tagBDSMJoel's Stressful Afternoon

Joel's Stressful Afternoon


"You are, too a crybaby." Yvette smiled as she said this to the perspiring Joel, her ever devoted older boyfriend.

They'd just come in from walking home with ice cream cones.

"You complain, and whine and wimp out. You're a big sissy."

Joel, not yet scenting the danger, protested good naturedly. "I don't think that's true. I do give you your own way a lot, but I don't think-"

Yvette was delectable. Full breasts under the light pink turtleneck, gorgeous full lips and curly brown hair.

And those freckles! She'd been a model for the "Yvette Doll" as a kid, and though Yvette was a tough girl now, she still had her fans.

"I am not a crybaby." Joel insisted, smiling. "I'm not a whiner, I think I'm a damn good sport."

Pear shaped and balding, Joel was a bit of a ninny, but he had his uses, Yvette felt.

Poor Joel. Yvette had given him a horrible thrashing a week or so before, when he'd stopped to play darts on his way home from work.

Yvette was so pissed and she'd also smashed his nuts last month when she'd found an old "Playboy" magazine that...

Joel now claimed he just kept for sentimental reasons. He wouldn't have computer porn, that was all blocked at home and at work, Yvette had taken good care of that...

So he'd been trying to stay out of trouble, but again this time, he was running his mouth...not a crybaby. We'll see.

"You're not tough. I'll make a bet with you. Go into the den and strip to your tighty-whities, and get the split tailed tawse, and we'll see what a macho guy you are."

"N-no Yvette. I didn't mean I could take large amounts of pain, I just meant I don't complain-"

"You started this, Joel. Now let's see what a tough guy you are."

"I-I take it back."

"No take-backs now, big guy."

"I don't want to ruin our nice afternoon."

"You started this."

Yvette smiled, and oh, those dimples! Joel hungered to kiss her and feel her big tits.

Yvette was only five three to his six one, and he loved holding her, and picking her up in his arms. Sometimes she'd wrap her legs around his waist.

But when she got ticked off, there was no pleasing her until she'd gotten the blood she was seeking, in a way of speaking.

Could he make peace here?

"Yvette, please." He hadn't asked for a punishment, he'd try so hard to behave himself all weekend.

Joel hoped, that Yvette might want to, you know, fuck.

"Please don't be argumentative, Joel. I was getting into a good mood for fun later on..."

She paused and batted the long lashes.

"But I think we need to resolve this. It will help curb your future impulsive statements. Do you really want to argue now?"

Although Joel's cock was getting hard in his pants, the Rocky Road ice cream was kind of turning in his stomach. Thinking of that evil tawse.

"I mean, right now it's just a whipping, but it could be a whipping AND an ice-cold enema."

Oh, that would be worse-but the tawse was so scary!

Sure he had been the one to purchase the damn thing for her, but...

Finally, Joel bit his lip and went into the den.

Yvette enjoyed a cigarette before following, and there her guy was, standing awkwardly in the middle of the room, in his undershorts.

And look at that bulge!

"How's this for a bet?" Yvette smiled. "If you can not be a crybaby after I play with the tawse, I'll let you fuck me...

But if you get all teary eyed, and screaming, I won't let you fuck me, and I'll fuck you in the ass with my strap-on. Fair enough?"

Yvette had just glossed her lips and she smiled at Joel.

He couldn't believe now that he'd been the one to get her into BDSM.

"Yvette, you know I cant'-can't keep from sobbing. It's too painful."

Yvette stepped closer to his concave chest, and pulled a clothespin out of her pocket and put it on his right nipple, and he winced.

She flicked the pin once or twice and it popped off again, Joel squeaked, and Yvette laughed.

Joel noticed that Yvette almost never raised her voice...

In fact, even during stressful moments like this, her voice was gentle, and positively lilting.

"Joel, I'll up the ante. If you can take ten of my taps-"


"-ten without a moan, I'll give you a beejay. It's been about eight months since that happened, hasn't it, Joel?"

Joel nodded with his eyes to the carpet. She'd been such a loving girlfriend, appreciative, licked him all over, and then he presented his fantasies, and the party was over.

Yes, he wouldn't have it any other way, but oh, those lips on his poor cock...

Still, he knew how vicious Yvette's right arm was. And she didn't stop until she saw a bit of blood.

"So it's decided."


"You miss my slurpy, sloppy sucking, and I told you more than once, I only blow real men. Don't you want a shot at that?"

Yvette smiled sincerely. "Back when I thought you were a real guy, I was all over you with my nasty mouth, and you got to play with my tits, and titty-fuck them...

...But now that I know what a panty waist you are, it's not a turn on for me. But if you could prove you were a tough guy!"

Joel wanted to point out that the so-called "Real" men that Yvette cheated with probably couldn't take a harsh whipping either. But then again, they wouldn't have an erection after the flogging stopped...

More like a backhand for Miss Yvette, before the damn punishment was over, right?

But he knew he couldn't argue with Yvette. She had little patience for back-chat.

