tagGroup SexJohnny's Plan

Johnny's Plan


Johnny had been poor all his life. His family were poor and most of his friends were poor. Their town had been decimated by the recent financial troubles and the only way out that he could see was to secure a post at the local mansion house. For some reason the owners had managed to easily sail through the financial troubles that the rest of the country had struggled with and everyone else in the town was both jealous of their success and desperate for a job at their house.

Johnny was poor but he wasn't stupid. He had managed to beat so many other applicants for the post of footman and had been working there for a few months now and, even though it was a world removed from where he grew up, he had learned the routine quickly. His role was to take care of the various dignitaries and guests that were constantly visiting the Family. However his willingness to work hard and his ability to take on new tasks at a moment's notice had been recognised by senior members of staff so that now, on occasion, he would be given the role of attending to some of the junior members of "the Family".

He took all of this in his stride but one of the things that surprised him most about his new employers was that they didn't seem to spend much time together except when they were performing their public duties. The place was so large that they all had an individual and private suite of rooms. Apparently it was not unusual for them never to see each other for weeks at a time.

This was a big change for the footman as he came from a large family with three brothers and two sisters, most of whom still lived with their parents in a small, semi-detached house. Family meals and parties could be riotous affairs but that had always been the case and Johnny had never known anything else. Until now, that is.

The one exception to this lack of familial bonding at the palace was the two youngest girls. They were always in each other's company and seemed to prefer it that way. Johnny was told by some of the other footmen who had worked there far longer than he had that this was because the two girls still saw themselves as outsiders. Their parents had divorced when they were still young and they had learned from an early age to cling to each other for support.

Their mother was no longer welcome at the house nor was she invited to any public events that the Family were attending. When she and the eldest son had divorced it was as if she had been written out of the Family history but she wasn't the type of woman to go quietly. Her flaming red hair and her voluptuous figure had always attracted men of all ages and it was these attributes which had undoubtedly enabled her to entice her ex-husband into marriage.

She had never taken to the quiet, discrete way of life that her new position as a pillar of society had demanded of her and, once her shackles were thrown off, she embarked on a series of affairs. Each one was more public and more shocking than the one before so that soon it wasn't only her ex husband and his family who had turned against her but they made sure the locals did too.

Almost in spite of all this her two daughters loved her more than anyone else in their sheltered world and it was rumoured among the staff that they had inherited not only her looks but her thirst for new adventures too. So it was that every Sunday evening, when the older members of the Family had all retired to their suites, the girls had become accustomed to hosting a dinner party for a small group of friends. For security purposes each guest had to be signed in and out, before and after the meal. What started the rumours, however, was that it was now commonplace for six guests to be signed in but only five to be signed out.

The staff, who had grown to love the girls as they grew up without their mother, turned a blind eye to the sixth guest spending the night in the rooms the girls shared. Sometimes it was another girl and sometimes it was a young man but, whoever it was, they did not leave until the early hours of the next morning. And there was only ever one bed to make up in that suite of rooms.

That was where Johnny saw his chance.

One of the advantages of coming from a large family was that there were so many different skills and experiences available to draw on when the need should arise. This was just such a moment because Johnny's oldest brother was an expert in security and CCTV. He had given his younger brother a tiny spy camera which could be hidden within a smoke alarm. As every room in the mansion had one of these alarms Johnny could have placed the camera in any of them but there was only one room he wanted to spy on - the bedroom shared by the two girls.

The whole Family were attending a civic reception on the Saturday which made Johnny's task so much easier. Using the fact that there was only a skeleton staff on duty, he let himself into the private suite where the sisters were due to entertain their guests the following evening. Following his brother's instructions to the letter, Johnny placed the camera in the smoke alarm which was conveniently positioned just above the bed.

