tagLoving WivesJohn & Argie Ch. 02

John & Argie Ch. 02

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 2.

John's Sexual History – Part 2

"So, how're ya holding up Doc? Got some fingers plowing into that pussy yet? I'm willing to bet you've gotten off already and can't wait for our next session. That couch of yours looks like it could stand a lively fuck or three. I hope we can get it on Doc. I'm whacking off right now, spewing long ropes of jizm onto the floor. Now I've gotta shut this recorder off while I clean this mess up before my lovely wife comes home."


"I constantly think of women and sex, and in turn, must relieve myself several times a day. I have sex with my wife and, while she never says no, it is not enough, and my mind still wanders and fantasizes. She is the greatest and I know this, but am not sure how to stop these thoughts and actions. I am not bragging when I say this, only trying to open and honest; but I have slept with over a hundred girls; mostly unprotected, and I thank God I've been lucky, health wise. I have been careful to be tested many times. I have been with my wife for 22 years and screwed around while we were going steady, when we were engaged, and even on our honeymoon. Whenever I'm tempted I make a move on the woman in question. I think it extraordinary that so many of them respond favorably. Quite frankly, I don't understand this, and if you can shed some light on it, Doc I would appreciate it.

"Oh, yeah, the next girl was named, Joanie. Believe it or not, my mother fixed me up with her. She was new in town, about to go off to college, and her mother met mine, and so on. Anyway, I was given some spending money to take her to the movies and went over to her place to pick her up sight unseen. I guess this was my first blind date. It goes without saying that I was stunned at finding a real beauty waiting for me. I think from what followed, that she liked what she saw as well.

"The movie theater was about half full, for we had arrived for an early performance, we diligently finished our popcorn and soda, and settled back to watch the film. After twenty minutes I finally put my arm around Joanie's shoulders. There was a sense of welcome in this and my confidence soared. I moved my face a fraction of an inch toward hers. Joanie moved too, and not away. Ever so slowly, we inched closer. I could smell her fragrance, and had an erection that was probably worth considering a deadly weapon.

"Then we kissed each other for the first time. I had learned something about kissing from Barbara. It turned out that Joanie had little experience in kissing. Something I had to struggle to understand given her good looks and all.

"Her lips were soft and warm. I knew enough not to force my tongue into her mouth, and contented myself with gently sucking on first her lower lip, and them on the upper. Just licking and sucking and it drove Joanie wild.

"We came up for air and she gasped, "Wherever did you learn to kiss like that?"

"I told her the truth. "I had a girlfriend last year. We fooled around some."

"I've never had a boyfriend," she said wistfully, then stared into my eyes. "Would you like to kiss me again?"

"Yes I would."

"We repeated the kiss, and Joanie was moaning quietly in my arms.

"Want to make the kisses better?" I asked.

"Sure . . . how?" Joanie asked with a natural curiosity.

"When you feel my lips, open your mouth just a little."

"She did so, and rather than rush my tonguing, I licked and sucked each lips again, and when she moaned, I sent my tongue out and between her parted lips. I found her tongue and touched it sending a shock throughout Joanie's nervous system. I pulled back and waited for her response. A second or two went by, and it seemed an eternity to me, as I wondered if I'd gone too far. But then her tongue ventured out after mine, as she grew to understand what was happening. Our tongues flicked and prodded, teasing each another; our mutual hunger feeding on it. I grew daring enough to put a hand on her ass, and gently squeezed her soft resilient flesh. She moaned with delight.

"Suddenly Joanie gasped and pulled away.

"I know, I know," I said quickly, "It's kinda shocking at first, but trust me, you'll love this. Give it another chance, please?"

"Okay, but it did frighten me."

"Close your eyes and we'll start over, okay?'

"Okay," she said, closing her eyes, and this time my tongue slipped in and began the wonderful exploration of her virgin mouth. Within a minute Joanie was holding my face in her hands and hungrily tonguing me back.

"We took a short break and I said, "You've never necked before, have you?"

"Never," Joanie responded, laying her head on my chest. "But I like it a lot."

"I knew things would get even better when her hand began rubbing my chest through the sweater I wore; and, twisting in her arms, I reached out to caress her face.

"I want you to understand something Joanie," I said. I don't do this with just anyone." I sensed all resistance that might be left melting. "I want to hold you tight, and we really can't do it here because of all the people around us. "

"Should we just leave then?" Joanie asked, obviously having no experience in such matters at all.

"I think it best, yeah."

"We left the movie house and walked a half block to an alley. I guided Joanie into the ally and discovered that it had a slight curve that afforded us cover from being seen by passersby in the street.

"It's not the cleanest place in the world, Joanie, by we have our privacy."

