tagRomanceJohn & Carol Ch. 02

John & Carol Ch. 02


Author's note:This is the second part in a three part trilogy. I usually try to make each part stand alone but in this case it's better if you've read part one. This is a long story about the beginning of a relationship between two unlikely people that find each other and live through some trying times. There is sex sprinkled throughout but it's not your typical stroke story. If you like the story and want the concluding part three please let me know. This story is intended for adults over 18 and contains sex and adult themes. If you don't like this type of material then please don't read it.


John rolled over in the small bed, careful to try to move within his own area. The bed was so small he risked pushing Carol onto the floor as he rolled over.

"John... Don't go..." Carol reached out and grabbed his hand, pulling it between her breasts, his body against hers from legs to chest. They were naked in the growing light of morning.

"Oh god... What have we done?"

"Well... I'm sorry, He's tied up right now, but as one of His very favorite people I'll tell you that he'd have to say 'something absolutely wonderful!'"


"God's tied up right now, but speaking for Him, what we've done is the most wonderful experience he's likely to grant me here on earth."

Carol laughed, that wonderful melodious twinkle, ""You're nuts... you know that right?"

"That's how I know I'm one of god's favorite people. I'm nuts and he still takes care of me..."

"John what are we going to do? What's going to happen when we get back?"

"I don't know... I do know that I love you and I don't really care. Are you having post-coital remorse?"

"The University is going to be pissed... A relationship between a professor and a student is expressly forbidden... I had to sign a form when I took tenure and they spelled that out pretty clearly..."

"They spelled it out?"

Carol giggled... "Yeah they said romantic involvement between members of the staff and students is expressly forbidden."

"Carol, I have three more months and then I graduate, I won't be a student anymore. Do you want to try to hide this until then?"

"No I don't... I know we should but I really don't John, I don't think I can."

"Carol, we only have a couple of days left here, at this point everyone here knows that we're... an item I guess..."

"Is that what we are John? An Item?"

"Carol, I told you I love you... I've never said that to anyone other than my Mom. I've never understood what the phrase could possibly mean, but I do now and I'll do anything to make sure it never goes away."

"Oh god, what do we do?"

"I told you... He's busy but as far as I'm concerned, I'm not sure Carol, but I do know this... what ever it is, it has to be us... you and me. There isn't anything that they can throw at us that we can't handle as long as we go through it together. Right? We'll play it cool for the three months till I graduate and then... we'll be... ummm us I guess. Ok?"

"What do you mean play it cool John? Not see each other?"

"Carol, we have the rest of our lives after this three months. I don't want to mess up your career because I can't control myself for three lousy months. We can do this and you'll have your career and everything will be fine. I love you so much that I can actually go three months without being with you... We can sneak for a bit... It'll be fun!"

"I'd risk it you know John... my career I mean. I don't know if I can go three months without you... I don't think I want to go three months without you."

"Carol, we can do this, you'll still have the tenure you worked so hard for... it'll be worth it. Really... It's important to me that I don't screw up everything you've worked so hard for. Fuck! Why does it have to be so difficult?"

"We should go John, we should ski, we should live the next few days like they're our last and we'll see what happens when we get back."

"Do ya think... perhaps... before we interact with the rest of the world that perhaps... we could..." John leaned down and kissed Carol's shoulder.

"John you have to wait..." Carol said laughing as she rose from the bed and grabbed her robe, a soft white terry cloth robe and walked out of the room. John lay on the bed, on his back pondering their situation. He knew, if this progressed the way he hoped it would that she'd be well taken care of, but her tenure, her work was something she was so proud of. He couldn't take it away from her.

Carol walked back into the room with her robe pulled tight, kept closed by the belt of terry cloth material. She stood quietly looking down at John, a half smile on her face, her eyes warm, her hair tousled. She was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.

"Carol..." John reached out to her and she took John's hand in hers...

