John is 21 years old and going to collage to studying to be a psychologist. This is his first year of school. His life to this point has been rough. At age 5 he was put into a children's home because his father abused him. By beating him and his siblings, however the other siblings were sent to live with their mother.

His mother was very scared of him because he looked so much like his father, that she didn't want him. John had no idea way his mother didn't want him and always felt As if she hated him. John spent most of his life in the children's home and when he would get close to someone they would leave him.

So John would go into a rage, getting so upset he would blackout into a rage and try to kill others around him. But after talking to a psychologist, and working his anger out John learned how to deal with this rage. So he wanted to help other's like himself.

John is going to Penn State, as he walks into the school dorm. He looks for the room number he was given And found his roommate in the room, his name is Mike.

Mike is 20 about 6'0 foot tall very skinny guy about 140 lbs., brown hair, and hazel eyes.

John walks into the room saying hello to his new roommate.

Mike talks with him and helps him unpack. Mike tells him he is studying to become a police officer.

John and Mike hit it off real well. Over the next few months they study real hard, and partying on the Weekends. John asks him if he has a girlfriend here at school yet?

Secretly Mike has been looking at John in the late nights and morning when John would get up with piss hard on. John's cock is about 9 inches long and Mikes is about 6 inches. Mike has been thinking of John when he is taking a shower, and thinking of him always makes his dick get rock hard. Mike starts jerking off as he thinks about John, he bends and sticks a finger up his ass.

Mike cums very hard and says John's name out load as he is moaning. One day when he was beating his meat. Mike had left the bathroom door open. John had come in from class and heard the shower going and walked by looking into the bathroom and sees Mike jerking away, and moaning John's name.

John has never been with a man sexually but now, it has him thinking about it ...very hard.

John's cock is getting hard now of thinking how much he might like to have Mike sucking his dick.

John has a girl he goes out with sometimes but nothing other then out to eat and movie when he has time he's also a virgin. John went on studying after he heard the water being turned off.

Mike comes out and sees John sitting their studying and wonders how long has he been there Did he hear" HIM" when he was moaning and calling Johns name??

Mike asks John what time he got home!

John tells him he just got in and started on his homework right away. (Mike is saying think god to him self)! John however has a very hard cock hiding under the "desk" and needs to release the pressure before he busts.

Mike gets dressed and tells John he is heading to class and asks if John would like to go out tonight after class?

John tells him yes, they need a break from all the studying.

As Mike walks out saying he would be back and ready to go about 6 p.m. As Mike shuts the door" John" pulls his aching cock out to relieve the pressure, as he is stroking his cock he thinks back to remembering seeing Mikes cock and what he had said, as he starts to cum, he catches it in his hand, and licks it to see how it taste.

He's thinking to himself that it's not bad, so he take the rest into his mouth and swallows it all.

John goes back to his studies and starts reading how to hypnotize someone. After about two hours later the phone "rings" and it's Kim the girl from his {class} and the one he goes out with from time to time.

She asks him if he has read and understands how to hypnotize someone.

He tells her that he's not sure but would like to get together and try it on someone.

She asks him if he knows someone take they can try this on.

John tells her that his roommate would be a good one to start on. But unknown to Kim, John knows how to hypnotize someone very quickly. John has done this to several people already but nothing like he is going to do tonight.

Theirs a knock on the door John looks at his watch its 3:30 and he knows it must be Kim. He opens the door and it is Kim. He asks her to come in and if she would like a drink.

She says that diet cola would hit the spot.

In the back of his mine he is thinking that soon she will be swallowing something else. As a grin comes to his face... He gets them both a cola and in hers he slips a drug into her drink. He hands her the cola and they both start drinking and talking about hypnotizing Mike and what they will have him do?

To make sure he is under?

John says that they should make him bark like a dog, but Kim's thinking something a little more devise and tells him that Mike might not be under and would just be fucking with them.

She has something else in mind and tells John that they should make him get nude and walk outside.

John says sure they could do that, because Mike would never ever do anything like that if he was not under the spell.

After about and hour the drug is working on Kim and she is just staring into space, but is still in touch somewhat. John starts asking if she is ok.

