tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJoe's Beach House Ch. 04

Joe's Beach House Ch. 04


I was sitting in my living room of the rented beach house, still resting after my afternoon with the two girls on the deck. Vivid, erotic images kept replaying in my mind, and I was still sporting a semi hard cock under my shorts. I tried to focus on the book I was supposed to be writing, but I kept having flashbacks to Diane and Vicky, seeing them lick on my cock, and grabbing each other's tits!

That was my only threesome, and I still could not believe it had happened. I recalled the sensation of two tongues sliding over my penis and the moans of the girls as they reached orgasm. My hand crept down to my dick, as if to see if it was still hard after the excitement!

It certainly was pulsing! In fact, I had a rock hard erection going on from all the thoughts and memories. Diane was not available that night, already having plans to attend a workshop in a neighboring town, so I was on my own for the evening. I decided that I needed to walk it off, so I grabbed a flashlight and headed out to the beach in the dark.

I quickly decided that the flashlight was not necessary, since the moon was so bright it was easy to see everything. It was such a warm night that I felt hot in my sweatshirt, so I took it off and stashed it with the flashlight near the path to my cabin. Stripped down to only my shorts, I felt very free and had a strong desire to strip the rest of the way down. I looked up and down the beach, but did not see anyone else in the moonlight.

"What the hell," I thought, and went ahead taking off my shorts as well. The warm air and gentle breeze felt wonderful on my naked body.

Boldly, I began to walk down the beach without any clothing on at all. There is something very exciting about being nude in public, even though no one was around to see me. My cock was relaxed, but about half-erect as I walked the sands. I walked into the surf, allowing the warm water to gently caress my naked body, my balls and penis swishing with the current.

It was fantastic, but I decided that I needed to head home. So I walked, unhurried, back to my path and gathered my clothing. I just carried it, not wanting to relinquish the feeling of exposure and eroticism I was enjoying.

Keenly aware that my house lights were on, I boldly stepped on the deck completely naked. If Dianne or anyone else next door glanced over they would see me in the light, but that only added to my excitement level!

Dropping my clothing on the table, I sat down to enjoy the night air. I felt completely exposed as I sat there, my cock slowly rising in the night air. I glanced over to Diane's house, sensing motion from the corner of my eye.

I half expected to see Diane's shapely body walking on their porch, but I was disappointed to see that the person coming on the deck was actually her brother Tom. He never looked in my direction, and since I was seated my nudity was somewhat concealed, so I just stayed seated in the shadows. He sat with a beer in hand and glanced back at the open door. Shortly, a girl appeared in the door, coming out on the deck to join him. As she came in the light I saw that it was not Diane, but she was really hot. She had on a sundress which allowed the light behind her to illuminate her shapely body, revealing curves in all the right places. I could not see her too clearly, as they were some 30 feet away, but my imagination filled in the details.

Just then I heard my phone chime, alerting me to a new text. This was awkward, since my phone was inside the house, meaning I would have to walk into the well lit living room with no curtains to shield the view from the neighbor's deck. I glanced back at the couple next door, but I could not see whether they were aware of my presence or not. It appeared that his back was turned so he was facing her as they conversed, which left her facing my direction if she happened to glance up.

As I watched, she leaned in toward him and they began kissing. This was becoming interesting!

Just then my phone chimed again, and I feared that the passionate couple might hear it. So I slowly rose up, still nude, and calmly walked into the house to silence the device. I acted as if were perfectly normal for me to be walking into my house without a stich of clothing! Once inside I stood behind the bar to conceal myself as I retrieved the phone and read the text message.

"I have your computer. Do what I tell you and you will get it back."

What the hell!? I glanced over to the table to see that my computer was in fact missing!

This was a disaster. Not only did the computer have all Diane's photos (all of them highly erotic and personal) but it also held my book that I was in the process of writing. And perhaps the greatest loss were the photos of Vicky and "Dude" having sex! I could not believe this was happening.

"Who is this?" I texted to the mystery number.

"Do exactly what I say and you will get the computer back." The reply came.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"Go in the living room."

I did, and was surprised to see that one of the table chairs was sitting in the middle of the room, with a bottle of baby oil on it.

"Now what?" I texted, becoming suspicious that this was an elaborate prank. However, I really could not take any chances, so I knew that I'd have to do whatever my "kidnapper" demanded.

"Sit down on the chair."