So, down with your undies and bend over the arm rest of the divan...

...That nice couch thing your mommie gave us."

Yvette was always teasing Joel about his close relationship with his mother. Yvette, Joel understood, had been raised by her father, who was the warlord of a gay biker gang.

He watched Yvette toying happily with the tawse.


But Joel's cock betrayed him. His stomach felt terror, and his lower lip was trembling, but Dickie-Bird was ready to MX missile off and bomb Russia.

Finally, Joel pulled his Fruit of the Looms down and lay carefully across the couch.

"That's my brave boy. Fifteen without a murmur, and I will be on my knees for you, baby."

"You said ten before-"

"God you are so mouthy, Joel It's not an attractive trait in a guy. It's like living with a gossipy little bitch. Bitch and moan."

Joel watched apprehensively as Yvette's cute little butt twitched in her faded jeans as she walked back and forth in front of the couch, giving the tawse practice swings.

Finally, she walked behind him, and Joel closed his eyes.

He felt ridiculous laying across the sofa, basically naked, with his clothed girlfriend, so sexy, toying with the evil strap.

HE didn't know why he argued with her. Ten or fifteen strokes? After about three, he'd be wailing like a little girl.

Once, when she'd been using the cane, Joel almost jumped out of the den window.

Another time, when he'd cried too hard, Yvette told him what a little faggot he was, and to illustrate the point she'd made him put on a pink and white plaid dress and jump rope in the driveway.

The neighbors had truly enjoyed that. No more talking sports with Dave next door after lawn mowing, and their fishing and hunting weekends were gone forever.

But he'd rather be with Yvette anyway, wouldn't he?

Did he really want to shoot pool, and go to football games?

He got true joy out of painting Yvette's nails, and going antiquing with her and her gay friends. The fact was, being around Yvette was constant arousal, and she was a great conversationalist as well.

Oops, he heard the swish of the tawse now.

Joel tried manfully to grit his teeth, but the first slash of the tawse was so severe, it left a stinging line on his butt, as if a tiny fire was burning.

Joel tried to jump off the armrest, and Yvette cursed his weakness.

After five strokes, Joel was crouching on the floor, weeping in a sort of fetal position.

So Yvette lost her temper, she lashed at Joel until he jumped up, and then she chased him up the stairs, whacking his naked butt!

In the bedroom, Yvette cuffed his wrists together as well as his ankles, and then commenced with the tawsing.

After three, she stuffed a hankie in his mouth...too much girlish shrieking.

"You really think you are man enough to fuck my face? With all that screaming? It's like having Shirley Temple or Tinker Bell in front of me...

...Joelie, sissies who scream don't get blowjobs. As a matter of fact, I'm going to turn you over and whip your little pee-pee some so you'll have something to cry about."

After ten across Joel's penis, it was tiny, but then she sat down on the bed. Yvette pulled off her sweater and jiggled her tits at him, in the little black bra.

"Let's play with that little pud of yours, and get it all hard again."

And it became hard even before she touched it, and after a slight scratch from Yvette's forefinger, Joel's penis was engorged.

Yvette stroked a little faster, tickling Joel's frenulum, and running her long tongue across her glossed lips; just so sensual.

"You're going to get all horny now, and then I can give you a nice whipping. It's no fun hitting a limp dick."

Of course you'd think this would terrify Joel's dick into more limpness, but having his sexily dressed girlfriend rubbing and pulling his penis, and giving him these threats with her soft voice seemed like it was driving him a little crazy.

Yvette lit a smoke and ran her fingers, spider like up and down Joel's swelling cock.

And then, she took her cigarette and pushed the glowing ember very close to the glans.

"P-please, don't burn me-"

"Don't you want to redeem yourself?" Yvette asked in honeyed tones. "I am trying to give you all these tests of bravery. If you let me burn you, I might later put your penis in my soft, warm mouth."

But Joel knew better than this. Yvette had burned his cock before, to the point that there was almost a permanent black mark on the side, and it had never resulted in any oral.

Once, when she was especially peeved at him, he'd left pubic hair in the bathtub drain...

...Yvette had somehow gotten an entomologist boyfriend to gather a bunch of hornets in a jar and then had Joel stick his dick in the jar.

He'd kept his penis very still in the jar, so he wasn't stung, but it had been a heart stopping experience.

She could be really vicious from time to time, his Yvette!

Now she flicked ash from the cigarette, and a few sparks at his penis and he gasped.

But it got harder. His penis began swelling.

She could be relentless with the cigarette flicking. She'd flicked sparks in his face once or twice when having him tied down.

But he always came back for more...what a hot girl she was!

Now, he began getting very hard, thinking of his current and past experiences with Yvette...

Yvette whipped it into tininess again, before she turned Joel over and finished the whipping, which she had lengthened to forty strokes, just to teach him what's what.

Since Joel had lost the bet, and wouldn't be fucking Yvette, she put her strap-on over her jeans and stuffed pillows under Joel's stomach and gave him a rogering that wouldn't be forgotten.

Then, Yvette shoved the shitty dildo into Joel's mouth and he cleaned it off.

