tagIncest/TabooJogging Vixen Ch. 02

Jogging Vixen Ch. 02


"Did you want me to see you naked, too? Is that why you stood in the window, to show me your... your cock?"

I swallowed, kneeling there in front of my son. Looking up at his young body and seeing a man looking back at me. Seeing a man who lusted for me, wanted me, desired to strip me naked and do things to me that had not been done since his father was with us.

Excited was something I was feeling, and so very confused.

This was my son, Jacob, eighteen years old standing just a foot away from me while I knelt there almost ready for him to show me that thick length of flesh. I was silently begging for it, demanding that he disgorge himself into my mouth and throat. I wanted it more than I had wanted anything in the whole of my life, and I couldn't take it. Not yet.

Breathing hard, collecting myself in that moment, I finally looked up past the heavy lump within his pants to meet his eyes. The way they stared at me...

"Go... go back inside, baby." My voice was hoarse with the heaviness of lust pouring fire through my body.

I could see the disappointment in his eyes, see that he didn't want to go back inside. Jacob wanted his mommy, want me to worship him the way he worshipped me. It was just that I wasn't ready yet.

Slowly, though he took a step back. Then another. A quiet retreat allowing him to continue staring at me as long as possible.

Before he made it inside, I called out to him. "Jacob, baby, I'm going to go for a jog." Those words sealed my fate. Our routine, our ritual, was being established by my admission of how this started. I was letting him know that I wanted this taboo relationship, that I was allowing myself to become a willing, although silent, partner to our crime.

When Jacob nearly ran inside, I felt a fluttering excitement dance across the insides of my belly. It wasn't love, but something carnal and instinctual. A mother's desire to care for her baby, no matter the consequences. Seeing my little Jacob that happy made me just as ecstatic and I couldn't think of why I would ever want anything less than that.

Finally I rose up from the grass, brushing off my knees and feeling as if I were about to step into some other world. My turning point was behind me along a path I had taken a hundred times, transcending the usual mindlessness of it all into something beautifully wrong and deliciously sick.

My legs tingled as I turned, glancing only a moment at our front window and seeing Jacob there, still clothed but openly stroking himself through his pants. I was so very tempted to forget my jog and go inside, instead. Tempted to take my boy's cock into my body and let him feel what a mother's love and lust could really be. It was the worst feeling I had ever known to separate myself from him as I began that slow walk to the road, yet I wanted to do this for him. I wanted him to see that Mommy wasn't jogging for herself, but for him.

Hanging right to follow the sidewalk, I felt a wave of relief wash over me when I finally disappeared behind the trees and bushes. Glancing at the bushes though, it had made sense what I had heard only a few days ago.

He had been there, Jacob that is. Knelt in those very bushes as close to me as he could get. I remember hearing a low moan and the strange sound of something wet and fleshy. I thought it maybe some animals having a meal, predator and prey completing their natural cycle. Maybe I was right in a way and never quite admitted to myself just how complete the cycle was becoming.

I also knew just how wet I was at that moment, my thighs beginning to pump faster with the increase in my pace. My pussy was throbbing and tingling and sending me all the signals of hunger for that young shaft to be buried inside of it. I wanted it, too.

Farther down the street and my head wasn't clearing of the images that Jacob had indelibly left there. Seeing him naked in the front window sent goosebumps running over my body and my nipples had never been so hard.

Up ahead, I could see the end of our street at the intersection, knowing that normally I would continue across and onwards for several more minutes before making the return home. Today I couldn't stand to go that distance.

Before making it to the intersection, I was crossing the street, making the turn to come back home. My shoes slap-slapped against the pavement with my tireless rhythm and I could almost believe that it sounded like Jacob pounding himself into me. Every jogged step was another clarified image of his naked body above me. Every moment bringing with it the torrid imaginings of what his cock would feel like slamming into my cunt.

It was then that I realized just how far this had all gone. Thinking to myself with words like 'cunt' and 'cock'. I hadn't been that way before. I hadn't been a prude, but they weren't the kinds of words I used so readily.

Yet now, I could think of nothing more exciting to describe it, even in my own thoughts. I wanted my son's cock inside of my cunt.

Another minute and I saw the far corner of our house just beyond the trees. A few seconds later and I saw the windows. More importantly I saw Jacob, this time naked. His clothes were probably on the floor as he waited so patiently for me to make my return trip.

I nearly tripped when I saw that thick length in his young hands, only able to make out the contours of shapes from my distance. It was enough though to make me moan out to him despite his not being able to hear it.

I continued along the cul-de-sac, following the far sidewalk to make the long, circular path back to our home. Each second left me panting more from watching and knowing what he was doing than from the jog itself. Just being able to see him stroking himself left me breathless and I could only think of my baby boy. I could only think about how much I wanted to taste that young seed as it sprayed from his swollen tip. I even imagined what it would feel like, covering my tits and face in a filthy sheen of incestuous white across my skin.

What was happening to me?

'You want to get fucked' I heard my inner-voice say.

'No! He's my son!' I replied desperately.

'And that's why you want his cock.' She responded. She... myself. My own desire was telling me the truth and I still had the bravado to deny it. I still thought I had a choice against my own desires and that I could keep this all under control.

