tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersJogging Partners Ch. 06

Jogging Partners Ch. 06


A few weeks had passed by since that first time I allowed Lauren to fuck me in the ass; in the time that had gone by we'd been having sex like a couple of wild animals. I have to admit it' was some of the best sex I had ever had in my life. No matter who was on the receiving end, things were always great and the end' result was always a lot hotter than any experience I'd' had with any genetic girl.

As far as things were concerned with me on' the receiving end things had gotten a lot better there. The second time we did it with her as a top was better than the first since we used real lubrication. I mean really, our first time together had been fun and it felt good but I could have done without the discomfort in the beginning that came without the use of real lube.

That's' the problem with having sex in the park I suppose though. It also helped that she had gone out and bought a bottle of this warming lube, which was supposed to enhance the feeling, and let me tell you it works great. The last two times we did it I actually managed to reach that point I had been so curious about, being able to achieve an anal orgasm and it was just as intense as I had figured it would be; I loved every fucking second of it.

As for Jennifer'...I had been doing my best to avoid her all together since our breakup. She still did not know that me and' Lauren were together now, and I did not exactly care if she did know. It wasn't' anything like that believe me, I just did not feel like putting up with the bullshit that would come if she did know. Which was bound to happen one way or another sooner or' later.

She had been calling me constantly and I had been ignoring all of' the phone calls. I had made no moves to press charges for the assault and I had no honest interest in doing that. A lot' of people thought I was stupid for not following through; but my opinion on it was that if I pressed charges I would have to see her in court whereas I did not want to see her at all. I was so disinterested in her that I did not want to see her ever again if that were at all possible to accomplish. Jennifer was a part of my past, and that was where she would remain.

I had more important things to be concerned with; like' taking Lauren out to celebrate her birthday. She would be turning thirty two years old this coming Friday and I had plans to take her out and treat her to a nice dinner and maybe a few drinks as well before coming home and making sure she was sexually satisfied if we got to that point as well.

I knew she did not have very many friends in her life so I had taken it upon myself to invite a few of my own friends who had gotten to know her since we started dating. Of course, none of them were' aware that she was a transsexual but Lauren did not mind that they didn't' know. She was' very understanding about how all of this was new to me; we were moving at my own pace and I was grateful to have someone willing to do that with me.

Friday came quite fast and I sat on the couch in our apartment waiting for Lauren to get home from work. She had no idea I was taking her out just yet I wanted it to be a total surprise. I sat there playing Xbox while I waited and when I heard the door to the apartment complex open downstairs I immediately paused' the game and walked to the door to greet her. I opened the door just as she was coming up the stairs and smiled at her; she looked happy to see me and' also a little tired from a long day of work.

"Hey sexy," I said.

"Hey yourself; god I'm glad to be home."

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into a hug giving her a kiss on the lips. "Happy birthday," I whispered in her ear and she groaned pulling away from me and laughing.

"Don't remind me," she said. "I don't want to be thirty two. Can I be twenty five again like you?"

"Don't talk like that; you make yourself sound older then you really are."

"I feel older than I am," she chuckled as she brushed past me into the apartment.

"I'm going to take a nap I think."

"Well actually...I was going to take you out to dinner and then we were going to head out for some drinks with a few friends if you were up for it that is. I'd like to do something but I know you don't want anything big so I figured just dinner and some beer would be nice."

She smiled and I could tell she was thinking it over a few seconds before nodding her head. "Okay," she said. "But I need a shower first. I'm sweating my balls off,"

It felt weird to hear my girlfriend say she was sweating her balls off and know that she literally did have balls where there should be a pussy but I laughed as she made her way into our bedroom and stripped before heading to the shower to get' cleaned up.

I sat back down on the couch and resumed my game while waiting for her to finish getting ready and a few minutes later I heard the shower water turn off and the door opened and out she walked wrapped in a towel smiling at me.

"You know," she said with a seductive grin. "I think I know what I want for my birthday if you're up for it; I'd really be happy-"

"That's for later my love," I said and she frowned disappointed.

"But I suppose...I could give you a little teaser of what's to come."

I patted the couch next to me and she smiled again dropping her towel and walking over to take a seat at my side. There she was on the couch right next to me bare ass naked, still a little damp from the shower. Her cock was already semi-erect and so I simply slid over some and pressed my lips to her, sliding my tongue into her mouth and fondling her breasts for a moment.

I broke the kiss and slid back, laying out on my stomach across the couch so that my face was now mere inches from her cock, which was now fully erect at full attention.

I gave the head of her cock a lick before wrapping my lips around it and taking her as deep down my throat as I could manage. Bobbing my head up and down, I savored the clean taste of her dick and the aroma coming from her balls taking in the sounds of her soft moans.

I ran my hands up her stomach to her breasts and fondled them for a few moments; she leaned her head back and sighed as her cock began to swell up from the stimulation.

Finally, she squealed and her body tensed up as I felt her warm cum shooting from the tip of her dick down my throat and I swallowed it all. I licked her clean from the tip down to the base to her balls and back up again and smiled up at her relieved smile as she leaned her head back and sighed.

