John Cobra


It was a lovely evening; I looked my best of course. I was on my way to Tyler Perry Studios for a date with Taylor Swift. It was one of those contests where you meet a celebrity and I won.

I soon arrive and a security guard escorts me to a waiting room.

"They've just done wrapping up for the day, Ms. Swift will be with you soon," the guard lets me know and leaves.

I start thinking. Ah Ms. Swift, country/pop music star, so far has a good head on her shoulders. I only hope she does not go down the wrong path like of some of these idiot celebs like Kanye. I was concern over those porn sites she bought but those were merely a power play.

I hear two voices, one a man and the other a woman.

"Great job today as usual, Taylor," Tyler Perry complemented.

"Thank you and once again it has been an honor working with you," Taylor Swift returns the complement.

"We'll see you next week."

The door opens and I am greeted by the beautiful Taylor Swift.

"Ah, you must be John... um?"

"It's Cobra, ma'am, John Cobra."

"Ah yes, John Cobra."

"Yes ma'am and I must say it is an honor to me you."

"Always good to meet a fan," she said and shakes my hand. "Well let's have dinner."


We took Taylor's limo to a nice fancy restaurant. "This is my first time ever being in a limo."

"Yeah I was like that at first."

"You sound like you don't enjoy it."

"Oh I enjoy it, it just the first time is always the best, that moment you will never forget."

"You've done well, Ms. Swift, which is more than I can say for a lot of others."

"How old are you by the way, Mr. Cobra?"

"I just turned 26 yesterday."

"Well congrats, I'll be 26 in December but I am sure you already know that."

"Yes of course. So what are you and Mr. Perry working on?"

"Another Madia flick," she answered. "I'm a singer who's going through and Madia shows up, whips me into shape. That sort of thing, I cannot say too much. It's coming out in November."

"Well I look forward to watching it."

"Alight we are here."


"So Mr. Cobra where are you from?"

"I'm from California. I'm actually here on business."

"I see."

"Yes I am salesmen for AVON."

"Ah AVON, nice."

"So I take it you have something in mind for your birthday, not to mention Christmas."

"Why yes."

I watch her take another bite and I proceed.

"I have to tell you, John, that name of yours, it's very sexy. John Cobra. It's dangerous too."

"I am dangerous," I say.

Taylor laughs and I as well.

"But seriously that name is something else. I mean there is John Conner, John Cena, awesome wrestler by the way, there is John Cusack and even John Carter, terrible movie by the way."

"Oh yeah that was just awful, another Disney foul up."

"Yes but like I said your name is dangerous and sexy."

"Oh stop, Ms. Swift."

"I'm serious; I bet I'm not the first girl who's said this."

"Well I don't know about that."

"Really Mr. Cobra, can you really tell me that?"

"Well more or less I've really been very busy, it's not like I want to but sometimes duty calls."

"Yeah, yeah but sometimes you have to say fuck duty and do what you want."

"Yes, yes, that surly could have helped me with yesterday."

"So you didn't do anything?"

"Not really, said hello to my parents but that's about it."

"So no cake, no gift for yourself?"

"I haven't really had the time."

"Well that's no good, the birthday is our day, our personal holiday. We're going to have to fix that."


"Yes we, just leave everything to me."

"Well shit why not."

We resume eating and afterward we left. We drive back to Tyler Perry Studios and part ways. That wasn't the end of our meeting that was just to keep up appearances. Taylor gave me the address and room number of the hotel suit she was staying at. All for my birthday, I was to meet her in an hour. I went home and showered, I like to maintain multiple places while I travel. A man in my position likes to do so.

I was soon driving again in my blue Pagani Huayra. I knew what Taylor was planning but of course I was going to act surprised. I exit my car and make my way to the hotel. I take out the paper with the room number and with it was a spare key card. Yep a night to remember!


I knock on the door five times and use the key. That was the signal to let her know it was me. Five letters for my last name.

My eyes widen in delight. There she was in the nude with cake on her tits and crotch.

"Come Mr. Cobra; come get your birthday present!"

I waste no time getting into my birthday suit. "What I do eat first?"

"That Mr. Cobra is entirely up to you."

I plant a kiss in her mouth and then go for her cake covered tits, hmmmm!

I make my way down to her crotch and start eating cake there. There was cake on my hands which I use to rub on different parts of her body and lick too.

"Oh yeah that feels good!" Taylor moaned.

