Joel and Carrie Ch. 10


"They're from England, right?" I asked.

"Yes," Bridgette replied. "Accents and all. They're in the backyard swimming. I think they're crazy because the pool is still freezing, but they seem to be having a good time. You two might as well let yourselves in. I'm sure they'll be happy to see you. Just remind Tina to pull out more burgers from the freezer if you two decide to stay for dinner. I won't be back until late, but try and keep the party down to a dull roar."

"Party?" I laughed. "With Paul and Claire there? Don't worry, they're too young to corrupt." They were Tina's younger siblings.

"Like you did Tina?" Bridge asked pointedly. I wasn't sure if she was talking about last summer, but it certainly seemed so. I blushed badly. Thankfully, she went on before I could say anything. "The twins are at their father's this weekend. I'm going shopping with some friends. We usually go out to a movie afterward. So like I said, don't get so crazy that the neighbors call the police."

"Goodbye Mrs...Bridgette," I offered. She waved and pulled out of the driveway. We watched as she drove away. "She seems to be doing okay."

"She is," Carrie added. "Did you notice that she's lost some weight? She changed her hair style too."

"There was something different, but it was hard to tell with her sitting in her car," I shrugged, causing Carrie to laugh.

"Well, did you at least notice that she's a redhead?" my girl asked. It took me a moment to get her reference.

"Strawberry blond actually, just like Tina," I said, but then smiled slowly and added, "Pop could do a lot worse."

"I'm not sure they're right for each other, but it's something to think on," Carrie smiled. "Let's go inside."

We let ourselves in and quickly made our way through the house. I'd missed Robbie and Tina. It would be good to see them. I reached for the sliding door leading out to the yard, but stopped when I looked through it. Robbie and Tina were there, but they weren't in the pool.

Tina was leaning on the bar near the pool and Robbie was behind her. They were both naked and doing what came natural. That in and of itself wouldn't have stopped us from joining them. It was the naked dark haired girl sitting on the bar between Tina's outstretched arms that caused us to pause. Tina was sucking on one of the girl's nipples while the brunette used one hand to slowly work her own pussy.

"Wow!" I said, shaking my head. "I guess I never thought of our friends doing stuff like this without us."

"It was bounds to happen," Carrie replied with a shrug. She was staring just as intently through the glass sliding door. "Frankly, I doubt they're the only two. Let's be honest, our friends aren't really the shy type for the most part."

She had a point. I spent a few moments wondering who else might have invited others to join them, but couldn't dwell on the thought for long because the sight of Robbie, Tina and their friend was more than a little distracting.

"The brunette is pretty damn hot," I said, shaking my head. They were really starting to get to me.

"She is at that, but I'm not surprised. Robbie and Tina have good taste." Carrie tone was conversational, but I knew my girl well enough to hear the interest in her voice.

The brunette was slim, but not overly thin. Her dark hair was wavy and traveled to her shoulders. Her breasts were a little above average and looked good on her trim body. She didn't have much of an ass, but it was shaped nicely. I liked the fact that she seemed to have no problem playing with herself in front of Tina and Robbie. Whoever she was, she was obviously comfortable with her body and what was happening.

"Do you think we should interrupt or let them be?" I asked, unable to just stand there and watch anymore.

It was weird really. Usually it was Carrie and I who instigated situations like this. I really hadn't expected anything with this visit other than a conversation with some friends. I'd been worried about Tina, but her mother seemed okay and my friend was clearly enjoying herself. The more I watched, the hornier I became. No surprise there.

"If by interrupt you mean join then I'm all for it," Carrie said in her typical blunt manner, but before I could reach for the door she frowned and added, "But I'm not sure we should."

"Yeah," I said, hiding my disappointment. "It's probably not the smartest thing to do. People are still talking about last summer and we're home now. We should probably play it cool."

"It's not that," Carrie said, still watching what was happening through the glass door. "Honestly, I'm getting to the point where I could care less what people think or say about what we do with our friends. Besides, the way my mother talks, things couldn't get any worse anyway."

"Then why the hesitation?" I asked. "I can tell you're in the mood."

"Of course I'm in the mood!" she laughed, looking at me. "There are three very attractive people not twenty yards away driving each other crazy and God knows it's been a while. We haven't found time to be alone together since you got home."

