tagIncest/TabooJohn & His Secrets Ch. 01

John & His Secrets Ch. 01


John & His Secrets Ch 1-- John lost innocence with Twin Aunty

My mother Nicole like my grandmother had me just before her nineteenth birthday. However, unlike my grandmother Liz who married another man, Nicole married my father but only 8 years later. My father Steve travelled a lot, busy building up a very successful import/export business, thus allowing us to live luxuriously with a mansion in one of the affluent suburbs in Sydney.

It was ironic that the youngest of my four aunties, Aunty Rosalind and I were born on the same day, August 8th. Everyone nicknamed us ‘the twin’. Growing up together under the same roof until my parents’ eventual wedding, Rosalind and I had been close and inseparable.

When we reached high school she even had a room in our waterfront house, spending most of her school days with us as part of Harrison family. Rosalind became my soul mate, trusted confidant sharing many secrets. We were indeed like a twin in every respect except biologically.

Rosalind not only exceptionally pretty, blessed with voluptuous body. I had fantasized over those two adorable breasts, even composed a secret video slide show of her topless and revealing photos.

As our actual 18th birthday was on school day, we had simple family dinner whilst the bigger birthday bash reserved for that weekend. We dined, reminisced the day when both my mother and grandma went to the same hospital to have us. It was well over midnight when I was able to be alone, after Rosalind went back to her own room.

Feeling horny I turned on my favourite slide show, stripped naked and began to wank myself off…

I was engrossed in my private fantasy world, “Yes, Rosie, they are so succulent and delicious. Let me suck them baby.” The two bouncing boobs delighted me…

...It was Rosalind’s turn, “Give it to me. Yes, suck it hard baby. You like it, don’t you?” I closed my eyes to experience Rosalind’s struggle with my huge and thick cock.

…Rosalind was pleading me to fuck her…. “Yes, let me fuck you hard Rosie. Oh yes… You are so wet, Rosie.” I pumped the full length of my huge 23cm (9 inch) cock at furious pace with my both hands, at almost uncontrollable pace while my eyes remained closed… My balls were tightening…finally released its load; my sweaty body released its tension…

Suddenly, soft moaning startled me. I turned to my side to find naked Rosalind sitting on the edge of my bed with panty and nightgown at her feet. Her both hands were busy, one with her left breast and one rubbing her pussy. I thought I had locked my door but… I froze for few seconds.

“Rosie…” Embarrassment quickly turned into amazement when I realised what Rosalind’s right hand was doing.

Rosalind’s eyes were staring at me but her mind was miles away. She spread her legs wider. The tempo of her right fingers increased, vigorously massaging her clitoris…

Her breasts were so inviting. I cupped her soft silky smooth breasts. My mouth attracted to the stiff swollen nipples. Rosalind moaned louder as I licked, sucked and feasted on them. How many times I had wanted to suck those two adorable breasts!

“Ooh…” Her breath became shorter and faster, body trembled…“Ooh…” Her left hand pushed my mouth hard against her left boob… Slowly her grip relaxed.

Rosalind was on her back. I was kneeling next to her. We stared at each other. “I…” Rosalind smiled, “I didn’t mean to invade your privacy. I didn’t know you have been using my photos for…”

I kissed her nose playfully and then my lips met hers for the first time… Our tongues explored each other’s mouth. I didn’t want to stop. How many times I had wanted to kiss her luscious lips!

I felt her boobs against me. “Your brother needs attention again.” She whispered in my ear. She sat up, stroked it curiously. Her single hand was too small for it, copied the way I had used both hands earlier…

The warmth and tenderness of body kindled my fantasy. “Rosie, may I fuck your breasts?” My voice was soft. I didn’t want to wake up my parents.

She nodded and then pressed her D-cup breasts invitingly together. I guided her into comfortable position… I made slow and long strokes while squeezing them tightly my cock. Rosalind’s both hands were on my butt, encouraging me on… Heavenly! How many times I had wanted to fuck her beautiful breasts!

