tagIncest/TabooJoe's Niece Ch. 02

Joe's Niece Ch. 02


Saturday morning was a repeat of Friday as I had to again wake up the little minx who still seemed to be on Tacoma time. Watching her, lying naked on her bed, the sheet thrown off during the night, I paused as I sat on the edge of her bed and watched her perfect teenage body stretched invitingly, just waiting for a man to penetrate it.

Lying next to her, just dressed in sweaty gym shorts, I proceeded to lightly run my hands over her silky skin, then woke her by sticking my tongue deep into one ear and licking it

"Oh, gee, what time is it Uncle Joe? Not morning already. I've got to sleep," she mumbled as she stretched like a cat and turned over.

Giving her first a firm slap on her butt and then caressing both cheeks firmly and insistently I slowly felt her body respond, no longer unaware of her surroundings. Pulling her head around and firmly inserting my tongue between her lips, I then relentlessly pushed my big finger into her anal opening.

"Uncle Joe! Fuck, oh fuck. God, stop, you're hurting," she yelled, fighting to escape my grip, thrashing helplessly against my strength.

"Time to wake Princess," I laughed while picking her up and carrying her to the shower in her bathroom. Holding her against my body I turned the cold water tap on full and grinned as her shrieks echoed around the room. Finally I turned the warm water on and her yells subsided.

"You bastard! I can't believe you woke me like that," she exclaimed ferociously. And yet, as the water warmed her I started to feel her body move against mine, almost unconsciously trying to arouse me. She sensuously moved her firm breasts back and forth, her nipples so hard they were almost painful as they dug into my skin. My now fully aroused cock was poking up and into her belly button, keeping us apart for a second before she jammed her stomach towards me, trapping my hardness between us.

Carrying her soaking from the shower, I threw her onto the bed and then dove on top of her, my mouth seeking out her hairy mount. As my tongue found her rising clitoris, I felt her lips tentatively embrace my cockhead. Turning our bodies so that I was on my back with Patty spread on top of me, I grabbed her two ass cheeks and pulled her moist and distended vulva to my mouth.

Patty, for her part, seemed to need no instruction in cock sucking. With one hand massaging my balls, the other was drawing my shaft deep into her mouth, her tongue working continuously over my full length.

As I brought her to climax her body started shuddering in deep waves of passion, finally flooding my tongue in her female discharge. Lifting her legs and waist off me and moving her so she ended up kneeling between my legs, her mouth always stuffed with my engorged prick, I sat up, using my hands to direct the motions of her bobbing head.

"Suck me sweetie, oh shit, take my prick right down your throat, my beautiful little slut niece. Christ eat my cock Patty, lick your Uncle Joe's big dick," I yelled, all the while pushing deep into her throat. Finally I came, filling her with my male essence.

As we lay quietly facing each other, touching gently I asked, "Did you like my cock in your mouth, honey?"

"You know Uncle, I went eighteen years without a prick in my life and now I know it's the most important thing. Why didn't any one tell me? teach me? warn me?" she complained. "I want you to fuck me and the sooner the better!" she insisted.

"Oh Patty, I'm going to fuck you; you can count on that. Before this weekend is over this penis is going to penetrate every hole in your body. Now lets have breakfast, we're both going to need all our energies for what's coming". Walking to the kitchen, both of us still naked, I ordered Lin to prepare us a full breakfast – bacon and eggs, OJ, the works.

"Yes Master, right away. And how is my beautiful Mistress this morning? You look very eatable this morning Miss Patty," she finished while lightly caressing the teen's tight bum.

"I've already eaten and been eaten this morning Lin; I hope your meal is as tasty as Uncle's sweet meat," she replied smirking.

"Oh, nothing quite tastes as good as my Master's body. All my meals would taste sweeter if Master would spray his cream over them first".

"Well Unc, would you like to put him in my bowl of cereal," she asked laughing while seizing my penis firmly.

As the two of them laughed I grabbed each in turn, putting them over my lap and spanking them firmly.

"OK girls, we're leaving in an hour for the beach. Patty, you get the towels and beach stuff, and Lin, you prepare lunch and drinks for us all. I'm going to get the boat ready".

Fifty-five minutes later we were motoring out through Port Everglades Inlet on our way to the ocean, my boat, called the 'Big Propeller', chugging along smoothly at ten knots. As soon as we hit the ocean both girls stripped down and lay on the fore deck naked, each beautiful in her own way.

Thirty minutes later we arrived at the beach where we anchored one hundred yards offshore. Taking the binoculars Patty slowly moved them up and down the shoreline, "Well you promised me penis's Uncle Joe and I got to say you delivered" she laughed and then diving over the side yelled "I'll see you guys later".

Lin and I slowly followed, bringing the supplies to shore on an air mattress and then setting up on the sand. It was a delight watching the two girls cavort on the sand and frolic in the water that day.

