tagFetishJoe's Therapy Ch. 01

Joe's Therapy Ch. 01


He was in his mid thirties, losing his hair, 5' 6'', 140 pounds, growing a small paunch. Definitely not the type women went home with. He was fascinated by women's ass. As far as he could remember he wanted to hug them, to caress them, to kiss them. It had gone from dreaming of letting a girl sit on his face to being a toilet slave.

He looked up for a sex therapist and stumble on the advertising of D. Morgan, five blocks from his place, open in the evening. He dialed the number and was answered by a lively feminine voice and asked for an appointment. The voice took his name and said it was set up for two days later; Wednesday at 7 P.M.

At five to seven he went up to the office, through the glass door he saw a tall, 6'4'', blond lady in her late twenty's, wearing a white blouse, beige skirt and matching high heels. She was reading a file; he thought that she was nice looking.

When he opened the door she looked up and said;

''Good evening, you must be Mister London. I am Diane Morgan''

Her smile was devastating, her blue eyes were looking right through him, he nearly ran away, but he had to heal himself at all costs, even if he was uncomfortable to reveal his obsession to a woman.

He stuttered a ''yes, I am, good evening, Mrs. Morgan.''

She turned on her 6 inches heels and walked toward her office inviting him to follow her, she had a magnificent ass.

''It is Miss Morgan, I am not married, not even in a relationship.''

She sat down, crossing her legs, behind her desk motioning at the chair in front of it for him.

''What can I do for you Mr. London?''

His face was already a nice red color, he was sure she had notice him staring at her bottom, he managed to say;

''It is the feminine anatomy that obsessed me, Miss Morgan.''

''You sound uncomfortable to deal with a woman, would you prefer that I refer you to a male colleague, a few blocks from here?''

''No, Miss Morgan.''

''Then call me Diane and I will call you Joseph, is that all right?''

''My friends call me Joe.''

''Can you tell me what part of the feminine anatomy that gives you problems, Joe?''

He was wondering how it would be to have her sit on his face and force him to lick her to orgasm; instead he started telling her of his desires since he was a teenager, of his shyness when talking to women. It was all coming out and she was taking notes when a soft chime went off, the hour was gone and he had only touched the tip of the iceberg. She looked in her computer to set up another appointment;

''We can meet in two days at 8 PM if that suit you?''

''Yes Diane, I will be here Friday night at 8.''

''Good, your homework is to write down what it would be, how it would be to live your fantasy and send it to me by e-mail''

She gave him her card, he paid for the session, and said he was going home to start on his homework, she did not know that he had written down a few of his fantasies, all he had to do was to find them on his computer. He had decided that he would send her the face sitting story, the one that had excited him a lot in the beginning and still did once in a while.

It was a small file about two pages. He got home and pour himself a long drink, opened the TV, he wrote his e-mail, he only had to attach the file to it, he opened his directory and found the file, the game was on TV, he pour himself another drink still distracted by the game, and attached the story following the face sitting one by mistake. That story was about his darkest wishes of being a toilet slave to a beautiful tall blonde Mistress. He closed the computer, watched the game and went to bed.

On Friday night he got to her office at five to eight. She was wearing a summer dress that was showing her nice breast and hugging her small waist; she closed the drawer and bend down to lock the main door. He notice her bright red lips and complimented her.

She had received his toilet slavery scenario and it had described some of her own desires, if it was true. She wanted to find a man to train has her total slave. He would be at her beck and call, 24/7; she wanted to go as far as to toilet train him.

Tonight the target was to face sit Joe and see where it would go.

''You sent me your homework quickly, I did not expect a ten page story, two pages would have been sufficient.'' She said.

''Did you know what I look like when you called in for the first meeting? Because the description of a tall blond Mistress kind of fits me.''

''Euh, no I did not, you said you received ten pages? A tall blond Mistress? Can I see the e-mail you received?'' He stuttered.

Standing up she asked;

''Why, it is not from you? ''

''Maybe I sent you the wrong file is there more than some face sitting in it?'' He asked.

''Yes a lot more, like some Female domination, BDSM, and toilet slavery.''She gave him a printed copy.

He had turned as red as a beet and twisted his hands, stuttering again;

''It is from me. I never mention theses dark whishes to anybody, and I sent them to you by mistake. I can leave if you wish, I will find another therapist, I am sorry I did not want to disgust you.''

He was saying unbuttoning the collar of his shirt and loosening his tie.

She got up and said;

''That is all right Joe, you do not disgust me, I am interested in you, you might be my complement, reading your wishes however dark, has opened possibilities. Maybe we could try some face sitting?'' she said, as she was taking off her panties.

''I will tell you what to do.''

She said as she was pushing him down to the floor.

When he was laid on his back, he saw her move in position, her beautiful legs were straddling his head, her cunt was getting closer as she sat on his chest, before moving to his mouth, she said;

''You said you would like to learn how to practice cunnilingus, here is your first lesson, kiss me, lightly at first, then kiss my lips''

She moved forward and coached him;

''Lick them that is good you are doing fine, suck on them a little, now lick my clitoris, nibble on it oh that is good, lick it again, stick your tongue in my vagina, ohhh you are doing fine, keep on going.''

She coached him on how to practice cunnilingus until she came hard on his face and he eagerly drank her juices. She was heavy on his face, he was so happy she came on his face, then she got up, and she told him;

''Now I will sit my ass on your mouth follow my instructions.''

He saw her gorgeous pear shaped ass lowered to his face, it smelled slightly dirty but he did not care he was so excited, she sat down on his mouth, and ordered;

''Kiss my asshole.''

After a few kisses, she told him to lick her asshole which he did without hesitation, he tasted shit for the first time.

She had used the toilet earlier and did not wipe, he had to know just by the smell or at least the taste, she thought.

''Keep on cleaning my ass, stick your tongue in it''

It felt so good having his tongue up there, at last a man willing to worship her ass. He had open possibilities, and he was a lot shorter than her, she thought.

He was in heaven; he felt an indescribable pleasure to be under her. He was reveling in the humiliation.

When she was satisfied she got up, put on her panties, and sat back at her desk telling him to get back in his chair. He had the biggest hard on of his life. She told him;

''I have been looking for a slave for a long time, when I try to toilet train them, they usually run away, they are agreeing to drink urine but they refuse to eat shit.''

He was listening carefully, his heart was beating faster.

''When I read your fantasy I found a lot of similarities to my own, I thought Joe could be my slave, you would live your fantasy and so would I. Go home think about it for 24 hours and give me an answer by e-mail.''

He could not believe her offer, for him to live his darkest obsession.

''Think about this also, If you accept, you will have to live in my home, it is a 24 hours a day 7 days a week position. At times it could be very demanding.''

His head was spinning, that gorgeous woman had sit on his face and offered him paradise compared to his dead end life as a bank clerk.

He got on his knees;

''Mistress Diane, please accept me as your slave, you know of my most secret desires, please accept me as your total slave.''

''Are you sure? Think about it, when you will start your training as a toilet slave, and I mean a full service toilet, like you wrote, there is no turning back.''

''Please Mistress Diane; it is of my own free will that I offer myself to you. You read what I wish for, I stand by it.''

She smiled and stood up.

''Then slave, we will go to your place, pick up your personal belonging and go to my place. Tomorrow you will make arrangements to move the rest. I have a large house.''

''Mistress, I am renting a furnished, one and a half apartment, five streets from here, I am a loner, I have no relatives, I will be able to sublet it by the end of the week.''

He stuck his clothes in his suitcase and the rest of his personal belonging in garbage bags and turned the page on this chapter of his life.

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