tagLoving WivesJohn and Lisa at the Office Party

John and Lisa at the Office Party


Note: You can share this story with your significant other, but as with photographs, don't repost this story on this website or other websites without permission. I may want to post it on another site myself, so please, just as with pics, don't repost it. Please let me know what you think of the story, what aroused you or what might have the opposite effect.

It's a rough draft. I need to edit out passive voice, tense shift, edit point of view, etc., so ignore that. This is a fiction story I wrote for a couple, so if public fucking is implausible, well, that was their fantasy, so go with it.


"No. Don't stop," said my beautiful wife, breathing heavily.

"We're already late," I said.

Lisa wrapped her long, bare legs around my back and said, "I need you inside me. You've been teasing me all day. They can wait."

"It's my boss. It's not like I can just piss him off. You know his wife. She's angry 'cause her brother gets paid less than me."

"Jimmy's a big jerk."

"Stupid, too, but he's her big brother."

"I don't care, you gotta finish me off. I was so close with your damn playing."

"I can't," I said, as I eased myself from between her thighs.

"You bastard," you said, playfully throwing a pillow at me. "I'm cutting you off."

"Maybe we can steal a quickie in their bathroom."

"Maybe I'll give Jimmy a quickie."

"You do that," I laughed.

"Your boss, too, maybe I'll put out for him," she said, climbing out of bed. "You rumpled my clothes. They'll all know what we've been doing. I gotta change."

"No time," I said, in a serious tone, and she frowned, but pulled on sandals and brushed her hair.

"I'll probably smell like sex," she said, smoothing out her skirt.

"That'll make me want you more, later."

"You're cut off, mister," she said, dancing away and lifting up her skirt to show her little, black, lacey panties.

"That cuts both ways," I said.

"No, I can find all the men I want. I probably smell like sex. The boys will be buzzing around me today."

"Yeah, you talk big," I said. "Tease em a little."

"Be careful what you wish for," she said, and wiggled her bottom.

As we drove to my boss' home, Lisa repaid me for interrupting our lovemaking. She drew her skirt up, and touched her fingers to her panties. She knew how to push my buttons and made me squirm. She teased me with words, saying, "I am so wet. I bet I'll leave a wet spot on their leather sofa."

She's usually quite submissive, but she enjoyed this. "Maybe I ought to sneak into their bedroom and rub myself off on your boss' pillow. Do you think his wife would like that? Would you like that, knowing your boss has my scent on his face? Oh, you do like that, don't you," she said, as she rested her hand on my obvious arousal. "Oooops, I forgot," she said, "I cut you off." She giggled and tormented me by word and deed all the way to the party.

As we drove into the circular driveway, she said, "Now I do smell like sex. I'm really wet." She turned to me and said, "Think about that," and exited the car.

The party was fun, but I was distracted by the sexual games my wife played on the drive over. I wanted to get out and go home, but Lisa said, "Not yet, I'm having fun", and gave me a sexy, mischievous grin as she flounced away.

She was right. Her pheromones, scent, or because she was in the most fertile time of her cycle, Lisa drew the single men to her side, and some of the married ones, too. I saw her outside, in a group of men, laughing and drinking. I was trapped, listening to my boss talk to several people about kids. I wanted away, so I said, "I can't have kids."

"Sure you can," he said.

"No, I'm fixed," I said, and excused myself.

I went to the bathroom, then spoke to a couple of friends. I moved off to fix another drink and join Lisa. As I filled my glass, I stood near two men who gazed out the window.

"Look at that babe in the yellow dress," a tall guy I didn't know said. "With the light behind her you can see her little pussy, and I bet she knows it."

Yellow dress? He had to be watching my wife. Their back was to me.

"She's married", said Tom," to a friend of mine."

"You ever fuck her?"

"No, of course not."

"Ever try?"

"No. I don't want to get slapped. Besides, her husband's a nice guy."

My drink made, I paused to eat snacks from a tray on the bar. I was glad my friend was defending me and my wife, but something in me wanted the conversation to continue. I didn't know the other guy, but he'd been in the group listening to the boss' kid talk. He was probably a new hire.

The stranger said, "Can you honestly tell me you never thought of fucking her, even once?"

"Well," Tom said, and paused.

"Ah-ha! You have, haven't you?"

"I wouldn't, I mean, I couldn't do that to a friend, but yeah, what guy could see her without wanting to..."

"To fuck that little shaved pussy?"

