tagLoving WivesJohn & Argie Ch. 06

John & Argie Ch. 06

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 6

Argie, still seething, set out to find a suitable man with whom to extract some semblance of revenge on John. There was no way she was about to let him off the hook. She had decided that she would have at least three affairs before letting him beg for forgiveness; and then only if he managed to control his sexual antics.

"Addicted to sex, my ass," she fumed. "He's just a horny god damned male pig."

Argie made stops at the hairdresser's and several boutiques. When she arrived back home, John was at work, of that she was sure, having called him on the half-hour for two days running. It took the better part of an hour, but Argie was finally satisfied with her new look. She picked up her purse, took one last look in the mirror, nodded with satisfaction and left to find a place to pick up a man.

It must have been 102 degrees outside. But inside O' Mara's Irish Pub in downtown Houston it was Happy Hour and cool. O' Mara's was really a guy type place, which was exactly why she ventured in with every confidence that she would find a suitable lover.

A rich mahogany paneling covered the walls. Pictures of ballplayers and fighters from the fifties and sixties hung from the paneling in a random pattern, as if waiting for the following decades to show up. After ordering a vodka martini she found herself asking the old, craggy-faced bartender about the disparity.

He smiled at her, revealing a mouth full of gold and silver teeth --- Argie had never seen that combo before — and said in a hoarse, whiskey crusted voice, "O'Mara's don't give a shit 'bout da newcomers. They ain't stood da test a time."

Argie hadn't understood a thing he'd said to her. "Test a time?" She nodded anyway and he moved away from her, moving down the bar wiping as he went with a crisply starched bar rag.

An abrasive voice suddenly rang out in her left ear. "How'ya doing?"

Argie turned in that direction and encountered a man hefting himself up onto the barstool next to her. He must have emerged from the men's room for she hadn't seen him enter.

He looked familiar, but she couldn't quite place him. He was three inches taller than her — possibly a couple years older — balding, but lean and trim, like a retired athlete, with red-veins prominent across his face.

'A serious drinker,' she surmised.

"All right I guess," she replied, after all, he was a man. She took a sip from her vodka martini and studied him a little more over the top of her glass.

It was just after six in the evening, far too early for any serious action, but just then the lounge door opened and two women entered. Argie couldn't see them from very well from where she was sitting, not without being obvious about it. But she heard them clearly enough as they made a production in deciding where to sit.

'Competition,' she thought and decided to take a shot at the man next to her. 'Well I've got Territorial rights,' she told herself.

"Milo Cappelli" the guy next to said as he offered his right hand. Argie took it, shook it once and released it.

"Argie, Argie Fanner," she murmured, providing a fictitious last name.

The soft murmur had him leaning in her direction and Argie thought that for starters that would keep the other huntresses at bay for the time being. 'Of course,' the thought occurred to her, 'someone better might stroll in here and be fair game for the two bimbos sitting in the booth.

"I'm pleased to meet you Milo."

"Likewise," he said in turn. "I'm in the building business," he offered.

Argie nodded as if this were noteworthy news; then asked, "What kind of building business Milo?"

"Oh, yeah," he smiled, "Ah, I should have been clearer."

Milo waved his hand in a gesture signifying it was nothing. "Sometimes I think people can *read* my mind," Milo replied, still smiling, but not at Argie. He ran on about his business (construction it seems, but he's not too clear about it) but the smile, and his attention, was now focused on the two women as they sat in the booth waiting for the bartender to come and take their order.

Taking the bull by the horns, Argie nudged Milo, got his undivided attention and said, "Want to join 'me' in a booth back there?"

Milo busted his ass getting off his stool in order to follow Argie to the booth in the back, far removed from the two women she felt were competition.

As soon as a fresh round of drinks was placed on the table, Milo made his move.

"You're one hell of a good-looking woman, Angie," he said.

"It's Argie," she said and smiled kindly. "It's unusual, but try remembering it this way, R. G."

Yeah, R. G., think I've got it," he said beaming at her as if he'd solved a difficult mathematical equation. Milo took a gulp from his drink and leaned closer to Argie.

'Is he gonna try to kiss me right here?' She wondered.