"Shh John... No words." Her hand guided his into her robe onto her side and she leaned down to kiss John. His hand slid up the warmth of her skin to cup her breast, larger than they appeared he felt the heft, her nipple hardening in his palm. He felt her hand slide down under the blanket to grasp his cock, hardening in her hand. Her hand began sliding up and down its length as it continued to harden.

John tried to pull Carol down to him, to get her to lay down on the bed but Carol resisted.

"John... I've never... watched." She smiled self consciously. "I want to... I want to make you feel good..." She kneeled beside the bed stroking his tingling member. "I want to make you cum, I want to... watch it..."

John looked at her, she blushed looking him in the eye. The desire was plain to see in her expression, eyes bright, intense... brows slightly furrowed in concentration. John lay back, put his arms over his head, clutching the edge of the pillow as she continued to stroke him. The feeling of her fingers, chilled but not cold, the contrast of temperature between his throbbing member and her tapered cool fingers adding an additional sensation to the tingles of her stroking hand. John knew he wouldn't last long his eyes closed and his head fell back.

As John felt the orgasm approach, his body tensed, muscles in his stomach rippling, his thighs like bow strings, vibrating, he twitched each time Carols' fingers crossed the sensitive part under the head of his cock, passing over the purple head, spreading the clear slippery liquid that gathered there. Carol leaned down and kissed his stomach murmuring as she continued to stroke him, her head eye level with her hand as she stroked, gripping tighter and stroking faster in her excitement.

She looked up at John's face, slowing her stroking slightly. She wanted this to last, to last forever but knew his crescendo was only moments away. She saw that he was totally focused, and leaned in and kissed his cheek, her lips searching, then finding his, slightly parted, breathing hard, she knew he had lost control, lost touch, lost the power to control his actions as she whispered...

"I want you to cum John... Let it go... Let go John..."

She felt his cock expand that last little bit, the steel under the velvety smoothness gained that last little bit of tensile strength, the color of the head darkening. She wanted to watch his face, his body vibrate, his cock explode with pleasure, the liquid silky whiteness giving testimony to his pleasure but she couldn't see it all at once. She could never remember being so wet, so excited without being touched, without touching before. She had never been so excited by someone else's pleasure, never been interested to observe all the changes that happened as someone approached orgasm. She couldn't see enough couldn't take it all in and she knew this would not be the last time she did this... Her heart went out to John, she so wanted to please him, to pleasure him as she stroked him.

"oh! Oh oh... uhn..." John began to grunt as his hips began to thrust into her hand, fucking the surrogate pussy of her squeezing hand. She watched as the first streamer of John's pleasure erupted from the head of his cock, and started laughing in her excitement. She did it... she gave him pleasure! She wiggled her ass on her heel as she continued to stroke John's body and her orgasm shocked her in its rapid rise, no warning... only an explosion of sensation bursting through her body, emanating from her clit. Not a warm glow type of orgasm, an abrupt shattering of tingles radiating out from her clit, her eyes closed and she saw sparks, showers of flashes, as intense as the sensations that had abruptly invaded her body.

John's body tensed... holding tight, his hips slightly off the bed, holding still except for a slight vibrating through his next two shots that erupted between her fingers. His hips sunk to the bed, only to thrust again for the next shot, again for the next... then his entire body relaxed, sinking into the bed as the white sticky essence continued to ooze from the tip in a slow but steady stream, sliding down his length, over her fingers, gathered up by the continued stroking... Her hand passed over the head of his cock and his whole body twitched, again. She giggled, feeling like a puppeteer as he twitched...

"Oh god! Carol... No... please no... it's too... It's too sensitive!" his hand reached down to still hers. He lay there on his back, his cum cooling on his chest, his stomach... breathing as if he couldn't get enough air.

Carol leaned over, her head next to his, she slid into the bed next to John, still holding his softening cock in her hand as she nuzzled his neck.

"That was the most exciting thing I've ever seen John..."

"Oh my... oh my God! Carol... I just came so... so hard..."

"I've... I've never done that before John... I liked it..." John could feel her cheek tense against his as she smiled. "I love you John, I want to do it again..."