"No. Well, yes, but you're full of shit. Shaved pussy?"

"You bet."

"You're lying."

"Nope. Look at her silhouette when the suns shines just so -- look there."

I was listening to two men lust over my wife. They were actually looking at the outline of her pussy. I could interrupt the conversation, but something in me wanted to hear more, lots more.

The stranger said, "She might have a landing strip, but her lips are shaved. I guarantee that. I'm gonna find out."

"How's that," Tom said.

"I'm gonna fuck her."

"Ha. You won't get anywhere."



"Bet me. $500.00 says I fuck that little cunt."

"Yeah, like I'd believe you nailed her."

"You want proof?"

"I'd be stupid to believe you."

"You'll have perfect proof, or I'll pay you. Deal?"

"You're full of shit."

"Then bet me and make $500.00."

"You're an asshole. I just won $500.00."

They were betting on fucking my wife. I felt flushed, and excited.

"We're on then. She's been flirting with everyone. I've been watching her, and she's worked up. She'll be easy. Every married woman wants to ride a really big one now and then. It's easy for me. They know I got what they want."

"And that's what you have? You're so full of shit."

I wondered, maybe he wasn't just bragging. Maybe that's why he was so confidant. Would Lisa want a bigger dick? I had the mental image of her riding a nameless, faceless man with a big cock buried in her. The thought aroused me.

The brash stranger said, "The truth hurts, guy. Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta go nail that little slut. You can't warn her husband."

They turned away from the window and Tom saw me.

"Shit," he said.

The stranger looked at me and comprehension dawned.

"Is this her husband?" he asked.

Tom remained silent, and flushed with embarrassment.

The stranger looked oddly at me. "Looks like you enjoyed the conversation," he said, looking down at my trousers.

I looked down. I had an obvious bulge.

"You been standing here, munching away. You liked it didn't you. You liked us talking about fucking your wife."

It wasn't a question.

"Mark, shut up," Tom said.

"No, look at him. His little hubby weenie is all hard. You want me to fuck her, don't you?"

I drew breath to respond, but paused a second.

Mark smiled. "See, he wants to see her fucked. He wants to see her fucked by my big dick. She wants it too. They all do."

Tom said, "Mark, shut the fuck up."

Mark looked at him and said, "He's standing there with a hard-on, listening to us talk about fucking his sweet little wifey. He wants it. Look at him, he's still hard."

I flushed, and without thinking, turned to the bar so no one would se my crotch.

I felt Mark approach me and say close to my ear, "Her little married pussy's gonna love getting stretched out by a real dick. I'll even let you watch and jerk off."

Then he laughed and said to Tom, "I'm gonna go nail this cunt. Better have my $500.00 ready."


"You'll have proof. You can ask her hubby. I'll let him watch.

I heard Mark walk off.

"He's an asshole," Tom said. I'm sorry, I..." He trailed off.

"No problem," I said. "It amused me. She'll shoot his ass down."

"What are you gonna do? He's gonna hit on her."

"She's a grown woman. She can handle him."


"I'm not worried."

"Man you're funny. I'd be pissed, and you had a woody listening to him go on about fucking her." He paused. "She is a hottie."

"More than you know," I said, winked, and walked off.

I went into the bathroom to let my dwindling erection subside. I sat on the toilet seat, and found thoughts turning to those men seeing the outline of Lisa's pussy. Without thinking, I eased my pants down and grasped my dick, pulling it slowly. I was a bit musky from our play earlier, so I could smell myself a bit. I lifted my hand to my nose and drew in my scent. It was not unpleasant, kind of arousing, actually. Is that what she'd smell if she nuzzled his balls, his big balls?

Where did that thought come from, I wondered, but I noticed my dick had jumped to full hardness. Shit, I thought, I need to let this thing go down. I better get out there before he pisses her off. I had the image of him standing behind her, pressing into her, with his bare hard-on between her legs and his hands on her little tits, kissing her neck. In my imagination, she wasn't pissed off, she closed her eyes and sank back against him, turning her head to offer him her lips.

I pulled my hand off my dick to prevent shooting my sperm all over the boss' fancy bathroom. I pulled up my pants with difficulty, stuffing my hard-on into my clothes, and exited the side door of the bathroom into a guest bedroom that faced the patio. I would let my erection subside here before reentering a room full of my friends and fellow employees.

