tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJoe's Beach House Ch. 02

Joe's Beach House Ch. 02


"What about this one?" Diane asked me as she loaded a new photo on the screen. We were on my porch overlooking the beach editing some of her pictures.

I was highly conscious of the erotic images in my mind from last night's window escapade but I was determined not to mention it. I mean, what exactly do you say to something like that? But as I glanced at her body I was still able to see her nude, her hands rubbing her tits and fingering herself to orgasm.

Today Diane was in a white sheer cover-up, which barely covered the fantastic body beneath. But the clear outline of a very sexy blue bikini was almost magnified by the white cloth. I was in my standard beach shorts, and a Hawaiian shirt.

"That's an amazing shot!" I said. The screen was filled with another of Diane's friends, completely nude on a sofa. Her back was arched, her hands rubbing her pussy and her tits pointing up proudly. The girls face was a study in ecstasy.

"Oh, that was quite a shoot," Diane said. "Jenny has an amazing body, and she I took the pictures it seemed like we were making love through the camera." She glanced at me, nervous for my reaction.

"That's because you are such a good photographer," I said. "Your connection with the subject encourages her to reveal more of herself to the camera."

"Well, she certainly did!" She clicked through a few more photos, which showed Jenny in increasing stages of masturbation. Her fingers working over her shaved mound, then spreading her lips apart to rub her clit.

My cock was growing in my shorts as I saw the erotic photos.

"I could not believe she was doing that right there in front of me," Dianne confided. "We have known each other for years, but something about that session just really turned her on, and she just totally went wild."

"She is not the only one," I admitted as the pictures continued to get steamier. The girl now had her back arched as she masturbated with one hand, and rubbed on her tits with the other. The camera was positioned directly over her, which meant that Diane had been standing... "Wait a minute, where were you standing?"

"Oh, I had one foot on the top of the couch, and I used a chair for the other foot." she told me. She giggled, "So basically I was straddling her the whole time she was doing that under me!"

"Damn!" I whispered, mentally picturing it in my mind. I shifted uncomfortably in my chair as my hard on grew by the second.

Diane must have sensed my arousal, as she leaned over to whisper to me, "Just wait, there is more!"

My cock visibly shifted in my shorts at the sexy whisper, and I knew that she could see it clearly bulging in my loose swim trunks.

The next scene showed the model sitting up on the couch, her legs spread far apart, toes pointed and just barely touching the floor. Her arms were out to the side on the back of the couch and her head was tilted to the side slightly smiling for the camera.

"Great symmetry," I said, trying to regain some semblance of professionalism. My mind kept racing as I realized that this hot babe next to me was the one who took all these sexy pictures!

She clicked to the next slide and the model moved her hands down to her pussy again, only this time her legs were spread much further apart for the camera. The next picture showed a close up of the models tits. They were glistening with perspiration and the nipples were amazing!

"Oh, God," I whispered.

"Mmmm, nice," said Diane as she clicked to the next frame. This one had the model with her fingers again exploring her vagina, and a look of rapture on her face. I noticed that this one was much closer, and I realized that Diane must have been between the model's legs to get the shot!

"It was very hot," she whispered to me, clicking to show the model who had thrust back her head and was obviously experiencing an intense orgasm.

I glanced sideways at her, and saw her lustful look as she remembered the encounter. Her eyes were on the screen, but I knew her mind was back at the event. I glanced down and her breasts were pushed forward and her nipples were clearly defined through the bikini and sheer cover-up.

Sensing me looking at her, she turned her head to me, and suddenly grabbed my head and kissed me deeply! She thrust her tongue deep in my mouth and accepted my hungry thrusts into hers. We kissed for what must have been minutes, but it seemed like hours. Suddenly, she pulled back and looked at me with alarm.

"Damn, I did not mean to do that!" she exclaimed.

"It's okay, I know," I agreed. I had not intended to kiss her either, and I already felt guilty for cheating with Larry's girlfriend.

"You are just so fucking ...NICE!," she said. "You like the same stuff I do, and I can talk to you, and you take pictures, and you are so fucking nice! Damn you!"