A second later, Milo did just that, Argie found it a soft, gentle kiss and told herself, 'Gee, that wasn't so bad,' and closed her eyes as he kissed her a second time. It had been a long time since she'd been kissed by anyone other than John and he measured up fairly well. Argie's experience in kissing was somewhat limited to several college trysts with guys named Kyle and Gavin, both of whom had almost bitten her lips off in their anxiety to get her into the back of their respective vans.

Milo reached around her shoulder with his arm, putting his hand on her arm. It felt cool, but his hand was soft, reminding her of his lips and he casually stroked her arm and sent a little thrill to her nervous system. Argie looked into his eyes and realized Milo was excited and that served to excite her as well.

He started to kiss her again and a moment later his hand was stroking her leg and moving north in serious fashion. She clamped her thighs together and Milo got the message, sending the errant hand to her hip. She opened her mouth and allowed his tongue to greet hers and before she knew it his hand was kneading her crotch.

Argie had thought at first that Milo was moving too damn fast, but the pressure of his kneading and the erotic thoughts bombarding her brain as a direct result of the first tongue in years aside from John's toured her teeth, gums and part of her throat.

In short, Argie was primed. But perplexed, what would she do with him?

Milo saved the day by gasping, "What say we blow this joint?"

She pulled away, thinking he'd had the effrontery to ask her to blow him . . . in O' Mara's Irish Pub.

She shook her head, and then realized he was too nice to make such a suggestion, and so she asked, "What did you say?"

"Let's get out of here. My place isn't far. We'll be much more comfortable there," and then he happened to select one of the two things that would spur Argie into leaving with him.

"Those two women are giving me the creeps, the way they're starin' at us. You'd think they never saw anyone kissing before."

She had been concerned about losing Milo to them --- one of them anyway. The other, probably best choice would have been if John had walked in and Milo called her attention to him. Of course that wasn't going to happen. There are only so many coincidences in a lifetime. It was too early for one of that magnitude to occur.

Walking out into the heat after having several drinks didn't sit well with Argie. Milo appeared to have no problem whatsoever, and that may or may not have been because of his size. At any rate he steered Argie to his car, a year old Lincoln Town car.

"My car!" Argie yelped out in distress. "What about my car?"

"No problem," Milo said evenly, "I'll drop you off here later. I can see that the heat has got you a bit wobbly, so it's best that I drive the two of us."

"I shouldn't leave . . ."

"Like I said, I'm a short distance from here, less than a mile. I'd say let's walk it, but it's too damn hot."

"It is hot," she conceded and sat down in the front seat and leaned close to the A/C in the dash to permit the coolness rushing from the vent into her top. "Okay, let's roll," she said, mimicking a cop show she'd seen on TV earlier that week. The drinks and the heat were working on her. Milo was looking better every minute.

She turned to face him and said with a pout on her face, "Do you want to touch my boobs?" She stuck out her chest to amplify her words.

Milo stopped the Lincoln and moved to her. He reached out tentatively, afraid she would prevent him from touching her at the last moment; then groped her left breast harder than she had anticipated, but not so hard as to cause pain. A moment later her nipple was all a tingle as Milo rubbed it against her bra. Bending down he took the nipple into his mouth through the material of both blouse and bra and bit it lightly.

"OH!" Argie moaned, and at that instant knew he was going to get lucky. 'Or was it she getting lucky?' Argie wondered as she was now very confused, but also very comfortable.

"I didn't know these Lincoln's had so much room. Do you want to . . .?"

He interrupted her to say, "We'd better get going. It wouldn't do to have some dumb cop happen by and catch us in the back seat. But I think it's a wonderful idea. There is plenty of room back there." That said, he released her breast and put the Lincoln in drive and raced a short mile down the road to his apartment.

After he parked, he leaned against the center console and said," Okay then, let's go in, baby."

"What's my name?" Argie asked, thinking, . 'Damned if she'd screw some guy didn't remember her name.'

"R. G.", he replied with a lewd grin, "Thought I wouldn't remember 'eh?"

"You're sweet," Argie told him and kissed him lightly on the lips, ending it before he could make it last. They walked with his hand on her elbow, guiding her, and at the stairs he allowed Argie to go first. She began to giggle feeling his eyes boring into her ass, to which she added an exaggerated wiggle.