"Is that it? Do you want it just to be the two of us?" I asked. "You know I'm good with that. I love you and no one drives me as crazy as you..." Carrie stopped me with a kiss. It was neither innocent nor short.

"That's not it," she said with a sexy smile as she pulled away. "I love you and can't wait until we find some time to be alone, but do you really think I want to pass up a chance like this?"

"Then why aren't we outside already?" I asked. The answer came to me before she answered. "Wait, are you worried that they won't welcome us?"

"Not them," my girl replied. "Just the brunette. We don't know her. She might not react well."

"Good point," I frowned. "Maybe we should play it safe. I don't want to ruin what's happening for Robbie and Tina."

"We could borrow Tina's bedroom," Carrie said thoughtfully. "I'm sure she'd understand." Leaving wasn't really an option. We were either going to join our friends outside or simply find a place and enjoy each other. We were both too worked up for anything else.

"And we could see what type of person the brunette is later," I smiled slowly. "If everything works out, we could have some alone time first and later some fun with our friends."

"Now that sounds like a plan," Carrie grinned, kissing me again. "But let's watch a little longer before we go. It's really getting to me." I nodded in agreement.

I shifted behind Carrie and pulled her close. My girl leaned back and pressed her ass against my slowly hardening cock. I began gently rubbing her breasts through her shirt while we watched. Robbie was pacing himself. He clearly wanted to make what was happening last. Tina and the other girl were kissing now. The brunette's tongue was deep in Tina's mouth and her hands were enmeshed in my friend's long strawberry blond hair.

"I've never been much of a voyeur, but this is pretty hot!" I whispered lustfully in Carrie's ear. She moaned in agreement, but then suddenly pulled away from me. I frowned. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, but where's the other one?" Carrie asked, looking around the yard through the glass. "Didn't Tina's mom say that there were two of them?"

"There are," a clearly accented voice replied from behind us. I didn't quite jump out of my skin, but it was impossible not to react. I turned and saw a second English coed standing there. She was still in her bathing suit. She looked past us momentarily to the scene outside. "I see they didn't wait for me, again."

"So, this isn't the first time this has happened?" Carrie smiled.

"Only the third actually," the girl replied. "I assume you two are Joel and Carrie?" We nodded and she smiled. "I'm Gwen. Robbie and Tina talk about you two a lot. I feel like I know you."

"Then you know more about us than we do about you," I frowned. "I mean, I knew you were a friend of theirs, but I had no idea just how close you all are."

"It's a recent development," Gwen smiled. "Finals can be very trying and the four of us ended up getting drunk last weekend and helping each other deal with the stress."

"I wish I could have done something like that," Carrie sighed. "I hate finals."

"I think maybe Tina was planning on telling you about our coming home with them earlier this week, but Robbie told her not to. He wanted to surprise the two of you."

"I'd say we're definitely surprised," I laughed, causing the coed to smile.

"But not disappointed," Carrie put in, looking at the girl. My Golden Goddess was very close to jumping Gwen. I could see it in her eyes.

"You?" the English Coed smiled. "I'd say Stephanie and I are the lucky ones. We left home and came to America for some new experiences, but I don't think either of us expected something like this. I know I wasn't. Would you believe that I had no idea Stephanie was bisexual until we left home?"

"That must have been quite a surprise," I grinned.

"You have no idea," the girl replied. "Although, I'm learning to live with it, even enjoy it at times."

"Really?" Carrie asked with a raised eyebrow. Gwen smiled slowly.

"How else could I appreciate a woman as beautiful as you?"

"This is going to be an interesting summer," Carrie said, offering the English coed her sexiest smile.

Gwen was attractive even without the accent, not that it hurt. She had hazel eyes and dirty blond hair. Her breasts were smallish and she had a tight body. The only oversized part of her was her impressive ass. It was more meaty than fat. She caught me looking and smiled.

There was no doubt where this was going. Gwen was neither timid nor innocent. She knew what she wanted and I figured she was probably a decent person if Tina brought her home. Besides, I was too horny to care by now.

"Should we go out and join the others?" I asked.

"Oh no!" Gwen snapped, surprising me, but then she smiled and added, "They started without me. Why should I share both of you with them? They'll have to wait until later!" I couldn't help it. I laughed.

