tagGroup SexJohn and Amy

John and Amy


I met John's girlfriend, Amy, at the bar in the main lodge. She and I had shared a ski lift together several times that day. She was an expert skier, who had come to the resort with her fiancée. He had never skied before, but was anxious to learn. Amy struck me as being fairly worldly. From our conversation, John seemed just the opposite. She thought they would make a great couple, if he would just let his hair down a bit. She admitted that he had a great body and was pretty good in bed, but was not very adventurous.

We were getting pretty drunk, when John strolled up and took a seat next to her. She promptly introduced us, and the talk shifted to his day out on the slopes. He was having a terrifically hard time picking this sport up. He had fallen every five minutes to the point where he was sore from head to toe. A good massage was what he needed, I chimed in. A 'hot sensuous' massage, Amy piped up. We had a few more and then they decided to call it a day.

I was just walking into my condo when the phone started ringing. It was Amy. I hadn't remembered giving her my number. She had tracked me down through the bartender, a friend of mine. She told me that John was in the shower, and that she had a great idea. She wanted me to give John a 'hot sensuous' massage. I was taken aback a little.

"Don't tell me that you've never fooled around with a man before," she scolded. I couldn't.

She wanted me to give John the time of his life; give him a great massage of course, but also take it much farther.

"What do you see us doing together?" I asked her.

"Oh, you know. Stroking each other's cocks. Maybe giving each other head. Get each other off." She sounded very turned on, as she spoke.

"And what are you going to be doing?" I asked.

"I'll be out dancing." She told me. "If you guys are still at it when I get back, maybe I'll join you." She whispered giggling.

We made a plan that I was to arrive at their condo at 8:30.

When I arrived, she was just heading out.

"C'mere." She led me to the coke machine vestibule. "What are you going to do?"

"Well, pretty much what you want me to do." I countered. "You look great."

"I'm so turned on just thinking about you two. Do I look nice?" I told her that she did. "Check this," she said as she pulled her blouse aside. She was wearing no bra and her tits were perfect and erect. She then hiked her skirt and showed me her naked puss. "Maybe I'll see you later." She kissed me deeply and then headed to her car.

I knocked on the door and John answered it dressed in a robe. He was expecting me, but was very nervous. We each had a beer and talked a bit about Amy. I didn't tell him that I had seen her outside. I told him that he should just relax and have fun. We moved to the bedroom to get started.

He removed his robe and laid down on the bed. He had a nice body, but what struck me was the size of his penis; astonishingly long and thick, even soft. I was really intrigued now. I wanted to see it completely hard. I moved around setting up a few things that Amy had left for us; candles and music. John finally leaned up on one elbow to watch me moving around. When it was time, I began removing my clothes. He was watching me without trying to be obvious. I was down to my underwear and was getting a little erect. I stood in front of him and slid my underwear down. He had a side view of me as my cock leapt up and out. He laid back down either satisfied or even more nervous, I couldn't tell.

The massage went very well. He was relaxing and breathing deeply. I covered every part of his back and shoulders, then moved down his legs to his feet. I then moved his legs wide apart, so that I could kneel between them. I had a nice view of his penis and testicles, as they lay between his legs. My hands stroked up and over his butt. They kept moving deeper and deeper between his legs until I actually touched his balls once. He took a deep breath and I noticed his cock getting harder. It was amazing to see; really big.

I moved to kneel alongside of him and began gently stroking his legs and butt. My fingers would dip in between his legs periodically and stroke his cock and balls. He laid there quietly and let me touch him everywhere. His breathing had increased quite a bit.

Is it alright to touch you like this?" I whispered. He moaned and nodded. "Good. I like touching you like this. Does it feel good?" He moaned again affirming that it did. "You've got beautiful big equipment. Nice soft balls. Your penis is so smooth! This really turns me on." I caressed his bottom, his thighs, tickled his balls and stroked his long cock gently. "Beautiful big cock." I whispered.

"I'll be right back." I told him as I stood up and headed for the bathroom. I walked slowly, allowing him to see that I was completely erect. When I got to the bathroom door I glanced back to see him watching me.

"Why don't you lay on your back?" I told him when I returned a minute later. He rolled over and I got a view of the most gorgeous cock I've ever seen. It was about nine or ten inches long, thick and straight and beautifully smooth. His balls were full and tight. I stood there for a minute as we both checked each other out. Neither of us said anything about it but we were both very aroused.

I knelt down next to him and began stroking his leg. I couldn't take my eyes off of his big dick. He seemed to enjoy watching mine bob and weave. I ran my hand up and around, avoiding his dancing penis for now, over his stomach and chest. A couple of times when the back of my arm would touch his penis it would jump wildly, and John would moan a bit. My hand was trembling as it gently stroked up his legs and cupped his full round balls.

"Oh, yeah!" he moaned quietly. I spent some time caressing his balls with a feather touch of my fingertips. He lay there and let me play with his jewels and then I gently tickled my fingers up the length of his cock. "Ooooh!" He moaned, as his eyes closed and his head rolled this way and that. My other fingertips trailed up over his chest and nipples.

I tried to use a touch that he would barely feel, the lightest touch possible as I stroked up and down the length of his beautiful shaft. It was impressively hard. Not a word was spoken as I got up and went to turn out all the lights.

"I would love to tease you in total darkness." I told him, then blew out the candles, one by one. I carried that last candle to the bed and climbed on next to him. My cock was so hard. His eyes never left it. I stroked my length for him a few times."You have such a spectacularly beautiful cock." I told him gazing at it. "It totally turns me on."

