tagGroup SexJoe's Surprise

Joe's Surprise


Joe used his left hand to pull up his shorts and tuck his erection in and his right hand to change his computer screen from a naked gymnasts video to a work related document. A self employed technical editor/writer, he worked at home. Mary, his wife was driving towards the house having a completed a shift as a nurse manager at the local hospital.

Mary dumped her keys in the hall and waltzed in to Joe's study, kissed him on the forehead and asked what he was working on. "A manual dealing with maintenance schedules for electro-hydraulic power systems in marine applications," he replied but explained that he couldn't say more as the excitement might cause her to give up her day job or get sexually excited.

Mary pointed at the swelling in his shorts and asked him what else he had been working on. Joe reminded her yet again that he achieved his best work with short manic burst of energy with various diversions.

"Talking of diversions," Mary said, "Christine is on her way here. Trouble with her job, partner, apartment lease, I might have missed a few problems, she wants to spend a couple of weeks here to sort out her next move".

Christine and Mary went to nursing school together 12 years earlier and remained very strong friends. They both looked quite similar, same black hair and pony tails, Mary was a little taller while Christine was slightly shorter and carried a little extra weight.

"We have to be at the airport at seven so there's not much time. "I can lecture you about your behaviour in the car, this time I want you to be a gentleman, no lewd comments and no staring at her tits or crotch."

Joe protested that he was always the perfect gentleman, but admitted that he and Christine did enjoy a bit of banter and sexual innuendo but otherwise it was a perfectly innocent friendship.

On the way to the airport, Mary turned to Joe and said, "You know I've been thinking, we were both virgins when we married young, we have been faithful to each other, perhaps it wouldn't hurt if you and Christine had a bit of fun. I rather fancy of a bit of fun with her myself, one of my regrets is that I didn't get intimate with her at college."

Joe nearly lost control of the car and showed signs of apoplexy as he took in the information.

"First of all I was warned to behave as a perfect gentleman, or else, and now you are saying I should be bonking her -- and what's this lesbian business -- and does Christine know anything about this?" "I'm too confused to think straight."

Mary took a deep breath, "I'm not sure how the conversation started, you know we talk on Skype a lot. Let me just say my views would not take Christine by surprise. Some aspects were instigated by her and some by me but we were in general agreement. We are both as heterosexual as they come but we do have a very special relationship, and you've always had the hots for her."

"Holy shit," spluttered Joe, this is too much. I think it's a trap; you are testing me, if I agree to anything you will expose your hoax and I will be a laughing stock."

"If you miss a great opportunity, you may regret it forever. I'm not suggesting you have an affair or visit a prostitute, this is special and I can't see a down side to it."

When they got Christine back to the house, she was tired from the day's travel and went to bed early. The next morning all three found themselves in the kitchen in pyjamas at eight and they shared the task of preparing breakfast. The next item on the agenda was a tour of the house to show of the renovations made since Christine's last visit. The highlight of the changes was the shower in the master bedroom en suite, an oversized structure lined with engineered stone and top end fixtures. Christine immediately noticed that the shower had three shower heads, one overhead and two more on opposing walls.

"You did that for us, it's perfect, we will put Joe in the middle between us as he's the tallest, what a clever design,"

Joe's face turned the colour of a beetroot, but at least the ice had been broken and he had a clue as to Christine's attitude to Mary's plan."

Later that day Christine asked Joe if they had anything in the house that she could use as an exercise mat. She explained that she was attending classes that involved dance, gymnastics, music and many other disciplines. She wanted to keep up her fitness level and thought they might like to watch her moves. Ten minutes later the mat was on the floor, suitable soft music was playing and Christine was ready in a skimpy bikini.

Mary was impressed with Christine's flexibility, strength and skill while Joe was astonished, horny and hot. The demonstration of the splits was amazing but nothing, in Joe's view, compared to Christine's handstand while walking around the room on her hands with legs splayed apart. When Christine took a break and sat on the mat, Mary made frantic hand signs suggested that Joe release Christine's bikini top. Made bold by getting permission from his wife, Joe undid the knot in her top and it fell off when Christine reached for her water bottle. Joe and Mary clapped, shouting for the bikini bottom to be removed and Christine complied without hesitation.

Christine immediately stood on her hands and "walked" over to Joe, splaying her legs wide. Joe stared in disbelief, face to face with her pussy, until Christine told him she couldn't stay that way all day and Mary told him to get on with it.

To emphasize the point, Mary approached them and parted Christine's outer labia, saying to her husband, "If you don't eat it, I will." They took it in turns to lick, suck and kiss the magic area until Christine was forced to get herself upright again.

There was only one logical thing to do after the gym display with audience participation; they ran upstairs, giggling like school girls, to the three-person shower. Christine and Mary, both nurses, role played giving their patient a thorough wash. Mary started by giving Joe a shampoo and then worked her way down his back. Christine worked her way down from Joe's face to his feet but bypassed his genitals.

"Nurse Mary, do you think the patient can manage to wash his own private parts?"

"No, Nurse Christine, he is far too weak and in any case wouldn't do it properly, do you mind?"

Mary soaped Joe's balls from behind while Christine washed his cock but within a few minutes he was bucking his hips and coming.

"I hope he recovers before we get him in your king size bed tonight."

"He's always been able to handle two or three shots a day no problem," said Mary.

The rest of the day was spent reading and chatting but all three checked the time frequently in anticipation of bedtime. When they eventually got to the king size bed Joe got in the middle with a girl on each side.

Mary turned to him and asked, "Give us a fantasy from a porn film, something you have never tried, something we could do."

Joe said, "This is a fantasy in itself, a threesome with my beloved wife and our best friend, it's exceeding my wildest dream. There is one thing, I remember seeing a 'log pile or stack' I think it was called in a porn film once, three girls one on top of the other, face up, and the male lead is taking few thrusts in each, in turn."

Christine joked, "It sounds great but we are one girl short, I will go out and knock on a few doors, Mary you hit the phone."

Mary replied, "It's late. All the good girls are spoken for by now, we can manage with two, and I'll take the bottom layer."

They got in to position and Joe was captivated by having two pussies in close proximity available to him. He decided to give them 20 strokes each, the speed of each set of stokes varied, slow and steady to prolong the event was his favourite. As it happened, he started to come in Christine and finished off in Mary. Two cream pies for the price of one.

He then got comfortable on the bed, face close to the girls' pussies and inserted a finger in each. Both pussies were sloppy with his cum but undeterred he set about an evaluation of the openings based on tightness, flavour, depth and overall appearance giving each 12 points on a ten scale.

This set the pace for the rest of the night and the rest of the two weeks. Mary took a few days leave from work and Joe's business was very flexible so they had ample time to explore everyone's fantasies.

A few weeks after Christine had moved on, Mary hollered from the family room for Joe to get in there quick. "Guess what, you won't believe this, she's pregnant, says it can't have been her last partner, he had a vasectomy and he left too soon anyway. She hasn't been with anyone since you."

Joe was stunned and muttered, "Your tests showed that there was nothing wrong with you, my sperm count was off the bottom of the chart so there was no chance of me ever fathering a child.

"Well, we, you, Christine, we three are having a baby, that's the best news ever ..."

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