I peeked out to see if Lisa was still outside. She was, and she looked tipsy and flirty. She had the hem of her dress in one hand, swinging it back and forth in a coquettish manner. She had that flushed look of arousal, and she was standing very close to several men, one of whom was Mark, and he had his hand on her back, low, low enough to feel the waistband of her little panties. It looked harmless to an observer, or did it? There was something sexy in a man touching another man's pretty wife.

Here were all my friends, seeing a stranger publicly fondle my wife. Well, not fondle, exactly. As I watched, his hand moved a bit lower, slowly, back and forth, as the group chatted. Lisa seemed not to notice, but I knew her signals. She was very aware of his hand, as he lightly stroked along the top of her sweet, little butt. She'd made comments before, about how sexy certain guys were in movies and magazines, and it made me wonder if she looked at other men in everyday life, and thought of them sexually.

At least one of the other men seemed to stare at his hand, noticing the fondling. Mark smiled at the man, and winked. Almost everyone there knew she was my wife, knew I was around somewhere. Did anyone else notice? I looked around the patio. There was Tom, watching. The thought excited me. This man was touching my wife, and Tom and another bystander knew it. Maybe Tom wanted to win $500.00. Maybe he wanted her to slap Mark.

Maybe not. Tom would like to fuck her, too. He'd said so. Maybe Tom wanted Mark to bury his dick in her little pussy, hoping his time would come another day, at another party, when Tom could ease her into a vacant bedroom.

I had to stop or I would shoot off in my pants. I went back into the bathroom and splashed water on my face. Then I eased out of the bathroom without anyone noticing my condition, and went into the front yard. After my erection subsided, I went around the side of the house. The bushes allowed me to see the patio, but remain concealed.

Mark's hand was lower now, and the stroking, more obvious. Lisa had a far-away look in her eyes, a dreamy look she gets in her submissive moods, when I can do anything I want to her, when she wants me to use her as I choose.

I was close enough to hear them, but the conversation didn't interest me. Mark stood close beside her, and his left hand slid slowly across her bottom. Her eyes were half-closed. She looked very aroused, but she'd been that way all day, hadn't she? I got her that way with my teasing this morning. The other guys in the group all noticed her arousal. Some stared at Mark's hand; some looked at Lisa in a sexual way, at her nipples poking out, at her slightly parted lips. They were all fondling her with their gaze, and she had to know it.

She did know it. I knew the signs. She was likely to soak her little panties and drip down her thighs. Something in me wanted to see that, wanted everyone to see that. These were my friends, and by Monday evening, the stories would spread around work, about how this guy felt up my wife in public, with me at the party. This would sexualize the way guys looked at Lisa, they'd wonder if they could fondle her, and she'd feel their interest and respond. She's very submissive sometime, and she loves attention. She'd even said one time that she'd never had a big one, meaning a big dick. Evidently, she felt mine average sized.

Did she want a big one? Does it make a difference? Did my sweet little wife want to try a big dick in her pussy? It would have to be another man's, did she want that? Did she want it to be Mark's?

All of the other wives had wandered inside, but several of their husbands watched Lisa. Mark eased behind her and started massaging her neck. His tanned hands contrasted with her white skin. She moaned and closed her eyes. His lower body pressed into her, and she didn't pull away. He seemed to slowly hump his midsection into her behind, and she didn't move. No, that wasn't true, she did move, in a slow, rhythmic response, she rode him.

Conversation faltered as people openly stared at the seduction. Some glanced back at the house, to see if I would burst out and protest, or to see if their wives would catch them as voyeurs.

Mark's hands slipped down to Lisa's sweet breasts, and closed on them through her dress. She moaned, and said, softly, "You better not do that."

One of the men said, "Hey man, her husband's here."

Mark glanced my way and said, "Her husband's watching. He's watching us from the bushes, and before that, from the window. He got a little woodie listening to me earlier talking about fucking his little slut." With the mention of that word, a tremor visibly ran through Lisa. Mark must have felt it.

"You like that don't you? You like dirty talk, don't you, my pretty little whore." She seemed to breath more quickly.

He stared in my direction and said, "She's my date for the night, isn't she?" He repeated, more loudly, "Isn't she? Come on out. I know you're watching."

Several people looked my way, and could see me through the foliage. I burned with embarrassment. It seemed a bit late to charge out and appear offended.

"Come out," Mark ordered, loud enough for people in the house to hear. I didn't want my boss' attention attracted, so I walked out.

