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The first time he saw her naked it was purely by accident. He was cleaning the windows of his new apartment and happened to catch a glance of her through the open window to her bedroom. She had apparently just stepped out of the shower and had begun to change clothes in her room. It was not a real long view but what he saw blazed into his mind an image of beauty. He could see that she had a lovely figure, with what appeared to be a nice ass and by his reckoning at least DD size breasts. And as quick as the glimpse was, it was gone.

John stole more glances over there as the day went on but he didn't see her again. Not on that day nor on any day for the rest of the week. Grateful for what he had observed, he went about his life, not dwelling too much on what he had seen. That Friday night however his mindset would be forever changed.

It was later in the evening on Friday and he was just at home. His new job started this week and with the move in he was feeling a bit tired. He was enjoying a nice relaxing evening and was sipping on a Glenlivet Scotch doing some nice easy reading when He happened to look up and through the large living room window he saw the lights on in her apartment. Curiosity got the better of him and he looked intently into what he thought was her living room. The angle into her apartment was not the most ideal as he was about a story and a half above her apartment. But he could see a beautiful pair of legs that seemed to go on forever sitting on a couch. Whoever it was wore a short skirt and a pair of very sexy black heels. It seemed as if she were talking to someone but with only the visual and no sound he could not be certain. He watched for a while and kept looking up from his reading from time to time.

About twenty minutes later he was just starting to get up to head towards the bedroom when he noticed that she had been joined on the couch by another set of legs. This set certainly belongs to a man wearing black slacks and dress shoes. And as he looked, he noticed that their hips were facing each other and the best he could tell they were involved in an intense embrace. The guys hand came to rest on her right thigh just at the hem of her skirt and his hand pawed at her leg. As his hand moved ever so subtly up her thigh, her legs parted just enough for his hand to make its way to its target.

It must have found its way for as his hand moved her hips pumped away on it. Her legs parted further and he worked his hand back and forth digging ever deeper into her pussy.

John found himself getting a bit hard watching this little show. He always liked a good show but something about this just seemed to get him a bit more worked up. He had to readjust himself in order to be comfortable as his cock was already bulging. "Well," he justified to himself, "if they wanted to be private then they should have drawn the curtains!" So John readjusted his chair for a better view and waited to see what kind of show he would end up getting.

It did not take long for John to get his answer. As the stranger worked his hand in what John could only imagine was a very wet pussy, his neighbor reached her hand quickly down the front of his pants, unzipped them and pulled out his erect cock and began to stroke it. Her hands worked over the whole cock sliding up and down the shaft and rolling across the head. She squeezed the head with her fingers and thumbed the underside of the tip of his cock and by the way this guy was writhing on the couch she must have had an amazing touch.

She continued to work him with her hand while he fingered and rubbed her pussy. She stood and pulled her skirt down and John could see that she was wearing a black thong that neatly threaded her tight ass and made her butt look amazing even from this far. She bent over and unbuckled his pants and with his help slid his pants off. This guy had obviously known that there was going to be some action tonight as John could see that he had manscaped his cock bare. She positioned herself in front of him and knelt between his legs. The angle was just right so that John could see her open her mouth and while looking into this guys eyes, she licked her lips and began to lick the tip of his cock. She licked the tip and around the opening and moving her tongue in circles worked around the shaft. She spent a good amount of time licking that man's cock like a popsicle and teasing him with her lips. She would look up at him and John could only imagine that she was telling him how magnificent his cock felt and how sweet his precum was.

She teased him by sitting up and stroking his cock more with her hand and then suddenly she opened her mouth and placed his cock in between her lips. She moved up and down using shallow strokes at first but gradually moving deeper and deeper. Then right before she would get the full length of his member she would retreat to short and shallow again. She repeated this cycle several times and John could tell it was driving the man insane. John could only sit there and imagine the frustration of the guy as she teased him. He wanted to yell out, "Just go all the way already!"

Then suddenly she looked right into the guys eyes, opened wide and took the full length of his cock down her throat. She gave it a few up and downs and came up for air. And it was right back to the tease again. Short and shallow, long and hard, followed by some deep throat. John could feel himself wanting to cum just watching the show. He knew that if that were him over there he would most definitely filled her throat with his cum by now. But she seemed to be able to read her lover and kept his cum at bay.

