Joe's Harcut


Oh, my God! I have to tell you about a recent encounter I had when I was getting a haircut. I had heard of this new place, so I went to try it out. I walked in and I knew that I was definitely in the right place!

The girl at the front desk was wearing a referee shirt, which was tied in a knot showing a tight midriff over her tight black shorts. But the cleavage was what really caught my eye. She was tightly stacked in that outfit, and her tits were pushed together and proud. Damn, she was hot!

“First time?” she asked, with a smile that made my pulse quicken even more.

“Yes,” I replied, trying to maintain eye contact with her, but those tits kept drawing my eyes down. I know she must have been aware of the effect she was having on me, because she slowly leaned forward over the counter, and slowly opened the schedule book. This, of course, had the effect of her tits pushing even more forward, threatening to spill out of that tight top!

“Well, let’s see,” she said, “we need to fit you in.” She reached over to the side of the counter for a pencil which was next to the register. As she shifted to grab the pencil, her top shifted just slightly pushing back one side of her black bra. I saw the beginning of the areola just peeking out to the side, and I felt my cock immediately begin to stiffen in my shorts.

She then leaned back over her appointment book, and said, “now who is the right one for you?” As she said this she slowly twirled the pencil in her fingers, and then absent mindedly began to nibble on the end of it, letting the red eraser slide past her lips, and then slowly back out. I could not help it, my cock was in full force at this point, so I shifted around and stood closer to the counter, hoping it would hide my bulge, even though it was a glass counter!

This had the effect of bringing me into range of her perfume, which was intoxicating! “I have just the girl for you,” she said. “Cindy will be your perfect stylist today! Name?”


“Okay, Joe. Come with me,” she instructed, leading me through a doorway into a nicely furnished waiting lounge, with several big screen TV’s all on various sporting events. Without even waiting to ask me if I wanted one, she simply led me over to the refrigerator and opened it up to reveal a huge assortment of beers. Bathed in the light from the fridge, she bent over to grab a bottle off the lower shelf, perfectly framing that tight ass right in front of me. Damn, she was good!

Standing, she slowly turned around, and holding the bottle close, stepped forward to me, and said, “You just relax, we will take care of everything!”

Then she slid the bottle into my hand, smiled at me with all kinds of implied promises, and walked slowly back to the front, leaving me with staring at her sexy swing as she slowly exited the room. I must have looked like the coyote from the old bugs bunny cartoons with my jaw wide open. She was so sexy I could melt!

Regaining my senses, I sat on the couch, and sucked down half the beer in one swig. I put the cold bottle discreetly between my legs to cool down my raging hard on from the receptionist, and just sat there for a second, trying to regain some semblance of composure. I just watched the game on one of the TV’s, and sipped on my beer. But it did not take long before I was interrupted by another hot girl in a skimpy uniform.

“You must be Joe,” said the blonde. She was, if anything, even more hot than the receptionist. Her tits were large, and the push-up bra she wore under her unbuttoned shirt was doing a fantastic job of pushing up her firm, tan breasts. Her tight black shorts revealed long, tan legs that rose to a tight ass. “I’m Cindy, and I’ll be your stylist today.”

“Nice to meet you Cindy,” I said, shaking her hand. I followed her back to the next room where a series of stations were set up in a locker room style salon. Each station had a large TV at it, and of course stylist chairs and mirrors. I sat in the indicated chair as she began to study my hair. I used the opportunity to study her body in the mirror as she asked me about the cut I desired.

Taking out the cover, she wrapped it around me and leaned my chair back. As I leaned back her tits were inches from my face, and I tried to be discreet as I glanced at those perfect mounds. Next, she pulled out a hot towel from a box, and said, “this will help you relax.”

Cindy wrapped the hot towel around my face, blocking my view of her dynamite body. I was disappointed, but I realized it would only be a minute or two. Then she began to massage my scalp, running her fingers through my hair. “You have great hair,” she murmured as her magic fingers massaged my scalp. She worked her way down my neck, gently but firmly kneading my muscles. Then she slipped her hands under the drape, and began to work my shoulders too. “Let’s get that tension right out of you,” she said.

“Umm,” was my witty reply as the massage had its desired effect.

