tagGay MaleJoe's Extraordinary Library Visit

Joe's Extraordinary Library Visit

byJack Gates©

Being an author on Literotica I get a lot of feedback from both male and females concerning first time anal sex. From women who are curious because of pressing lovers who keep asking them to bend over backwards to please them. Then there are bi-curious guys desperate to feel a cock inside their bums and scared stiff to ask a guy to do it.

Personally, I was raped so I did not get a chance to dither. Which brings me to the number one question: Does it hurt? Not one experienced male or female will answer that question in the negative. There are lots of very sensitive tissues in the rectum and they take umbrage when they are suddenly pillaged by an alien from outer-space! 'You can't come in this way!' One way only! Oh! Well! Laws have always been mindless and the male cock is pretty mindless. It is the most mischievous 1% of the male body and highly sought after! So I am told.

I have it on good authority also that women from Saphos can be pretty as well as unruly when they have phallic replicas strapped around their loins. It is time boffins gave women more power by making their dildos more versatile by giving them more feeling! Equipping them with nerve centres and making them transfer those feelings to the wielding pussy. So, when a lady fucks her girlfriend or her happy-go-lucky boyfriend, then ecstatic joy can be had by all! I think women have gone too long without phallic-joy. Lobby Parliament girls! Tell the Government what you want! You want thinking, feeling, sensitive penises attached to your straps, right? You want erectile tissue which grow hard and long and then soft and small, just at the touch of a button. While you are there, tell them you want all dildos on the National Health.

After all! On the end of a happy woman you will find, dangling, a deeply impaled happier man.

Time to get onto what I am writing about, tell you what! We will call him, Joe. Or if you are a Lady reading my story then all you have to do is use your imagination and change your name to Joe. Joe had grown up in awe of his Mother and her many domineering women friends. He steered clear of the opposite sex as he grew up. He did not attract them. One girl had traded a look at his cock for a look at her pussy when they were out for a country walk together. She had stroked it and made it grow hard and she started to giggle so he had put it away. She made him kneel down in the wet grass to look at her pussy and she pushed his mouth and nose against it and he pulled away from her because the smell was awful. Fishy, he hated fish! It was all wet, horribly slimy which made him shudder with revulsion. He ran home and left her in the woods. Up until then, Joe had been allergic to soap and water, when he got home he washed his face three times. His Mum didn't say anything, but he saw her smiling.

* * * *

Joe is a Mother and Fathers son, living in the sticks who discovers in himself a strange yearning one morning after he has seen his old man in the loo with a hard-on! Hand moving up and down on it at a blinding speed until Daddy looks up from his industry and espies Joe's eyes pinging out of their deep sockets towards his gi-normous penis. Low and behold, there was so much embarrassment in the room, until Joe makes a speedy retreat back to his room and throws himself onto his bed and finding himself grinning nervously like a Cheshire moggy. Strange things happened to our Joe at that moment. He had never thought oh his Daddy doing naughty things like that to himself. Things he had been doing nervously to himself since his little cock first started to erect. He had never seen his Daddy wearing spectacles or tapping the floor with a white stick. Not like Mr Clements who lived next-door but one. When Mum had caught Joe doing it, she had told him that he would end up like Mr Clements, he knew that wasn't true because his friend Robin Clements had told him that his Dad suffered with diabetes and that the blindness had stemmed from that. Now he had a dilemma. Who was telling the truth? Robin or Mummy?

Days, weeks, years and a decade came and passed with Joe having a brilliant picture of his Dad's hard penis. He had long since found out that the penis was for penetrating orifices both male and female. He had found out because of his astute studiousness, a book-worm, frequenting libraries in his spare time. He was told by a librarian that there were places in the library where pornographic books were kept in a private room kept strictly locked up with only privileged people allowed to go in there, even then the books were to be read on the premises, within the room while a member of staff remained in the room. Joe promised to be good and to obey implicitly all rules and directives and was duly sworn in and given permission to use the room within.