"Me? I'm sorry," I said holding up my hands in mock surrender. I tried not to grin, but I was not very successful.

"You sorry son of a bitch!" she laughed and then leaned in to kiss me again.

Then she jumped up and began to unbutton he coverall. My eyes drank in her body as she let the cloth drop to the deck, revealing her tan body. Her perfect tits were pressed against the blue bikini, and her tight bikini was certainly form fitting.

"Now it is time..." she teased, "for my swim!"

Laughing she ran off the porch and down to the beach. I tore off my shirt and chased her into the surf, but she was already well ahead of me, and my sore foot was slowing me down considerably. By the time I reached her she was standing on the second sandbar, well out from the shore.

"You are certainly in good shape," I sputtered, out of breath.

"You let me win!" she teased me, splashing water in my face.

I lunged for her, and she quickly spun around out of my grasp. Then she dove under the water, and suddenly my legs were pulled out from under me and I was again sputtering in the warm gulf.

Laughing I pulled her in towards me, and this time she did not resist. Passionately I kissed her, with the waves lapping against our wet bodies.

Reaching up, I cupped one of her breasts as she sighed and ground her body against my rock hard cock. Wasting no time I slid my hand down under the water to her waiting pussy. I rubbed over the smooth skin of her shaved mound, and slipped one finger into her cunt. She raked her fingernails across my back, squirming in ecstasy.

Suddenly, I heard laughter and voices!

Diane froze as well as we heard the sounds of people playing in the water nearby. We had been unaware of them as we were so focused on each other, but now we realized that a group of people were barely twenty feet away from us, splashing in the surf and swimming around.

She spun away from me, but I reached over and pulled her back towards me, arm around her midriff as we faced the approaching group. They looked like a group of college students who were just partying at the beach. One of the girls was on a round inner tube, and several guys were pushing her back and forth as some of her friends tried valiantly to rescue her from their game of keep away. She was splashing against the guys as they grabbed for her and the other girls were jumping on the backs of the guys to keep them away from her.

She happened to look over to us, and seeing us for the first time she gave a startled look, then erupted into laughter. She smiled and waved at us, unaware that one of the guys was splashing right behind her trying to catch her in her inner tube.

We smiled and waved right back at the brunette who shrugged as if to indicate "what can I do?" She was wearing a hot pink bikini, and had a floppy hat and sunglasses on. She held onto a beer in one hand, and as she drifted closer we could see a net floating behind her bobbing with several cans.

"Howdy!" she called out as she reached us. "Want to help me save my beers?"

"Sure!" I called out, lightly pinching Diane's ass playfully under the water.

Joining in the fun Diane called, "What can we do?"

"Drink up, and keep these fucking frat guys from getting their hands on my beers!" she said as she reached into the net, pulled first one, then the another beer out and tossed them to us. By this time we were only a few feet away, and we could see the guy about to reach her from behind.

"Hey, watch out!" called Diane.

Just then the brunette spun to see the frat guy jumping out of the water with a roar, like some cross between a shark and a lion. It was hilarious! He reached up and deftly untied her bikini top at the neck, causing it to fall forward revealing a magnificent set of bronze tits!

Diane wasted no time, promptly diving under the water, beer left floating on the surface. I must say I was much slower in my response, as I reached out to help steady the inner tube with the topless girl on it. She was laughing and seemed more concerned about losing her hat which left her breasts fully exposed. That was fine with me!

The guy was about to jump for her a second time, no doubt going for the lower string which would permanently take her top off. But as he launched from the water two things happened at once.

First, he sailed clearly to his target and grabbed the sole string, untying it as he fell back into the water. But he failed to hang onto the bikini because of the second thing; Diane had sum under the tube and had pulled off his shorts just as he jumped!

She came up holding onto the dudes swim trunks, the girl whooping and hollering as her top flew off into the water next to me. Her fantastic tits left me no choice but to carefully grab her top and shove it into the net with the remaining cans of beer.

"Dude! Who has my trunks?" the sputtering guy asked. By now the remaining members of the group were slowly catching up and they laughed at his misfortune.