Then, Yvette unlocked Joel, and stood watching expectantly, an adorable hand on her sexy hip, as Joel tentatively touched his cock.

"You-you don't want to do anything together?" Joel asked sadly.

"Yeah, no...I don't think so." Yvette said, as she lit a cigarette. "You just aren't much of a turn-on for me, babe. I don't even think I want you going down on me much anymore...

...Not that you can't clean me out when I get nasty after an um, bar pickup. But go ahead and whack it. Should I stay?"

Not even a teasing hand job, Joel thought, bitterly. It used to be, Yvette would get her nails done at Saks and then come home and tie him down and rub his dick till he begged for release!

And in a way, it was hotter to go without an orgasm having her tease him, than to just wank his Willy on his knees.

But it's better than nothing. Joel began jerking his dick, kneeling on the floor and feeling very awkward. He was careful not to rest his sore buttocks on his feet, he knelt straight up and jacked, and stared at his beautiful girl.

And of course Yvette looked really bored. She'd seen it all before.

Joel pumped harder, and thought of all the humiliating things she'd done to him, like when she'd tied him naked to the couch and then played cards with his pals...and Yvette was a great poker player!

Joel was now forbidden to gamble, or do anything else very manly, but Yvette loved having the boys over for regular or strip poker.

Now, as he got close to cumming, she suddenly said "Stop."

"Wh-what?" Joel looked up at her, and saw a gleam in her eyes.

He knew he didn't want to be revisited with the tawse, so he took his hand off his hard cock.

"Rub it with your left hand for a while." she said, laughing.

"I can barely grip it with my left."

"I don't care. I want you to bring yourself off with your left hand within five minutes. I'm timing you, and if you can't do it, you have to stop."

The next five minutes were very stressful. Or actually about three and a half. Joel got very close to cumming, and Yvette betrayed him, and made him stop and put his hands behind his back.

"But it wasn't five minutes" Joel whined. Yvette picked up the tawse and swung it down, and it whacked his cock, right into the floor.

Joel hadn't gotten permission to use his hands so he just knelt and sobbed.

"Do you think you could suck your own dick? I might like to see that." Yvette said, honestly interested.

She knelt in front of Joel on the floor. He whiffed her perfume, and his cock got harder, even without it being touched.

"I guess not." Yvette said, as she began rubbing his penis with her soft fingers. "You're too fat. I told you that you should start doing sit-ups, but you never listen to me."

Joel moaned as she rubbed the glans of his cock faster. She was only touching his cock head, not the rest of his penis, and so he didn't think he'd be stimulated quite enough to go over the edge.

"You know." Yvette said earnestly as she rubbed a little faster,

"If you could suck your own cock, I would be so impressed. I'd let you cum every day. It would be a total autofellatio thing."

"No, Yvette." Joel said, smiling slightly. "You'd let me do it once or twice, and then the thrill would be gone for that, and you'd make me do something else."

"Yeah, maybe you're right." Yvette said. She pulled her hand away, such a dainty little paw. Now Joel's penis just bobbed hopelessly.

"Okay, start again, you can use your right hand if you want. But you can't use both. You have to put the other one behind your back."

Joel obeyed, and began feeling more hopeful that an orgasm was imminent.

But, as he got close, Yvette stood up and kicked him lightly in the nuts.

"What's wrong, don't you want to jerk off anymore?"

Joel had let go of his cock, and was crying. Still, he looked up at his beautiful sexy, dominant girlfriend and was incredibly horny at the same time.

"Okay, start jerking again. Not too fast."

Joel kept rubbing slowly.

"I might have my boyfriend Santino come over tonight. I told Santino that you would suck his dick if I asked you to. Would you do that?"

Joel rubbed a little faster. "You know, I don't want to-"

"That's not my question. Will you?"

"If you want me to suck his dick, the only way I could really get excited about it, is about the submission aspect, which means I should stay horny for it."

Yvette laughed. "So you're saying that you'll do something that repels you, but only if I don't let you have pleasure now?"

"It's kind of like that, yes, Yvette."

A moment or so later, Yvette told Joel to put his hands behind his back, and she cuffed them, and then she went into the other room to call Santino.

Joel knew he should feel sorry for himself, but he was so excited, he was afraid he might start humping the floor.

Excited about sucking some smelly Hispanic's hairy dick.

And after it's over, Yvette still might not let Joel jerk off.

But she had agreed to marry him. What more could he want?

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/18/19

Variety of Femdom Situations

Story moves very fast from scene to scene peppered with vanilla reminders. To find a miss who would engage in all this action is surely rare.

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by Gordon113507/23/18

Just say no ...

Any man allowing this kind of treatment gets just what he deserves..I'm sure glad I don't have a 'treat me like shit' fetish.

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by Anonymous07/20/18

he needs to leave the whore before all his brain cells die

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by Anonymous07/16/18

What more?

How about to get away from the stupid cunt? Badly thought out drivel.
No stars

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by Anonymous07/14/18

Mean Mistress


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