tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJohn Cena and the WWE Divas

John Cena and the WWE Divas


I would like to thank Angel Love for editing assistance for this story. This story starts in the middle of a taping of one week's edition of WWE's Raw.


Knock, Knock. "Can I come in?" John Cena asked.

"Yeah you can," said the 10 divas at once.

"Hello lad...," was what he was about to say.

He was; however, cut off half way through when he saw all the ladies completely nude and he was dumb stuck. "I'm so sorry. I thought when you said I could come in that you were decent, but I guess not. I'll go."

"No, it's okay. We don't mind," they all said ,as they giggled ,which made all their tits bounce a little.

John Cena's 10 inch cock started to stir as he saw their tits bounce around. He tried to move around a bit to hide his arousal.

"Looks like you don't mind much," Candice said laughing as she looked right at the bulge in his pants

"Oh my god! I'll go and leave you guys alone. I'm sorry about all this," he said.

"No don't go. We don't mind. Come on over here and sit. Pretty, please," said Ashley as she walked out of the bathroom. She let the robe go that she was wearing after the shower she just took before he came in.

John always had a thing for Ashley since the first time he saw her in the auditions. She had the most perfect body and the most fuckable tits he had ever seen.

"Ok I guess I can stay," he said trying not to seem so excited about being invited to stay.

He walked over and sat on a chair that faced all of the girls. They were doing what each one had to do and that was put on lingerie since there was a lingerie competition next. All the girls looked amazing in their lingerie but Ashley looked especially hot in her very skimpy number. He got so aroused by her that it looked like he had a tent set up in his pants.

"My, my, my John it looks like you sure are enjoying the show. What do you think girls should we help him out or let him suffer?" asked Ashley.

"Let him suffer and we will help him out putting away that tent after the contest," Trish Stratus said as she put on her skimpy pink bra.

"Well I guess I can wait as long as I can get some help from all you lovely ladies," he said as get got up and readjusted his cock in his pants.

"Aww thanks you are so sweet," they all said as they got up and put their robes on.

They each gave him a kiss on his lips as they left for the stage. Ashley was the last one out and instead of just giving him a kiss on the lips she took his head and shoved her tongue down his throat kissing him as hard as she could. She took a hold of his right hand and guided it to her panties and he could feel the wetness starting to form there.

"That is all from seeing the tent in your pants and thinking of what is under there. I need to go now but I will se you later, k?" she asked as she let his hand go and stood looking deep in his eyes.

"MMM I can't wait," he said. He was just about to rub her panties some more but she backed away and left for the stage.

John took a chair and placed it in front of the big screen TV sitting down. He turned it on and was shocked by the channel it was set on. It was an adult channel. Showing was a gangbang with 20 well hung black guys fucking 10 white girls. They were really nasty with cum everywhere. Even though he wanted to watch further, he knew he could see that anytime, but he might not have the opportunity to see Ashley strutting her stuff half naked on stage, so he turned it onto Raw.

Trish Stratus, the first diva in the lingerie contest, was just walking down the runway in her robe. He decided he should make himself more comfortable so he went to the dressing room door and closed it. He removed his shirt and unzipped his shorts and slid them off along with his underwear. He sat down; his dick only semi hard at 5 inches. He got there just as Trish was disrobing.

"God I can't wait to disrobe her fully and explore her whole body. Wait is that what I think it is?" he asked himself as he looked at the screen closely at her pussy and saw some wetness.

He was shocked but also turned on by the fact that he was probably the one that made her wet. His cock grew an extra inch. The rest of the girls came out and all disrobed and his cock was almost hard. The last one to come out was Ashley. Just when he heard the music his cock went to full mast.

He didn't stroke his cock because he knew he would cum just from touching it. She did her routine and he thought his dick was going to explode but it didn't it just leaked some pre-cum. Ashley won the competition and the ladies were on their way back to their locker room. He thought about putting his clothes back on but he was too horny.

"Man I thought this new lingerie I got would ensure me a win," Trish said as she opened the door to the locker room.

"MMMM looks like he kept himself busy while we were gone girls," she said as she saw him naked in the chair as she walked in.

"Any of you want to join me in the nude?" John asked as he got up and turned the TV off and faced the girls.

"I sure will," they all said unanimously as they all took off their bras and their tits bounced out. Taking off their panties a drop of juice ran down their legs.

"So who wants to have fun first? Don't worry though you all will get a turn," he said as he stood there stroking his cock. "I want to go first and have fun with that fuck stick of yours," Candice said.

She stepped toward him and started to kiss him and then she opened her mouth and they started French kissing. The other ladies started taking seats watching the show. He started to grope her ass and caress her back.

"Mmm you have a fantastic ass there Candice. I can't wait to fuck it," he said as he groped and squeezed her ass.

"Neither can I," she said as she brought a hand to his cock and started to stroke it.

"Mmm you better stop that or start sucking on me cause I can't stand much more of that or I will blow," he said as he started to tense up.

"You got it," she said as she bent on her knees.

She took his cock in her hand and raised it and licked it from the base to the tip slowly, then started licking it all over. While she was doing this, the other ladies were playing with their clits while sitting down with their legs spread. Candice took his cock head in her mouth and sucked on it hard.