John laughed, his body jiggling next to hers. "It's going to have to wait a while Carol..." He looked down and laughed, his cock withered in her hand. "What about you my love. I want to make you feel good too..."

"You already did John... You do... even when you just look at me with that look... it's a special look, but it makes my legs weak."

John's eyebrows knitted slightly. "What look?"

"I'm not telling you... then you'll know and you'll use it... it's my secret, you do it a lot and I love it John..." John resigned himself to standing in front of the mirror making expressions and trying to figure out what the hell she was talking about... He giggled at the mental image.

"I love you Carol... More than I can tell you. More than I can explain in words." He pulled her close, his hand on her back sliding around, reaching between them, caressing her breast, teasing her nipple.

"John... Come on now... we'll never get out of bed. We should go my love, we should do exactly as you said, let's live the next couple of days as if they were our last."

"Well, darlin'... if it were my last couple of days on earth I can think of no better place to spend it than here in bed with you... You couldn't drag me out of this bed."

Carol laughed, "We need a shower, and you're a mess, you go first. Come on! Let's go have fun."

"We can go together..." John laughed.

"We will love... I promise. But not here, not with everyone waiting for the shower, the others want to use it too..."

The days of the ski trip were spent in the glow of budding love. John couldn't stand to be away from Carol and Carol was constantly at his side. They spent their days skiing with the others and Carol developed a real friendship with most of the students. Marge and Carol became close friends and confidants.

One of the images that John would keep forever was just walking through the village at night, the cold crisp air enveloping John and Carol as he held Carol's hand, a simple act, her knitted mittens keeping both of their hands warm. Every time he looked at Carol, her breath steam in the streetlights, it amazed him that he could feel so deeply about another person. He loved hearing her laugh, he loved the way she looked at him when he talked, he loved the fact that he never saw anyone else in the room when she talked, or sat quietly, or listened intently to what ever babble he was spewing at the time.

He found her bright, animated, she had a deep seated love for nature. She found him intense but surprisingly in tune with his surroundings. He pointed out things like a deer feeding under the chair lift as he quieted her to keep from startling it. He found a fascination with so many things, the colors of the sunset, the textures of the snow, the way the ice cycles formed at the corners of the roof. She knew he watched her with the same intense level of observation, she worried about it for a while and then gave up trying to be what he wanted her to be, and instead just let herself be what she was.

He brought her out of her shell, showed her things that she'd never noticed before, had never been able to see before, how the water froze in a waterfall, suspended, waiting for spring... He wondered what it would look like when the ice melted, would fish jump in the stream? Just the questions showed her the silence of winter transcended into the babbling brook of summer, the rushing stream of the snow melt in the spring, the sad sluggishness of the slow freeze in the fall, in that instant she imagined the four seasons while standing and looking at the frozen waterfall. She found herself looking at her surroundings for the first time, noticing things, just to point out to him. She felt truly alive, all of her senses alert, wonderfully happy.

"Marge, I don't know what to do. He's become like a part of my soul in the past few days. We leave tomorrow and I can't stand the thought of losing him. I don't know what's going to happen when we get back... I'm afraid."

"Everyone in the Chalet likes you Carol. No one is going to do anything to hurt you. They aren't going to say anything to anyone about what's happened up here."

"But you don't understand, it doesn't matter. I can't go through the next three months and not touch him, not see him, only watch him from far away. Could you do that with Bob?"

"Then don't Carol, date him, see him, live with him... be everything you want to be with him. Everything else will take care of itself."

"He's got this honor thing going on Marge, he won't budge on it and he absolutely refuses to do anything that could possibly hurt me. He told me he isn't going to come near me when we get back, at least until he graduates. I don't know if I can handle that."

"I'm on your side Carol. I've never seen him like this before, he's happy, truly happy... I mean deep inside like he's never been before. We'll figure it out ok? We'll work through it. Even Bob told me that you're the best thing that's ever happened to John."

The group dressed to go out the last evening of the trip. John was again breathless when he saw Carol. A simple outfit, a black sweater and jeans, those goofy boots with the fur around the top, a single strand of pearls, looped down. He found the sight of it looped casually under one of her breasts one of the sexiest sights he could remember, simple, beautiful in its simplicity.