I make my way upwards again and take some the vanilla icing into my mouth and then reach Taylor and let her lick it off my tongue. I reward her with another kiss and another, going deep in her mouth.

I begin finishing the chocolate cake off her tits and then going the nipples. She started moaning louder I was soon lying on my back; I had a little cake on my face from eating Taylor, the rest was on my cobra which she was eating. "Oh my!"

She licked it clean.

"Man lock at the size of your cobra, it must be the king!"

"I'll let you be the judge of that Ms. Swift."

"It won't bite will it?" She giggled.

"Nah it likes you."

She puts the snakeskin on my cobra and lets it inside her. We kiss again and she goes up and down it. My hands were grabbing her ass cheeks. We both moaned and groaned.

We stop and switched positions, I was on top and she on the bottom.

"Give it to me hard, John!"

I did just that. Her arms and legs were around me like a curled up snake.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming," she screamed.

"Oh Taylor!"

"Oh John!"

I gave her a few more thrusts before I pulled out.

"That was amazing, John."

"Thank you, I aim to please just like you."

"Best birthday present, ever?"

"Oh yeah, number one!"

I got dressed again and said my good-bye, it would have been nice we could do this again but we both had things to do, it was just some casual sex, I had no intentions of becoming her man, if we broke up she'll write a song about me, yeah could not have that.

I kiss her good night and left. What went unnoticed by her was the capsule I had in my pocket which contained some of her pussy juice.


I was in Los Angeles; some music tribute had been going but was now done. I was on a rooftop looking downward. The security was pretty lax which was no problem for me; all I had to do now was wait.

A few minutes later twerking girl came out. I quickly put her in the crosshairs of my sniper rifle. You came in like a wrecking ball but you're going out in a body! I was about to pull the trigger but then was an urgent alarm from my phone. According to the phone there was a Marvel Convention in town tomorrow and both Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) and Jennifer Lawrence

(Young Mystique) were going be there. Perfect! I look back into the crosshairs but she was gone. Blast it, perhaps this will give you a chance to reflect on your foolishness, Ms. Cyrus!


I arrive at the Marvel Convention early but the place was already packed. A lot of these people were dress up as freaks of nature and one of the people I hated the most was Captain America, I could go toe to toe with him and beat his ass with his own shield!

As I made my way through the convention a woman bumps into me.

"Oh I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry!" She says and dashes away.

Yep weirdos! I continue walking and then I see a line of people waiting to meet Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lawrence, they weren't there but I figured I better get in line now.

A half hour later the two beauties were there, other celebs were there who portrayed different Marvel people but I didn't really care, I came for Scarlett and Jennifer. I watch the line move and then overeager fan wanted some Scarlett's red hair but security came and got that person. What idiots.

My time soon came to meet Scarlett Johansson.

"Who am I making this out too?"

"That's John Cobra."

"John Cobra, what a sexy and dangerous name."

"Well who can argue with that logic," I said.

She writes her name and adds a heart. "See ya Mr. Cobra."

I smile and leave, this wouldn't be the first and last time we meet. Now I get in the line to meet Jennifer Lawrence. This wasn't going to be easy but I've taken on bigger challenges than this and won.

"Hello, what's your name?" Ms. Lawrence asks.

"John Cobra, ma'am and I am delighted to meet you."

"John Cobra, John Cobra, sounds dangerous and sexy."

"Well what can I say; my parents knew what they were doing."

"Clearly they did."

I watch as she writes her name but she lifts the picture over face for a second. After that she gives it to me. I look at the picture and it has a red kiss mark. Oh that's just grand. With that I smile and leave. The only thing to now is ponder my next move.

I decide to get some lunch, it was going to be a long day. As I was making my way I am bumped into again.

"I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry," the woman says and dashes away.

I make an irritating groan, could not wait for this to end.


After eating I make another trip to the restroom. After I am done I head out and at the far end of the hall were Scarlett and Jennifer, an opportunity had presented itself.

I make my way to the far end of the hall, they didn't see me because they had already turned and were too busy chatting among themselves.

I turn the corner and notice them stop, they were approached by some guy dressed as a H.A.M.M.E.R. solider.

I waited but then three more appeared and there was pop that hit the ceiling and then it looked like... Yes it was! That pop was from a suppressor and the other three weren't fooling around either. Scarlett and Jennifer were being taken against their will.

I quickly throw a smoke grenade.

