Joel and Carrie Ch. 01


"Yes!" Carrie cried, drawing the attention of the other two ladies to my orgasm. Carrie took some of my cum into her mouth, but the bulk of it landed on her bathing suit and chest. Toward the end she freed her breasts and let the last few jets on my cum cover her nipples.

"Wow! That's a lot of cum." Jill said as she stared at Carrie breasts. "I want some!"

"Me too!" Jill added lustfully. They moved to Carrie and fell on her breasts, licking as much of my cum as they could reach. They both seemed to take a long time at Carrie's nipples. I groaned and felt my softening cock come back to life despite my recent orgasm.

I pulled Carrie away from the others when her breasts were clean and sat her on the ledge in my place. I got between her legs, moved her bathing suit to one side and buried my face in her pussy. Carrie gasped out and grabbed my head, directing my tongue. I went with it.

"Shit!" Carrie finally gasped out. "If you think he's a good kisser, you should feel how good he is at this!"

"Better than Tara?" Jill asked as she sat next to Carrie. Tara grinned and fell between the black girl's legs.

"I'm not sure," Carrie panted. "We'll have to see."

Tara and I continued to lick the other two, who were both obviously enjoying what we were doing. I used the hand closest to Tara to reach under her and push under her bathing suit. I gently rub her pussy.

"Thanks!" she cried.

"What's he doing?" Carrie asked.

"Rubbing me. His fingers seem to know just the right places to touch!"

I silently thanked my last girlfriend. She was a virgin when we met, but that didn't last very long. Connie wasn't my first, but she was the demanding sort and by far the best once we got serious, at least until now. It was too bad her father got transferred across country. I'm sure she would have loved a situation like this, or at least I certainly would have.

"Oh wow!" Carrie cried as I drove my tongue deep into her and then pulled out and concentrated on her clit. She tensed up and came in no time. I continued to lick her until she was done. Afterward I fell back into a seat to enjoy the hot water while I watched Tara and Jill. Carrie joined my once she was able to focus again.

"You seem to be enjoying yourself," she said with a smile as she settled next to me.

"I am," I shrugged. "What guy wouldn't?"

"You know, despite all this," she said carefully. "I really do like you." This surprised me for some reason. I took a moment to work it out.

"But didn't you dump Jimmy for sleeping with other women?" I finally asked. Carrie shook her head.

"No, not really," she replied. "I dumped Jimmy for being a lying ass and cheating on me. If he had asked me, I might have let him have his fun."

"Really?" I asked in disbelief.

"Well, maybe if he let me join in," Carrie admitted with a smile. I shook my head and she burst out laughing.

"Let's dry off and get something to drink," I finally said. "It's really hot in here."

"And..." Carrie asked knowingly.

"Well, there is that king size bed just waiting for someone to use," I admitted. Carrie giggled and stood.

"Sounds good to me."

"Wait!" I cried before she could climb out. I untied her bathing suit top. It was all disheveled anyway. "Let's leave this here." Carrie smiled and pulled off her bottoms. I gave her body a long look before getting out of the tub. I helped Carrie over the edge. I was tempted to grab her ass, but was afraid of her reaction. That didn't stop me from looking.

We kissed briefly and then started drying each other. Carrie grinned and started stroking my cock through the towel. I didn't mind. I was busy making sure her breasts were really, really dry. It wasn't long before I took her hand and led her to the bed.

"What about our drinks?" Carrie asked.

"Later," I nearly grunted. "I want you now."

"I'm all yours," Carrie said as she lay on the bed. Her eyes flashed with her excitement. She held her arms open to me. I hugged her and kissed her passionately. Carrie reached between us and directed my cock to her pussy. We were both clearly ready. I pushed in with one long stroke. Carrie gasped.

"Wow!" I said once I was all the way in. "So this is what this feels like!"

"What?" Carrie asked as she fought for her breath.

"Being in the hottest girl in school," I smiled. Carrie rolled her eyes, but I knew she liked the complement. I started moving in and out of her slowly at first.

"Oh my!" she cried between strokes. "You're definitely bigger than Jimmy!"

"How about compared to the other guys you've been with?" I asked, honestly curious. I knew I was big based on what some of my old girlfriends told me, but not really how big in comparison to other guys.

"There were no others!" Carrie gasped. "Now shut up!"

I was surprised by her admission at first, but then I remembered that she and Jimmy had been dating on and off again for years. I leaned forward and kissed Carrie as I continued to push in and out. I picked up the pace and she moaned.

