tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJoe's Art Lessons Ch. 02

Joe's Art Lessons Ch. 02


I woke up with a raging hard-on. My hand instinctively reached below the sheets and began to stroke my shaft as my consciousness returned from the night before. I was having this intensely erotic dream of being nude in front of a group of hot women, which was so vivid that I could still feel the hands of the blond with the green eyes on my dick as she made me cum again and again. Suddenly I woke up fully to the realization that it was not a dream -- it was a memory!

Last night was the single most intense night of my life! I had modeled in the nude for a very kinky art class, and the hot blonde's name was Jenny. Professor Ron had positioned me in front of the class and had everyone draw my rock hard cock as Jenny jacked me off in front of everyone. Wow!

My phone buzzed with a text: "Can you come again tonight? ☺ J"

I could only assume that the "J" was in fact Jenny, who must have gotten my number from the forms I filled out. I did not hesitate to reply: "Sure!" She told me to come at nine, same as the night before.

My thoughts swirled as I imagined the same room full of hot co-eds eyeing my dick as Jenny oiled me up in front of everyone. I continued to stroke my shaft in anticipation, with visions of the scene playing out in my mind. My rod was still at full attention so I gave it the full treatment as I worked it up and down. My other hand cupped my balls and rolled them around my lose sack. Just as I was about to explode, my phone went off again with an incoming call. Damn!

I answered, and a male voice said, "Hi, this is Professor Ron, from the art department. I wanted to thank you for being such a professional model last night. You really provided our students with some great poses."

"Um, sure. It was my pleasure," I stammered. This was a weird conversation to be having with a guy who had waved my dick around in front of the whole class!

"Jenny just told me that you have agreed to model again for us. Well, tonight's class is actually a photography class, so I did not want you to be surprised." He went on to explain that this was actually a graduate seminar in photography, and that tonight's session was one on erotic glamour photography.

"I wanted to be sure that you were okay with a rather advanced posing session," he added. "It will be similar to last night in theme, but with more direct contact."

I was not sure what "direct contact" involved, so I asked him.

"Well... you won't be alone for the session," he replied. "It is a couple setting, so I have another model you will be working with."

I was quite unsure what this might mean, but I felt a thrill in my cock as he explained that I would be in simulated sexual positions with another model, and the students would be taking pictures of us as a couple.

My hand went down to my rock hard dick as I said, "Well, I guess that is okay."

"Great, I'll see you tonight! Oh, by the way, Jenny has agreed to be the other model for your session, so I think you'll be comfortable with her," he told me.

"Great!" I replied as my cock gave an involuntary twinge of excitement. I stroked my cock just as she had last night. As he hung up I tossed the phone down and continued to pound my dick until my swollen head let loose a stream of cum all over my chest.


That night I arrived at the studio promptly at nine. As I walked into the room I noticed how different it looked. There was a couch in the middle of the floor, with several large lights set up at angles all around it. Two guys and three girls were moving around cameras and tripods preparing for the shoot. They looked at me, and I felt a nervous tingle as I knew that each of them was picturing me naked in their mind. Then it hit me that they would not have to wait long before they saw me naked in real life!

It was awkward, and I was unsure of what to say. I'm not really that confident of myself, despite the events of the previous evening. I could not just walk in and say "Hi everyone, want to see me naked?" I just stood there for a minute looking around, and then one of the girls walked over to me.

"You are the model for tonight, right?" she asked.

"Yes," I replied, feeling very self-conscious. This girl was what I would describe as short, but stacked. She was a sandy blond, with firm tits which were nicely framed in a white shirt with thin straps.

"I'm Callie," she said holding out her hand. I introduced myself and shook her hand while trying not to fantasize about those breasts as they pushed against the top edge of her blouse. Her grip was warm, and I think she sort of knew that she was teasing me as she held my handshake for just a second longer that normal. It was definitely a sex-charged environment! I mean, this girl was about to take close-up shots of my nude body, and here I was talking with her like it was a social party!

"I think Ron, er, Professor Locke, is in the back," she said. "I'm glad you are here," she added with a glance down at my body before she turned back to her camera gear.