Kim says she is so sleepy but its like her eyes just won't shut. In the back of his mind he is laughing and yelling all right your mine know you sweet thing you.

John grabs his necklace and shows it to Kim waving it from side to side in less then a min she is under with the help of the drug.

He tells her to relax and slip deeper and deeper into the zone and when she is filling weight less like air to raise her right arm high over her head...and she doe's.

So now John knows she is under his control total he starts off by telling her. That when he says "sandman" three times she will be back to this spot and will do anything and everything, He says and that when he says "bitch from hell" she will come back and remember nothing and go on as nothing has happen and feel very refreshed unless he tells her other wise.

He asks her if she understands?

She says, "YES".

Now he asks her what she really thinks of him and to be totally honest.

She tells him that she thinks he is hot but not her type.

John then asks her if she has ever had sex.

She tells him no she is saving her self for her husband to be.

He then asks if she has ever fucked herself before.

She reply's (Yes).

John then asks if she has ever played with a mans cock?

She say's no, but hope's to someday!

He then ask if she has ever sucked on a mans cock?

She reply's no, but has thought about it when masturbating.

John asks her if she has ever had a woman for a lover.

Her reply to this one shocked him somewhat when she says Yes, that her and her sister had done this when she was living at home.

John starts getting turn on thinking about her and the sister. His cock is starting to get hard and he tells her to stand up and take her clothing off, she stands and starts removing her blouse first, its a pink silk blouse and then she takes off her bra her breast are 36c and very firm the cool air hits them and her nipples start getting hard she then unbuttons her jeans and zips them down (John is thinking boy am I going to have fun with this babe) she starts to slowly, remove her jeans and finds that she is wearing a matching set of underwear.

He stops her from removing her panties for the moment and tells her to turn around and bend over. He sees that the panties have a wet spot on them he tells her while being bent over to slide the panties off. Her pussy looks so fucking good and he tells her so, her pussy lips are swollen and she is very wet.

John tells her to stand up and turn to face him now. He looks her over and she is so fucking hot he almost cums just from looking at her sexy body.

John tells her to come over and take his pants down this she doe's and he is so hard that the head of his cock is sticking out of his underwear.

Kim he "says" get down on your knees and slowly take my underwear off.

She moves her hand up to the waistband and slides them off.

Now look up into my face, she is now staring at him. Now I want you to open your hot little mouth Kim, I am going to fuck that beautiful face of yours. John slowly takes hold of his cock and guides it into her waiting mouth. Now I want you to suck my cock as you would a sucker.

She takes him into her hot wet mouth and starts sucking.

John starts moving his cock, in and out of her mouth slowly. When I "cum" I want you to suck on my cum, and my cock, and then swallow the juices of my dick. He is watching her and is moving faster in and out of her mouth faster, and faster, he pumps. He grabs her by the hair and starts slamming in and out of her... and cums so hard he almost falls down.

His legs are weak now but she is sucking and licking him getting every bit of cum out of he's cock.

Now I want you to stand up and bend over the chair. As she does this John can see her pussy juices are leaking down her legs!

He rubs her soft sweet ass, and takes some of her juices and rubs in on her asshole.

Then he puts a finger deep into her pussy getting it wet she starts moaning with the pleasure. He takes the finger out and puts it on her ass bud rubbing and pushing his finger deeper, into her ass.

Telling her he is going to fuck that beautiful ass of hers.

And she begs him to fuck her.

She is so wet and hot as he put the tip of his cock at her entrance she starters to push back John pushes his cock slid into her tight ass as she cums and starts screaming.

John starts pounding in and out of her and just before he cums he stops.

Telling her he wants her hot little pussy around his cock.

Kim screams "yes" fuck my cunt! Please fuck me now.

John slides his cock out and puts it into her wet hot pussy he slides it in and hits something in there... its her hymen. He slides in and out and then he grabs her nipples and pinches them and pulls real hard and then slams into her pussy hard.

She screams from the pain but also the pleasure of her orgasm.

She cums so hard that she passes out.

John's legs are now very weak and he slowly walks over to the other chair and sits down worn out for the moment.