Carrie was really wet and we made an amazing sound with each of my thrusts. It wasn't long before we were both nearing an orgasm.

"Joel!" she finally gasped. "I'm so close!"

"Not yet!" I panted and pushed two of my fingers into her mouth in an attempt to distract her. I wanted us to cum together. Carrie sucked them in and started working them like a cock. It was an incredible sight! Her face was filled with such passion and desire! I pulled my fingers free when I was ready. Carries eyes snapped open and she looked ready to complain.

"Now!" I cried before she could say anything. I leaned forward and thrust my tongue into her mouth while my hips started blurring as I moved as fast as I could.

"Oh yes!" Carrie cried. "I'm almost there! Don't stop! Here...I...cum!" I slammed into her one last time and we both came together. Carrie shivered and shook under me as I grunted and pumped as much cum as I could into her.

"That was amazing," Carrie said afterward as we lay panting side by side.

"Yes, it was," I smiled.

"We agree!" Jill said.

"And how!" Tara put in. They were both standing on the side of the bed. They were nude and dry.

"Did you enjoyed the show?" I asked with a grin. They obviously were watching for quite a while.

"Of course," Jill replied as she sat on the side of the bed. Tara joined her.

"We thought about joining in," she said. "But decided to give you two your first time alone, so to speak."

"Thanks," Carrie said, obviously meaning it. I nodded in agreement.

"You're welcome," Jill smiled.

"Now spread your legs," Tara said to Carrie without preamble. "I like the taste of his cum!"

"There is quite a bit of my own down there," Carrie said with a smirk.

"Good! Let see how they taste mixed!"

"You are such a slut!" Jill laughed as Carrie spread her legs and Tara got between them.

"You're just mad because I thought of it first!" Tara giggled.

"True," Jill admitted with a sigh. "I'll go get us all something to drink in the other room."

"I'll see you later," I said to Carrie giving her a kiss. "I'm going to help Jill." She knew what I meant.

"Just be sure to come back," Carrie answered.

"Don't worry, I will," I smiled.

"I don't know," Tara teased. "You know the old saying, 'Once you go black, you never go back.'"

"Hey!" Carrie cried. I laughed and kissed her again.

"Don't worry," I said softly. "I have plans for us." She smiled warmly. It was at that moment that Tara dipped her tongue into Carrie's sticky pussy. Carries eyes flashed from warmth to lust instantly. I shook my head and added, "Just be sure Tara doesn't turn you into a lesbian or something."

"Not likely," Carrie laughed. "Don't worry. I have plans for us as well." I smiled and nodded before turning and leaving the bedroom.

"I couldn't wait," Jill said as I entered the other room. She was lying on her stomach on one arm of the couch. Her ass was in the air and she was using one hand to play with her pussy. The pink opening was in stark contrast to her ebony skin.

"Sorry I'm late," I grinned, moving toward her.

"Make me cum half as hard as you did Carrie, and all is forgiven."

"Deal!" I laughed, and then bent forward and thrust my tongue into her pink opening. I was tempted to kiss her ass, but decided not to push my luck. I wasn't going to blow my chance at fucking a black girl just because I was a perverted son of a bitch who liked asses.

"Oh yeah!" Jill cried. "You are very good with your tongue!"

"Well, if you like that," I said. "You're going to love this!" I stood and pushed my cock into her pussy from behind.

"Fuck! Yeah!" Jill cried. I was barely all the way in before she came the first time. There was no way I was stopping so I continued to stroke in and out of her until she was ready again.

"This looks incredible!" I said, watching my white cock pushing in and out of her black pussy as I neared my orgasm. She was my first black woman. Her dark ass shook with each thrust, turning me on even more!

"It feels even better!" she gasped out. I grabbed hold of her hips and start seriously riding her. "Oh yeah! Stuff me with that big white cock of yours!" Jill was pinching her nipples with one hand while the other slipped under her and started massaging her clit. Her head rested against the top of the couch. She had positioned herself so that sofa was holding her in position.

"I'm going to cum!" I grunted.

"Good!" Jill cried. "Because I'm going to orgasm too!" I held off as long as I could. Jill surprised me by gasping out, "Come on! Be the first white guy to fill me with his cum!"

"Go ahead," I heard Carrie say. I glanced up and saw her watching. I held out my hand until she took it. I pulled Carrie into a hot and messy kiss. She returned it and then pulled away.

"Finish me!" Jill cried.

"Do it," Carrie said once again. "It's my turn to taste your cum mixed with a woman's." I took hold of Jill's hips and rammed my cock in and out of her three or four times as hard as I could before finally cumming. The black beauty under me was only a few seconds behind me.