She stood smiling at her success with the tease, she turned her back to this guy who was by now reaching the animalistic phase of his desire. She slipped out of her shirt revealing a black lace bra which she unclasped and let fall to the floor. She was giving this guy quite a tease but for John he had the best view. Her breasts were large, and her nipples were proportionate to the size of her breasts. They were large, pointed and looked like they would be amazing to squeeze and suck on. She gave her lover a wiggle of her ass and then walked away from him towards the bedroom.

John saw the light turn on in her room and he moved his seat to the next window over that looked straight into her room. Her curtains were open, and the view of the room was clear. She walked into the room and he followed closely behind her. His shirt was unbuttoned, and John could tell that he had already finished removing his pants. She walked to the end of the bed and it was now that John could tell that she was petite sized, and this guy was quite a bit bigger than her. Her lover came up behind her as she stood in the bedroom, wrapped his big arms around her and cupped her breasts. John could see his fingers working her nipples and caressing her breasts. She backed herself up against her man and rubbed her body against his.

Her lover placed his hands on her hips and slipped his thumbs under her panties and slid them to the floor. As he stood back up his hands followed her legs and thighs, across the front of her pussy, up over her abdomen and back to her breasts. He leaned over and kissed her neck while pulling her hair out of the way. Her hands reached back to find his cock and she rubbed it while he continued to kiss her shoulder and neck.

Then in one quick motion, He lifter her up onto the foot of the bed and placed her in an all fours position and took up a kneeling position behind her. John created a mental image of what her pussy must look like in that position as her man began to kiss her buttocks and the back of her legs. He teased her by getting in closer to her pussy then moving away. If his intent was to get her worked up, he was succeeding because as he would get closer she would try to push her pussy onto his face, but her skillful lover dodged the advance and made her wait for his timing.

Finally, and suddenly he opened his mouth and brought his lips square onto her pussy. She responded with tremors and he began to artfully use his tongue, lips and teeth to tease (what John imagined) was her swollen pussy lips. He would nibble and bite at the sensitive external area and use his tongue to probe her sweet wet insides. Her lover skillfully would tease the entirety of the area between her legs, even rolling up and around the area of her ass. Each time he did, her back arched, her breathing intensified and she had the look of intense pleasure. He added to her pleasure by deftly using his fingers to rub her clit and probe her pussy.

John was quite impressed with this man's skill and his ability to control himself. "I'd have cum multiple times by now, just during this foreplay." He muttered to himself.

And although the windows were closed he could tell by her expressions and body language that this guy was already working her up to an orgasm. She began to thrust he hips and ride his face faster and faster until she tensed up and appeared to have an intense orgasm. The man laughed a bit as he stood up admiring the quivering mess he had just created.

But it would not appear that she was that fully satisfied. She rolled over, spread her legs and motioned her lover to come over to her. He complied, and she took his cock and placed it into her pussy. He slid it slowly into her at first, just passing the tip through and then suddenly pushed it deep and thrust himself fully into her. Her back arched at the sensation of having his cock inside her. He worked it deep inside her. He brought her legs up to his chest, placing her ankles on his shoulder and thrust his cock deep and fast.

John himself was pretty worked up and found himself stroking his own cock while watching his neighbor take this fucking. He could see that the lover's cock was glistening from her juices as he made her cum repeatedly. The wetness ran down his legs and onto the bedding and floor. John had not ever seen a woman create so much wetness. He imagined the sounds it must be making as this guy totally fucked this woman senseless.

She seemed to be beside herself grabbing the bedding tightly as she was inundated with orgasmic wave after wave. She even grabbed a pillow at one point and covered her face. John could only guess that it was to allow her to scream without disturbing the neighbors.

John neared his own orgasm and began to furiously stroke his own cock. He felt himself pass the point of no return and went ahead and shot his load. He looked up just in time to see her sit up and let her man shoot his load all over her breasts and when he had finished she took the tip of his still erect cock and cleaned it for him with her mouth. Her man offered her a towel and they collapsed into their bed together. John could see their legs intertwined as only lovers can do while basking in the afterglow of such an amazing session.

John stood and cleaned himself up. He put his own dishes away and as he passed by the window he noticed that the lights were now off.

As he drifted off to sleep he marveled at how lucky he was to get this apartment, considering what he had just seen. He hoped that this would not be the last. Maybe next time he could get lucky and have his own girlfriend here when the neighbors put on show like that. He even wondered if they might like to watch him and his girlfriend have a go at it.

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by Anonymous09/16/18

John View

Stepped out of the shower and is changing clothes? Please, get a grip.
"The guys hand came to rest on her right thigh...." Several guys? And you did this at least twice.
"Then in one quick motion, He liftermore...

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