"What?!" The second H.A.M.M.E.R. solider exclaimed.

I easily take him down and then other two and the first who puts up more of a fight but I stop him as well.

I quickly move them away from the smoke. "Are you both alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," Scarlett answered.

"I as well," Jennifer nodded.


"John Cobra."

"Ah yes the man with the sexy and dangerous name."

"Oh yes I thought that as well," Jennifer agreed.

"Hey what is going over here?" A guard demanded.

"These people dressed as H.A.M.M.E.R soldiers tried to kidnap us," Scarlett answered.

"Yes and this man, John Cobra step in and saved us."

"And smoke grenade?"

"I found it on the floor, I thought it was a toy, I rolled it to distract them but it went off, I assume it was one of theirs." I lied.

"Yeah I believe it too," Scarlett vouched.

The guard calls for reinforcements. "Alright we'll get you somewhere safe for the time being, we don't know if anybody will try this. And there's certainly a lot more people dressed up as H.A.M.M.E.R. soldiers."

And just like that the Marvel Convention was shut down for that day. Even though the smoke grenade was mine there was something bothering me about what happened, sure even this is uncommon but it can happen but was more uncommon was the suppressor pistol or maybe I am just thinking about too hard. But three of those men were Middle Eastern, nah I just jumping to conclusions.

"John, let's go somewhere a little more private," Scarlett said.

I follow the two loving ladies. Even though this place was cleared of tourists and freaks there were still some staff members and Scarlett and Jennifer had staff privileges so they could be there as long as they wanted and considering what happened earlier there were no worries.

"So here we are." I said excitedly. I knew what was going to happen next.

"I get to go first," Scarlett says sternly.

"Why you?" Jennifer scoffs.

"Well he saw me first."

"Well my name starts with a J!"

"I'm order than you, Ms. Lawrence."

"You're right age before beauty."

"You bitch!" Scarlett yelled.

Now as much I like a good catfight especially a fight over me this wasn't the time. If the people heard them fighting they would throw all of us out and that can be a real turnoff and I could not allow that to happen! "Ladies, ladies, you can each come at me at once."

I pull out my cobra and both ladies crawl toward me and start licking it. "Oh yeah." I moaned. Scarlett wanks it a bit before resuming the sucking.

"Man, look how big your cobra is, it must be a king!" Jennifer exclaimed happily.

They both start mouthing on my balls. "Oh, ah, oh!"

They begin stripping and once their panties were off I dive in. I rub both clits. They begin moaning which is music to my ears. I begin eating Jennifer while finger fucking Scarlett and then I switch.

Next I got on the sofa and told them to play rock paper scissors, Scarlett was the winner. She gets on in the reverse position and she goes down on me.

"Jennifer, get on the other side." She does this. "Now, Scarlett finger fuck Jennifer."

"Yes Mr. Cobra."

It's not good to keep a lady waiting, especially a horny one.

Scarlett goes faster on me and pulls out of Jennifer and licks her juice. "Yum!" She signed.

Jennifer gives her a kiss.

Scarlett stops and lets Jennifer have her turn. She kisses her and playing with her tits. Jennifer sticks a finger in Scarlett's pussy.

This time I fingered Jennifer's ass while Scarlett was sucking my cobra again. I pull finger out and Jennifer turns around and licks my finger. After that she gets behind Scarlett and slaps her ass and then she licks Scarlett's shithole. "Oh shit!" Scarlett cried out in pleasure.

I was now fucking Jennifer from the back while she pleasures Scarlett's pussy with her mouth. Scarlett was fondling her own tits.

"Oh shit I'm gonna cum!" Jennifer cried.

"Can't cum yet," Scarlett said. "I haven't really gotten the chance to try you out."

"Yeah I have to see you too go at it like this," I say.

After cumming in Jennifer I rest a minute. I needed to finish off Scarlett. I watch them make out and grope each other. Oh yeah I'll be hard in a minute.

Three minutes later I was thrusting into Scarlett while she was fingering and eating Jennifer. "Oh, oh, ah!"

I slap her ass and grope her tits. This was it I was gonna cum into Scarlett Johansson just like I did Jennifer Lawrence! Just a few and... My king cobra unleashes its venom! I thrust three more times before I finally pull out. "Oh man!"

All three of us where tired. If anybody heard us, big deal! I earned this!

I started to put back on my clothes while Jennifer and Scarlett started back.

"John you don't need to put back your clothes just yet," Scarlett said.

