Joel and Carrie Ch. 07


"Sure," Carrie smiled. "Because if it's the second and you gave him permission to sleep with someone else, then it wouldn't hurt your relationship as long as you really meant it."

"In fact," I shrugged. "It might even make it stronger."

"It did for us," Carrie added. That caused another pregnant pause in the conversation.

"So," Abby said into the silence that followed. "You two have been with others while you've been dating?"

"Yes," Carrie answered. I nodded in agreement.

"And it doesn't bother you when the other is off with someone else?" Katie asked. Carrie and I looked at each other and laughed.

"Actually, we're usually together at the time," I said. Abby was frowning, but it was poor Mike and Katie's expressions that were priceless.

"I told you he was extremely perverted," Carrie smiled. "So am I."

"But we've been in separate rooms having our own fun too," I added. "It hasn't hurt our relationship any or those of our friends who joined us. In fact, most of them met each other during our little games."

"There was one couple who broke apart afterward," Carrie admitted. "But they both admitted that they weren't planning on anything long term before it happened."

"Alex and Kanzi?" I asked. Carrie nodded.

"Not everyone is as open minded as you two," Abby said, breaking the tension in the room slightly. "Certainly not my husband."

"What happened?" I asked. It was obvious that she needed to talk.

"I was lonely and he was ignoring me. I dressed sexily and tried to seduce him. He called me a nasty name and told me to get dressed. I was so frustrated that I threatened to sleep with someone else. He lost it and kicked me out! My family was mortified."

"I'm sorry," I said, meaning it.

"I shouldn't have said something so stupid!" Abby said, tears coming to her eyes. "I wasn't really going to cheat on him!"

"No, you shouldn't have threatened him," Carrie agreed. "But in the long run, it probably doesn't matter. It sounds like your marriage was doomed from the beginning."

"That's a little harsh!" Katie said in surprise.

"Not harsh," I smiled. "Just blunt. That's my Carrie."

"Do you love your husband?" Carrie asked, ignoring Katie and me.

"I thought I did," Abby said. Carrie smiled sadly and took her hand. Abby looked at her and started crying. Carrie went around the table and took Abby into her arms.

"Help me," Carrie said to Katie. The three women left the room leaving Mike and I alone.

"That was way too serious," Mike mumbled.

"Not what you expected on prom weekend?" I smiled.

"No, not really," he said, and then laughed. "How about a beer? I'm tired of these mimosas."

"Sounds good," I said.

The ladies took their time. Mike and I sat in front of the television and talked about the difference between our schools and the colleges we were going to. That lasted for a while, but still the girls didn't return. Mike started flipping channels and hit one of the music video stations.

"This song sucks," he said. "But look at the tits on that girl!"

"Yeah," I smiled. "They're impressive."

"They remind me of Katie's," Mike said half to himself, clearly mesmerized by the video.

"Really?" I grinned. He looked at me, frowned for a second and then smiled.

"Really," he replied. I thought I saw him blush slightly, but he was trying to play it cool.

"Wouldn't you like to see our ladies dressed like that?" I asked. The girl on the video wasn't dressed in much as all. Some of it had to be glued on.

"Yeah," Mike said, but he clearly was thinking about something else. I saw him get his nerve up before he finally asked, "Are you and Carrie really swingers?" I thought for a moment.

"I guess so," I frowned. "But we don't think of it that way. We love each other and don't need anyone else in our lives. It's just that occasionally we decide to have a little fun with some friends."

"Isn't that the definition of swingers?" he laughed.

"I guess," I shrugged. "It just sounds so...well, I don't know. I guess impersonal."

"It's not?" he asked.

"Not if you do it right," I smiled. "You'd have to try it to understand."

"I don't think it would work for Katie and me," he said with a shake of his head, but I could tell he was deep in thought.

"Thinking about Carrie?" I grinned.

"And Katie," he sighed.

"I think it's pretty obvious that Carrie wouldn't mind a little fun with you," I offered. He looked at me oddly, but then shook his head.

"It's tempting, but I don't want to lose Katie over it," he sighed.

"Let's say you wouldn't," I said. "Would you do it? Remember, if you're with Carrie then Katie will be with me."

The ladies returned at that moment. Carrie knew we were talking about something interesting, but neither one of us continued, so she let it drop.

"Abby's asleep," she said.

"The poor thing," Katie said with a shake of her head.

"Think she'll be okay?" I asked in real concern.

"She shared a bit more with us before going to sleep," Carrie said. "Her husband did a real job on her. Do you know she's only a couple of years older than us?"