And so it came to pass that Joe found himself locked in a room with Jeremy. Therein he was treated to the wonders of the sexual world of sensual literature. He learned about anal irrigation, the cleanliness before sodomy. The different syringes, pumps, enemas, needless to say the two young gentlemen were becoming more and more friendly until they started to ask very personal questions and seeking truthful answers from each other. Until the last straw came about with Jeremy showing Joe some short video programs on anal hygiene. Use of condoms, even showing Joe how to put a condom onto a lifelike effigy of a real cock by just using his mouth and lips to roll the condom over the cockhead and to finally smooth it down the shaft with the fingers. Then came the final film, about anal sex with another male, the types of lubrication, like spit, oil, gels and Vaseline. The kissing; the touching; the fingering; the anal douching; the cock sucking and finally the cock going in and out of the guy's asshole! Joe was so wrapped up in what the film was telling him he was unaware for a while that Jeremy was feather-light stroking Joe's very hard cock. Well, not until the cool air wafted around his vitals, amazed when he looked down to see that Jeremy was gently pumping his pride and joy.

Joe's mind cast back in time to when he first saw his Dad's cock and he began to realise that his own member was now a facsimile of his Fathers. He wasn't masturbating himself! Another guy was doing it to him!

Joe eased his long frame back in his chair and opened his legs wide and murmured passionately when Jeremy moved and knelt between Joes legs and was shocked to see his hardness go into Jeremy's mouth. It only seemed like a few seconds before he was crying out to Jeremy that he was about to shoot his juices. Jeremy replied by sucking harder and faster until Joe cried out and shot his full load in copious ball-draining spurts. Nothing he had done with girls had been as good as what Jeremy did to him.

After a while he heard Jeremy say, 'are you ready to get me off, now, Joe?'

Joe gulped in nervous excitement,'you want me to suck you off now?'

'No, you have seen in the film that pricks go into assholes, Joe. I want to fuck you in your ass! When I shoot my spunk I want to shoot it right up inside your asshole!'

'But, I have never done that! I'm an anal virgin!'

'Come now, Joe! You must have thought about it! You were well turned on by the guy's fucking in the film I showed you. Made you as hard as a rock. Didn't you imagine yourself bending over for it? You told me about your Dad. Did you imagine your Dad fucking you? I bet you did!'

'It is too embarrassing to talk about, Jeremy.'

'Is that because I am right? You did want him to do it to you, didn't you? You want me to fuck you don't you, Joe? You want this nice big cock of mine in you where you wanted your big Daddy to put his cock! Tell me the truth, Joe! You did want your Daddy to fuck your ass, didn't you?'

Joe's face turned crimson, tear ran from his right eye. He hung his head for a while and finally looked up,'It has worried me so much, my feelings after I saw my Dad's cock and what he was doing with it and the way he looked at me. He wasn't as embarrassed as I was. In fact he brandished it at me, Jeremy! I ran because it made me feel funny, a bit excited. I had heard things. That Fathers do things with their sons, naughty things. When I got back to my room I was expecting him to follow me and do things to me. I was very disappointed when he did not come.'

He looked down again, head in his hands. Still looking down he asked Jeremy, 'Will it hurt? When you put it in me, will it hurt?'

'Yes, Joe. It will hurt. Depends on you, that you do not tighten up and prevent it entering you. That will make me force my cock into you and that will hurt. If you do exactly what I say you will get a wee bit of pain at first, but it will go away and from then on you will enjoy the pleasure like everyone else does. The trick is to use plenty of lubrication and that I loosen your hole with my oiled fingers and you will find yourself turned on and you will ask me to to fuck you. Some guys are born to take cock, Joe! You are one of them.'

'This is all new to me. I may chicken out! What if I say, no? I do not think that I want you to rape me.'

'Look! Come into the loo with me and lets go through it all one step at a time. We will start with anal irrigation. Washing out your bum. That always puts me in the mood to be fucked, it's lovely.'

'What if someone comes in here?'

'No one will. Only Larry, my Boss knows we are in here. He knows that I will be getting it on with you. Larry is homosexual too. The douching equipment we are going to use was his idea, he made it. It was Larry who took me into the bathroom and he used it on me before he fucked me. He taught me all the things that I am teaching you. All the books and videos and things were bought and paid for by him and myself.'

'I did want to do it with my Dad. I do not think he ever thought about it, or gave it another thought. I reasoned with myself that him waving his cock at me like that was bravado to cover up his own embarrassment. The problem was, it fuelled my own fantasies about him and his wonderful cock. They built up over the years, from touching it and stroking it and like he was doing, wanking it! Finally I imagined myself naked, laying underneath him, feeling it inside me. Him doing it to me.'