After an appropriate time, Cindy removed the towel from my face. The first thing I saw upon opening my eyes were her magnificent tits only a few inches from my face! I tore my gaze from her breasts up to her eyes which were locked on me. We made eye contact, and she gave me an enticing smile. At that point I knew that one of two things were going on. Either Cindy was milking me for every dollar she could get, or she was coming on to me. Frankly, at that point I could not care less! All I knew was that she was hot and I was sporting a raging hard-on under the sheet which she had draped over me.

As if sensing my situation Cindy leaned in, her eyes locked on mine and whispered, “I really think you are cute.”

Dammit! What did that mean? Cute? I was totally confused at this point! If she had whispered something about “extra service available” or even “stop staring at my boobs” I could deal with it. but “cute” was somewhere in the middle. Next thing she would tell me how much I reminded her of her ex! Yuck.

Which is exactly what Cindy did not do. Instead, she began to cut my hair expertly and neatly. I prepared myself for banal conversation about sports and weather, but again, Cindy surprised me.

“What turns you on Joe?” she asked bluntly.

“Um, I um, well...” I replied, no doubt stunning her with my conversational skills.

“Hair, I mean,” she said with a giggle. “I want to know if you like it more wild, or more sophisticated.”

“Oh, of course,” I stammered as my heart raced. “I guess I want to look casual, but not too cool or anything like that.”

“No color?”

“No, I don’t think its for me,” I replied. Evidently this was the right answer, as she gave me a look in the mirror that assessed me approvingly.

“I like that. Shows you are confident,” she said. As she said this her breasts gently brushed against my arms, sending a tingle down my spine. “I bet you are confident in other areas too.”

“Well, I’m not sure about that,” I admitted, with a nervous laugh.

“But you do have the looks, and I bet with a little more grooming we could really make you shine,” she replied. As she said this she moved around to the front and worked around my face, leaning forward. This brought her crotch directly in contact with my hand which was resting on the arm of the chair. She did not push, but I was certain that she was aware of the contact, even though she acted totally cool.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked, trying to act as if nothing was happening beneath the sheet. In fact, I felt my dick slip upwards in my shorts as my cock grew even harder under the drape. I hoped that it would not tent the fabric, but I had no way to know for sure.

“Well, if I can be direct...” she said.

“Sure, I’m open,” I assured her.

“I’m thinking about your sideburns, what if you raised them up?”

“I’m totally fine with that, no problem!” I said. What I was thinking was that I’d be willing to shave my head bald for this babe! She grabbed the clippers, and in a few swift movements my sideburns were no more.

“What do you think?”

“Looks fine to me,” I said, smiling up at her, with those great tits framed perfectly in front of my face. “What else do you recommend?”

“Well, what would you say to a shave?” Cindy asked me, scowling at my goatee.

I had to think about this one for a minute. Sideburns are minor, but shaving my goatee was a big step. “Well, I guess if you think I’d look better without it, I trust you,” I said, making solid eye contact with her.

“Good,” she said. Then she leaned in very close to me, her tits just begging me to stare at them. “Let’s go to the back, and we will do it right.”

Yes! Good answer! Suddenly I was totally happy with my decision.

She pulled off the sheet, and stepped back, her eyes drifting down to the tent in my shorts. I shifted uncomfortably, embarrassed about my hard-on. But she simply let her eyes rest on my crotch, then she smiled, and turned around to lead me to the back room.

I followed Cindy through the curtain to the back room, having shifted my cock down so as to not be so obvious. The room had a row of standard hair salon sinks in it, which we passed right by to go through a door into a smaller room. This room was much smaller, and had a black padded table in it, similar to a massage table. There was a counter, small sink, and some towels arrayed on the back wall.

This was all pretty standard, but the thing that caught my attention was the shower hose attached to the table, and I noticed a floor drain in the tile beneath the table.

"Okay Joe," Cindy instructed me. "Take off your clothes, and I will get you ready for your shave." She handed me a towel, as I stood there dumbfounded. My confusion was pretty apparent, because Cindy quickly explained, "It really is a standard bikini trim, we do them all the time!" Her smile and her confident manner assured me, but I was still pretty freaked out.