Her long brown flowing hair, catching the flickering light of the fireplace, her brown eyes in search, eyebrows furrowed and then the softening as they landed on John, the twinge of color in her cheeks as she blushed. John's heart raced, he stood slowly, walked across the room to Carol, meeting her as she stepped off the last step and leaned down, lips gently brushing hers, his hand feeling her warmth as it slid up her back to curl gently around the back of her neck. He never knew such emotion was possible, that the simple act of walking in a room could possibly raise such emotion in him. He loved this woman, it was simple, it was pure, it was... all encompassing.

"I love you Carol." She smiled, and wrapped her hands around his neck pulling him back for another brief, almost chaste kiss. As she pulled back she smiled and again his heart leaped. Such a simple act and it raised so much emotion. He knew he'd promised to stay away from her when they got back, not to put her job, her career in jeopardy, but he didn't know if he could do it.

"Are you ready? The others are about ready to go."

"I don't want this trip to end. I want to sit here with you all night, just us. I want to kiss you, touch you, make love to you."

"You don't want to go?"

"We have to John. These people, your friends, our friends have been so wonderful to me all week. I couldn't stay here, I need to let them know... Some how, that they are so special to me, that I really appreciate how they've treated me this week."

"It's going to be ok Carol, we have the rest of our lives to hang out, just you and me..."

"I just wanted you to know what I really want to do John." John laughed, a low rumble in his chest, his eyes twinkling and Carol felt her knees get weak. What this man could do to her, with a look, a smile, just the expression of his eyes.

"We'll do that when we get back?" He laughed a little self consciously.

"yes... we will..."

They held hands as they walked up the hill with the group. Sounds, laughter and music from the little bar could be heard from down the street. Carol had a feeling of dread, an under current of worry that she couldn't quite place. She wasn't scared like she got when she flew, but she could feel a twinge of... discord, disquiet... fear.

The group walked into the bar and were waved over to the large table. Kids from the other Chalets were sitting closely, talking loudly over the din of the music. Becky looked at John, her eyes hopeful, her glistening smile inviting. Her eyes turned brooding and dark when she looked at Carol and realized that her hand was intertwined with John's.

Marge settled next to Carol and the conversation took off as normal. Carol quieted the feeling of fear and the evening was spent listening to the students laugh, tease each other, joke. Carol watched John as the guys looked at him to see if he laughed at their jokes whether he paid attention to their stories, and Carol watched as John truly opened himself up in front of these people, his closest friends. He was normally so reserved... no, not really reserved, occupied maybe was a better word. She wondered where his mind went when he went off on a thinking jag, what did he think about so intensely.

As Carol started to come out of the bathroom, Becky walked in.

"Hi" Carol's tone was quiet, guarded. 'Oh fuck... get me out of here now...' thought Carol.

"Carol, what do you want with John? Are you going to throw him away as soon as we get back? Is he your toy for the week?" Her tone of voice was biting, harsh.

"Becky, I'm sorry, I know you... have feelings for John... but no, I won't throw him away when we get back. This is serious, to me... and... to him."

"I think you're too old for him... I think you should leave him alone."

"I'm sorry you feel that way. I don't."

"I'm warning you... Stay away from John... I'll give you tonight, but when we get back, stay away from him. He's mine."

"Uh, Becky, he's not yours... You don't have the right to tell me to do anything."

"Carol, I'll make you sorry you ever met him. I will... I swear it."

"Is that a threat?" Carol looked at this beautiful girl, at least she was beautiful most of the time. The pure hatred, the menace made her less than attractive, scary almost. "Who the fuck do you think you are little girl?"

"You'll find out. Don't fuck with me lady, leave him alone, stay away from him."

"You're sick Becky... you need help." Carol walked out of the room and stormed across to John.

"John, please... can we leave? Now, I mean, please?"

John looked up at Carol and immediately stood up.

"What's wrong Carol? What happened?"

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