"It's to the right," he told her as they reached the top of the landing. When they reached his door he began to put the key in the door; then nervously dropped it.

Argie gave a wanton laugh and he grabbed her and turned her into the door, pressing himself against her back. She felt his hardness then and reveled in it. 'That dick is gonna get some classy pussy,' she told herself and giggled again. Milo reached around her, grabbing both breasts and gave them a hard squeeze. Argie felt herself growing wet with excitement. His lips were at her neck, sucking away.

"No! Don't leave any marks!" She cried out starting to raise her voice. Then she saw the potential hickey's in another light. 'They would make John jealous!'

"Forget what I just said. Be a vampire if you want," she said and gasped with pleasure as his mouth pressed firmly against her jugular vein.

He felt the blood rushing through her veins and growing more excited, began to suck on the spot, leaving a mark the size of a quarter there, before moving down to just below the hollow of her throat and leaving another.

"Wait 'til I get between those luscious legs, they'll look black and blue from my lovin' baby," he gasped.

"What's my name?" Argie moaned, wanting very much to turn and wrap her legs around this lovely man; this hot, big dicked man.

"R . . . . G!" He groaned and ran his right hand over her mound.

From what seemed a hundred miles away, Argie heard a car door slam. Then someone was shuffling their feet at the foot of the stairs.

"Open the door for Christ's sake!" Argie barked out quietly. She did not want to meet anyone while in heat like this. Milo began to fumble with the key, dropping it. Argie was on hands and knees immediately and quickly retrieved it, inserted it the lock and turned the doorknob, not trusting such a difficult task to Milo. They were inside before whoever it was arrived at the head of the stairway.

"You understand what we're doing here, right?" he asked, his voice low and thick.

Argie nodded her head because she was pretty sure she couldn't talk. She felt really dizzy. He flipped on the lights and she saw that his apartment was similar to a decent-sized motel room. This may have been because Milo had the Queen-sized bed just inside the entry. A decent sized living room lay beyond it, some ten or eleven feet away.

She looked at him quizzically.

He understood immediately. "Yeah, I know. I switched them around 'cause the neighbors TV annoys the hell out of me at night.

"Oh," Argie said under her breath and sat down in the one armchair in the room.

"Care for a drink?" Milo asked. "I got some rum, some vodka and a couple beers."

"No thanks, maybe later."

"Mind if I have one?"

"No, go on, help yourself. You've got kind of a nice place here," she said making polite conversation.

"Hey, don't bullshit me. It's a rat hole and only temporary."

"It's not that bad," she replied as he came back holding his drink.

"Care for some music?"

"That would be nice."

He turned the radio on, found a soft rock station and sat on the edge of the bed and took a big gulp from his drink.

"C'mon, sit next to me. I won't bite," he said. Argie rose up from her chair and moved to the bed, then hopped up next to Milo.

Milo put his drink down on the little dresser next to the bed and put one arm around her shoulder. Argie leaned toward him and they kissed. The moment their tongues met, his free hand delved into the scooped out neckline of her blouse, under the material of her bra and found her nipple and gave it a light squeeze.

She ended the kiss and said, "Movin' kinda fast aren't you?"

"Why not take the clothes off, that way we won't tear anything?"

"All right," Argie replied and stood up, unzipped her tight skirt and stood in front of him wearing only a black garter-belt, black thigh-highs shoes and white blouse.

"Nice outfit," he said as she kicked of her shoes.

She decided to tease him and took her time removing her blouse. She met his eyes then and grew warmer as he stared at her breasts rising up from her bra.

"R. G.?"

"Umm, what?"

"Lean over and let me see 'em."

Argie laughed at the request, but complied, leaning over and rolling her shoulders, knowing it would cause her tits to shake.

"YEAH!" Milo panted appreciatively. "NICE!"

Then she felt his hand, sliding up her stomach and under the bottom of her left cup, pushing it up to expose the left breast.

"Let me open . . ."

"NO!" he said, "I'll do it. A moment later he'd performed the same operation on the right cup. Argie stood still, the bra taut across her upper chest, both breasts jutting out without any need of support from the bra.

Milo's eye's sparkled with lust. "What a pair of tits," he said and Argie checked his mouth to see if he were drooling.

He wasn't.