"That's all for now," I said and she groaned disappointed.

"I'm still horny!"

I laughed and pulled away from her, "Well then you won't be disappointed when we get home...I promise you that much."

We started getting ready once she cleaned up a bit more and by 6:00' we were out the door and on our way to a nearby restaurant for dinner.

Jennifer's POV

I sat down at my kitchen table and lit up a cigarette as my friend Michelle took a seat across from me and looked at me with a worried expression. I invited her over to hang out for a few hours, not to stare at me with such sympathy in her eyes. It was really making me sick to the stomach.

I'd been a mess since Tyler left with that bitch Lauren and it was really driving me insane because I knew for a fact that they were fucking whether he admitted it or not. It did not take a rocket scientist to figure that much out.

Sure, it was my own fault; I was a bitch and then there was the incident where I threw the bottle at him. But' I was finding it difficult to be angry with anyone other than Tyler and Lauren and I had been drinking to help cope with that anger and hatred.

"You look like hell," my friend said.

"Thank you for acknowledging that Michelle; I don't need anyone to tell me though. It's that fucking assholes fault,"


"No, Jen nothing; that prick...I can't stand him,"

Michelle sighed and I took another drag of' my cigarette and sighed blowing the smoke out as I looked at her and she waited for me to continue with the rant that she knew was coming.

"He's fucking her; I know he is. Little faggot..."

"How...don't take offense to this. But' how is he a faggot if he is fucking her? I mean, I understand you're angry and all but-"

"He's a faggot because Lauren is a fucking man,"

She looked stunned and I recalled now that I had not told any of my friends really that Lauren was a transsexual; this was the first time I had brought it up to anyone and she looked as shocked as I had been in the beginning.

"Lauren's a transsexual and she has a dick...I know if their fucking that makes him a faggot. He left me for a man Michelle do you know how embarrassing, how humiliating that is?"

"Look," Michelle said trying to stay calm. "I don't think...it's any of your business now okay? I mean sure he did whatever he did but honestly you really...you did throw the bottle at him. That's assault...and you were never the nicest girlfriend anyone could have."

I sighed shaking my head, annoyed with what my so' called friend had to say to me. Really, who's side was she on' anyway? She was supposed to be my friend and here she was telling me that I was the wrong one in all of this.

"I want to expose him," I said taking another drag.

"I want to ruin his life, embarrass him, humiliate him; make him want to die. I want to destroy those two for what they did to me'."

By now, I could see Michelle was starting to look rather annoyed with the things I had to say but I did not care, I continued ranting anyway and I was serious about everything I said. I wanted to rip those two apart and destroy Tyler's life, leave him wishing he had never fucked me over...he would be sorry.

"You want my opinion?" Michelle asked. "I think you should leave him alone Jennifer, I really do. You assaulted him and he hasn't made a single move to' press charges against you and if he did you would be in some serious shit. You can't touch him because if you do all he has to do is contact a lawyer and press charges; face it, he can ruin you a lot easier than you can ruin him."

I was hearing what she was saying and I knew deep down she was right but I was so fucking angry that I just didn't' seem to give a shit. Sure, Tyler could easily have me behind bars in a heartbeat but I still wanted my revenge.

"I'm going home," Michelle' said standing up. I didn't' care; I had brought her here to listen to me vent, if she did not want to lend me a listening ear then fuck her too.

I watched as she walked out the apartment door and I was left' once more to dwell in my hatred for Tyler and his knew tranny girlfriend. My eyes wandered to a camera I had sitting on my entertainment center and suddenly my evil train of thought evolved as I stood up and' walked towards the camera and picked it up off the entertainment center.

I turned it on real' fast and deleted the images that were on there, before heading towards the door and grabbing my car keys off the coffee table.

I would have my revenge; Tyler was going to suffer for what he'd' done.

Tyler's POV

We'd' enjoyed our dinner at a nice restaurant and after finishing up I paid the bill and we left making our way to a nearby bar where I had instructed my friends to meet up with us at a specific time. We arrived, about half an hour early but they were already there anyway, so it didn't' matter much how early we were.

Right away, all of my closest friends proceeded to wish Lauren a happy birthday and I was happy to see how generous they all were towards her. None of them knew what she had in her pants, but I couldn't' help but wonder if that would even make a difference to anyone of them if they did know. They never seemed like judgmental people to me and so I figured something like that would have no effect on our friendships.

I was not going to say anything yet though, I just wasn't' ready yet. The time would come when I would feel that they deserved to know the truth; but that time was not right now and so I would keep my mouth closed for a little while longer.

We all enjoyed some drinks, beers mostly, I ordered a couple of pitchers and my friend Jared pitched in to help pay for them which was a big help.

By around eleven o'clock that night, Lauren was pretty' drunk and I was feeling kind' of buzzed myself but not to messed up that I couldn't' drive. That had the potential to change of course and so I figured it best if we head home now before the alcohol took control of me and rendered me incapable of driving. It was pretty' obvious that Lauren had already reached that point and so I was going to have to serve as the designated driver for tonight.

