tagIncest/TabooJoe's Niece Ch. 03

Joe's Niece Ch. 03


I awoke the next morning to see a headful of thick auburn hair bobbing between my legs, my penis straining against a lapping tongue. "Oh Patty baby, what are you doing?"

"Morning Uncle Joe, I figured you'd like to wake up with your cock in my mouth," the little angel mumbled, having trouble talking with a mouth full of me. "I was hungry so I thought I'd just have breakfast in bed," she chuckled, and then commenced to take me deep, sucking me in and out slowly, her tongue and lips working constantly.

Finally, I started to spend copiously, filling the youngster's mouth with spurt after spurt of cum; cum which Patty seemed to relish, continuing to pump my shaft, trying to milk every last drop from him. Smiling she rose, her lips seeking mine, her tongue entering my mouth, allowing me to share her meal.

As we kissed, the door opened and Lin appeared, carrying a tray with two large glasses of fresh squeezed orange juice. "Oh, you two are already awake," she exclaimed, putting the tray down and opening the curtains to let the morning sun in. "And how does Mistress Patty feel today?"

"I feel like I've finally become a woman. Oh, I've never felt better," she shouted, grinning. "I can't wait to tell Gail and Mom."

"What will your Mother think? Will she be happy that my Mistress slept with her brother?" inquired Lin.

"Yes, I think so. She let me know before I left that she thought it was time I slept with a man. But with Uncle Joe, I don't know. What do you think Unc?"

"Well, from her letters and calls over the last couple of months, I know she believed it was time for you. It's often dangerous for a girl to wait too long for sex, especially one as highly sexed as you Patty. Once your body is ready its best just to jump in and do it. Your Mom would have known I would get you laid and quickly."

"What will your sister Gail think? I liked her when she was here last summer; she was always laughing and joking. She is very pretty."

"Lin, I didn't know that you had met Mom and Gail last summer. They never mentioned anything about a slave when they got home."

"We decided it was better that your sister didn't know Lin's exact status," I interjected.

"It's funny," Lin continued, "Mistress, you and your Mom look almost exactly alike, but your sister looks different, shorter, thinner and of course blonde."

"Yes, she took after Dad's Swedish side of the family; Mom, Uncle Joe and I are pure Mediterranean, that's why we're so dark."

"How old is she?"

"She was eighteen two weeks ago; she's eleven months younger than me. We had a great party the Saturday before I came to Florida. You know, we discussed you before I left Uncle Joe."

"Did you? What did you two decide?" I asked.

"We decided that you were going to be the first sexual partner for each of us. I'm going to have to give her a full report this morning."

"And what are you going to report?"

"Girl talk Uncle, girl talk you wouldn't understand."

"And do you have time for a long, hot shower with your Uncle before you make your sex report?"

Jumping from bed naked and grabbing my penis firmly in hand, she led me towards the spa, smiling and saying, "Yes Uncle Joe, I think I should have a little refresher course before I talk to Gail. I don't want to forget any details."

Slowly as I soaped her young body, her low moans echoing in the small room, the firm, naked, smooth teenage skin an aphrodisiac of the highest order, my shaft rose to its fullest, engorged with blood, again eager to penetrate her. Impatiently I lifted her, then dropped her fully onto my hardness, her sheathe engulfing its throbbing length as I pushed her rear into the shower wall.

As I pumped furiously, her legs locked around my back, our tongues entwined, I had one hand working her aching nipples, and the other worked a finger up her ass. Her moans soon turned to groans, then cries, as spasms of ecstasy rolled through her body. Spouting deeply in her, our sexual juices mixing, we collapsed into each others arms.

After another shower and a full breakfast served by Lin on the patio, I drove into town, wanting to find a gift for my lovely niece to commemorate our union. In a small upscale jewelry store on Los Olas, I finally found a suitable present, a necklace, made of perfectly matched pearls. It was simply made but had a timeless beauty and perfection that would last her a lifetime.