"Sounds reasonable to me," Carrie smiled, leaning forward and kissing Gwen. The dirty blond brushed her tongue along my girl's lips. Carrie opened her mouth and I watched as the kiss grew more passionate. They wrapped their arms around each other. I felt my body respond as their breasts pushing up against each other.

I reached behind the English coed and undid the top of her bathing suit. It dropped to the floor. Her bottoms quickly followed. Carrie started shedding her own clothes. It wasn't long before I got to see both girls' breasts crushed together without their clothes in the way. Carrie's were much larger, but I really liked the way they looked together.

Every time I saw my girl naked I couldn't control my reaction. No one was built better than my Golden Goddess. No one was as sexy. Of course, that didn't mean that I didn't want Gwen's hot body too, especially her ass. It was a little larger than I first thought, but I didn't mind. In fact, it made my mouth water. I smiled and started pulling off my own clothes.

"Very nice," Gwen said once I was naked. She was eyeing my cock hungrily.

"Go ahead," Carrie offered. The English coed smiled at my girl in thanks before licking her lips and dropping down to her knees in front of me.

Gwen took my cock in her hand and slowly started stroking it. I could feel her hot breath, but she didn't take me into her mouth at first. She seemed mesmerized as she continued to caress my cock.

I groaned when Carrie decided to join her. There's nothing better for a guy's ego than watching two girls kneeling in front of him and stroking his cock together with their desire and need so obvious. They each had a hand on me and they moved in time.

Carrie was the first to use her mouth. She kissed along the length of my cock before taking the head in and sucking. Gwen moved lower. Her tongue brushed the base, causing me to groan as I stiffened considerably.

Carrie let the head of my cock pop free. Her tongue traveled down until it met Gwen's. They shared a wet kiss. When they separated it was the dirty blonde's turn to take my cock in. She wrapped her tongue around the head and teased me briefly before smiling and letting just the tip past her lips. Her smiled quickly disappeared and was replaced by a hungry look as she took more and more of my cock into her mouth. Carrie was licking my balls, but backed away when she saw what Gwen was doing.

The English coed got my entire length down her throat for a moment before she had to pull back to breath. She smiled triumphantly.

"Very good," Carrie said with a smile. "But can you make him cum like that?"

"Watch me!" the English coed said huskily.

She was very good. Gwen began working my cock expertly. I was certain that I wouldn't be able to hold off for long, but then suddenly Gwen pulled back.

"Carrie, that's not fair!" she gasped. "It's distracting." I could guess what my golden goddess was doing, but I looked anyway. I groaned when I saw. Carrie had slipped under the English coed for a taste.

"Sorry," my girl said, sitting up and wiping Gwen's juices from her lips. "I couldn't resist."

"Wait!" the dirty blond cried. "You don't have to stop!"

"I won't," Carrie smiled. "If you can still take care of Joel while I do it."

"I don't know," the English girl admitted in frustration. "It feels so good, but it's so hard to focus when you do it!"

They were on their knees next to each other, my Golden Goddess and the English coed. They looked good together. Gwen's need was plain to see in her expression and Carrie lips were still wet with the girl's juices.

"Kiss each other," I demanded, suddenly wanting to see their lips locked together. "And then you can take care of her Carrie. I can wait." My girl smiled and nodded. Gwen moaned as their tongues thrust in and out of each other's mouths.

I stepped back and watched the two. I stroked my cock slowly. They remained on their knees, crushing their naked breasts together as they hugged and kissed passionately. My Golden Goddess looked amazing with the English coed in her arms.

I glanced away to see what was going on outside. Tina's face was now buried in the brunette's pussy while Robbie held his girl's hips tightly. He was lifting Tina slightly and slamming in and out of her with everything he had.

Stephanie was pinching one of her nipples hard with one hand and holding the strawberry blonde's head in place with the other, not that Tina looked like she was trying to escape. She was clearly enjoying the taste of the English girl. Stephanie looked to be moaning none stop while Tina cries were loud enough for me to hear through the sliding door. It was a tossup over which of the three would cum first, but there was no doubt that the other two would follow quickly.

"Joel, I thought you said you weren't much a voyeur?" Carrie asked. I turned and saw that she now had Gwen lying on the kitchen table with her largish ass hanging over the edge. Carrie was kneeling behind the girl, her lips wet once more with the English coed's juices. Gwen was panting heavily. She clearly liked to be licked. In fact, I realized that she'd just cum from it.