Was I really going to strip and let her shave my private parts? I thought we were talking about a shave, like off with the goatee, but this was much more than I bargained for. My mind raced with the possible outcomes of the decision, but frankly all of them meant that I’d have to strip naked in front of this incredible babe. While I must admit it made me feel awkward (what if she was not impressed with my body?) I still felt a certain level of arousal at the thought of stripping in front of a total stranger (and one that looked like her!).

She moved over to the sink and began to gather items for the shave. As she leaned over to grab a bottle from the lower cabinet she presented me a great view of her ass, which was all the encouragement I needed.

I opened the fly on my shorts, and pulled them down, still in my briefs. Then I pulled off the shirt over my head. When I could see again Cindy had turned around and was staring at my bulge in my briefs. She did not say a word, but she just stood there watching me. It was an incredible feeling, standing almost naked in front of this hot girl who was watching me undress.

Before I could chicken out I grabbed the sides of my shorts and began to lower them down.

"Mmmm," Cindy murmured softly. I don't think she was even aware of it, but it was the first indication I had that this was more than just a professional session for her. At this encouragement I continued to pull the briefs downward, my cock clinging to the elastic as I slid down. Suddenly I passed my tip, which caused my erection to spring up, my balls bouncing loosely. I stepped out of the briefs, and wrapped the towel around myself, watching her stare at me the whole time. I felt very embarrassed, and aroused at the situation!

Grabbing a pillow for me, Cindy indicated that I should lie on my back, which I did. She approached me with a bottle of something, and began to slowly pour a clear liquid on my chest. It was warm, and felt incredible as she began to rub it on my chest.

She was leaning over me rubbing the oil on me, and I could not take my eyes off her golden tits which were hovering just inches away from my chest. Slowly, she began to work her way down my abdomen, approaching the towel. My cock stirred under the towel, which caused it to shift open just a bit. I was not sure if she could see my penis, but she kept on rubbing the oil, and then shifted to my legs.

Starting with my feet, she poured a stream of oil on my legs, and began to work upward. The feeling was so intense my cock shifted again, pulling the towel even more apart. Taking advantage of this, she worked further up my thighs, her fingers now under the towel just inches from my penis. Then she deftly moved her hands apart, separating the towel which freed my hard cock to stand rigid in the air.

"Mmmm, Joe. That looks nice."

I just stared at her from my pillow, the view of my penis centered between her tits and her eyes looking directly at my cock! She reached across the table to reach the shower hose, and as she did so one nipple was briefly exposed to me, hard and red from her arousal. She pulled up the hose which immediately began to spray a warm light flow of water. She pointed it at my hand first. "How is the temperature?"

I merely said, "It's great," while staring at her beautiful body. She then began to slowly spray my feet, working her way up my legs, and cascading the warm water on my nude body. When the water hit my dick I felt an immediate tingle which coursed through my body causing me to arch my back in pleasure.

Cindy giggled as she playfully sprayed my hard cock with the water! She worked upward on my chest, moving slowly. Then she replaced the hose and grabbed another bottle from the counter. Pouring this on my chest, I realized it was a body wash soap. She began to lather up my chest, working down toward my cock very slowly. I closed my eyes from the intensity of the feeling as she soaped up my naked chest. Then she again skipped to my legs and began to work upwards.

I looked down again at the sight of her hands working a foam on my legs just below my balls. Slowly she slid her hands between my thighs and gently pulled my legs apart. At this point my cock was begging for attention!

However, Cindy poured more soap along the base of my cock, allowing it to run down my crack onto my ass. She worked one hand directly between my legs and continued to apply the soap. When her fingers touched my asshole I thought I would cum right then! My cock went even more rigid and again my back arched up allowing her fingers to slide across my hole.

Slowly she began to move upward to my balls. She poured more soap on the base as she touched my balls for the first time. Her soapy hands rubbed the slippery balls in my warm, loose sack. The incredible sensation made me moan softly.

Then she slowly removed her hands as I laid on the table naked and breathing hard. With a smile Cindy reached over to the counter and produced a disposable razor.

"Now you just relax, and I will take care of you!"