"Tara's waiting for you in the bedroom," Carrie said to me once we were done. "I promised I'd send you to her with Jill's cum still dripping from your cock. Go ahead. I'll take care of Jill."

"Promise?" Jill sighed. She hadn't moved from her position on the couch. Carrie winked at me before giving the black girl her full attention.

"You better believe it!" Carrie laughed and took my place behind Jill. I watched as she licked around the edges of Jill's pussy. She knew I was watching. Carrie smiled and met my gaze as she slowly pushed her tongue deep. I reached out, gave her breasts one last squeeze and then forced myself to go the bedroom and Tara.

"How's Jill?" Tara asked from the bed.

"Busy," I smiled as I walked over and lay next to her. "Carrie is doing what you were doing to her as we left."

"You mean she's eating your cum out of Jill's pussy?" Tara smiled. She saw my expression and laughed. "I like talking dirty."

"I gather so."

"Does it bother you?" Tara asked. I looked into her blue eyes and shrugged. She smiled and added, "In that case, take that big cock on yours and fuck me until I beg you to stop!"

"If you insist," I smiled. "But first you'll need to revive it. I'm pretty spent."

"Think I can do it?" she grinned as she moved off the bed.

"I wouldn't bet against you."

"Smart man," she said. "Now come sit on the edge of the bed."

I went where she directed. Tara sank to her knees on the floor in front of me. She smiled up into my face before leaning forward and sucking the head of my cock into her mouth. Her startling blue eyes never left mine.

"You taste like Jill's pussy!" she said softly, her hot breath caressing my cock. "Don't you just love the contrast between her dark skin and pink pussy?"

"It was nice," I admitted. Tara smiled knowingly and went back to my dick for a while.

"Do you like your balls played with?" she asked suddenly. My cock jumped at the question and she laughed, adding, "I'll take that as a yes." Her tongue slipped to my balls.

"You like my eyes?" she asked after she had me hard once again. I nodded again. "My last boyfriend said that they're my best feature."

"They're strikingly beautiful," I said honestly.

"Thanks," she said. "But don't you think my ass is even better?"

"Well," I said, not believing the conversation I was having with Tara despite everything that had already happened. "It is very nicely shaped from all that dancing you do, but your eyes..."

"Wait, don't judge yet!" she said, interrupting me as she stood and spun until her back was facing me. "You need to get a good look at my ass to be fair."

I shook my head as Tara stood on her tiptoes and damn near thrust her ass into my face. I was in heaven! The blue-eyed beauty was giving me perfect access to the body part I liked best in women. Unable to resist, I leaned forward and kissed it.

"I told you I had a great ass!" she laughed.

"It is that," I admitted.

"How would you like to have it?"

"You're serious?" I asked in disbelief. Tara turned and faced me.

"Joel," she said carefully. "I know it's crazy, but I'm still a virgin, at least technically. I'd like to remain that way until I meet the man of my dreams."

"I'm not him?" I teased, stalling for time. As I said before, I love asses, but no one ever offered me hers before. I tried to bring it up with two of my ex girlfriends. The first left and dumped me the next day. Connie wasn't as cold, but she didn't like to even talk about it.

"Please!" Tara said sarcastically. "If anything, you're the man of Carrie's dreams."

"You think so?" I asked in surprise.

"Maybe," she admitted. "She really does like you. But that's for you two to work out later. Right now we're talking about us."

"Tara, I understand," I sighed. "Come here."

"So, you're okay with this?" she asked tentatively.

"I'll let you know when we're done," I shrugged. "I've never done this before, but it's been my biggest fantasy for as long as I can remember."

"Oh, you're going to love this if you have an open enough mind!" she promised as she climbed into the bed. She thrust her ass toward me and added, "Come and get it!"

"You're crazy!" I laughed as I move between her legs. I licked her pussy for a while and then let my tongue drift up to her ass tentatively. It didn't taste bad at all. In fact I liked the taste!

"Oh yeah!" Tara cried. "Eat my ass! Get it ready for that big fat cock of yours!" I did just that. My face was buried between her ass cheeks for quite a while as I rimmed out her ass. The smell was more intoxicating than anything else! Tara seemed to love every moment of it.

"Are you ready?" I asked.

"More than ready!" she replied, reaching back and holding her ass cheeks wide. I rubbed my cock up and down her crack before directing the head to her pink rosebud. I push until the head popped past her opening. She cried "Slowly!"