I looked into his eyes one last time and then blew out the candle in my hand, plunging the room into pitch darkness.

"I am going to enjoy pleasuring you. I am really going to enjoy pleasuring your gorgeous penis."

"Oh my god!" He whispered. "I'm so fucking turned on right now!" I went back to stroking his cock and felt him trembling heavily. My hand gently slid up and down the shaft of his huge, hard cock. He was moaning quietly in the darkness, as I began jacking him off.

"Oh yeah, man. Your cock feels so good in my hand; so big, so thick. You're starting to get a little wet." The head was getting slick with pre-lube.

One hand kept massaging his erection as the other stroked all over his body. It ran up his torso and down his arm to his hand. I then picked up his hand and guided it to my erect cock. He took gentle hold of it and just held it for a long time. I flexed the muscles of it, and his grip tightened a little. I began whispering in the dark,

"What an amazing cock. You're so thick and hard." He moaned his approval. "I love the way you feel in my hand. Your balls are so nice and full. Do I feel good in your hand" He moaned quietly that it did. We stayed like that, in total darkness and quiet for awhile.

"I want to take your cock in my mouth."

"Oh my god!" he moaned again.

"I want to suck your cock so bad. I want to feel you in my throat. Deep throat your amazing penis."

"Oh fuck! That would feel so good!" he hissed in the dark.

"Yeah? Would you like that? You may be too big for me to swallow, but a guy can dream." I heard him chuckle a bit. "I would love to try anyway."

After another long pause, I said,

"I want to taste your sweet, hot come. I know you've got lots of come for me."

"Oh fuck! Yes I do! I want to feel you swallowing my cum."

We just continued to tease each other like this for awhile. He was squeezing and releasing my cock now. Squeezing and releasing.

"I want to feel your mouth on my cock too." John was silent at this. "I've seen you looking at it. "I can tell that you like touching it." His hand was now stroking it gently. "You'll love the feel and taste of my cock in your mouth."

He was silent but didn't stop exploring my penis.

"Just wait 'til you feel the hot jets of my come shooting into your mouth. You'll love it." Both of us were trembling and shaking now. "I'm so excited! I can't wait anymore. I have to suck your amazing penis right now. Tell me you want it. Tell me to do it.

"Oh fuck Steven! Suck my big cock for me! Do it! Put me in your mouth and blow me. I am so close already!"

I moved on the bed and took his cock deeply in my mouth and worked my tongue in a frenzy, all over it. He came immediately. Hot, pulsing jets of semen squirted heavily into my mouth and throat. I stroked his cock and balls as I swallowed deeply, again and again. Both of us were gasping and moaning.

"Oh, you are so delicious!" I continued sucking him gently for a minute. "Now it's your turn."

Still in total darkness I felt him raising up on one elbow. I moved to him and knelt by his head as he continued stroking my erection. I could sense him working up the nerve to suck me, as I ran my fingers through his soft hair.

"Sucking another man's cock is so erotic," I whispered to him. "It's so foreign and yet so familiar all at once." I could feel his breath on my tool.

"I loved having you shoot all of your come in my mouth and drinking it, but I didn't get nearly enough of having your gorgeous penis in my mouth. I want to suck you some more." There was a long silence. "Do it." I whispered. "Suck my cock, man."

He began giving the head nice soft, wet, slow kisses.

"Oh, yeah." I moaned. "We are both going to love this. I can tell." I pulled on his head and pushed gently with my hips and my cock slid in his mouth, smooth and wet. His tongue was slipping all around. "Oh, what wonderful head. I love your mouth. You're superb at this. It feels wonderful, doesn't it?"

"Mm hm," he nodded.

"Oh, you're too good. I'm there already. Can I give you my come?" He nodded again getting hotter. "Wait 'til you taste my sweet sperm." We didn't go faster, but my cock was like stone as he drew it in and out. I was trembling as I stopped moving for a minute, to prolong the feeling and then released into him. My breath rushed out, as my come flowed into his mouth. He was moaning his pleasure as he drank it all. We held perfectly still except for his tongue, which played back and forth slowly. My orgasm continued for a long time.

Finally we parted, as I laid down and reached for his cock again. It was fully erect again. My mouth watered for it. "Can I give you another blowjob?" I asked him. He just moaned his consent. We lay there as I stroked his thick hard shaft, as he wrapped his arm around me. He pulled me to him and kissed my mouth. Our tongues danced together in a passionate French kiss. "Mmm. You taste like my come." I whispered.

"I love your come." He whispered back.

"I want another gushing mouthful of your hot come." I whispered into his mouth, and then slid down to suck him some more.

I sucked him a long time, up and down softly and deeply, trying to get him into my throat. I was slurping his penis when light eased into the room as the door opened. We both looked over to see Amy at the door peering into the dark.

"Are you awake?" she whispered. John moaned that he was. I realized that she couldn't see anything when she asked, "How was it? What all did you guys do?" After a pause, John told her,

"Why don't you turn on the light."

Light flooded the room and the reaction on her face to my kneeling between his legs and licking up and down his cock while looking at her, was priceless. She gaped at us for a moment and then said,

"I knew you guys would love each other." She said as she began disrobing. Soon she was topless and pulling her nipples. "Suck his big cock some more." She told me. I went back to taking him deeply in my mouth. "Oh yeah! That's so hot!!" she hissed. She came over and began stroking my butt as she watched. "Here I thought you'd be done by now. May I join you?" Our looks said it all and she began unzipping her skirt.

To be continued ...

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