'Doing what to you, Joe?'

'You know? Fucking me!'

'How old were you when you finally reached that mind-blowing decision, Joe?'

'I was 19, never kissed a girl or had one come onto me. I thought about girls, but I was too shy with them too and at 19 I thought I was past it with women, if they didn't want me, I didn't want any truck with them either.'

'You can buy yourself a woman, Joe! You see them hanging about on street corners.'

'Not interested, you are giving me the jitters, Jeremy. I am out of here if we do not get on with this thing. I want you to make a man of me, or is it a woman? What does being fucked in my asshole make me, Jeremy?'

'It will make you a wiser young man with a sore ass. At least you will know if you want to do it again with other guys or just bury the incident into your past and chalk it down as an experience. Your destiny is in your trousers just now. Go into the bathroom and get out of them for me, the rest of your clothes too. You can still say no and get out of here. Which to me would be a shame and a disappointment because you have a comely shaped arse on you, which I would love to get this dick of mine into.'

I was on my way into the bathroom when I quipped over my shoulder, 'it's nice to be fancied, Jeremy.' I closed the door and opened it again and left it ajar. I needed Jeremy's support in what I was doing.

I looked round. It was a big posh bathroom, even had a bidet! The bath itself was triangular with jets in the bottom of it. I imagined myself sitting over one of those jets. There was pipes with nozzles on coming from taps sunk into the tiled walls. I shivered it was all so outrageously sexual! I stripped off my clothes, amazed at my own feelings, I was consenting to all this without any restriction in my own brain. I knew I was consenting to anal intercourse with a man and it would go ahead now as soon as he saw me naked. My cock stayed soft and withered looking, to the point of me feeling ashamed of it. What would Jeremy think of it? Made me feel like an adolescent, Little Boy Blue!

I had no time to worry about, suddenly he was there with me and he too was naked and I was relieved that he was minus an erection too. Saying that, it was still bigger than mine in its flaccid state. It was darker pigmented than his ordinary pale skin colour. His foreskin was only half covering his knob and I had the feeling it would grow quite large which made my anal muscles contract. He drew me up close to him and he stroked my face and kissed my forehead then my eyes and nose then his lips made contact with my own. We just stood there in the middle of his bathroom, naked and snogging, his hands gliding all over me. I sighed into his mouth, around his probing tongue when I felt his fingers stretching my buttocks apart. I thought back guiltily to laying in my bed thinking of my Dad doing the same thing to me. I could feel Jeremy's penis growing bigger against my loins, rubbing against my own cock and balls. I moaned and thrust myself at him when his finger pressured my anal button. I was trembling like a leaf in his arms. This was a colossal jump from being bi-curious.

He broke away from me, 'sit on the loo Joe before I forget you have L-plates fore and aft. Just looking at you like that makes me very horny to get this thing into you. I have to keep control and teach you everything.'

It was only at that moment that Joe really looked at Jeremy to give him any sort of age and he was shocked to realise that Jeremy was as old as his own Father at least! Maybe Jeremy had a son Joe's age! The same tinge of grey hair in his side-burns, it didn't deter him. In fact it turned him on. Maybe, if he closed his eyes while Jeremy was fucking him he could pretend that it was his Dad doing it to him!

He came back as Jeremy was poking a nozzle-tipped pipe between his legs into the loo.

'This is a douche, designed to wash out your asshole with fresh clean warm water. The trick is to not to get it to warm to scald your innards or to remove the natural anal wall lubrication. Open your legs wider, Joe.'

He knelt down and controlled the taps with his right hand, tested and guided the nozzle into Joe's rectum with the other. It felt good to Joe as he felt the water inflating his bowels. He closed his eyes and gave himself up to the very sensual feelings.

'Now, pay attention, Joe! When you feel the water becoming too much for you to handle, say, 'Now!' and I will remove the nozzle from your asshole. Then you can push down on you anal sphincter and let all the water out of your bum. Take hold of the nozzle and feed it into your ass yourself and let the water out and keep filling and letting go until you are spotlessly clean. While this is going on, keep thinking about my cock and why you are washing out. You are washing out to be fucked in your asshole, Joe!. Milk this for all the joy you can get out of it as it is the foreplay for being fucked.'

