tagLoving WivesJohnny and Debs Try Swinging

Johnny and Debs Try Swinging


Johnny and Debs were a young married couple. They had been together for five years and had been married for the last three. They were both twenty five. Johnny worked in finance and Debs was a research scientist. They earned plenty of money for their age and they made sure that they enjoyed it. They worked hard and they partied hard.

They had always had a very active sex life. Both were naturally horny a lot of the time and they were very adventurous in their love making. They certainly made love a lot in their house (every room in their house, including the garden shed) but they also enjoyed experimenting with other locations. The risk of getting caught always got them both very aroused. They had done it in the park, in clubs, in toilets, in their parents' lounges, in their car and in lots of other places. If there was a bit of privacy and they had a little time they would usually try and fit in a quickie.

They were very happy with life but to keep everything fresh they liked to try new things. Their latest idea was to try swinging. They had always been faithful with each other and never had any intention of doing anything behind each other's backs. They were too much in love for that. They considered an open relationship but it just did not feel right. Whilst the idea of experiencing other people turned them both on, the thought of going out and developing other relationships, no matter how short, on their own did not. So the idea of swinging seemed ideal. They could be with other people but both be involved, be in the same room. Everything would be honest and out in the open.

Johnny spent a few evenings doing research on the internet. Eventually, after many hours of browsing and the making of many phone calls he found a swingers' party that was within an hour's drive of their house. This was far enough away to maintain their secret locally but manageable to get there and back in one night.

When the night came they were both very exciting and a little bit nervous. They did not really know what to expect. They had seen porn videos on the internet but they tended to fall into two categories. Many were actually professionally made films that made it all seem over glamorous with everyone being super-hot. The real ones were always very badly shot and so you could never get a true picture of the atmosphere and feel of the party. However, being the adventurous people that they were meant that entering the unknown made the whole experience more exciting for them.

Johnny got dressed in a sharp black suit with a very thin, almost see-through, white shirt opened at the collar. When Debs saw him she swooned. 'Wow, you look hot, hot, hot. You're gonna get plenty of action tonight boy.' She laughed at her own trash talk. Johnny smiled at her. She looked amazing. She only had on her underwear and she had really dressed for the occasion. She had a white lacy bar, tiny white lacy panties and white hold-up stockings. As she laughed her ample boobs wobbled. Johnny was transfixed by them and felt himself getting hard.

'You better get ready quick, girl, or I'm not going to be able to control myself.' Johnny was looking straight into Debs' beautiful blue eyes as he spoke and she knew that he meant it. She was for a moment tempted to put off the party and make love to her man all night right there. She really wanted to go to the party though and so, after a little mental struggle with herself, she pulled on her tiniest sapphire blue dress. It was low cut at the front revealing a lot of cleavage and a bit of bra. It was also very short with a floaty skirt section. The tops of her stockings were clearly visible and when she bent down to put on her four inch blue stilettos she Johnny got a full view of her full round ass inside those tiny panties. He really was getting very hard now. He wanted to devour her right there and then.

In an instant her shoes were on and she stood back up straight and her ass was once again hidden. They made their way to their car and drove off. Their slight nervousness meant that they were quiet for most of the journey; lost in their own thoughts about what might happen later. It took them an hour and ten minutes to arrive at the location of the party. Johnny thought that the setting was a bit of a 1970s cliché. The party was being held in a four bedroom detached house in a typical suburban scene. There were picket fences, well-trimmed hedges and perfectly manicured lawns as far as the eye could see. No-one would ever suspect what was going on behind door number eight.

They walked up the garden path and Johnny knocked the door. A tall man dressed as butler answered and said 'Yes sir, madam?'

'Err, we are, err, here for the party.' Johnny suddenly felt a little unsure of himself and very nervous. These were unfamiliar emotions for Johnny. 'I have an email from Robert and Gail.' He pulled the sheet of paper out from his suit pocket and showed it to the butler.

'Very good sir. Please come in and enjoy yourselves.' He let them past and quickly closed the door behind them.

They made their way into the very large open-plan living space. They stood by the door taking in the scene before them. The curtains were closed but the room was well lit with red lights, which gave it an almost seedy, dirty feel. A kitchen area was to their left with a partially eaten buffet laid out next to a wide variety of drinks. The most notable things however, were the thirty or so naked, or at least semi-naked, people crowded around four double beds that were located in the four corners of the room. All beds were occupied by couples in the throes of passion. Five couple in total were fucking like crazy. Three couples were doing it missionary style whilst the other two had the ladies on top. Most of the other people were watching whilst touching themselves. In several cases men were blatantly masturbating hard. Two ladies were giving guys blow jobs.