"I'm not," I smiled as I moved to them. I pulled Carrie to her feet and crushed her mouth with my own. I enjoyed the taste of Gwen on her lips briefly before my girl grabbed my cock and pulled until I was lined up with the English coed's pussy.

"If I made her cum so quickly with my tongue," my girl grinned. "Your cock will drive her mad!"

I thrust in, but only made it about three quarters of the way in before I hit serious resistance. It was a bit surprising. It wasn't that her pussy was tight. Oh it was snug enough, but at three quarters it was like hitting a wall.

"Oh my God!" Gwen cried out. "First Robbie and now Joel. Are all American men built like stallions?"

"Not all," Carrie smiled. "You just fell in with the right crowd."

"I'll say!" the English coed moaned. "Deeper! Please push in deeper!"

"I'm not sure I can go deeper," I groaned. "Not without hurting you."

"It won't hurt," Gwen insisted. "Or at least not in a way I don't like. Do it!"

Carrie and I shared a lustful smile as we remembered other moments like this. Abby came to mind. I wondered how the Indian girl was doing. I hoped she found someone who could meet her rather unusual needs. On the other hand, if she hadn't...

"Please!" Gwen moaned and thrust back her hips, trying to take more of my cock in. I looked down at her body quivering in need and forgot about Abby for the time being.

I pulled out of the dirty blond and pushed in again. I met the same resistance, but she clearly enjoyed the feeling. I started working my cock in and out of her. It wasn't long before she was close to losing it again.

Gwen clearly loved the feeling of being so full. She gasped every time I hit bottom. I wasn't really surprised when she cried out and came. What did surprise me was that at the peak of her orgasm my cock suddenly stopped meeting resistance and disappeared fully inside of her.

"Oh my God! It's happening again!" Her cry turned into a scream of pleasure.

It felt amazing as her pussy clenched around my cock. I was close to cumming myself when suddenly Gwen's pussy released its grip and a torrent of fluid sprayed out of her, and I do mean a torrent. It washed over my cock and down my legs. There was so much that it actually shocked me out of my building orgasm for some reason. I guess it was a little much for me. I frowned. That was a first.

Carrie's eyes grew big as the English girl's fluids flooded out of her. I saw the desire in my girl's eyes and realized that her reaction was the opposite of mine. I pulled back to give her access. My golden goddess dropped to her knees and buried her face in Gwen's pussy. Carrie's talented tongue caused the dirty blonde's pussy to spray even more fluid. My girl moaned.

"She's something else, isn't she?"

I turned and saw Tina standing by the sliding door. I looked past her and saw Stephanie and Robbie outside by the pool kissing passionately. They were obviously enjoying themselves and weren't planning on coming in anytime soon. I smiled at Tina's lack of concern. She and Robbie had come a long way.

"Gwen is at that," I smiled, glancing at the dirty blonde's soaked pussy before shifting my gaze to Tina. I let my eyes rove up and down her body. "Not that she's the only one."

"I'm going to take a hot shower," she replied with a smile. "Carrie seems pretty busy. Care to join me?"

I glanced over at my girl. Her hair was already soaked from Gwen's juices and the English girl looked on the verge of letting loose yet again. Carrie obviously loved it. She was working hard at bringing the dirty blond off once last time. I shrugged to myself. We weren't the same person and didn't have to have all of the same likes just because we loved each other.

"Sounds like fun," I smiled, holding out my hand. Tina took it and we went toward the stairs. I let her go first, enjoying the sight of her ass as she climbed. She knew I was looking and took her time, putting a little extra wiggle into each step.

I let her make it to the top before I pushed her against the wall and crushed her lips with mine. My hands traveled the length of her body enjoying her curves. I groaned. Tina returned my kisses for a time, but eventually stopped me.

"Shower, remember?" she grinned, her eyes sparkling as she saw me fighting against my desire. "Don't worry, we can continue where we're leaving off right afterward."

"Promise?" I asked with a frustrated smile. She laughed and took my hand this time. She led me to her mother's room and the master bathroom. Tina turned the water on and paused a moment before turning back toward. Something had changed. I could see it in her expression. She looked almost melancholy.

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