He watched Joe closely, the expressions on his face and it was obvious Joe was loving it. Jeremy stroked his cock because he was getting turned on to the need to do some serious fucking.

Jeremy's cock was as big and thick as his Dad's penis. It started to worry him that he had so many incestuous thoughts. His Dad was staring into his eyes a lot as if he was trying to read his thoughts since the incident in the bathroom. Were they attracted to each other? Mum was going out on her own a lot leaving them alone together in the house. Dad was going to the loo a lot and telling Joe where he was going. Joe thought it was to warn him not to go into the loo again. But, what if his Dad wanted him to go in with him?

'I am clean now, Jeremy.'

'Good, do it once more and this time when you expel the water do it by forcing down really hard on your rectal muscles to make sure you completely drain yourself. Next turn off the taps and shake the water out of the hose and then place the nozzle into the bidet.'

Joe had not been so conscious of his anal muscles before. He was contracting them and loosening off naturally and he was also realising that there was no longer a strangeness between himself and another man. Their closeness and nakedness seemed commonplace now. It was almost as if he was saying to himself, 'I am washing out my ass to be fucked! So what? He was no longer nervous of Jeremy touching him. He was no longer afraid of that big cock dangling so close to his face.

'Right, Joe! There's just the lubrication of your asshole now and then you will be ready for my cock. You can still say no to this. Joe! There is always another time, or you can say no it is not for you. Never allow anyone to fuck you against your wishes. I told you at the beginning to pretend you are a girl, woman, what have you. When we are making love that is the way I shall treat you as if you are a female and I will be treating your asshole as if it is a pussy. Your cock becomes a female clitoris. I will tease it, tantalise it, suck it and nibble it as if it is a clitty. It will all be love play so I can get my cock into you and you will beg me to fuck you. I want you to talk dirty, tell me exactly what you want me to do to you. Faster, harder, deeper, what ever your wishes. We are now lovers, Joe. You may want to fuck me. I won't stop you, I will expect it from you!'

'There is no way I am leaving here until you do fuck me, Jeremy. Are we alright for time? Will you not be missed?'

'No, my boss knows what I am doing. What we are doing. He may want his share of you though for being so tolerant. Not today though. You can arrange with him if you want to spend some time in here with him. He is a great lover you will like him a lot.'

'Would he mind if I only wanted to do it with you?'

'Larry would respect that, but it would be common courtesy to let him have his turn with you even if it was just the once.'

'I will not be able to answer that until you have had your turn, Jeremy.'

'Well lets go through and do it, Joe. I will be gentle with you, that's a promise.'

'I don't really care. I want this as much as you do now. I want you to fuck me. I want to feel your hard cock inside me. I have wanted this since I saw my Dad playing with himself. It clicked something in my brain, that it was my way ahead. Not to do it with my Father, although it did cross my mind. That may be a bridge to cross for me in the future, but just now, it is you and me, Jeremy. I am yours, fuck me!'

By this time we were on the bed in each others arms and we were kissing each other passionately, when Jeremy urged me onto my stomach I went there willingly. I felt him parting my ass cheeks and his tongue lapping my anus. His fingers probing and then the cool lubrication his fingers digging deeper. It felt good. The femininity in me wanted this. His cock was hard and in my hand and I was pulling on it longingly my ass-pussy was his to take and mine to give. I spread eagled myself and uttered, ' Now, Jeremy! Take me! Now! Please! Please fuck me!'

'Cock your bum up and take it, Sweetheart. My prick is all yours. Can you feel my cock pushing into your hole?'

'Oooh! Aaaaagh! Ooh! God! Yes! Oh! Don't stop! Do it, keep pushing it up me! Fill my pussy, right up! It's so big! oooh! Its hurts, but don't stop! Make me take it, all of it!'

'It's right in! Can you feel my balls against yours! You are no longer a virgin. You are an homosexual. A man, lover of men. A male slut who loves cock up his tight asshole and I am giving it to you, Lover-boy! You are some fuck!'

'Ooooh! Jeremy it feels so good! You are pumping it in and out of my ass. I never thought it would feel as good as this!'

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