Later that afternoon, as I lounged naked by the pool, an image of Patsy's Mom came unbidden to mind. Patty reminded me so much of Annie, their bodies were almost perfect reflections. Both were tall and full breasted, with large, dark aureoles topped by hard fat nipples. Strong muscular calves and thighs supported their ample, welcoming hips; rich auburn curls masked their flower shaped pink sex.

After having deflowered Patty yesterday, I couldn't help but remember back twenty-four years to when I had been her Mom's first lover, my penis the first that had entered my sister's hot insides.

It had been May, 1981 and I was just arriving home from third year at the U of W. I had spent almost no time with Ann during the last two years, what with being away at school and having spent the previous summer in Seattle working for Boeing in their engineering department.

Annie had just graduated first in her class from high school, and Dad and Mom had insisted Annie and I stay home so the family would have one last summer together before Annie left for Palo Alto and Stanford in the fall. She had been nerdy in high school and like Patsy years later had been a slow developer sexually.

We had always been close, friends in spite of the age difference between us. When young we had lived on a small farm outside the city with few neighbors, which meant we had to get along if we wanted someone to play with. She was often the catcher of my baseball throws, I an actor in her make believe fantasies.

We had spent summers swimming on the farms two acre pond, nestled in a meadow in the woods. Mom and Dad had always been naturalists and our family had always swum and sunbathed naked, so there was never any shyness physically between us.

It was a sunny, unusually warm May morning when I turned my 350 cc motorcycle onto the overgrown lane leading up to our house. As I pulled up in front of the porch the front door opened and Annie rushed down the stairs and threw herself into my arms almost before I had stopped.

"Oh Joey, you're finally home. God, I've missed you," she shrieked.

"Hi sweetie," I laughed, "It's great to see my little sister." Lifting her up in my arms, I said, "And you're not that little anymore." Setting her down on the ground and stepping back I added, "Let me get a good look at you. Hell, you've become a real beauty."

"Don't make fun of me", she said blushing and then moved into my arms, hugging me fiercely. As our bodies pressed together I became aware of Annie as a woman for the first time. My young sister had somehow magically become a sexual being while I had been away. This little girl who used to catch my pitches, who used to play in the barn with her dolls and used to pick apples with me in the orchard had somehow grown large, firm breasts which were insistently poking into my chest.

The jean shorts and tank top garb she had been wearing for the last ten years now seemed to me extremely erotic; her hips and bum now filling her shorts to bursting; her top doing nothing to disguise her overflowing tits with their two sharp pointers.

It came as a surprise to me how much I had missed my little sis and how easily we slipped back into comfortable conversation with each other. Its only when you've been away and then return that you realize how important someone is in your life. All morning we talked, bringing the other up to date on our lives. It was a Thursday and our parents were away for the weekend, leaving us three days to get caught up.

After lunch, Annie insisted I give her a ride on the motorcycle, telling me she wanted me to teach her how to drive it. As we roared down the lane, Annie shrieking in glee, I couldn't help but feel her breasts as they moved against my back, her bare legs in contact with mine, and her hands moving on my chest and stomach.

As my penis slowly jerked to life, I was both confused and afraid. What the fuck, I thought; you're getting a hard-on for your own sister. Three years ago I had left the farm and Tacoma an innocent and naïve virgin, but was returning three years later an experienced lover. My high sex drive had led me to many love affairs at university and I thought of myself as a smooth stud.

Yet just the touch of Annie's body was exciting me perhaps more than any other woman ever had and it worried me. You don't get hot for your little sister, my mind insisted, while every nerve on my body was exploding from Sis's electric touch.

As we pulled up at the house, she grabbed my hand and pulling, said, "Come on, we're all dusty, let's go have a swim."

Quickly arriving at the pond, we were both suddenly shy, both of us now aware of the sexual feelings growing between us. After a second of uncertainty, we each turned our back on the other and stripped, then laughed as we both ran into the water.