"Mmmm tastes good. You like?" Candice asked as she let his cock head come out of her mouth.

"Mmmmm I sure do. Suck it all bitch," John said as she stroked his cock.

She took his cock and slowly slid the whole shaft in her mouth. With her right hand she started stroking and messing with his balls. With her other hand she started to caress her left breast and pinch the nipple.

"Mmm your mouth feels so good on my cock I am really close," John said as he moaned.

Candice took his cock out of her mouth and stroked it a few times and then she slid his whole cock to his balls in her mouth. That was as much as he could take.

"Ohhh fuck. I am cummming!" John said as his body tensed and he came in her mouth.

She was able to swallow the first shot but the second shot seeped out and ran down her chin. The next few she couldn't catch either and those ran down her chin and dripped to her tits. She licked and sucked the rest of the cum from his cock and he then sat down. She looked down at her tits and started rubbing the cum into them.

"Mind of I help sweetie," Ashley asked Candice as she got up and was walking over to her.

"Yeah I would love if you would help me clean myself up," Candice said as she was starting to take her left tit and lick the nipple.

Ashley sauntered over with her tits bouncing and when she got to Candice she squatted down and they started to French kiss. John sat back and stroked his cock. Candice reached out and started to rub the outside of Ashley's pussy.

"Mmmm nice and wet," Candice said as she felt up Ashley's pussy.

"Oh God your hand feels so good on my pussy," Ashley said as Candice rubbed her clit with her palm.

Candice and Ashley stopped kissing and Ashley sat down and they both just started to grope around each other. They grabbed breasts and felt up pussies and French kissed. Ashley started to get dominant and placed a hand on her chest and slowly pushed her down to the ground.

"Don't worry Candice let me take control for a bit and you can just enjoy," she said as she slid up her body and spoke that seductively in Candice's ears.

Candice sat back and relaxed as Ashley leaned in and kissed her deep with her tongue probing all over her mouth. She let her hands roam over Candice's body where they ended up at her tits. She kneaded them and squeezed them. She rolled her nipples and pinched them.

"Oh please pinch them really hard. Suck them!" Candice said as she started to rub her clit slowly.

Ashley sucked her nipples and pinched them some more and kept kneading them while she slid down her body kissing and licking the whole way down stopping at her belly button and tongue fucked it which made Candice get more wet.

"Mmmmm you naughty girl. You like that don't you?" Ashley asked after she heard Candice moan from tongue fucking her belly button.

"Oh God yesss, I do love it!," she squealed as she rubbed her clit faster.

Ashley slid down even further and avoided her pussy licking and kissing down her leg and then up and then down the other and up the other.

"Please lick my cunt," Candice begged between her moans.

Ashley backed her head up and then dove down into her pussy. She started licking like a cat at the top of her pussy and then she worked her tongue inside of her pussy starting to tongue fuck her. She brought her right hand to her pussy and started to rub her clit really fast. Candice was really getting wet and was really moaning and purring. While she was doing this, the other girls were licking each other and fucking each other with dildos and cumming all over each other. John was fucking Stacy Keibler with her on her back and her long sexy legs on his shoulders and him pounding her fast.

Candice's body started to tense.

"Oh Fuck Ashley I am about to cummmmm!" Candice said as she tensed up and came moaning and squealing.

Ashley took her fingers out of her and brought them to her mouth sucking on them and said, "Mmmmm you taste so good Candice."

"Let's go and help John out and maybe give his stick a ride or two," Candice said as she got up and grabbed Ashley's hand pulling her with her as she walked over to John.

"Oh Fuck Stacy your pussy is so tight," John said as he pounded into her; his balls bouncing at her ass.

"Your cock feels so good in my fuckin pussy," Stacy said as she rocked back on his cock.

"Can we help?" Candice and Ashley asked at the same time.

"Mmmmm okay," Stacy said as she moaned.

Candice went up to Stacy and knelt down with her pussy on her face and Ashley went back behind John and started to caress his balls as he fucked Stacy. Candice started to ride Stacy's face as Stacy moans into her pussy. John said that he was about to cum from Candice's caressing.

"Oh my god. I am about to cum so hard," John said as he pounded into her one last time. Judt then she came thrashing and moaning and purring and squealing.

John pulled out and stepped up to her face as Candice and Ashley sat right with her waiting for some of John's cum. He stroked his cock as fast as he could.

"Here it comes," John said as the first stream shot out and hit Stacy right in the forehead. He turned toward Candice and his second stream hit her right in the mouth. He then turned toward Ashley and she took his cock and sucked it in her mouth and cleaned his cock off. They all look up and see all the girls standing around them watching.

"That was really hot to watch," they all said once.

All the girls went to the showers and cleaned up and made plans with others to meet for more fun later. Everyone asked Ashley to meet them but she said no to everyone and John was surprised. All the girls said goodbye to John with a French kiss and left. When the last girl left, he noticed that Ashley was still there.

"Why didn't you make any plans with the girls? Don't you want to have some more fun?" asked John.

"I sure do want to have more fun but I want to have it with you later," Ashley said as she slipped him her number and French kissed him and grabbing his cock before she left. John couldn't wait till they met again.

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