"Ignoring my comment, Joanie's husky voice pleaded, "Kiss me again, please, Johnny,"

I heard the urgency in her voice, and took her in my arms and kissed her hard. She responded in kind. The kiss gained heat, and my hands came to her face, holding her cheeks in my own palms, guiding her. Joanie's lips worked hungrily against mine, and I felt and heard her moan into my throat.

"Urging my hips into her, I gave Joanie a taste of my erection.

"Breaking off the kiss, she looked at me and sighed. "Did I do that to you?"

"Yes," I said keeping it simple.


"I pulled her back against it, and within seconds Joanie drove her crotch up to make contact with my hardon. This was my first and finest moment in dry humping. Joanie's too, for that matter, only I suppose I shouldn't speak for her. She might have had better some other time. But that first time is special though. Between the tonguing and grinding, Joanie was going mad with desire.

"Into her ear I husked, "I wish we didn't have these clothes between us while we're doing this," and emphasized my words with a long, hard rub of her groin with his.

"Maybe we can," she gasped, "just this once."

"My tongue left her lips and went to the hollow of her throat. Joanie groaned out loud as my throbbing prick pushed into once again. Joanie went wild, pumping her pelvis into mine with a frenzy that frightened me to some extent. I still believe to this day that we both came. I know I did. And I know that Joanie shuddered convulsively and went slack in my arms, but I never asked.

"You'll have to excuse me," I told her as she stood with her head hanging down, unable to look at me.



"I, err, I came in my shorts, and I need to clean it up, so please don't freak out on me. I'm gonna take my penis out. But just to clean it off, all right?"

"I guess," she mumbled, her head still down.

"Yanking my jeans down, I quickly pushed my jockeys to my knees and wiped myself off with a handkerchief. Glancing at Joanie, I found her staring wide-eyed at my dick. Now I had just come, but it wasn't shriveled up at all. In fact it was still formidable in size.

"I knew she had never seen one before and so I risked everything and said, "Go on, touch it if you want to."

"But she didn't."

"With her eyes fixed on my dick, her hands went under her skirt and she pulled her white cotton panties down around her ankles; then freed one foot by kicking from the leg hole. It was my turn to stare, and I did, taking in her pubes and the narrow brown patch of pubic hair covering her pussy lips.

"My dick twitched, and made her laugh nervously. "I can't believe we're doing this," Joanie said.

"Me neither," was my best response.

"Tentatively, Joanie wrapped her hand around my engorged cock, slowly stroking at first, but then after I made it throb in her fist, she opened her hand and looked at it as it lay in her palm.

"What . . . What's this?" Joanie asked, as a large drop of precum seeped out of the tip of my dick.

"It's what's called precum," I told her. "It kinda lubricates the head of my . . . you know."

"I see," she replied, absently running her thumb over the head of my dick, spreading the slippery liquid evenly over the entire surface.

"Now what?" Joanie asked, as she studied the veins running the length of my manhood.

"You wanna jerk me off?" I asked, hoping I got a yes.

"She licked her lower lip, and said, "How?"

"Like before when you were pumping it up and down with your hand."

"This way?" Joanie responded, jerking me off perfectly.

"Exactly . . . boy you catch on quick, don't you?"

"Joanie gave me a shy smile, "I try," she said, looking intently at her work.

"Squeeze it hard, Joanie. You won't hurt it, go ahead and squeeze."

She did, and it was wonderful. I was thinking how to get her to suck it, when Joanie said, "Do you want to play with my titties?"

"If you think its okay."

"Of course it is. I wouldn't have asked otherwise."

"My fingers shook as I pulled her sweater up and over her head. I laid it carefully on my jeans to keep it clean and looked down at her bra covered tits. Her nipples already aroused, strained against the twin cups constraining them. I kissed one through the silky fabric of her bra, causing Joanie to moan with pleasure.

"God that feels good," she whispered, as if we were in church. "Please, do it again?"

"This time I followed the kiss with a languorous lick. Joanie was stroking my boner with one hand while the other rumpled my hair. I nipped the nipple and felt Joanie tremble.

"The other one, quick . . . do the other one!"

"Moving to the other breast, I repeated my actions, this time adding a gentle breeze after sucking the nipple through the silky material by blowing on the turgid bud.

"Her hand was moving more rapidly upon my dick, masturbating furiously, and I knew I'd be spurting soon and tried to hold back.

"Take my bra off . . ." Joanie groaned, and I noted that she was trembling again.

"I fumbled with the catch. It wasn't the last time that's happened to me. It still does from time to time. Suddenly I managed it, and the bra cups came off in my hands. I slid the straps off her shoulders and down her arms. I felt the bra fall away, and laid it on top of her sweater, and then gazed at her marvelous chest. Joanie's tits were bigger than Barbara's. Hell, Barbara's were mosquito bites with small nipples. Joanie had little pear shaped titties with strawberry tipped nipples. I still think today that they were magnificent, perfectly in scale with the rest of her young, lithe body.

