tagMind ControlJoe's Coworker

Joe's Coworker


Joe was an average guy with an average size cock. He knew how to use it to please but didn't want any commitments. He loved to be in control, mind control to be exact. He used his power to get the girls he wanted to do exactly as he wanted, wherever and whenever.

One day at work a new girl came in and caught Joe's attention. Damn she was a looker. Her auburn hair that hit a little below her shoulders, sparkling blue eyes, C cup breasts, and that perfect hour glass figure. Joe couldn't help but be turned on. His cock wanted her ASAP. Joe went up to her and started chatting to earn her trust and get her name. Mackenzie was anything but a piece of ass to Joe but he knew he would be able to have his way with her.

Joe then went to work at getting her mind to agree that she wanted Joe to come over to her place and that she would do whatever it took to get him to be inside of her. Mackenzie went up and asked him to come over and gave him the address. All Joe could think was hell yeah, I always win!

Later that night Joe showed up at her place. He decided commando would be a great idea and to be a little wet still from his fresh shower. He knocked once and Mackenzie answered the door in a robe. Joe thought she was looking damn fine and he was going to get that robe as his souvenir. He followed her up the stairs and watched her ass sway back and forth. They reached the first door upstairs and proceeded through the door way.

Mackenzie locked the bedroom door and told Joe to sit on the bed she would only be a minute on the computer. He sat down but had removed his shirt to even this game. Joe's chest was not too much build but also not too little. As Mackenzie finished up, she turned around to find Joe pulling at the button of his shorts. Mackenzie now was a little frightened and not willing to do much.

"Take the robe off. It is very hot and we don't need you overheated." Joe casually said this like it was nothing. "If it would make you feel more comfortable lay down first."

Joe noticed a box under the bed. He wondered what was inside. As he looked up he saw Mackenzie laying on the bed without the robe. She was just as he had imagined her naked earlier. Her nipples stood erect and he moved his hand over her tummy up towards them to play with them while he found out what was in the box.

"What is in this box?" Joe asked out loud.

"Nothing important," Mackenzie gasped.

Joe decided to open the box and there inside he found several pairs of handcuffs and keys. "Hmmm, these could come in handy. Do you like being cuffed to your bed and lay there helpless? I bet you do by the amount of cuffs you have." He grabbed one pair out and hooked it to the bed. He then grabbed her right wrist and cuffed it to her. Then he did the left the same way.

"Am I going to need to spread u open too? Or should I just skip that for now and taunt you?" Mackenzie gasped as Joe's hand teased her cunt. His fingers were moving up and down Mackenzie's stomach and stopping right before his fingers could touch her wet cunt. He continued this game for a little while longer until he couldn't take it anymore and just slid his fingers right in to get some juices.

Joe removed his finger to get a taste and then held it to her mouth. "You know you want to know how it tastes. It tastes like sweet candy. All you have to do for the candy is open your mouth, encircle my finger with your lips, and suck it right off." Mackenzie obeyed like a little whore. "Now that's more like it. Didn't that taste good?"

All Mackenzie did was nod her head yes. Joe continued to search through the box until he found an interesting toy. It was small and had a remote. He had plans for it. He stuck it in her ass after turning it on. He held the remote and had the idea to fuck her brains out while he had the control in her ass.

He spread her legs open and lifted her ass up to insert the toy. He took the remote in his hand and put the setting at slow. He slowly drove his cock into her wet pussy. He let out a sigh of relief at the feel of her around his cock. It had been aching since this morning and it needed relief. He pulled out a little and pushed his way back in. her lower body was squirming so he moved up the setting and gradually started pumping faster. His hands played with her ample breasts and used them as a way to pull him in further.

His entire length was all the way inside Mackenzie and she started moaning louder and saying things beneath her breath. In response to her moans he decided to speed thing up for her. He could do this all night but wanted to see her cum at least twice before he did. After a few minutes playing with her clit she started cumming for the first time. Her juices were lubricating his thrusts better. Her moaning in his ears sounded like she wanted more.

Pumping faster and playing with her clit made it easier for him to make her wish she wasn't such a cock tease. "How does the cock tease like this? Vibrator in your ass and me fucking your brains out while playing with your swollen clit. Your wetness only encourages me to do this more."

Joe heartedly laughed as she started cumming again like the whore she was being. Joe soon followed her second orgasm. He left his cock in her a few more minutes and finally pulled out. He left the vibrator in and left in running. Mackenzie was still cuffed to the bed and unable to move. He was going to show her who was the boss. "You are my sex puppet from now on. When I need to find you, you will always be there. You will never question me, you will only obey."

"Yes master," was all Mackenzie could get out of her mouth.


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