Our eyes were always in contact. As the speed of my strokes picked up, so was the excitement on Rosalind’s face. It was too much for me and didn’t take long for me to shoot my second load onto her face. She giggled excitedly. Some cum accidentally went into her mouth. She didn’t swallow them, instead, open her mouth wide and rushed into my private bathroom.

“It’s two o’clock in the morning. We better go to sleep.” Her voice was soft, as she put on her panty and nightgown. Rosalind returned to her bedroom. I was exhausted yet very pleased. It didn’t take me long to fall asleep.

Next morning, we went to school as usual. She went about her daily business without raising or commenting on our early morning rendezvous.


My mother was aware of my sexual development, strong and at times insatiable urge to masturbate. We could discuss any sexual matter freely and frankly, topics included her personal sexual experiences, oral, anal to virginal sex, homosexuality to incestuous relationships and countless more.

She wasn’t surprised when I told her of my secret desire for Rosalind. “Darling, I know! I’m not blind.” was all she said with a sly look. I didn’t expect her to reprimand me but absence of her objection puzzled me. I learned of the truth later on August 22nd.

That weekend my parents and sisters decided to make a trip to our Blue Mountains holiday home, leaving me alone in Sydney. Normally Rosalind returned to be with her parents during weekends.

It was late morning as I returned from few games of tennis with Richard. After I had my usual long bath, with only boxer short on, I was in the kitchen preparing something to satisfy my hunger when Rosalind walked in.

“Are you hungry?”

Ignoring my question, she stared at me looking serious, “John, tell me frankly how you feel towards Alicia?”

“What type of question is that?” I had my sandwiches on a plate. “Both of you are two of the prettiest girls in perhaps our whole school and the best of friends. You know Alicia and I had dated several times but still just good friends. What happened? You looked serious!”

“Alicia’s birthday is only one week away.”

I nodded, “Oh! Is that what’s all about?” I took my sandwiches and half bottle of orange juice up to my room. Rosalind followed. “Rosalind, Alicia and I have never kept any secret from you.”

“I know! I’m just reminding you…” Growing up together practically as twin, how could I not know what was in Rosalind’s mind? I placed my both hands around her waist, “Rosie…” I looked at her.

She didn’t wait, tiptoed to plant her moist lips on mine. I responded passionately. Our last kiss perhaps was driven by lust, but on that occasion it was by completely different force, unstoppable one.

As our lips parted she pressed her breasts against me, brushing them gently against my bare chest. I removed her t-shirt and bra. She unzipped her jeans allowing it to drop to the floor but kept the panty on.

I lifted her gently to the bed. I kissed her eyes, nose, mouth, and every spot on her face, neck, moving to her shoulders then her breasts. My both hands coordinated with my mouth alternately enjoying each breast in turn. I felt her areolae and nipples swelled in my mouth… She moaned.

I moved down her abdomen to her navel, kissing it briefly, further down to her pelvic. I smell her pussy through her panty, pulling it off slowly to expose her slightly parted pussy lips. I touched both lips lightly, cupped and stroked the whole pussy with my palm. The overwhelming smell excited me, attracted me to smell her pussy…

Rosalind suddenly pushed my head, silently urging me to do more than just smelling. My tongue ran once along the full length of her moist pink slit. She moaned. I ran my tongue up and down again and again… I opened her pussy lips to have a better view, examined the mysterious anatomy. My tongue explored, licked and finally found her clitoris.

I licked it gently, causing her to moan louder, “Suck it! I want you to suck it gently.” Rosalind couldn’t keep her silent anymore. I followed her instructions… She knew exactly how she wanted me to treat her sensitive clitoris. She once told me it was the source centre of her countless orgasms. “Yes, suck it hard.” “Massage it with you moist lips and tongue…” … “Ooh…so gooood… Ooh…” She pressed my mouth against her pussy, as quivered…

It took her a while to release me. Resting on my elbows at her sides, I kissed her. My tiny boxer short couldn’t hide my huge cock, standing up like a beacon between my legs. She used her leg to pull it off, whispered, “I want you to fuck me.”

