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Joe's Wife


Joe's a nice guy, a friendly extrovert, generous and popular. You'd be hard pushed to find a man who had anything against Joe, apart from his lousy taste in football teams. But we all have some little fault and the footy can be excused and blamed on his father.

He's also popular with the women. He sure knows how to pull the birds. I won't say he's universally popular with the ladies because it's a known fact that a number of them hate his guts. He's a philanderer, chasing the girls and catching them, and then dropping them cold when he spots another that he decides he wants.

He's married, which fact he uses to chase off a woman when he tires of her. His wife, Jenny, is a sweet young kid. Initially, she was completely besotted with him. I figure she's now caught on to just what she's married but she hadn't let it make her go bitter. She's putting on a brave face, but I think Joe might find himself in trouble very soon. Jenny has just about had enough.

One Friday night Carl and I went around to Joe's place to pick him up. We were all supposed to be going to the footy to watch my team show Joe's team how it's done. We had a small bet riding on it. Carl and I were running a little early for some reason, and when we fronted up at Joe's he wasn't home.

Jenny invited us in. Joe was delayed at the office, she told us. He'd just rung to let her know. She was sure that he'd be along shortly. Would we care for a drink while we waited?

So Carl and I sat down and enjoyed a beer and flirted casually with Jenny while waiting for Joe. After about fifteen minutes, with Joe now officially late to meet us, I was about ready to call it quits and go to the match without him. Then I got a text message.

Joe had texted me to apologise. He was hung up at the office and wouldn't be able to make it to the footy. Sorry mate.

I told Carl and Jenny. Carl nodded, but Jenny winced and looked over at her laptop. I have good eyesight. The laptop was open at the Apple Find Me page, and the little arrow was pointing to an address that I happened to know was a certain well known pub. It definitely wasn't Joe's office.

Apparently Jenny had had her suspicions and was watching where he was going. Don't you just love the new technology?

Carl and I stood up, preparatory to making out departure. Jenny saw that I'd seen the laptop with its guilty message and blushed and looked down. Geez I felt sorry for her. She really was a nice woman and didn't deserve a bastard like Joe. (A very nice bastard, and I liked him, but still a bastard.)

What could I do? I gave a half shrug and a helpless look as if to say, well, that Joe. Then I bent to give her a goodbye peck on the cheek.

So I was feeling sorry for the girl. So I kissed her on the lips instead of the cheek. Who cares? I didn't and Jenny didn't seem to. So I gave her another kiss which she returned quite enthusiastically. Then Carl pushed me aside.

"Joe's a bastard, Jenny," he said, and then he gave her a kiss.

I'm not saying Jenny was hot to trot or that she a little lax in morals or anything. I figured that she was just a bit depressed and well and truly fed up with Joe's antics.

When Carl kissed Jenny, she kissed him back just as enthusiastically as he kissed her. Then he kissed her again and I got a rush of blood to the head.

Jenny was wearing a short dress. Perfectly decorous unless some ape like Carl had his arm around your waist and caused it to ride up. Even then it was still reasonable as you only got a glimpse of some panties unless, of course, another ape, such as myself, lifted the dress a little higher and thoughtfully lowered those panties.

Jenny, understandably, started wriggling a little, her hands behind her back waving at me to back off. Carl appeared to think she was wriggling against her and kissed her some more, while I ignored Jenny's waving hands and started stoking her mound.

Carl, the big ape, had Jenny half lifted, so she really only had one foot on the ground. I just made sure her free leg stayed free, holding it apart while my hand played.

I lightly massaged her mound while Carl kissed her, and I found her pussy was heating up quite quickly. By the time Carl had finished kissing her my erection was out and pressing against her, and when Mike relaxed his hold on her he just eased her right down onto me, my cock sliding neatly between her lips.

Jenny's hands clamped onto Carl's shirt and she was leaning forward into him. My hands were on her hips, holding her steady as I pushed home.

Carl was looking dumbstruck at the way Jenny was clutching him, trying to work out what the hell? Jenny was wailing "Michael," in a loud voice, but also pushing back to meet me. I, Michael, in case you hadn't guessed, was starting to boff Jenny hard.

The only change to this scenario over the next few minutes was that Carl was looking dumbstruck as he worked out what was going on, Jenny was squealing and rocking as I plundered her body, still leaning into Carl and holding onto him for support, and I was pulling the top of Jenny's dress down so that I could get my hands on her breasts.

I had a nice rhythm going now, driving in hard and feeling Jenny respond, while my hands raised havoc with her breasts.

I leaned over to drop a word in Jenny's ear.

"You might want to unzip Carl, and make sure his cock is ready for service," I told her. "He's bound to want to take his turn after I've finished."

"You're mad, you bastard," she tossed back at me, but a few minutes later I heard Carl give a startled gasp.

She'd actually followed my suggestion and gone one step further. She'd not only freed Carl's cock and made sure it was erect, but now she was working it over, getting it primed for action. She'd bent down that little extra and her mouth had closed over Carl.

Ever seen one of those little toy drinking birds in action. That was Jenny. Her head would go down onto Carl while her bottom rose up off my cock. Then it would be head up, bottom down as she once again reacted to my cock driving into her.

From the look on Carl's face he had no idea what to do. He was just standing there, stunned, getting his blowjob while I possessed Jenny.

I was hitting Jenny harder and harder. Jenny started squealing, deserting Carl to concentrate on what was happening to her. I was now screwing her to the limit, ready to blow my seed at any moment.

Then I did and, with a wild yowl, Jenny let rip as well, climaxing loudly.

Jenny was leaning against Carl, temporarily out of contention, and I was disengaging. I had a few words of advice for Carl.

"Ah, Carl, I suggest you pick Jenny up and lower her onto your cock so she's ready to go when she gets over her current climax. She'll be expecting you to, you know."

Apparently Carl didn't know, but now that he had been informed he carefully picked up Jenny and lowered her, carefully pushing himself up into her. Then he waited, breathing hard, while Jenny started to come to terms with the world around her.

Jenny had apparently failed to note the change of partners. She wriggled on Carl's cock, with a protesting, "Michael."

I answered "yes" from where I was standing and Jenny turned to look at me. Comprehension came and she wailed "Carl," just as he started to drive into her.

Jenny had been quite energetic with me but it seemed she preferred a frontal position. Jenny's arms went around Carl's neck, her legs clamped around his waist and she started riding him hard, determined to win first prize.

I suppose I should say second prize. I'd already provided her with first prize, and the lift that had given her spirits gave her a head start towards the next prize.

Jenny was riding Carl with hands and feet, as they say in racing circles, urging her stallion through its paces. Carl, for his part, was using a lot of hip action, bucking hard beneath his rider, driving into her harder and faster as each moment passed.

I was willing to call it a draw. They both seemed to come apart together, then Jenny was just collapsed on top of Carl who was leaning back against a wall, gasping.

I gave them a minute or so to compose themselves, then I spoke up.

"Hey, Joe," I called. "I thought you weren't going to make it."

There were a couple of horrified squawks behind me and what seemed like a lot of frantic movement.

"My mistake," I called. "It's not Joe after all."

Would you believe that that bastard Carl clouted me across the back of the head? Geez. Can't he take a little joke?

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