She carefully began to move the razor across my chest, using the wet towel occasionally to wipe off the soap. I don’t have much chest hair, so that did not take long. Then she moved down to my legs, shaving them clean as I watched.

Reaching the top of my legs, Cindy again pulled them apart and deftly took care of the light hair surrounding my anus. This time she was careful not to excite me, and I was very careful not to move!

Finally Cindy came to my scrotum. She lifted my balls up and shaved under them. Then she leaned forward and with her lips just millimeters from my dick blew a light breeze on my balls!

"Damn!" I whispered as she blew. The intense sensation was mind altering, as she continued to blow and stare at my rigid pole. This had the desired effect of drawing up my sack while my cock jerked a few time involuntarily. Smiling at her work, Cindy took the razor and began to shave my balls clean.

She then reached up and positioned her hand above my penis. She hovered there for a second, building the anticipation! Very slowly she encircled my shaft with her fingers, pulling the dick straight up to point at the ceiling. Then she shaved off the remaining pubic hair, which was already closely trimmed. However, she did not leave any of the hair, completely shaving my body!

After finishing she gently laid my cock back down, but then allowed her fingers to caress my penis tip for just a second. Damn, she was good!

She leaned across my wet body and grabbed the hose again. The warm water felt so good on my chilled skin. Spraying me gently, she used her other hand to rub off the soap and clean my shaved figure. I was still breathing heavy at this point.

She followed the same pattern as before, moving from chest, to legs, and finally to my middle. This time when she spread my legs she pushed the shower wand down between my legs, spraying warm water on my ass and balls. Her striped shirt was getting spray on it, causing it to cling to those fabulous tits. Her nipples were very pronounced as I too in the view of her cleavage hovering over my shaved cock with the warm water spraying on my ass and balls. It was an amazing sight, and I did not bother to conceal my total infatuation with her.

As if to encourage me, she bent over further bringing the cups just above my right hand, which was laying dutifully on the table at my side. I looked into her eyes and slowly reached up to cup one of her breasts. She had a smoldering look on her face as I caressed her breast, which she responded to with a gentle moan, as her eyes shut.

Her fingers slid over my anus, causing another spasm in my body, and I reflexively squeezed her tit. This was evidently a good thing for her, as she reacted by pushing harder on my ass hole while moving her tit more firmly into my hand.

Suddenly, her eyes opened, and she raised up. I froze for a second, afraid I had gone too far, but then she laid down the shower hose and began to untie the bottom of her damp shirt. I sat up to help her unbutton the few remaining buttons on her shirt, which fell open to reveal a sexy lace bra. She reached back and unclasped her bra, allowing it to slide forward in her open shirt. I reached in her shirt and pushed the bra straps and the shirt off her shoulders. They slid to the floor revealing those perfect breasts to my hungry eyes.

I cupped under her tits with both hands, as the hose continued to spray a fountain of water upward on my chest from between my legs. Pulling her forward, I slid on perfect red nipple into my mouth, savoring the salty taste. Her areola were dark, and perfectly outlined her hard nipples. I let my tongue flick lightly on first one, then the other breast. She moaned as she pushed my head into her chest, thrusting her tits in my mouth.

Suddenly I felt her hand on my cock, sliding up and down on my slippery shaft. Finally -- I thought I would go insane in anticipation! She glided up to my head, and swirled it between her moist fingers, making me even harder.

Cindy pushed me back on the table. She bent over me and kissed me deeply, her tongue working its way in and out of my mouth. I closed my eyes and savored the feelings as her hands worked up and down on my penis. She broke our passionate kiss, and looked deep into my eyes as she continued to stroke my swollen member.

Then she looked down at my penis, and grabbed the shower hose which had fallen off the table, still spraying warm water. She focused the stream directly on my cock, and washed it off completely, taking her time as she pumped me up and down slowly. Then, with the water still on me, she bent over and slid my dick into her mouth.

I moaned loudly as she took the entire length of my cock into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around me like a lollipop, providing the most incredible sensation! I watched with rapt fascination as Cindy enveloped my cock over and over again. She raised up, and held my dick in one hand, while spraying water on my balls with the shower. Her tongue found the sweet spot under my head and she licked it to perfection, sending waves of pleasure over my body.

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