"I think she'll be okay eventually," Katie added. "But it would be better if her family hadn't sent her down here by herself."

"I'll talk to Ted when I get back home," Mike offered.

"I knew I loved you for a good reason!" Katie grinned.

"Thanks," he replied with a roll of his eyes, but I could see the sparks flying between the two.

"Well, I guess it's time we got going," I said, standing and stretching.

"What's the rush?" Katie asked almost nervously. Mike looked at her thoughtfully and then at Carrie.

"Yeah, what the rush?" Carrie asked.

"Nothing," I shrugged, looking at my girl. "I just thought we'd give them their privacy. Besides, our friends are probably trashing your parents' house by now."

"Please!" Carrie laughed. "I don't have any friends that would do that."

"Stay for a little while longer," Katie said. "It's nice to meet new people."

"Are you sure?" I asked, looking at both Katie and Mike. She nodded and he shrugged.

The next hour went by quickly. The four of us continued to drink and watch television. I even shared my comment on what I thought the two ladies would look like dressed like some of the girls on the videos.

"Please!" Katie said with a roll of her eyes. "I couldn't pull off most of those outfits."

"Carrie could," Mike said without thought.

"Thanks for noticing," Carrie smiled. I shook my head. Carrie was definitely hot for Mike.

"And don't sell yourself short," I said to Katie. "I bet you'd look great in some of those costumes."

"Yeah right! Look at that girl!" Katie argued as she pointed to the television. "She's barely wearing anything!"

"I know," I grinned. "But I only said that you'd look great, not that it wouldn't be indecent."

"I wouldn't mind seeing you in something like that," Mike grinned. "When it's just the two of us."

"What would be the point?" Katie laughed. "The last time I tried to wear lingerie you had it off me in seconds!"

"Katie!" Mike cried, looking a little embarrassed. "I think you've had enough to drink."

"Or maybe you haven't had enough?" Carrie offered, leaning forward so that he could look down her shirt. "Afraid you might have some fun?"

"Are you trying to seduce me?" Mike joked nervously.

"Of course!" Carrie laughed, surprising him.

"You and Katie both," I added. "My girl's an equal opportunity seducer." Katie froze and Mike frowned. He then looked at me nervously.

"I hope you're not..." he began, causing Carrie to burst out laughing.

"What is it with guys?" she cried. "They're all so nervous about sleeping with each other!"

"It's..." I began, but couldn't finish. I couldn't come up with the words, but they all got my point. My expression was enough.

"You said it!" Mike cried, clearly sounding relieved. "And then some!"

"It's gross for two girls to be together too," Katie added.

"I don't think so," Carrie said with a very seductive smile. I could see Katie blush.

"Me neither," I offered.

"Of course not," Carrie smiled. "Guys love the thought of two girls together."

"We're not that bad!" Mike laughed.

"Sure we are," I disagreed. "I would love to see Carrie and Katie together, and don't try to deny that you wouldn't love it too."

"You're serious!" Katie cried in disbelief as she read my expression.

"Sure," I smiled. "Notice Mike hasn't disagreed."

"So," Carrie said sexily. "What are the odds of me seducing you two, right here and right now?" I could feel Katie and Mike's reaction. They both were clearly excitedly and a little frightened.

I know this situation sounds surreal, but with Carrie it's not as odd as it sounds. You see, she really is that gorgeous. People are drawn to her in ways that most of us will never know.

I think we've all bumped into that one stranger whose mere presence pushes all of our buttons. We don't understand why or how, but they just do. Carrie is definitely one of those people when she wants to be. The fact that she's nice and down to earth just makes it worse. I call her my Golden Goddess because that's what she is to me. I don't think many people who have met her would disagree.

"As interesting as it sounds," Mike said reluctantly. "You're wasting your time. Nothing is going to happen."

"It's my time to waste," Carrie shrugged. I could see her enjoying the challenge these two represented.

"Katie, it's okay with me if Carrie and Mike have some fun," I offered.

"Well it's not to me!" she cried.

"How about it Mike?" Carrie smiled, not put off. "I'm willing to let Joel and Katie have some fun. You?"

"I wouldn't!" Katie cried in embarrassment. Mike surprised me and laughed.

"Sure you would," he said. "You're drunk and I can feel your excitement from here. If you weren't scared and worried about my reaction, I think you might try it." There was a pregnant pause.

"How about we try something else?" Carrie asked, changing tatics.

"What do you have in mind?" Mike asked. Carrie smiled at him sexily before turning to Katie.