John looks at the clock on the wall and sees that it is 5:30. He goes over to Kim, and tells her to get cleaned up and dressed.

As she does John can't wait to have her again? Ok Kim set down and listen to me, I am going to wake you.

And you will remember everything that has happened to you. But you will believe it was just a "dream" and feel so very refreshed.

Now close your eyes and when I count to three you will awaken feeling better then you have in years, and again when I say sandman three times you will be under my control and do anything and everything I say do you understand.

She reply's yes!

Good girl now sandman, sandman, sandman.

She opens here eyes and tells john she is sorry for falling asleep but she feels so wonderful.

Well Kim you must have need the rest. I hope you don't mind that I didn't wake you but you looked like you need the rest.

She smiles at him and gives him a big hug and says thank you John.

There is a noise at the door as it opens they see Mike coming in the room.

Mike says hello to them and they reply the same. Mike starts asking them if they won't mind if he didn't go out tonight that he has to study for a test Monday.

John says what kind of test Mike.

Mike tells him that they are given a set of numbers to remember and that they are the codes the police use when talking on the radio.

John tells him that they could help him to remember the code but to study tomorrow and take a break we were both looking forward to going out with you tonight remember asking.

Mike tells him he is right and should take a break from all the shit. So they head out for a night on the town as John smiles to Kim. They plan to get him drunk then hypnotize him.

When they get to the bar John order's them all a beer with a shot of wild turkey as a chaser they all drink it down then John tells Kim to dance with Mike, as they go to the dance floor John orders another round and slips the same drug he had given Kim into Mikes drink.

Mike and Kim come back to the table and start drinking up. John then asks Kim if she would like to dance and of course she and John head for the dance floor.

John whispers in her ear that he has slipped a drug into Mikes drink so when they get back to the table ask Mike to dance again that way the drug will get into his system much faster.

As John and Kim get back to the table John sees that Mike has in deed drank down all of his drink.

Mike is dancing with Kim he starts filling light headed and asks Kim if she wouldn't mind setting down and rest for a few that he must have drank to fast or something.

Kim tells him sure lets have a rest.

As they are sitting there John tells Mike that maybe they should go to the restroom just in case he should get sick …so John helps Mike to the restroom, there is no one else in there and John has Mike get into a stall and sit there for a few.

Mike agrees and sits there then he sees John pull something out of his pocket and Mike is just staring into space John tells him to look at the object and to focus on… it. As Mike stares at it, John starts laughing and tells Mike to look at it and listen to his voice very carefully.

John has him under his control now, Mike he says when you hear my voice and only my voice and I say sandman three times you will do anything and everything I tell you, do you understand?

Mike answers Yes.

John then tells Mike when you hear me say ( bastered from hell) you will wake up and feel very refreshed and remember nothing, unless I tell you to remember do you understand?

Mike answers Yes.

Then John has to make very sure Mike is under his control and he tells Mike to tell him a secret about just how he feels about John.

Mikes reply is: John I have fantasies about you, I am making love to your big monster cock, and I want to have it inside of me, and to suck your sweet cum from your cock.

John says well now, I like hearing that Mike I want you to stand up and take your cock out for me, do it now Mike.

Mike stands, taking his cock out of his pants and asks want now?

John tells him that from now on you will call me Master when you are under my control!

Mike answers Yes Master.

John is filling ten foot tall now he tells Mike to start masturbating!

Mike says yes master.

John tells Mike that when he cums, to cum in his hand and then to lick it up as if it were Johns cum.

Mike tells John yes master.

I am ready to cum Master and I would love nothing else then to eat my masters cum.

Master I am cuuuummmmmming.

Mike Cums Hard and heavy in his hand shooting some of his load on Johns pants leg. Mike then starts licking his cum from his hand and tells his master how good he loves his cum.

John tells him to lick his cum from his pants leg and do it now.

Mike drops to the floor and greedy licks it off of his master's leg.

John then tells him to dress and let's go home Mike fallows him out the door, John tells Kim that Mike is under his control and they are headed back to his place and for her to come with them as well.

Kim is smiling from ear to ear unknown to her that she is also under John's control.

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