“No, Rosie, I don’t have condoms. You’ll get pregnant.”

She gave me a kiss, whispered, “I won’t! Just trust me will you?”

Any hesitation I had was evaporated with those few words. I rubbed my cock head along her soaking wet slippery slit. Perhaps Rosalind mistaken I couldn’t find her entrance, guided my huge rock-hard cock to it. I carefully pushed it slightly, engaging my cock head. The feeling of my imminent experience excited me. How many times I had been thinking of fucking her?

I pushed as my cock head disappeared into her pussy. It was so tight. The warmth and wetness of her pussy encouraged me to push further… Due to my inexperience and haste, I didn’t realise until Rosalind’s both hands held tightly to my arms, shivering with her eyes moist. I could see the pain on her face. I stopped to allow her to accommodate the pain and for pussy to accommodate to the size of my cock. When her hands relaxed, I pull out a little and pushed gently and carefully…

I bent down to give her a passionate kiss. I had penetrated nearly half length. I fucked her so gently and slowly that Rosalind was able to bear the pain of her pussy being stretched. With every stroke my cock went in a little further…to half depth, three-quarter depth…slowly, my cock penetrated deeper…

I fucked her rhythmically. When my cock was completely buried and disappeared totally into her pleasure box, I held it there for a while, savouring the tightness of her pussy gripping the full length of my cock. The sensation was incredible! The pain on Rosalind’s face had gone…she was smiling.

I was alternating my long with short strokes, the fucking sound resonating through the room. Rosalind responded to my tempo. She began to enjoy the fucking… I lasted surprisingly long, long enough to see Rosalind’s smiling face, moaning and pushing her pelvic up and down to match my rhythmic fuck. I could feel my orgasm was coming as my tempo increased… I buried my cock deep as my heaven gate opened. My cock pulsated… She moaned, “Ooh… It’s good, so good!”

I must have pumped gallons of cum into her as; I continued to fuck her until my cock was completely limp. Still inside her, I supported on my elbows lowered to give her a kiss. “Rosie, I love you.”

“I love too John…” Our sweat-covered bodies mingled with the sticky mess on her thighs, red pussy hair and bed cover. We kissed passionately…

After another half an hour of tender loving touches, Rosalind sat up. “Gee, what a mess!” She showed me a finger with a blood-stained cum. “Isn’t this the proof of my virginity?”

I smiled and gave her an approving nod. After helping her to clean up the mess with some tissues, I gave her a hug before we shared the sandwiches.

“Rosalind, why you are so sure you won’t be pregnant?”

She went to her little handbag took out a packet. “I’ve started on these, one week ago.”


“Why you are so surprised? Two days after our birthday, Nicole spoke to me privately about how I feel towards you sexually.” She smiled. “I had to tell her what happened that early morning and what was in my mind. We then discussed it with mum!”

“They condoned and encouraged our incestuous sexual relationship?”

“Avoiding pregnancy is their first priority. They don’t want me to make the same mistake they had made when they were 18 years old, Nicole and her classmate Steve, Liz and her innocence back in the 40’s.”

Rosalind in almost inaudible voice, added, “I told them I was determined to give my virginity to you, preferably to experience our first time together and then I revealed Alicia’s plan for her 18th birthday.”

I hugged her in my arms, commented, “I had of the same mind, just that I wasn’t sure how you felt about it! Rosalind, you are making my brother very happy.”

“Look, he is awake again…” She wriggled out of my arms, giggled, ran away trying to avoid my hands… I caught her in the lounge…

Rosalind never returned to her mum’s house that weekend. After countless rounds of orgasms, Rosalind and I were completely exhausted when our parents and sisters returned Sunday afternoon.

My secret desire for Rosalind was finally not a secret anymore, at least not to my parents, grandma and of course Rosalind!

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