Diane simply smiled at him and held them up out of the water. The brunette was laughing uncontrollably as Diane threw the shorts up to her. The brunette held them demurely over her breasts, much to my disappointment, as well as the disapproval of the rest of the guys.

"Okay, let's go to the beach," I called, taking the tube in tow and swimming towards the sand. The girl on the tube did not help me much, but she put her hand on my arm as we swam and squeezed it. I was still very conscious of the fact that she was topless, but focused on getting this group of drunk college kids to shore, while enjoying the view of her tits bouncing in the air.

We reached the sand, and everyone ran onto the beach, collapsing into the dunes. I helped drag the tube onto the shore, with Diane on the other side of the tube. She was watching me carefully as she lifted up the net with the beers in it. "Looky what I found," she called out.

The topless brunette squealed with delight and ran over to retrieve the bikini top. Diane gave me a mock disapproving look and I just shrugged as the girl came over. She hesitated for a second, realizing that in order to put on the top she would need to lower the shorts still clutched to her chest. She finally just shrugged, took the shorts and threw them into the water close to the naked guy who was still kneeling in the surf to cover his private parts. He dashed to them, rising up out of the water fully to reveal a long dick, flopping as he ran. But my attention was devoted to the girl, who seemed to be fully aware of my gaze as she held up the bikini top to cover herself, and spun around to get Diane's assistance in tieing it. She was facing me with a look of seduction in her eyes as Diane tied the top string and then the bottom.

Then Diane reached around with both hands and cupped the girls breasts, making them rise and then settle into the top. It only lasted a second, but it was highly erotic. Diane winked at me, and the brunette smiled a sly grin as she spun to Diane and gave her a kiss to thank her. The kiss lasted just long enough to make a promise of more, but not long enough to be too serious. Damn, I was aroused!

The group were all crashed on the beach, passing around the few luke-warm beers remaining among them. The solo naked guy came jogging up, having retrieved his shorts from the beach about two hundred yards away.

Diane and I left the group to fend for themselves, and we walked back to my house. I was careful not to be too obvious about my hopes for picking back up where we had left off, but Diane had obviously lost the mood, so she gathered her things and got ready to leave.

"I'll see you tomorrow?" I asked, hopefully.

"Yes, I'll come over tomorrow."

I did not know how to take it, so I just left it at that, and decided to not think about it. Thinking about it always makes it worse!


I tried to work on my book again that night, but I was too flustered. Instead I went for a walk on the beach. As I walked on to the dark beach, I saw the outline of the inner tube from the group earlier that day. I went over to retrieve it, and was surprised to see a couple laying on the ground using it for a pillow. As I approached, they raised up and I saw that it was the guy who lost his shorts, and the buxom brunette.

"Hi!" She said with a smile.

"Dude," said the guy with what was probably his best form of communicating.

"Aren't you guys cold?" I asked, since the sun had gone down and there was a distinct chill coming from the water.

"Freezing," he said. "But we left our phones, and sort of got distracted, so like we figured we would just wait for our friends to bring the jeep."

"Well, I guess you could come up to my house and warm up for a minute while you call your finds.

"Oh, that would be great!" Said the girl. I think the guy had other plans to warm her up, but he was freezing as well, so he agreed to come up to the house.

Once we arrived, I set the coffee maker up and made a pot of coffee. We chatted in the living room, with the couple huddling under a blanket. I pored three cups, and added a shot of whisky in each.

"Irish coffee!" sighed the brunette. "That hits the spot!"

They told me that they were students at a nearby university, both in their senior year. She was a media arts major, and he was a business major. I told them about my work, and she seemed to be really interested. Her name was Vicky, and his was Dane, but I just thought of him as "Dude"

"Can I see some of your work?" She asked.

I retrieved the laptop and my phone, "here, you can call your friends," I said handing the phone to the guy.

I came over to the coffee table and opened the laptop for the girl. Immediately the last image I had been working on with Diane came up, the one with the nude girl masturbating. "Oh, shit!" I exclaimed, mortified. "I'm sorry, that was a project I was working on earlier..." I just sort of stumbled around for a second, trying to close the picture.

"Wow, did you take that?" she asked, knocking my hand back from the keyboard to prevent me from changing the screen.