We said our goodbyes to everyone and made our way out to the car; I held the door open for Lauren and laughed as she slurred about how much fun she'd' had tonight. Once her seat belt was' fastened, I climbed into the driver's side and we were making our way back home to our apartment.

As we drove, Lauren could not seem to keep her hands off' of me, constantly reaching over and fondling my cock through the fabric of my pants. I groaned feeling my dick stir in my pants as she started kissing my neck and licking my earlobe; I was certain this was dangerous and a big distraction to me. But' I laughed and did my best to pay attention to the road.

When we arrived, we rushed up the stairs to the apartment and I dug around in my pockets for the keys to the door while Lauren continued practically molesting me, her hands were all over me.

I noticed to the left of me the silhouette of someone who seemed to have quickly ducked out of sight, but paid it no mind figuring it was just a neighbor heading to their' own apartment. I finally found the keys, unlocked the door and shoved it open, Lauren grabbing me by the hands and dragging me inside slamming the door behind us.

Right down on the couch I went as she shoved me before jumping on top of me and crushing her lips against mine. We sat there kissing ferociously for a few minutes before she got up and led me down the hallway to our bedroom. Clothes started coming off, or at least mine did; she sat me down on the edge of the bed and undid her pants sliding out of them along with her underwear and her cock sprang free from the undergarments.

She grabbed a fistful of my hair and shoved her dick between my lips, wasting no time as she proceeded to throat fuck me and I did my best to accommodate her thrusting.

This was the first time we'd' had sex while she was really' drunk, and so I was not quite use to her being so crazy about it but I dealt with it. She stopped throat fucking me long enough to order me to remove the rest of my clothes, which I quickly obeyed as she also stripped out of the rest of her clothing before shoving me back onto the bed and climbing on top of me.

With her sitting on my chest now, she slid forward and again thrust her cock down my throat. I could feel her balls on my chin and smell the odor of sweat and ass and I felt my own dick beginning to rise to attention from all of this.

She pulled her cock from my mouth and reached for the lube, flipping me over onto my stomach and pouring a glob of it all over my asshole and more all over her cock. She rubbed it in sliding a couple of fingers into me and spreading me wide open for her member.

I groaned, biting the pillowcase as she inserted three whole fingers; just a sample of what was to come when she would insert her throbbing erection into me. She was sure to be quite rough with the alcohol pumping through her, but the idea of it was only making me more' horny. Hell, just how rough she had been during that blowjob had been very arousing so I was looking forward to a nice pounding.

When she felt I was ready, she pulled her fingers from my ass and grabbed the bottle of lube, again applying more of it to both her dick and my asshole before pressing the head of her shaft to my entrance.

"You want this baby," she slurred.

"Oh fuck yeah," I groaned.

"Tell me...tell me you want me to fuck your tight little asshole!"

"I do," I yelled back. "Fuck my ass now."

She wasted no more time plunging right into me and I gasped, gripping the sheets and tensing up at how hard she slammed herself balls deep into me. She was in up to the hilt as she started pounding my ass, so hard I could feel the weight of her body pressing me down into the mattress. She grabbed my hair again forcing my face into the pillow but making sure' I had enough space to breathe so she would not literally suffocate me.

I found this all very arousing and yelled out for her to fuck me harder if that were at all possible at this point. She barely heard me though, my voice strained from sucking her cock and also muffled from my face being buried in the pillow; she got the point though as I pushed my ass back to meet with her thrusts and she let go of my head to grab me by the hips with both hands.

Jennifer's POV

Outside of their window, I peered through the glass and found I had the perfect view of their entire bedroom right now; this was absolutely' perfect.

There they were and it was just as I had suspected with Tyler face down on the bed and Lauren on top of him, I could tell she was fucking him in the ass. I could see those big balls between her legs as she slammed in and out of him and I held the camera up to the window to snap my first picture. I had turned off the flash so that they would not see it when the picture took, I wasn't' going to do this foolishly and risk being caught. I was being about as cautious as cautious could possibly get.

Tyler's POV

I could feel my cock swelling up between me and the mattress as Lauren continued slamming in and out of me and finally it hit me; an uncontrollable wave of pleasure. My entire body began to shake violently and I cried out in ecstasy as my asshole squeezed around her cock and I felt her bury herself balls deep inside of me.

She cried out as her dick began to shoot a load of cum deep inside of me and we finished together, at pretty much the same time. She collapsed onto me, covered in sweat, breathing heavily in my ear as she tried to take in oxygen. We lay there like that for a few minutes before she rolled over and lay down beside me, resting her head on my chest and I pulled the covers over us both while running my hand through her damp hair.

"Happy birthday," I whispered to her. "I love you."

Jennifer's POV

It was over; and I was actually starting to feel the shock now of what I had just seen. I mean hey I knew what I was getting myself into coming here to take pictures of something like this; what the' hell did I expect? Part of me was glad it was' done now though and that I had the evidence I needed to destroy his world right in front of him.

I shut the camera off and tucked it into my purse before sneaking away from the window careful not to make any noise that would alert him or Lauren. Now, it was time to head home and work up part two of my plan.

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