"Thanks," I said, blushing. I promptly went to the back room behind a row of lockers where I had changed out of my clothes the night before. There was a private room there in the back, which I began to enter.

Just as I turned the doorknob, I heard a thud sound and a soft moan. I froze, unsure of what to do, but as I listened I could faintly hear sounds of breathing and movement in the room. I glanced behind me to see if anyone else had heard it, but with the lockers in between me and the group of photography students, I did not see anyone looking in my direction.

This was an awkward situation. The sounds were definitely sexual in nature, so I felt like the right thing to do would be to leave, but in my highly aroused state I was tempted to take a peek. Just then I heard a whisper "Oh, yes!"

That got my cock's attention and before I knew it, I was slowly opening the door and peering into the room. The back wall with another row of lockers came into view, and the changing bench in front of the lockers was just peeking out from behind the door. I could only see shadows moving on the floor in front of the bench, but not the entire seat itself.

I moved forward and peered around the door to see Professor Ron laying down on the bench with his head lifted up facing away from me. Kneeling down at the end of the bench was Jenny, with Ron's cock in her mouth as she stroked his shaft up and down! Neither of them saw me and I knew that I should turn away and close the door. But of course I did not, instead I watched this erotic sight with a growing hard-on pressing against my jeans.

She was slowly stroking his shaft as her mouth worked over the tip of his penis. His cock was rock hard and his veins were bulging as she worked him over with her tongue. He was still wearing a shirt, and she had on a bra, but her tits were being massaged with one of his hands as he reached inside her bra to cup one breast. My view was partially blocked by his back so I cautiously leaned in just a bit more.

Suddenly her eyes locked onto mine and she froze! She was wide eyed and looking at me with a surprised expression and I felt like a total fool! Here I was peeking at her giving a blowjob to another man, and I had been caught like a teenager peeking over the neighbors fence at the wife suntanning in the nude!

I was about to say something (which would have been clumsy, I am sure) when her green eyes got a seductive gleam in them and she continued to slurp on his dick as he softly moaned with pleasure. He was evidently unaware of the situation, because I was behind him, and because she had only paused for a second. He probably thought it was all part of her strategy to give him a great blowjob, which she certainly was doing!

She pulled off his cock with her mouth, and kept up the stroking of his penis as she whispered "Ron."

"Um humm," he softly moaned.

"Did you decide about what I was asking earlier," she whispered as she pulled and twisted on his well lubricated dick. "About a thresome for today?"

"Okay," he whispered, obviously not caring what she was saying.

"So you, me, and the new guy can do the shoot together?" she purred as she stroked him up and down faster.

"I guess so, if that's what you want, " he whispered.

"Mmmm," was all she said as she took his cock back into her mouth while looking into my eyes.

I took my cue and slowly stepped back out of the room, pulling the door behind me. My mind was racing with the new thoughts as I stood by the almost closed door. I was excited, but confused. Part of me was a bit jealous since I had been so taken with Jenny the night before. I mean, she had completely occupied all my thoughts all day after the wonderful handjob she had given to me so skillfully. But at the same time, I knew that she and Ron had more than a teacher-student relationship, and I had suspected that she was sleeping with him. I guess I really had no claim to her since we had only just met yesterday, and the situation last night was sort of forced on her.

At the same time, clearly she had already been talking about tonight with Ron, and she had orchestrated this whole situation to get what she wanted -- which was evidently a three way sex act with me and Ron! I only had a second to consider these feelings as I heard her say "We better stop, he will be here any second."

"Damn it!" he said in a loud voice, which I was certain that the others in the room could hear. I could hear the frustration in his voice and I knew that I needed to make a decision on how to proceed. The other students would know that I had been a peeping tom if I waited too much longer, so I knocked lightly on the door and opened it as if I had only just arrived.

"Oops, I'm sorry," I said as I saw her standing next to the locker with just her bra and panties on. Ron was hastily pulling up his pants and his back was still turned.