My truth was a simple one. I needed him.

Looking up, I watched as Jacob was only a dozen feet away now, kept away from me by panes of glass. His hand was a blur along his length while his eyes strained to remain open and staring at me. All this time I had kept a slow, bouncing jog going, letting him watch the way my body moved within the thin comfort of my jogging pants and sports-bra, neither of which really did much to offer modesty.

Perhaps that's why he started doing all of this. Maybe I had been the one to secretly lead him on and think that it was alright to want his mommy.

I felt instantly dirty just admitting it to myself, which only made the aching in my pussy that little bit more unbearable.

Finally I stopped jogging, the pretense of my hesitation had gone on long enough. I had to come to grips with this, realize that I couldn't deny it all any longer. This was my truth, my reality forged by actions I had always wanted, but could never bring myself to say out loud. I couldn't even say them in my own thoughts. But I wasn't ready yet. I wasn't ready to step inside that house and completely give myself over to lust.

'We have a better idea, don't we?' I heard the voice say again.

'We do?' I asked myself.

'Give the boy a little show, make him explode all over the window. We'd love that, wouldn't we?'

I swallowed suddenly as the thrill of excitement nearly made my knees collapse beneath me. I could see the images in my head so vividly that I was left stunned and breathless. I could only imagine what Jacob thought as he watched my eyes flutter closed and my lips part.

My fingers moved, then, towards waist of my yoga-pants. Every part of me was trembling as I grabbed hold of that nearly sheer fabric and began to push it downwards. I don't know why I started there, why I started with my pants instead of my sports bra, but I couldn't stop myself either.

Hips wiggled back and forth with a slow, deliberate intimacy, letting my Jacob watch as I pushed them down over the flare of my hips and along toned thighs. I was struck by just how proud of my body I was, displaying it little by little to this young man in the window. Letting him watch his mommy taking her clothes off in the front yard for him and him alone.

Again I looked up, seeing that his hand was pumping with quick, hard strokes down his cock, then gliding back upwards to the tip where he smeared that beautifully slick precum over his soft skin. It was transcendent, seeing my baby boy stroking himself like that. Watching the way his hand and body reacted when I stepped out of my pants and let them lay there on the grass.

'Panties next. Show him your slippery cunt.' The voice hissed in my thoughts like a wanton whore.

I obeyed, hooking thumbs into the tiny thong I always enjoyed wearing on my jogs. It pressed up against my pussy and traced my ass in just the right way to help keep my mind wandering on those longer runs when I was by myself with only my thoughts.

Again I took my time, peeling that damp fabric down over hips and away from the sodden skin of my slit. I felt every fiber pulling away from my skin, sending little panting moans to play past my tongue and dance out over lips. I could almost feel myself ready to cum then and there, right in front of my son.

'Not yet!' the voice screamed, and again I obeyed.

'You know what to do,' I heard the voice whisper. It made me shudder to think that a part of me could be so depraved, so filthy and slutty. It excited me more than I thought possible.

Carefully I lowered myself down to the lawn, eyes never leaving the beautiful image of Jacob's hand wrapped around his thickly engorged cock. I watched with such intensity that I hurt from it, but could not bring myself to look anywhere else. It was becoming the center of my universe, the reality for which everything else was constructed around.

Sucking in a slow breath to steady myself, I leaned back, spreading my knees to expose my hairless mound. Letting Jacob see his mommy's 'cunt', smooth and naked and just for him, I knew that I wasn't going to stop here. Even without that little voice in the back of my head feeding me perverse imaginings, I knew that this was what I wanted.

Rest back on my hands, thighs spreading wider still, I gasped when I saw the reaction Jacob was having. His hips were thrusting forward rapidly, hand jerking so quick along that young shaft I thought he might hurt himself. Then the sudden spray of white against the window. Thick globs of semen splattering against the glass and dripping down towards the sill in streaks of clearing color. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, and left me shudder with a small, wanted orgasm that came upon me without warning.

Gasping, sucking in deep breaths, I moaned out his name as my own hips responded to that release of energy. Watching as he spent himself for me and only me made me love him that much more. Before I realized it, my hand was between my legs and two long fingers buried themselves between the silken folds of my slit.

I was a whore then and there, fingering myself openly for my beautiful Jacob. A wanton slut, just like the voice in my head, letting him watch mommy do the very same thing that he had been doing just a second ago.

Every part of my pussy was aching and sensitive, rippling and squeezing around my fingers as the next release of tension struck and brought waves of spasms to play through my body.

I lost myself into that feeling, into the crying out that filled my ears and the images of my baby's cum splashing against the window. It was all there, just for me, and I was soaking it all up with such abandonment that I was scared for my own sanity, let alone the fact that being scared excited me more.

When my eyes finally opened, I saw him standing there, naked and above me. His shaft still hard and letting cum dribble down onto my face, the expression on his face was a mixture of worry and lust that sent my heart fluttering and beating faster against my chest.

"Mommy?" he questioned, wondering if I was alright.

In answer, I reached up, realizing only then that I was flat on my back, and wrapped my pussy-slick fingers around his cock to pull him down to my mouth. "Shhh, Jacob. Let mommy clean you."

To Be Continued...

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