"Ok, I'm sitting," I replied, moving the bottle to the floor and taking a seat on the chair. Glancing out the window, I could see the couple next door making out on the deck. She had moved into his lap, as he kissed her. It was getting hot over there, but all I could think about was recovering my computer!

"Send me a picture to prove you are doing as you are told."

Having no choice, I snapped a picture of myself it the chair. I was careful not to show my nude cock in the picture, just focusing on my chest in the chair.

"Are you naked, Joe?" I was surprised at first that they knew my name, but upon reflection it made sense. They knew everything else, and they had my personal files!

No sense lying. "Yes."

"Did you play with yourself tonight?"

"A little," I confessed.

"Do you want to play with yourself now?"

"No, I want my damn laptop!" I texted.

"Patience!" Or it will end up in the ocean!" Came the threatening reply.

As if to prove the point, a picture appeared of my computer being held in someone's hands. I could not tell, but it sure looked like water below the computer.

"Okay," I said. "I will do whatever you say!"

"Good boy!" Came the reply. "We will have a little fun for a while, then you will get your computer back, but only if you do EXACTLY what I tell you."


"Put your hand on your dick."

I did so, somewhat surprised to see that I was semi hard. I hated to admit it, but this was becoming very erotic and my cock was already anticipating what might happen next.

"Pour some oil on your dick."

I reached down for the bottle of baby oil. Glancing out the window I saw the couple next door stand to move inside. I froze, not wanting my movement to catch their eyes as they walked in the house.

"NOW!" The text buzzed angrily.

Fearing the consequences of inaction, I slowly raised the oil up and poured some of the shiny stuff on my semi hard penis. The warm oil ran in little streams down my shaft and balls. It was a great feeling, and despite myself I knew I was getting an erection.

"Stroke it, Joe."

"Okay." I lowered my hand down to my dick and slowly began to stroke my shaft. I looked outside, but thankfully the couple had disappeared from the deck into the house. However, I was keenly aware that they could clearly see me if they chose to look out the window into my brightly lit living room with no curtains.

"Go slowly, if you cum too early you will never see the computer again."

Immediately, I slowed down. My cock was now fully erect from the stimulation and I had to admit I was beginning to enjoy the activity.

"Stand up."

I hesitated, not wanting to attract attention of the neighbors with movement. "I'm standing," I replied.

"Liar!" came the reply! Suddenly my situation became much more complicated. I was aware now that the person on the other end was actually watching me. Quickly I stood up, no longer concerned about the movement or attention it might attract.

"Joe, I'm disappointed in you. You must be punished."

"No, I'm sorry. I'm standing now!"

"Too late," came the reply. Immediately after that came a picture of my computer screen. The file system was opened, and there were three files highlighted for deletion. One was a photo from Diane, I could not tell which one. Another was one of the Vicky pics, causing me grief because I had not backed up those files! Finally, and the biggest loss of all, was Chapter 1 of my book. This would hurt.

"Please, no. I'll do whatever you say." I quickly texted.

"Too late, they are gone," came the reply, with another picture to prove the point. Additionally Chapter 2 was highlighted along with multiple photos, the curser asking "are you sure you want to delete these files?"

"NO PLEASE!" I sent.

"Will you do exactly what I tell you?"


"Good boy Joe. Walk outside on the porch."

Not waiting this time I proceeded to walk onto the porch, completely naked. I looked around the dunes, and across at the neighbor's house, but I could not see my culprit. They were just too well hidden wherever they were at watching my every move.

"You are not hard, Joe. Rub yourself and get it up!"

Feeling very self conscious I reached down to my limp penis and began to stroke it. The oil provided excellent lubricant, but I was having a hard time getting an erection under these conditions.

"Walk to the beach."

Still stroking my cock, I walked down the path to the beach. I glanced, but did not see anyone who was watching me. I paid close attention to the dunes around my house. I'm not sure what I'd have done if I saw the person giving me commands, but I never caught a glimpse.

However, I was so intent on spotting my tormenter that I never saw the couple who were sitting on the beach near the end of my path. They were kissing, seated with their back to me, and I was probably ten feet away before I saw them and froze.

I immediately ducked down into a crouch, hoping that they had not spotted me. How embarrassing, walking along naked stroking my dick, covered in oil, and holding a cell phone. I'm sure they would have called the police!

"What's wrong Joe?"

"There are 2 people here!" I texted.

"How interesting!" Came the reply. "Walk back just to the dunes, and watch them. Maybe they will fuck!"