She winked at me and I felt a thrill of getting away with something as Ron stammered "Um, no problem. We were just getting ready for tonight's session." He turned to face me as I cast my eyes to the floor in mock embarrassment, even though he was fully dressed, and buttoning his shirt by now.

"It's okay," Jenny said. "Ron was just helping me with wardrobe."

"Um, yes!" he said catching on. "I'm outfitting Jenny as our second model for tonight."

"Ron is also trying on a few things as he will be joining us for the session," Jenny said with a devilish grin to him. "Won't you dear?"

"Well, if that is okay with the two of you, then I think it will be fine to do a three way shoot. That is certainly a popular subject for erotic photography. Are you okay with this?" he asked me.

Now it was my turn to act surprised, "Well, I'm not sure what I need to do, but if you will both help me out then I guess it will be fine."

Ron looked relieved, and Jenny flashed me a brilliant smile as we all stood there for a second considering how to proceed.


"Class, I am pleased to announce that we will have a special session for you tonight," announced Ron as we entered the studio. I was standing next to Jenny, who was wearing a hot little teddy, red with lace in the front that left little to the imagination. I was in a robe, with a pair of silk boxers that were clinging to my semi-erect cock and the silky feel was really turning me on! Ron was similarly dressed, in a robe which was loosely tied over his silk boxers.

"We have decided that it will be a great opportunity for you to shoot three subjects instead of the two which we had originally planned for," he said to the assembled photographers. Callie, who I had met earlier, glanced at me with a knowing smile and seemed to have some knowledge of this plan. I wondered just how well she knew Jenny, and if the two of them had worked this angle together.

The other girls were both looking sheepishly around, as if they wanted to avoid eye contact. But I could not help but notice the flush on both of their cheeks, and I suspected that they were looking forward to the shoot as much as I was. Well, perhaps not just as much as me, but still they were glad to be there!

The two guys had that "deer in the headlights" look as they openly stared at Jenny in her red teddy. Her tits were framed perfectly with the low plunging neckline, and the boy-cut of the bottom shaped her ass to perfection as well. She seemed quite the vixen with her nipples clearly visible through the lace, and she really seemed at ease for the whole situation as she confidently strode over to the couch and sat down with her legs crossed. I almost laughed at the look on the guys faces as they stared at this incredible beauty, no doubt imagining what she was about to do in front of them!

"Now, we need to remember the basics of the three point lighting and select lenses for the appropriate angle and composition," Ron instructed, as if this were a bowl of fruit that they were about to photograph. "If everyone will take their places, we will begin."

The five photographers set up in front of Jenny, and began to peer through the lenses at her as she sat upright on the sofa. "Let's begin with some basic single model shots of our subject," Ron said. "Jenny, I want you to imagine that you are home alone, and feeling very amorous."

I chuckled softly at his language as he began to clinically tell Jenny to look at the cameras and give a series of facial expressions ranging from pout to aroused. The photographers all were tightly grouped together, and I could tell that the group was getting some great shots of Jenny as she began to move on the couch, pushing up her hair while arching her back so her tits were straining to be released from the teddy!

"Now we will have our second subject come into the shot," Ron instructed with a nod to me. I walked over to the couch, and sat down next to Jenny. "No, not sitting yet, let's have you standing next to the couch watching her as if she did not know you were there," he said.

I gave a startled glance at Jenny, afraid that she might have said something to Ron about my earlier voyeuristic escapades, but she just gave the tiniest shrug to indicate that she was in the dark as well. So, I stood up next to the couch, with Jenny facing the other way.

"Now, Jenny, please begin to rub your body as if you were really getting worked up," Ron instructed. She did this and I just stood there in my robe and watched as she began to rub her legs, spreading them apart, then move her hands up her sides until she was pushing her tits together for the camera.

"Go over to her and place your hand on the back of her neck," the professor said. I did just that, and Jenny arched her back and looked up at me with a surprised look on her beautiful face. I placed both hands on her shoulders from behind and began to massage her neck and shoulders. Leaning forward I could see my target -- her perky tits which were pressed hard against the cloth of her lacy teddy.