"Um, no I didn't," I admitted. I was not sure if I should tell her the truth, that Diane had taken the photo. "It was taken by a friend, and I'm just helping edit and color correct the image."

"Dude, she is smoking hot!" said the guy as he saw the screen while he was on the phone. He hung up and came over behind Vicky to admire the girl on the screen. "I'd do her in a second!"

"Yeah, that is about how long it would take," said Vicky, as she playfully swung her elbow back, just missing his groin.

"But it would be the best second of her life baby!" he retorted, jumping out of the way of her half-hearted swing.

Just then my phone rang, and I answered it. It was my editor calling to see how much progress I was making on the book. I motioned to the couple to be quiet as I took the phone out on the deck and spent the next few minutes making up lies about how well the book was coming along.

But as I spoke, I was watching Vicky who was still at the computer. She was evidently browsing all the pictures, making comments about the girls in the portraits. Her boyfriend (dude!) was standing behind her also staring at the screen. I saw a definite bulge growing in his shorts as he viewed the erotic images on the screen.

Then he glanced out the window, which probably only revealed a reflection of the room since it was dark outside. Satisfied that I was still on the phone, he slyly bent over and gently slid his hand down the top of the girl's bikini. She grabbed his hand, and playfully pulled it away, but she was still focused on the screen. Evidently the images were really turning her on.

He proceeded to cup her breast again, this time to be rewarded with a slight arching of her back as she allowed him access to her tits. I was not even listening to the editor at this point, just making "Uh hum" noises and agreeing with everything. I just stood in the shadows watching the couple as he increased his attention to her breasts, now cupping both of those huge tits from behind her. All the while she was flipping through the nude images Diane had loaded on the hard drive.

The hot pink bikini top was in danger of coming off again as Dude was rubbing the tits. His cock was sticking straight forward in his shorts, poking into the back of the kitchen chair she was sitting in.

Then, she reached around with one hand and pulled him down as she bent over to kiss him upside down. At that point, he pushed both sides of the top down and her tits spilled over revealing the huge mounds we had seen earlier that day. They kissed for a minute, and I realized that my editor was saying he had to go, so I hung up the phone, but kept it up to my ear just pantomiming a conversation. I was confident they did not see me, but I wanted to be safe, because I sure wanted to see more of the show going on at the kitchen table!

However, I did not need to worry, because Vicky was not going to let me down. She turned in the chair sideways, facing toward me, and pulled Dude closer to her. She began to kiss his chest, working down toward his bulging cock which was making quite a tent in his swim trunks. She reached the elastic band, and gently pulled it down to reveal Dude's swollen cock. It was a good sized cock, and he thrust it into her waiting mouth as soon as it sprang free. "Dude," I heard him whisper to her as she took his penis deep in her mouth. He moaned and rocked his head back in ecstasy. Just then she twisted her head to look out the window toward me. Pulling the cock out of her mouth, she leaned her head against it and smiled in my direction!

I was stunned, not knowing how to interpret her actions. Was it an invitation? Did she even remember that I was out there? After all, she was still pretty drunk, and sucking on a cock with her tits hanging out in a strangers kitchen was proof of that!

She whispered something to Dude, and he seemed to be lost in his own world. Then she carefully tucked his penis back into his shorts, pulled up her top, and swung back around to the laptop as if it had never happened.

He looked bewildered, and I must admit I was confused as well. Why the sudden change of plans? My cock was semi-hard at this point, and I tried to calm it down as I began to act like I was still on the phone again. I said my goodbyes to the imaginary person on the other end just as I opened the door and re-entered the house.

Dude was still standing there sporting a woody, which he immediately tried to hide by sitting in one of the kitchen chairs. I walked over to the table, apologizing for my absence. Sitting down at the third chair we sipped our Irish Coffee and acted as if nothing had ever happened.

Vicky was bold as she turned the screen to me to reveal an image of a girl showing off her tits to the camera. "I love this picture," she said with a smile.

"Yeah, it is a great shot," I agreed.

"You know, I have a few pictures like this of me, but not any that are good like this. Not professional or anything," she told me. "In fact, we even have a few pictures of the two of us having sex!"

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