Carefully, Argie unclasped the bra and tossed it onto the armchair behind her. Then using that feminine grace that men admire so much, she removed her garter-belt and waved them under Milo's nose.

To her surprise he grabbed them from her hand and brought them to his nose, sniffing at it for a full minute.

"Please don't ruin it, it's new," she said fearing that he would rip them asunder. But he didn't; having sniffed his fill, he flung the garter-belt at the arm chair, missed and watched as it landed on the floor.

Milo reached out and caught Argie around the waist and pulled her to him so that she wound up on his lap. His erection pressed against her backside and she found it impressive.

As Argie squirmed around on his lap, trying to find a perfect fit for his dick, Milo grabbed both breasts and began a rough massage, paying special attention to her nipples. He worked them over, eventually stretching each one in turn, causing brief pangs of electricity to run directly to her pussy.

She moaned.

"Like it, huh?" Milo laughed and did it again.

Argie moaned again and sent her hand behind her in order to reciprocate and squeeze him back. But she couldn't get to him just then because he licked the back of her neck and she forgot everything else. Suddenly she realized he had turned her around so she was now facing him. She was having trouble breathing and found herself coughing as he ran his finger over her open mouth; then kissed her.

Argie quickly figured out she could breathe through her nose if she tried and suddenly all was well with the world again and she returned the kiss with all the ardor she could manage.

He pushed her forward, dropping his legs so that Argie fell to the floor, landing on her knees. He opened his fly and removed his erection. For a moment Argie was uncomfortable in that she was the only one undressed, but as his cock jerked twice in rapid succession she had a powerful urge to take him in her mouth.

This was exactly what Milo was hoping for and so when Argie took him in her fingers and guided him between her lips two people were perfectly happy with the other. Argie took it from her mouth and spit on it, then used her thumb and fingers to smear the saliva around, thoroughly covering his pink knob. Before returning it to her mouth, she rubbed his slippery shaft over her lips, her chin and her cheeks. She closed her eyes. As soon as she heard him moan, she swallowed him deep into her throat, astounding him with her level of expertise.

Then, staring into his eyes, she popped him from her mouth and placed a kiss right on the slit in the center of his cockhead. Milo groaned. Argie moved it slowly back and forth against her lips, slowly opening her mouth and letting a bit of it slip inside, always keeping her eyes trained on his. She opened her mouth, laughed lewdly and began to lick the head of his cock, occasionally putting the entire head into her mouth. And always, her eyes were on his, making a very beautiful picture: the bulb of his cockhead against her lips, the wetness of her lips, the slick movement of her mouth back and forth across the swollen head, her eyes locked on his, promising him with those eyes that this was going to be the best moment of his entire life.

Milo placed his hands on her face, looking into her eyes and willed her to draw the pent up load from his balls --- at the same time, wanting not to come, but to remain at this point for the rest of eternity.

Now Argie felt for the very first time that she was in control of the situation and reverted to a little game she had often played with her husband as she wriggled her way up on the blue couch.

"Do you want me to suck your cock?"

"Oh, yes."

"Do you want me to milk it with my cunt?"


"Do you want to rub your cock against my tits?"


"Do you want to stick your cock up my ass?"


"Do you want me to sit on your face?"


"Do you want to lick my pussy?"


"Do you want to taste my clit, to put it into your mouth and make me come?"


She started to laugh, "Milo," she said, "You're nothin' but a yes man!"

Before he could react in any way, Argie was sucking on him and rubbing herself with a frenzy Milo could not bring himself to believe.

Suddenly she took him from between her lips and held him at arms length; carefully examining his manhood. Milo followed her eyes and saw as did Argie, his cock, moistened with a mixture of its own precum and her saliva. It glistened in front of her, jerking now and then as she moved in front of him.

Her nipples were a pale pink, the aureoles looking rough, the nipples thrust rudely forward, begging to be sucked. Milo leaned forward and took one into his mouth, sucking and licking and playing with it using his teeth. Argie released her hold on him, raised her arms above her head, and leaning back, enjoying the sensation of his mouth on her.

He waited to hear Argie's moan and when it came, released her breasts and kissed her hard as he pulled her tight against him. She sighed, her breath seemed to grab, as she felt the slick stiffness of his cock against her stomach. His hands ventured down, taking her bottom in his hands.

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