"Go on, move down," coached Ron as I began to slide my hands forward down her neckline and finally to the top of her breasts. I realized that although I had caught glimpses of Jenny's tits through the lace, and last night through her blouse, I had never actually seen them. This really turned me on! The bright lights were clearly illuminating the prize as I slowly began to push the sides of the v neck apart. Jenny moaned as I uncovered her tits to reveal her hard red nipples which were totally erect. The cameras were clicking fast and furious at this point, and I was momentarily distracted by the sight of five lenses focused on my hands as they framed those luscious tits!

"Good job, that is perfect," proclaimed Ron as I cupped Jenny's tits. "See what kind of angles you can get on this shot." The class responded eagerly, with one of the guys moving very close in to get close up shots of my hands as they cupped her breasts. One of the girls got down low below the couch, shooting up to catch me looking down over Jenny as she moaned softly. I kept massaging her tits, until Ron called out "okay Jenny, turn to him."

Jenny turned around, and I instinctively bent over to her presented tits. Her nipples were rock hard as I slowly began to blow on them, lightly licking them with my tongue, building her excitement. She grabbed the back of my neck, pulling me in to her chest as she moaned louder.

The girl below us was really getting some great shots as I sucked and pulled on those great boobs!

Ron was evidently enjoying the show too, as he exclaimed "Great! Now his robe!"

Jenny pulled away with a gasp, looking at me with desire as she pulled the tie on my robe off. I did not know whether to just stand there, or if I was supposed to do something, until Callie whispered, "go on and take off the robe," which was encouraging.

I let the robe slide off and stepped out of it. "Class, get some shots here before we move on," instructed Professor Ron. My hard-on was clearly visible in the red silk boxers. I tried not to be self conscious as the group turned their attention toward me. While I was still partially clothed, somehow I felt more exposed than I had last night in the nude! The girl on the floor was taking several low angle shots, while one of the guys was working his way beside me to shoot both my tenting boxers and Jenny in the background watching my cock through the silk.

"Now Jenny, I want you to pull down his shorts," Ron coached as he looked on from the back. He was peering at the screens on the students cameras as he walked around the group in his robe, with his matching boxers underneath!

Jenny looked up at me as I stood in front of her, and slowly began to slide down the silky boxers. The intense feel of the fabric sliding over the head of my cock was amazing! The pack of photographers moved in closer as she pulled them pas the point of my cock, which trapped my dick in the front of the shorts, while she began to expose the base of my shaft. I arched back as she continued to slowly torment me with this long process, and the silk continued its grip on the head of my penis while she moved it lower to expose my balls. Finally, my entire dick was exposed except the head, which was stubbornly caught in the waistband of the boxers. My dick was pointing downward, and coiled like a spring as she playfully stopped and looked up at me with her intense green eyes.

"Are you ready?" she asked. I nodded, unable to fully formulate words at this point. My senses were tingling as i stood there with the students shooting various angles of my partially exposed cock!

Jenny responded with a quick tug which allowed my trapped dick to spring free! I gasped as it slapped up against my body with an audible whack. The group of photographers all sprang into action, getting several close up shots. This continued for a minute before Ron said the words "Jenny, I want you to slowly begin licking his penis for the camera."

A total silence descended on the room as Jenny looked into my eyes and moved closer to me. I was rock hard as she began to lightly lick on my dick. Her hands were still on my shorts, so just her tongue was touching my skin.

"Let's see how well you can get a close up of the way her tongue slides over the tip of his penis," instructed Professor Ron, who was somewhat breathless as he watched Jenny doing to me what she had done to him only a few minutes earlier. I was certainly obliging in my modeling duties, sliding my cock closer to Jenny as the students moved in close to take shots of my dripping wet cock with her saliva coating it and making it glossy in the bright lights.

The licking and teasing was really sending me over the edge, and I was about to just shove my dick into her mouth, when Jenny grabbed my cock, pulled back and turned her head to Ron. She pointed one finger at him, and gave a "come here" gesture while she smoldered for the camera. I was incredibly turned on by her, and she had just been licking on my cock, so I can only imagine the effect it had on Ron!

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