"Does the thought of being with another woman really gross you out?" she asked. Mike realized where she was going with her question and clearly looked interested. Katie noticed his reaction.

"I can't!" Mike's girl cried, not quite answering Carrie's question.

"Why not just try a kiss?" I asked. "If nothing else, it will make you and Mike have more fun once we're gone."

"I don't understand," Katie said.

"It's simple really," Carrie smiled. "Like I said before, the thought of two girls being together really gets to guys."

"Does it?" Katie asked Mike. He shrugged, but then admitted the truth by nodding slowly.

"Why not see how excited it will make him?" I asked. "I'm telling you, if you do, he'll be all over you in minutes."

"And he'll be so horny that he'll be up for almost any suggestion," Carrie promised.

"Like what?" Katie asked.

"Like whatever you're thinking about right now," Carrie laughed. Katie blushed.

"For some friends of ours, it was as innocent as dressing up in a school girl uniform," I smiled.

"For others, it was a bit more," Carrie added.

"I can't!" Katie cried again, but with little fervor. It was obvious that on some level she was curious.

"It's a simple enough thing. Girlfriends kiss each other every day," I put in.

"Not in the way you mean!" Katie frowned.

"Come on babe," Mike said, surprising me. "Try it."

"You really want me too?" Katie asked, looking at him.

"It can't hurt," he shrugged. "The worse that can happen is that you won't like it." Katie looked back and forth between Carrie and Mike for a moment.

"Okay," the redhead finally said. She was tentative and was looking at Carrie nervously.

"Don't worry," I joked. "I've only seen one girl turn into a lesbian from a kiss." Both Mike and Katie froze.

"Don't be an ass!" Carrie frowned as my little joke clearly backfired. "They're scared enough. Besides, Maria is definitely bisexual!"

"I think I've changed my m..." Katie began, but Carrie didn't give her the chance. She kissed the redhead full on the lips. Katie froze.

"Doesn't that look hot Mike?" I asked quickly.

"Fuck yes!" he groaned. Katie clearly heard him because she relaxed slightly. Carrie took advantage and slipped her tongue in the other woman's mouth. Mike saw and cried, "Holy shit!"

He and I sat there watching the ladies and I have to say, it really was hot! Katie might not have kissed a girl before, but she definitely knew how to kiss in general and if there was any difference between kissing a girl and a guy, she obviously mastered it quickly. I glanced at Mike and saw him all but panting.

"Mike, why don't you show Katie how excited you are?" I asked. He frowned at me in confusion. I showed him what I meant by getting behind Carrie and rubbing my hard-on against her ass. We were both fully clothed, but she could feel my excitement. Carrie moaned into Katie's mouth. A moment later Mike was doing the same to Katie. It was the redhead's turn to moan.

"Wow!" Katie said when the kiss finally broke.

"Do you want to stop?" Carrie asked.

"Don't!" Mike cried. Katie laughed, turned her head and kissed him. I took a moment to do the same to Carrie.

"How about another kiss?" Carrie asked once Katie turned back toward her. Katie smiled and nodded. This time the kiss was even longer.

"I can't take much more!" I groaned.

"Me neither!" Mike cried.

"Then I hope you don't mind," I said, pulling Carrie's sweats down. Her underwear went with them.

"Oh fuck!" Mike moaned. He couldn't see much, but just knowing was enough.

"Take me!" Carrie cried excitedly. Katie's kiss had obviously gotten to her. I'm sure the situation didn't hurt either. "While I'm kissing Katie, take me from behind!"

"Mike, you too!" Katie cried. "Take me! I want to feel you inside me now!"

"Alright!" Mike cried.

My pants and underwear quickly followed Carrie's. I grabbed her hips and pushed my cock deep into her pussy from behind. She cried out into Katie's mouth.

"I can't believe we're doing this!" Mike groaned as he took off Katie and his pants. I couldn't see much, but it was pretty obvious when he pushed into the redhead. She cried out even louder than Carrie!

"Oh Mike!" Katie cried as she moaned very loudly. "Your cock is so deep!"

"Forgive her," Mike laughed. "My Katie's a bit of a moaner!"

"Me too!" Carrie said and then let out a moan of her own.

"Can I take off our tops?" I asked.

"Yes!" Katie cried. "I want to feel another woman's breasts rubbing against mine."

"Katie!" Mike cried in shock.

"What? You don't want to see it?" Carrie asked, looking past Katie's shoulder.

"Of course I do!" Mike groaned. "But..."