I crept back to the line of dunes, kneeling down just behind one so I could see the couple kissing on the beach.

"Keep stroking that cock Joe"


"Oh, you ARE a naughty boy Joe!"


By now my cock was back to life. I slowly stroked it while watching the couple making out in the bright moonlight. He pushed her to the sand and rolled on top of her, kissing her with passion. The sound of the waves gently crashing on the beach masked any other sounds they made, and had the added bonus of concealing the vibrations of my phone.

"Stop!" The text said. Reluctantly I stopped stroking my dick and waited for the next command.

"Okay, I stopped," I replied.

He rose up to peel off his shirt, and I saw that it was Tom from next door, which explained where they had gone! I just watched the couple as my unseen director watched me kneeling down naked on the dune.

"Raise up and rub your balls"

I did as commanded, rising up on my knees and rubbing my swollen balls in the moonlight. Tom was back down kissing the girl, his hands working down to her breasts. He reached under her shirt to fondle her tits.

As I watched him my own hand was cupping and rolling my balls.

They rolled over with her straddling him on top. He pushed her shirt up and revealed her tits, pushing off her shirt and bra. My dick began to stream some moist pre cum from the tip of my penis.

"Now slowly stroke that pecker," came the text. With relief I began to stroke the shaft of my penis, rubbing the juicy pre-cum into my well oiled shaft.

"Good boy! Don't cum yet!"

"K" was all I managed to type.

I was slowly stroking as I watched her pull down his shorts to reveal a rock hard cock. She slid down and grasped the dick in her hand as she lowered her mouth onto his head. I matched her movements of her mouth with my hand, feeling the intense pleasure of her blowjob in my own dick as I watched his member disappear into her mouth.

"Stroke it faster, but don't cum!"

I complied, my hand sliding up and down my rigid pole as I watched her sucking on his penis only a few feet away from me.

Suddenly she stood up and lowered her shorts to reveal a nicely trimmed pussy. He immediately pulled her down on top of his dick, and she began to ride him in the moonlight on the beach.

"Stop!" Came the command. This time it was much more difficult, but I pulled my hand back from my throbbing dick.

"K" I said.

She was riding him with passion as I watched from my concealed position.

"You will stand up now," said the text.

Slowly, so I wouldn't attract her attention, I rose up completely hard and naked standing in front of the couple fucking on the sand. She was facing me, but did not open her eyes as she leaned her head back and rubbed her tits as she impaled herself on his rigid cock.

"Now, jack off, Joe!"

I began to stroke my cock again while watching the incredibly erotic scene in front of me. My dick was throbbing with pleasure as she reached climax and began to thrash about on his penis inside her. I knew I was getting close as he rolled off her and stood in front of her. His dick was inches from her face as he stroked his cock, matching my own strokes.

"Cum when he does, but not before!"

I dropped the phone in my excitement and grabbed my cock with both hands pleasuring myself as he did. Her mouth was open and awaiting his juices as she licked his penis tip. He continued to pound it as I matched his motions stroke for stroke.

Suddenly he tensed up and a stream of white cum sprayed from his dick in her open mouth. She let it dribble from her open mouth, cascading on her tits as he shot more and more on her.

I grabbed my balls with one hand as I erupted in a mind numbing climax, spraying cum into the air in arcing streams on the sandy dune. My knees gave way and I collapsed in the sand as I continued to stroke my pulsing penis.

My phone lit up with the text "good boy!"

"Thanks," was all I could say to the bizarre situation. Here I was covered in cum, sand, and oil, laying naked on the beach next to an unsuspecting couple who were spent from their sex on the beach.

"Go home," came the command.

Backing away in a crouch, I hurried back to my open house. I was thrilled to discover my laptop was waiting me on the kitchen table. I opened it up to see a video of my house on the screen. I clicked the play button and immediately the past hour began to unfold on the screen! It was a complete video of me naked in my house, stroking in the living room, going outside and jacking off in front of the couple on the beach. I don't know how it was shot, but even in the low light there was incredible clarity of the green night vision image of my exploits.

"That's a copy for you," came the ominous text.

"Please don't show this to anyone!" I pleaded.

"That depends on you," replied the mystery person. "If you are a good boy it will be safe, but don't disappoint me the next time I contact you!"

"I won't," I replied, curious as to what else would be required from me and when it would happen. I had a mix of fear and arousal in my body, and I felt a tingle in my cock as I thought about what had happened.

"Good boy, Joe!"

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