Everyone looked at me, including Lisa.

Mark said, "Look at his hard-on. This turns him on. He wants her to be my date." He paused, and said, "He wants me to fuck her, with a real dick. Look at his little weenie stand up."

Everyone stared at my erection, at the pre-cum staining my khaki pants. I was so ashamed, I wanted to disappear.

Lisa looked at my arousal, then into my eyes. She had a dreamy smile, maybe a smirk, as this stranger massaged her breasts. She reached down to stroke Mark's leg.

Loud enough for all to hear, Mark said, "Do you want my dick in your cunt, you little slut? Have you ever had a big dick?"

Looking into my eyes, in front of a dozen friends, including one other wife who'd slipped out of the house to watch, my sweet, innocent wife said, "Never."

"You've never had a real dick?"

Looking at me she said, "No, never."



She was telling my friends that I had a little dick. Despite my shame, I couldn't seem to act, and my hard-on betrayed my excitement.

"Have you wanted one, a big one, or just a new one? Ever want a real man?"

"A girl's got her secrets." She smiled.

I saw yet another wife join the growing, silent, watching crowd.

"I know one of your secrets," he said.

"What's that," she purred, rubbing her hair against his cheek.

She acted as if she was his date, or his wife, and me a gawky observer. Something in me thrilled at this, loved this, and wanted more.

"I heard your hubby say he's fixed; I'm not. If he's fixed, then you don't use birth control, and when I cum inside your fertile cunt, I'm gonna knock you up."

Her eyes closed and her lips parted. "Oh, God," she said, turning away from me, rotating in his arms to look at him. His mouth closed on hers and he pulled her hand down his clothing and onto his dick. "Oh, God," she repeated.

"You want my cum, don't you, you little cunt? You want my big dick, don't you?"

She made a murmur, and kissed him again, with more passion than we'd probably ever displayed in our sedate lovemaking.

"What's that?" he said. "I want your husband to hear." He pulled the thin strap off her left shoulder, drawing the dress down, exposing her beautiful breast and hardened nipple to the viewers. He bent down and closed his mouth on her nipple for a moment, and said, "I want your husband to hear."

"Yes," she said softly.

"I want everyone to hear. Do you want me to fuck you."

She glanced at me, and said in a clear voice, "Yes."

As Lisa looked at me a smirk grew on her lips. Mark saw this, smiled, grabbed her dress at the top, and as she held my eyes, this stranger ripped her dress down the middle. Gasps came from the onlookers.

Lisa smiled at me with a hint of cruelness, and, loud enough that all heard, she said "You want this, don't you? You're not doing anything to stop him. You're going to let this man have me, have your wife, aren't you? You wouldn't fuck me when I wanted, and left me all hot and wet. Now you want me to fuck him, don't you?"

My heart pounded, and I couldn't speak. I looked around and saw my boss, and his wife.

Lisa turned back to look at Mark and I knew she was his for tonight, and I was more aroused than I'd ever been.

No one spoke. One of my friends raised a video camera. Mark swept my wife up into his arms and carried her to a table, where he laid her on her back. The crowd flowed closer. Another video camera appeared. One of the wives was touching herself under her dress.

Mark turned to me and said, "Come close. I want you to see this."

I walked forward to where he indicated. My sweet wife lay on the table, and looking into my eyes, she let her knees fall apart, opening herself for another man, and to the view of my friends.

"You want this," she said to me, "so do I."

As she looked at me, he grasped her panty waistband and she lifted her hips in an obvious move to help him strip her as he pulled them off. Her knees then spread and her arms rose over her head in a gesture of surrender. Her pussy looked wetter than I'd ever seen it. It gleamed with moisture. My boss, my friends, and their wives all gazed at my sweet wife's naked pussy.

Mark took the panties and turned them so the soaked crotch was on top. He handed them to me. They were sopping wet.

"Put them to your lips," he said. "Taste how wet she is for me."

Without thought, I did so, and sucked her wonderful dew from them.

"Unbuckle me," Mark said to me. "Pull my pants down."

My wife moaned and started rubbing her pussy. So did a woman in the audience.

I dropped to my knees in view of my friends and co-workers, in view of my boss, and I unbuckled Mark's pants and pulled down his trousers and underwear.

A long, hard , uncircumcised dick popped out right in front of my face. He lifted his feet and I took his shoes and pants off and set them aside. Mark stripped off his shirt and turned away from me.

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