It was a dirty, sexy scene and Johnny felt himself harden again. However, he did notice that they were by far the youngest people there. Everyone else was clearly middle aged. Some of them were obviously late middle aged. Most of the men were greying or already grey with the slightly portly physique that comes with good living. Most of the ladies were quite skinny but gravity was beginning to take its toll. Tits and asses were not as firm and perky as they once were.

A brown haired lady, who must have been about fifty, spotted them and walked over. 'Welcome, welcome. You must be Debs and Johnny. I am Gail. We are all excited you are here. We don't usually get couples so young joining the fun.' She was bright and breezy and both Johnny and Debs liked her immediately. 'Now then, if you take your clothes off you can hang them over there.' She said pointing to a rack of clothes on coat hangers. 'Then come and join the fun. You can leave your undies on if you want. Someone else will remove those for you.' She said with a wink. Johnny checked out Gail's ass as she walked back to one of the beds. It was sagging a bit but it was still nice and round. He had not seen anyone he really found attractive and so he was a little worried that he would not be able to perform.

Debs obviously did not have the same worries, she had already made her way over to the clothes rack and was about to lift her dress off when a man walked over to her. 'Hi, I am Charley.'

'Hello Charley, I am Debs.'

'Well Debs. Please let me say that you are stunning, a real beauty.' Charley was looking her up and down, mentally undressing her. 'May I help you with that dress?'

'Err, okay, I guess.' Debs replied and smiled at Charley. He was about forty, she guessed, and was quite attractive, nowhere near as hot as her Johnny but still not bad for an older guy.

Charley stepped in and kissed her gently. Debs responded and so Charley pressed in harder and started to French kiss Debs. He was forceful and confident but gentle at the same time. His tongue played with Debs' in her mouth. One of his hands was caressing one of her boobs and the other was squeezing her ass. Debs had her eyes closed and felt herself getting slightly aroused knowing that Johnny was watching her make out with another guy. Charley continued kissing Debs as his hands went down to the bottom of her dress and lifted it over her head. He only stopped kissing when the dress reached her mouth.

Charley stood back and admired Debs. Several other men had also started to watch her and Charley. One of the guys was already masturbating at the sight of Debs in her white underwear.

'Come with me.' Charley said as he took her by the hand and led her to one of the beds that had become free. Debs let Charley lead her. She looked Johnny in the eyes as she past him and smiled. Johnny smiled back and the bulge in his pants was becoming obvious. Johnny quickly got undressed and made his way over to the bed.

When he got there he saw Debs lying on her back with Charley slowly removing her white panties. He was taking an age to slowly lower them down Debs' long shapely legs. Her freshly shaven pussy was exposed for everyone to see. Johnny could tell she was already wet. He noticed her looking at Charley lustfully. He had only ever seen that look on her face before he made love to her. It made him feel jealous. In fact his emotions were very confused. He was getting increasingly jealous seeing his wife with this older man and knowing what was about to happen. However, he was also turned on. His cock was now fully hard and was almost sticking out of the top of his boxer shorts. He was the one having a mental struggle now. Could he really let this happen? Could he bring himself to stop it? He was transfixed and could not move.

Meanwhile the butler had brought over a platter of condoms to Charley, who took one and slipped it on his rock. Johnny noticed that Charley was about the same size as him (about eight inches). He also noticed that there were a lot of people watching, about fifteen, much more than any of the other beds. The opportunity to watch such a young woman had obviously created a great deal of interest.

As Charley climbed on to Debs another guy pulled off her bra so that she was completely naked except for her stockings. Debs parted her legs to reveal her large, inflamed, wet lips. Charley kissed her again whilst the end of his cock hovered above Debs' pussy. After a few seconds he gently forced his cock deep inside her, all the time kissing her deeply. Charley pull himself out and then pushed himself back in again, slowly building up a rhythm. Debs' boobs bounced wildly as Charley got faster.

Johnny looked at Debs' face and saw that he eyes were open but unfocussed. He often saw her like that when he was inside her, but this was different. His feeling of jealousy was very acute now. He felt it in the pit of his stomach. He was standing there watching some stranger fuck his wife and he was doing nothing about it. What the hell had he been thinking? He was seriously conflicted and so just stood and watched with a hard on in his pants.