They were a study in contrasts, the five foot, ninety-five pound Chinese and the tall (5'9") one hundred forty pound American. Lin's long black straight hair and shaven pussy versus beautiful wavy auburn hair both top and bottom. Small cuppable breasts topped by small aureoles and firm little nipples versus Patties proud, succulent orbs with eraser sized ends.

All day men continually approached the two, clearly stunned by their beauty, seeking to connect with them. Patty impressed her old uncle, even though young she showed an ability to converse and handle herself in a way few her age were capable of.

After pulling up anchor late that afternoon, Patty placed herself between the controls and my body, pushing her large firm bottom onto my shaft.

"Thanks Unc, I had a great day". Putting one arm between her legs she grasped me firmly saying, "This one was the prettiest prick of them all", then turned and bending rapidly gave him a quick suck and kiss. "Can Lin drive this boat?"

"Yes, why?"

"I want to lose my virginity on this boat, in your arms with the sun hot on my body. It's your penis I want. Please".

"But honey. Are you sure?"

Drawing me by phallus towards the sun bed on the bow I shouted to Lin, "Just keep us on an even course north, we're in no hurry to get home".

"Yes Master", she giggled, and then added, "be gentle Master"

We lowered ourselves to the bed, my eyes inches from hers as she whispered "Not that gentle please!" Our mouths approached, our lips slowly met and then our tongues entwined. I was surprised at the excitement I felt touching this young girl; after all she was just the last in a long line of women.

Lying on our sides facing each other, our bodies lightly touching I could feel we were both trembling, she in excitement and perhaps nervousness, I in anticipation. "God you're beautiful, Patty", I purred. "Just your lips are enough to make me crazy."

Our hands moved across the others body, caressing, exploring and then quickly realizing no more foreplay was required. Her cunt was already moist and open; my cock straining and bucking, impatient to enter her tunnel of sex.

"Fuck me Uncle Joe, oh God please put it in, pleaseee, I need him in me now", she gasped, panting hard.

Lifting her ankles onto my shoulders, I pulled her pussy towards my large, almost purple cockhead, drops of pre come already lubricating itself. Placing him at her entrance, I slowly forced the head into her heat, stopping as I met her unbroken membrane.

"It may hurt at first, honey", I warned, "but only for a minute and then womanhood awaits. Be brave". Then using my hands to pull her towards me, I thrust and smashed through her defenses in one long, deep stroke.

"Ooowww, oooww Uncle Joe, you're killing me! Mercy, pleaseee Uncle no", she screamed, her body thrashing in vain to unseat me.

Knowing that it was important she derive some pleasure from our coupling, I continued to pump my throbbing shaft hard into her body, my balls slapping against her ass with each thrust.

"You're so beautiful, my darling Patty", I continually assured her as her sobs and moans racked my ears. Long, slow strokes were interspersed with hard short jabs until finally I felt her body respond. Tentatively at first, but then more aggressively my thrusts were countered by her hips which rose to meet me.

Hesitantly her moans changed in tenor, now reflecting the pleasure my manhood was bringing her.

"Uuummm, uhmm, oh yessss", she yelped, her whole body shuddering in joy. "Oh Uncle, don't ever stop, more, harder, oh fuckk", she screamed, the first spasms of her orgasm moving outward from her soaking cunt.

As my penis exploded and spurted in response, bathing her insides, I collapsed on top of her, drained completely, stunned at how my own flesh and blood had moved me.

As we lay facing each other, both gasping heavily, she finally asked, "Was I OK Uncle Joe, did I please you?"

"Patty you are the most incredible woman in the world, you're perfect. I didn't hurt you too much?"

"I'm so sore", she laughed, "but what a good sore. Can you do it again or do you need a rest first", she asked mischievously.

Pulling her on top of me I yelled at Lin, "Are we still on course?"

"Yes Master, we won't be at Port Everglades for another twenty minutes".

We each came two more times before we tied up at my dock, both of us exhausted, yet I felt a sexual satisfaction I had rarely enjoyed before. I was staggered that my young niece had fulfilled me more than the hundreds of woman I had slept with over the past twenty years.

Carrying her in my arms up to her room, I laid the sweet teen softly on her bed and turned to leave.

"Please stay, Uncle Joe. You know, I think I'm in love with you. Please, I want you to sleep with me tonight. I want to wake in your arms", she said, barely audibly.

Lying next to her, holding her in my arms I whispered, "I know I'm in love with you honey" as I felt her body fall into sleep.

To be continued

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by lwilton10/12/18

Clearly an early story, but worth reading

I think this series of short stories may have been the first ones Jim Scouries published; they are certainly about the oldest ones on this site. There are a few rough edges here that disappear in latermore...

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