It took some time to work my cock into her, but I was patient and Tara was willing to put up with at least a little pain. Eventually I was all the way in.

"That feels incredible!" she sighed loudly when she felt my hips touch her ass. "Now start fucking! Fill my ass!" I shook my head, shrugged and then started moving. It wasn't long before I was slamming in and out of her ass.

"That looks painful!" Jill said from one side of the bed.

"It is," Tara admitted between groans. "But in a good way. Now shut up and don't distract us! I want to feel his cum fill my ass!"

"You really are one sick little bitch," Carrie said from the other side of the bed. I looked at her nervously. She saw me and smiled into my eyes before adding, "Maybe we'll try that later."

"I would like that," I grinned, relaxing visibly. "Now why don't you help Tara reach her orgasm?"

"With pleasure!" Carrie giggled, and then climbed onto the bed and slipped under the dark haired girl.

"Oh yes!" Tara cried. "What could be better than a dick in your ass and someone nibbling on your clit?"

"How about a nice chocolate pussy to eat at the same time?" Jill asked as she climbed onto the bed as well. Tara helped her get comfortable. I could see the blue-eyed girl's tongue dart into Jill's ebony depths. I also felt Carrie tongue brush against my balls.

"Oh yeah!" I cried. "You three are going to be the death of me!" They giggled.

I continued to watch Tara eat Jill's pussy as I fucked the pale skinned girl's ass. I was even able to reach over and use my fingers on Carrie's pussy. I heard her groan. I smiled and closing my eyes briefly, enjoying what was going on with my other senses.

My fingers at Carrie's pussy were already sticky with her juices. Tara had finally gotten used to the size of my cock. I could feel the smoothness of each stroke. I loved the sound and feel of my hips slapping against her ass. Occasionally one of the ladies would moan, sending a thrill though me. I could hear Tara and Carrie's sloppy kisses as they took care of their friends. The smell was the most intoxicating of all. I'd never smelled a room so full of sex!

"Tara! Cut that out!" Jill cried, causing me to open my eyes. I looked up and saw Tara driving her tongue in the black girls' ass. Tara also had two fingers up Jill's pussy.

"Not until one of us cums!" Tara panted.

"But it's so sick!" Jill cried.

"That's your brain thinking. Shut it off and just enjoy the feeling."

"Is that what you do?" Jill asked.

"No," Tara laughed. "I've a twisted mind. I like thinking about it!"

I picked up the pace and she fell silent. It wasn't long before she started cumming. I couldn't blame her. Not with her face pressed up against Jill's dark ass, Carrie's tongue teasing her clit and my cock buried in her ass. The only problem was that I wasn't ready to join her yet.

"Don't stop!" Tara cried as I pulled out, but I ignored her.

"What are you doing?" Jill said nervously as I pulled her to the side of the bed and laid her on her stomach with her hips hanging over the edge. Her pussy and ass were soaked. I pushed into her pussy for a couple of strokes before pulling out and pushing my cock into her black ass. She gasped, but didn't stop me.

"He's fucking my ass!" Jill said, sounding amazed.

"And doing quite a job of it," Tara grinned as she moved to watch. She looked at me and added, "I should be mad at you for not cumming in my ass, but I'll forgive you considering the show you're giving!" I didn't bother answering.

"He's the first guy to fuck me there!" Jill cried, stating the obvious.

"Another first," I joked as I picked up the pace. Carrie moved and stood next to me. I pulled her into a kiss. It was a bit rough because of my mental state, but she didn't seem to mind.

"Thanks for sharing your friends with me," I said.

"Maybe one day you can return the favor?"

"Maybe," I replied seriously. "I'd love to see how Robbie and Tina would handle the opportunity."

"Hey! I was just kidding!" Carrie said.

"You're call," I shrugged. "But I'm up for it."

"You'd share me with another guy?" Carrie asked in surprise.

"Like the idea of two cocks in you at the same time?" I asked in reply. She surprised me by blushing.

"We'll talk about it later," I promised.

"Good!" Jill panted. "Now will you please focus on fucking my ass? I can't take much more of this!"

"Go ahead," Carrie grinned. "Fuck the captain of the cheerleader's big, black ass! You know you want to!"

"Are you taking lessons in talking dirty from Tara?" I grunted as I grabbed hold of Jill's hips and started picking up the pace once again.

"Who do you think taught her?"

"You're killing me," I groaned. "Now go kiss Jill."

"Yes, master," she teased.

"Oh fuck!" I panted. "If you go there I think I really will die!"

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