"My eyes must have been big as saucers. My mouth closed around her naked breast for the first time. The pleasure shot straight to my brain, and to my crotch. I felt myself boiling over and began doing multiplication tables in my head to keep from focusing on what I didn't want to happen so soon.

"I bit a little too hard and Joanie cried out in pain.

"Sorry, sorry," I said, in consternation, for I had loved biting down on them, yet realized how tender they must be. I made a note to investigate that aspect of tit play, for there had to be a way to do it without causing pain.

"Joanie promptly gave me the answer. "I like it when you bite them, but not so hard. Be gentle with them, all right?"

"Mmmm," I replied already back attacking her other nipple with my teeth.

"Ummm, that's better, oh yeah, that's nice, very nice."

"Joanie was stroking slowly now, as if she too sensed how close I was to coming. I buried my face between her breasts, softly kissing and licking the sides of each breast in turn, as she moaned contentedly and increased both the pressure on my dick and the pace of her strokes.

"I . . . "I'm gonna come, Joanie, watch out!"

"She gave me one last jerk, and I spurted three consecutive long lines against the alley wall. It was Joanie's turn to be wide-eyed as she looked on in awe at my dick's performance.

"Wow!" So that's what its like. I mean if it was inside me . . . so that's how we get pregnant," she said more to herself than me.

"When I finished, I whipped out my already stained hanky and cleaned the rest off of my dick, then let it hang limply in front of me.

"It's so small . . . what happened?" Joanie asked.

"I'm not sure. I think the blood rushes in when I get hot, and after I come it leaves my dick and goes . . . well, I don't know where it goes. I don't know where it comes from either." I said.

"Joanie nodded her head in acceptance. And I got another idea."

"My finger lightly glossed over her pussy lips and Joanie jumped in alarm.

"Easy," I said to reassure her. "I'm only doing for you what you did for me."

"Oh, I didn't understand . . ."

"She was obviously willing to let me proceed and I did. I knelt in front of her and reached out and spread her pussy lips apart. I saw her clit peeking out of its hiding place and mentally thanked Barbara for telling me all about clits. My thumb bumped against it, and Joanie let loose with a high pitched, "Oooo!"

"From that point on, I alternated using a finger to fuck her pussy and my thumb to titillate her clit. She was forced to turn and lean her hands against the alley wall while I positioned myself between her legs for the fingering. Joanie began rocking against my hand.

"Y... Y... Yes," she panted, as I increased the tempo of my finger fucking. I distinctly remember my finger was only entering her to my second knuckle before meeting the resistance of her hymen.

"You're so . . . g . . . good at this . . . how?"

"She couldn't finish her sentence, but closed her eyes and concentrated on her impending orgasm. She started pounding her pubes against my finger, and at some point I broke her hymen. I don't know exactly when, for there wasn't sufficient light for me to spot the little blood that Joanie shed.

"Deeper . . . Go deeper," she urged me and without giving it another thought, I did so. Perhaps that's when it happened although I've always suspected it was earlier and she knew exactly when it happened and then urged me on and in. Later Joanie confessed that she'd wanted me as deep in her as possible. She'd dreamed that she was open so wide that I was virtually crawling inside her pussy.

"We both fumbled getting dressed and walked back to the movie theater, and I hailed a cab and took Joanie home.

"Will I see you again?" I asked at her doorstep. We knew her mother was looking out at us through the blinds.

"Yes, sure, when?" Joanie blurted.

"After school . . . tomorrow?" I suggested.

"Neat! Okay for sure then, tomorrow!" and she turned to enter her house.

"Wait!" I called out.

Joanie turned and gave me a puzzled look.

"Where will we meet?"

"Oh . . . why not c'mon over here."

"I rolled my eyes, and made her laugh. I liked her laugh, it was genuine.

"No, no," she said, "no problem. My mom will leave us alone as long as we're quiet. You can be quiet can't you?" she said teasing me.

"As a church mouse," I responded, making her laugh again.

"And her mother did leave us alone the next day, and the next. She shouldn't have, for we fucked like rabbits each and every time she left the room. The following month we learned that Joanie was pregnant. That ended that. Instead of going off to college, she went to an aunt's to have the baby and I was told I was grounded forever. Joanie's family, not surprisingly, moved several months later.

"I got a letter from Joanie a year later. The baby, our baby, had been put up for adoption. It was a girl. In the letter Joanie told me she didn't regret a thing that happened and would do it over again if possible. She was seeing another guy, and her mother had her on the pill, just in case. I was not to try and see her. On that she was emphatic. But she did tell me that she had loved me fiercely during our all too brief time together and I found that very consoling, for I too had found a new friend.

END of Tape 1.

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