"Yeah, please John I want more of your king cobra," Jennifer pleaded.

"Well why the fuck not!? We've come this far."

"Don't you mean we've cum this far?" Jennifer said coarsely.

"Oh you, quite hungry for my games!"

Jennifer laughs.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. "Shit!"


"Hold on I'm coming."

I open the door and my mouth dropped. Standing at the door was Megan Fox. FUCK YEAH!! And she was holding up Lindsay Lohan who was unconscious.

"Please help me, I was driving and found her passed out."

Please be od'd, please be od'd, I thought.

"Fortunately she's still alive."


"I ran in to see if anyone was around I haven't been able to find anyone save you and I guess I was interrupting your fun."

"Oh it's all good, want to join in?" Jennifer asked.

"No we have to get her to a hospital!"

I hated to interrupted by foolishness but this was Megan Fox, I could not let this opportunity go to waste.

"Don't worry we'll take it from here."

Oh Lohan, more foolishness! And she had the nerve to sue Rockstar for GTA V, I know there was some debate about who the blond woman in the bikini was but come on! Of all the beautiful women in the world she actually thinks they would use an ugly ass piece of shit like her for likeness. Tsk, tsk! It was the model Shelby Welindetr. Honestly it was either her or Kate Upton or Yvonne Strahovski whose likeness was used for Miranda Lawson, boy if she was here I would surly release my effect into that mass! Honestly that was her vain attempt to stay relevant. Come on Robert Downey Jr. got his life back together and even Britney Spears so hints Lohan, hints!

"Ms. Fox, you look tired, probably trauma form what you've seen, let me take you."

"Oh I am fine; Lohan is the one who needs help."

"Don't worry, Scarlett and Jennifer can take over and I'm pretty sure there is security still around so let them handled it."

"I really think..."

"No you don't understand, I've seen this type of thing before, you think you're fine after seeing something like this now but a few seconds later you pass out and it would be bad if you were driving."

"Well I suppose."

"Good, just give a minute and we can be on our way."

I put on my shirt on and while Jennifer and Scarlett were scissoring I collect their pussy juice samples in two capsules like I did Taylor.

"Ladies," I called.

"Yes Mr. Cobra," They say in union.

"When you're done," I point to Lohan. "Get rid of this garbage."

"Yes Mr. Cobra," they acknowledge.


I walk out with Megan Fox.

"By the way I never got your whole name."

"That's John Cobra."

"John Cobra, what a dangerous and sexy name."

"Well what can say about it really?"

Ms. Fox turns on the radio and on it there was news about what happened at the event but my name wasn't mention nor the location of where Scarlett and Jennifer was. It just said that they were at a safe place.

We approach a red light and Ms. Fox looks at me. "That was you, wasn't it, John?"

"Yes it was."

"Wow and now you making sure Lohan and myself are safe. It's people like you that make me have faith humanity."

"Yes there are some good people out there." I am one of them, it's just the people in high places who are the enemy! I thought.

"I just can't believe that happened, I mean I heard that type of stuff happening but I was so close, I was going there in disguise but if they knew?!"

"See what did I tell you? You're starting to freak out."

"I'm sorry."

"It's just that..."

"I understand but right now it's important for you to stay calm. Everything will be alright, trust me."

Ms. Fox nods.

A half an hour later we arrive at Ms. Fox's condo. As we made our there was flash of lighting. "It's going to be a raining night."

Ms. Fox nods.


"Well here we are, home sweet home," she announces.

"I'll call the girls to see if everything is alright," I say.

"Would you like something to drink?"

"Why yes, just water, please."

"I have wine."

"Even better."

"I'll be right back."

When Ms. Fox leaves I make the phone call.

"Hey, John!" Jennifer says happily.

"Hey Jen, so did you and Scarlett take care of Lohan?"

"Oh yes, John, we threw in her the dumpster next to the rehab center."


"So where are you?"

"Well I'm kinda stuck right now, it's about to rain heavy, I think it's best for you and Scarlett to go on without me."

"Are you sure, John? I was planning to come get you."

"Yes, it's best for you two to remain safe, heavy rain not good."

"Ok make sure you get home safe and thank you, John."

"You're welcome, Jennifer."

Before she could talk further there was another lighting flash and I use that opportunity to press end. That was a large flash; she'll think it was the lighting.

Megan Fox returns to the front room with a wine bottle and two glasses. "So what's the news?"

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