Soon we were playing in the water as we had all our lives, splashing, tickling and dowsing the other. But as we hugged giggling, the water beading on our shoulders, we were aware of each others sex, the building passion.

As we lay back, side by side on the grass at the edge of the pond, both panting from our exertions, Annie's hand slowly caressed first my arm and then my chest. "You're skins so white," she exclaimed, "Let me put some sun block on you."

"So sweetie, tell me about all your boyfriends," I started, as her fingers kneaded the cream into my skin. "You must have every boy within forty miles madly in love with you."

"I've was working so hard last year I had no time for boys," she protested, "I really wanted to get that scholarship to Stanford."

"You mean no man has seen or touched your beautiful breasts? When did they grow so big and beautiful anyway?"

"Don't make fun of me Joey. I've never gone out with anyone. I don't have a boyfriend."

"I'm not making fun of you Annie, I never would or will. It's just you're so beautiful. A man would be a fool not to like you," I insisted as I leaned over and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. "Can I be the first to touch them?"

"What?" she squeaked, as the hand applying the cream involuntarily found my semi hard penis. "But Joe, should we? What will people say?"

"I want to touch them, feel their weight, fondle their smoothness, oh Christ, kiss them, and lick your nipples until they ache..." I groaned as my hand moved over her breasts, her nipples jumping up as if in anticipation, waiting eagerly for my lips, my tongue.

"Oh fuck, I hoped you'd like me, I was afraid you wouldn't want me. I hoped you'd want me. I've always loved you, I've been dreaming of your touch, your manhood in me. Oh Joe, pleaseee...yes touch me," she moaned, excited by my touch, her hand now pumping my shaft rhythmically.

"Slow down Annie, if you keep touching me like that I'll explode," I complained, moving her fingers from my eager cock. "We have all afternoon, evening; do you want to go up to the house?"

"No, I want you to make love to me here, on the grass, under the hot sun. I've been waiting for you Joey, waiting for months. I want you in me, please, please, I need you now, fill me with your big cock, oh please fuck me hard. We'll talk later," she pled, again grabbing my penis and pulling it toward her now widely spread legs, her sex already open and wet.

Only momentarily delayed by her virgin barrier, I smashed my already bucking tool deep into her as her screams echoed across the hollow. A nipple in one hand and the other between my teeth, I settled into a rhythm of long, slow, hard strokes, making sure to finish every down stroke as deeply as possible before almost completely withdrawing.

Her legs soon locked around my back, and as her lips sought mine, our bodies found that perfect harmony of sexual movement that is so rarely found in a coupling. It was as if we were one being, moving effortlessly in a complicated dance. As we both approached climax our voices rang around the clearing and lake, the words inarticulate but the sexual satisfaction clear to every creature within a mile.

As my seed flooded deep within her canal, now pulsating in orgasm, an eerie wail exploded from her lips, a primitive sound that reflected her total acceptance of my maleness. With my always hard penis still within her, we lay side by side, facing each other, our mouths, our eyes just inches apart.

"Thank you Joey, oh thank you so much. Jesus, it was better than I ever dreamed. Was it god for you.....? Geez, I don't even have to ask. Anything that fucking amazing must have been good...God I love you... Again! You're doing it again," she groaned as I started to move my cock.

"Oh Annie! Annie, Annie, fucking, sweet little Annie. You're so fucking perfect I'd like to stay with you here forever. Good? More like incredibly, fantastically, amazing," I shouted gleefully as my once virgin sister rhythmically clamped her pussy onto my piston. "Oh Annie keep doing that, keep..."

"Uncle Joe, Uncle Joe, wake up. Are you OK?"

Waking in 2005, by my pool, confused, I said "Annie, is that you Annie?", as I looked up at Patty standing naked by my chair.

"Uncle Joe, it's me, Patty. You were moaning in your sleep."

