John and Jane


Dear John,

Darling, I miss you so very much. The nights seem endless as I lay in our bed alone. I dream of the day you return to me.

I spend my days thinking of the times we spent together. From romantic walks in the park at sunset to lying in our bed held tight in your arms, I remember each moment so vividly.

You know what I miss the most, I miss the feel of your touch upon my skin. I love the way you brush my hair away from my eyes and tuck it behind my ear. When you hold my face in your hands as we kiss, I can feel the love seeping through your fingertips.

Hurry home to me my love. I will be here impatiently waiting for your return to me.


Dear Jane,

My lovely wife I miss you with all of my heart. My nights are filled with thoughts of your beautiful smile. It lights up the room the moment you walk into it. The cell I was assigned is a prison to me in more than one way. Though it keeps my body here my heart makes nightly makes daily flights to you.

I long to feel the touch of your hands upon my bare chest as we lay side by side each night in our bed. I need your kiss upon my lips as our tongues dance within each others' mouths.

When I get out of here, I want to walk hand in hand with you in our park. I can not wait to sit on our special bench and watch the sunset over the horizon. I miss our quiet moments together .

Until we are together face to face, you will be in my heart and on my mind. I am impatiently awaiting my release from my prison hell.


Dear John,

It was wonderful receiving your letter in the mail today. It put a smile on my face to your words. While you have always told me that you are with me no matter what the distance is between us, it was wonderful to hear that your heart takes nightly flights to me.

I can not wait until the day I can wrap my arms around you . I promise you this I will not be letting go for a long, long time. My lips can not wait to feel the sweet caress of your lips up them as our tongues intertwine.

Hope you do not mind when you come home we may not leave the bedroom for a long time. I want explore every inch of your body and I want you to do the same to mine. I need to feel every inch of you pressed up against me. I need to feel like you have no intention of leaving me ever again.

I am yours always my love. I await your return to me impatiently.


Dear Jane,

Your words make day a little brighter. When the mail comes I hope and pray that I get a letter from you.

Those sunset walks are one of my favorite things to do. It is wonderful to spend our quiet time . The way it feels to hold your hand is amazing . When you talk about the future, it makes me fall ever further in love with the woman that I married.

As for your comment about not leaving the bedroom, I am perfectly fine with that . You can only imagine what I want to do to you. I want to hear you moan for hours . You will be constantly shuddering under my caress. Your nipples will become rock hard when I suck them into my mouth. It will feel great to have you trembling underneath my body.

Until the day, we are once again wrapped in each others' arms, I am yours. I am impatiently waiting for my return to you.


Dear John,

In a few days, you will be home and we will get the chance to do everything the both of us have dreamed about for the last few months. I can not wait to see you once again.

When you get home I have special plans for the two of us . First I am going to make you your favorite dinner. Then maybe we can have strawberries dipped in chocolate for desert.

After we finish eating if it is not raining then we can take a moonlight walk. It will be wonderful to watch the sunset wrapped in each others' arms.

Once the sun goes down, I will take you home and I will take you to our bedroom. Then I will slowly strip all my clothes off . I will lay down on the bed while I watch you do the same. Then as you lower yourself onto the bed, I will pull you in and kiss you deep. I want to feel your tongue intertwine with mine.

As our bodies meld together I will run my hands along your body.

As you can tell I eagerly await your return.


Dear Jane,

Tomorrow I will be home and we will be able to do everything and anything that we want to do.

I am eagle to get to feel you wrapped around me like a blanket. Just want to feel your body and mine so close that it feels as if we are one. I also long to feel your tight little pussy around my hard cock. When we are through we will lay in each others' arms for as long as we want.

I will see you tomorrow my love.


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