"But nothing!" I interjected. "I'm not going to touch Katie without your permission, so just relax and go with what's happening." With that, I pulled off Carrie's top. Mine quickly followed. Carrie helped Katie with hers. Mike was too busy staring at my girl's tits to be of any help, but he did manage to remove his own. The four of us were now completely naked.

Katie's breasts were milky white and bigger than I thought. They weren't at all shaped like Carrie's. They were more jug-like and I desperately wanted to taste them, but I couldn't, at least not yet. Time to up the anti.

"Come on Mike!" I prompted. "Let's ride our girls hard and watch as their tits mash together!" He obviously liked my suggestion. His next thrust into Katie pushed Carrie back onto my cock hard! "That's it!"

"Oh yes!" Katie moaned. "It feels so good! Harder!" She was clearly lost to anything but the pleasure she was feeling.

"Joel! You too! Take me hard!" Carrie cried. "I want to feel your cock deep inside!"

I started pushing in and out of her with long strokes. This went on for a while before I felt a hand on my cock. I looked down and saw Katie reaching around Carrie and holding my cock. She wasn't stopping me from fucking Carrie, but each thrust passed between her fingers first.

'Oh well,' I thought. 'I promised I wouldn't touch her, not that she wouldn't touch me!' I noticed that while Katie's one hand was wrapped around the base of my cock, her other was playing with Carrie's pussy.

I looked down and saw that Carrie's hands were around Katie's hips. My guess was that she was doing the same thing as the redhead.

"Are you two sure?" I asked Katie and Mike. "Because in a moment they'll be no turning back."

"What?" Mike asked.

"You mean your cock isn't in Carrie's hand?" I asked, already knowing the truth. He looked at me and grinned. I laughed and added, "I thought so!"

"Maybe we should stop," Mike said, clearly disappointed at the thought, but offering because he thought it was the right thing to do.

"No," Katie said, turning and facing him. "It's too late for that now."

"I want what they're offering," she said. "So do you and we're both too horny to stop now, so why try?"

"Are you sure?" Mike asked. Katie kissed him in reply.

Carrie hands snaked between them. One went to Katie's pussy and the other to Mike's cock. My girl was also kissing Katie's neck. Carrie teased them both by rubbing his cock up and down Katie's slit. This continued for a few seconds before Carrie spun Katie away from Mike and into my arms. The redhead's eyes were glazed with lust. I kissed her soundly and she melted into my arms.

Carrie quickly took Katie's place in front of Mike. She kissed him just as hard. Now it was her pussy she rubbed his cock against. Mike groaned and grabbed her ass, pulling her against him.

"Look at how hot they look!" I whispered excitedly to Katie and I spun her around again so that she was facing Carrie and Mike. My cock was pressed against her thick ass.

"Wow!" the redhead cried. It was my turn to reach around her. I used one hand on her pussy and the other on her full breasts. They felt amazing! I buried my face in her neck. Her thick, curly red hair smelled wonderful.

Katie reached behind herself and grabbed hold of my cock. She stroked it once or twice before turning back toward me and looking down at it.

"It's so big!" she whispered. I glanced over her shoulder and noticed that for the moment Mike and Carrie were oblivious to us.

"What's your favorite position?" I asked, but then pulled her into another kiss before she could answer.

"The normal one!" she gasped out when we broke apart.

"Different people consider different positions normal," I grinned.

"Just take me!" she cried, giving my cock a squeeze. "I want to feel this inside of me!"

I notice Mike look up and frown. Carrie pulled him back and buried his face between her considerable breasts. I was tempted to take Katie to another room. She was clearly a stick of dynamite waiting to go off and Mike still looked a little uncomfortable.

"What's wrong?" Katie asked when I didn't immediately move.

"Nothing," I said.

"Then will you please fuck me?" she asked in frustration.

"A bit bossy, aren't you?" I grinned, forgetting about Mike.

Katie looked at me with lust filled eyes and my cock throbbed in anticipation. I lifted her off the ground and she wrapped her legs around me. I took a moment to roughly kiss her larges breasts and she held my head between them. My cock found the entrance to her pussy and she gasped as I pushed the head in.

"So big!" she moaned as she took more and more of my cock in.

"So hard!" Carrie cried a moment later. I looked over and saw her riding Mike on one of the couches. He groaned at her words and thrust up into her.

"Mike, in case you're curious," I grinned. "Carrie likes her ass played with just before she comes!"

"Don't give away all my secrets!" Carrie laughed, but then gasped a moment later. I guess Mike took my advice.

"That sounds so nasty!" Katie gasped.

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