"I must have been dreaming. It was so life like, God, what a dream."

"Uncle Joe, were you dreaming about Mom? You kept moaning her name; Annie this, Annie that. You also had a big boner and you were stroking yourself as you yelled. Uncle Joe, did you and Mom ever fuck? Christ, you did, didn't you? Gail and I never thought of it, but when you were young, before Dad, I'll bet you and Mom did it."

"Patty, I never discuss one woman with another. Your Mother is my sweet innocent sister."

"But I bet you two made love back on that farm, I know it. C'mon tell me all..."

"Well, I guess you don't want the present I got you."

"What present? Uncle Joe!"

Pulling the jewelry box from the bag beside my chair and looking at Patty I said, "Close your eyes. Your uncle has a big surprise for you." Double looping the strand of perfect pearls, I dropped them over my erect penis and then told my lovely niece to open he eyes.

Searching first in my hands, and then looking at me confused, she finally saw the shining pearls, "Oh my God, they're sooo beautiful." She shrieked, her hands fondling both the pearls and my shaft.

"Try them on," I urged.

"No, I think I'll lick them first," she laughed, lowering her head and taking me between her lips, lips which approached the pearls as my fat cock slowly disappeared from view. Bobbing for pearls proved to be a very nice reward for giving the present.

Later she sat facing me in the chaise lounge, her legs over mine, my semi-erect cock resting against her thigh, just inches from her opening. Naked, her only adornment the pearls, now hanging between her breasts, she grabbed her cell phone and started to dial.

"I wasn't able to talk to Gail this morning, Unc. Hopefully she's home now...." 'Gail? Guess who? Yes, it's your better looking and more intelligent sister calling, sitting naked by a pool, the temperature about eighty-five, the sun shining.'

'Now, now, don't swear; Gail its always raining in Tacoma..'

'No, school starts tomorrow. Yesterday you're sweet uncle bought me $4000 worth of clothes, suitable for our southern climes.'

'Gail, slut and bitch are not words a girl studying with the nuns should ever use.'

'No, fuck isn't acceptable either. Where's Mom?' 'Out? Good. Now I can tell you what I'm holding in my left hand.'

'No Gail, it's not that. You're language hasn't improved since I left. Actually it's a cylindrical object, about 8 ½ inches long, 2 inches in diameter and has one eye peeking at me from one end. Also, it's smooth as silk, yet is hard as steel and has blue veins visible below the surface.'

'Yes Gail, you're right on your first guess; you always were smart for a blond.'

'Ha,Ha, Ha. Now Gail, I'm just lowering myself onto this beautiful object. Talk to Uncle Joe for a second, I need both hands.'

"Hi Gail, how's my favorite niece?"

"Uncle Joe, are you making love with Patty?"

"Gail, you know how your sister likes to tease you. Of course I'm not having sex with Patty. I've really missed you and your Mom; I'm looking forward to your Thanksgiving visit. Now here's your sister back, be good, I'll see you soon."

I tried to tune out Patties voice as she described in detail to her sister the feelings my cock was inducing in her, but as my cum rushed up my shaft I couldn't help hearing her say 'Yes, I just sent you the picture. Yes, that is Uncle Joe's cock in my cunt and it feels just perfect. Oh, one other thing, I think Mom and Uncle Joe were lovers when they were our ages. No, he denies it, but I have a feeling. No, he wouldn't even tell me when I offered him a blow job if he'd fill me in. It's your job to subtly get the full scoop from Mom.'

'Yes, I agree. All four of us in bed together would be excellent. Sorry, I have to go now, I'm about to come; I'll e-mail you tonight, bye.'

"Patty, I'm not sure if sending pictures of your cunt via cell phone is the smartest thing to do. A little bit of decorum is sometimes required. Your poor sister is going to be shocked." However my advice was ignored, probably not even heard as the tasty teen thrashed in my lap, her orgasm consuming her.

To be continued...

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