"Which we did," Tara giggled. "And the night got even better after that!"

"We've met a couple of times since, but you're the first person we invited to join us," Jill smiled as she leaned forward and parted her lips. I looked at Carrie one more time. She nodded to let me know it was real, but for some reason I still hesitated.

"Maybe he needs a little push," Tara said, moving close to Carrie.

"Joel, you're not dreaming," Carrie laughed. It was almost as if she were reading my mind. I let out a long slow breath. She suddenly winked at me saucily and kissed Tara right in front of me. I sat there momentarily stunned. I could see their tongues working in and out of each other's mouths.

"Are you ready for this?" Jill asked me, drawing my attention back to her. She licked her lips sexily. I looked at her and nodded slowly. Jill was very dark skinned. It was quite a turn on. I leaned forward and kissed her full lips. Her tongue thrust into my mouth and I met it with my own. We continued for a couple of minutes.

"He is a better kisser than Roy!" Jill sighed when we finally broke apart.

"I've never kissed a black girl before," I admitted. "I like it a lot."

"Good," she smiled. "If you're lucky, maybe we'll have some fun later and you can satisfy a couple more firsts with a black woman."

"Come here," Tara demanded as she broke away from Carrie and stood. "It's my turn." I stood willingly. She had the most beautiful eyes I'd ever seen. They were even more amazing filled with lust. Her lips were nothing like Jill's, but the kiss was just as fulfilling.

"Holy shit!" I cried when I felt two sets of hands pull down my bathing suit. I glanced down and saw Carrie's mouth only inches away from my cock.

"Just remember," she said. "This is between the four of us. You said you could keep a secret."

"Who would believe me if I told them?" I asked. Carrie laughed briefly before taking my cock into her mouth. I pulled Jill up next to Tara.

"Kiss each other," I said. "I want to watch."

"Sounds good to me!" Jill laughed. Tara didn't bother to speak. She just grabbed hold of Jill's neck and pulled the black woman's mouth to her own. I looked down and saw Carrie really working my cock. I shook my head once.

"Mind if I join you?" I asked Jill and Tara. They didn't respond with words, however Jill shifted to one side. I pulled them closer and thrust my tongue into their mouths. The kiss quickly developed into a sloppy three-way affair.

"I'm getting cold," Tara said a few minutes later. "Lets get back in the water."

"Not yet!" I groaned. "Carrie's got me close!"

"You're going to fall when you...well you know," Jill said with a shake of her head. "You can sit over there." She was pointing at the ledge of the tub. There was a spot that looked perfect for what was happening. I nodded once and made my way over. I sat and sighed happily as Carrie once again fell on my cock.

"I wonder how many guys have sat in the same place, getting the same type of attention," Tara grinned as she settled into the water.

"Probably quite a few," Jill smiled as she joined the dark haired girl.

"Yeah, but none of them were lucky enough to be here with you three!" I groaned. Tara and Jill looked at each other and started laughing, but it was short lived. They fell into another passionate kiss. Tara pushed Jill's bathing suit aside and pinched the black girl's nipples. I couldn't see Tara's hands, but I knew they were busy under the water. I watched them as Carrie continued to focus on my cock. It wasn't long before I started cumming.

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