Debs now had her legs wrapped around Charley's back and she was pushing up every time he pushed his cock inside her, getting him in as deep as possible. She was so aroused, so turned on. All of these people watching her getting fucked by a stranger; most of all Johnny watching her getting fucked by a stranger. She could feel herself getting close. She lowered one of her hands so that she could play with her clit as Charley pounded away. Suddenly it hit her. Her back arched and she whispered 'Oh God yes, just there, just there, yes, that's it.'

Debs' orgasm gave Charley extra encouragement and he started pounding faster and harder. Debs responded and started pumping again. She saw Charley's expression change. He looked almost pained and she knew he was about to cum.

Charley pumped Debs as hard as he could until he exploded inside her. 'Ooooh' was all he could manage as he squirted his sperm inside her.

When he had finished cumming her bent down and kissed her again. 'That was wonderful Debs.'

'Mmmmm' was all that Debs could say. She had loved it. She was so turned on and horny. As Charley got off she casually grabbed the cock of a guy standing near her head. She began rubbing it. Another guy stepped up to the other side of the bed. Debs took the hint and grabbed his cock too.

Johnny could not believe what he had just seen. He was still conflicted but the sexiness of it was winning the battle. He felt like he would almost cum in his pants watching his freshly fucked naked wife masturbating two guys.

Neither Debs nor Johnny notice another guy, this one about fifty, slip on a condom. He started to climb on Debs.

'Oh hello. Who are you?' she asked.

'I'm Todd and I'm going to fuck you good.'

'Ooh good.' Debs said as she noticed that, whilst Todd might be quite old and a bit tubby, he had a large cock, at least an inch longer than Johnny's. She looked over at Johnny, smiled and blew a kiss. He just stared back, still transfixed but he unconsciously caught the blown kiss and placed it in an imaginary pocket.

Todd was obviously not one for any kind of foreplay. Without as much as a kiss he entered Debs. She gasped as she felt fuller than before, fuller than Johnny had ever made her. Todd surprised her. He was energetic and talented. He was fucking her enthusiastically and was hitting the spot every stroke. Debs did not even have to think about it. Her body automatically responded. Soon they were fucking like wild animals. It was fast and frantic and she felt amazing.

It was almost too much for Johnny to bear. Without thinking he pulled his cock out and stated to rub as he watched his wife put on a show of unadulterated passion with this old dude. He started off slowly but he soon got faster as he watched his wife's body buck wildly, her boobs wobbling hard and fast until she suddenly went stiff and let out a scream as Todd made her cum for the first time.

Todd was nowhere near finished yet. His stamina belied his age and looks. He was relentless and Debs was in heaven. She had never been fucked like this before. This man was pummelling her clit every stroke. She felt herself getting close to orgasm again.

Johnny was now fully turned on and had lost almost all negative thoughts. The residual jealousy was making his arousal more extreme. Suddenly he noticed that Gail was kneeling next to him. She pulled his hand off his cock and took it in her mouth. He immediately started to fuck her face as he watched Todd and his wife. Gail devoured his throbbing cock, her head bobbing back and forth in time with Johnny's gyrations. It felt wonderful but Johnny knew he could not hold out much longer.

As Johnny watched her whilst trying not to cum quite yet, Debs was panting hard with every stroke and he knew she was going to cum again and it was going to be a big one. This time Debs felt a big burning sensation deep inside her. It was building fast and she had no control of her body. Her pussy was pushing hard against Todd's balls as he pushed deep inside her every stroke. Then there was a loud and long scream and she came hard. Her body went into a repeated set of spasms and she let out a scream every time. This time Todd came at the same time, filling his condom with his white seed. Once spent he then fell on top of her.

She laid back in post-coital bliss and gently stroked Todd's head as it lay cushioned on her boobs. She looked over at Johnny just in time to see him cum in Gail's mouth. She was quite surprised to see Gail swallow it all. She then watched as Gail stood up and kissed her man deeply. She thought that Johnny must be able to taste his own cum. She smiled and closed her eyes. This had been perfect; just what she had wanted.

Johnny and Debs spent the rest of the night with their arms around each other watching others have sex. They both agreed it had been a great idea and that they had to do it again. Next time Johnny would have to find a lady to fuck so that Debs could watch.

They kissed and left the party happy.

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