A few hours later, when he had finished work Johnny rushed to his room and switched on his laptop. After just a few clicks he was presented with a very clear view of the girls' bedroom. They were both lying in bed, the covers pulled up to their chins and looked the very image of innocence as they slept but Johnny didn't believe that for a moment so he rewound the recording to the beginning and watched as the girls had entered the room on their return from the engagement in the town hall. As both girls undressed he could feel his cock growing but they suddenly stopped, still dressed in their underwear and called for a footman. Johnny was jealous of the fact that he had not answered that particular call but at least he was able to watch whatever was about to happen and there would be plenty of opportunity to have his own fun with the sisters at a later date.

The girls had obviously decided not to wait for their weekly fun on Sunday evening. When the older servant knocked on the door Bea opened the door and swept the unsuspecting man into their bedroom. The poor man struggled to regain his composure and it didn't help that he was faced with two young women wearing only bras, panties and thigh high stockings. As he tried to be professional, accustomed as he had become over the years to the unusual behaviour of the Family, the two sisters grabbed him by the arms and practically dragged him over to their king size bed, sitting him down before taking their places on either side of him.

Obviously deciding not to look a gift horse in the mouth, the man pulled the two sisters closer to him, his arm s wrapped around their waists. He turned to the right and kissed Bea before turning to the left and kissing Gen. As he kissed each sister the other girl kissed their way up and down his neck, nibbled at his ears and demanded his attention as soon as he turned to the other side. By now Johnny had released his cock from his uniform trousers and he was sure his colleague's must have been straining for release too by this stage.

As he watched the other man's tongue invade Bea's willing mouth, Johnny saw Gen squeeze the older man's obviously erect cock through his trousers before loosening them and freeing his throbbing dick. The man leaned back on the bed and sacrificed his body to the girls' lust. They both got down on their knees and worked together to pull off his trousers and boxers, together with his socks and shoes. Johnny watched as the two sisters smiled at each other as they invited each other to take the waiting man in their mouth and it was Gen who finally took the lead. She opened her eager mouth and moved slowly down the delighted man's cock, her lips sliding down inch by inch. When she had almost reached the bottom she began to move back up and finished by flicking her wet tongue out and licking the underside of the delighted man's tip. Then she passed the "baton" to her sister.

Bea had a different technique. Johnny watched as her warm lips descended on the servant's waiting cock, sliding up and down his shaft a few times before her hot tongue reached out and swirled around the head twice. She then let her sister resume her place and Gen decided to show off her prowess by kissing her way up and down the entire length of the footman's cock, kissing all the way down to his balls while stroking him with her small hand.

By now the footman was moaning in delight and Johnny had his own cock out, tugging at it, imagining their lips around his own. He knew that neither his colleague nor he was going to last much longer and he was right. The footman could take no more of being passed between two young sisters, he could take no more of two young girls sucking his cock, he could take no more of their soft hair tickling him, and no more of their soft lips and wet tongue tormenting him.

He threw back his head as his cum exploded from his balls, filling the mouths of both girls, one after the other, just as Johnny's own cock started to spurt all over his hand. He didn't think he had ever watched any porn film which could have matched what he had just seen and he didn't think he had ever cum so much with only his hand for company.

After he quickly pressed "Pause" on the recording, he cleaned himself up and settled back down to see what else his brother's spy camera had captured. He already had more than enough material for his plans but he was enjoying himself too much to stop watching now. He fast forwarded the recording to the next piece of action and settled back down to watch what else would unfold.

When he pressed "Play" again the older man was now totally naked and lying on top of Gen, her young breasts uncovered, while servant seemed to be devouring them as the two girls moaned in joint delight. Johnny watched as his colleague teased the young girl, nibbling at her prominent nipples, kissing them, biting them ever so lightly. But she wanted more as she thrust her hips up to meet the man's crotch, to find what she really needed.

The footman had spent all his working life answering to the demands of the Family and now was to be no exception. He reached down between Gen's outstretched legs and ripped off her tiny thong with one almighty pull. Johnny's cock started to grow again as he watched the lucky man lift her legs up over his shoulders while her sister sat beside her watching just as intently as he did on his laptop.

They both watched as the footman first rubbed his hard cock against Gen's swollen clit before spanking it with just the head. Both girls moaned again and Johnny noticed that Bea's hand was between her legs, rubbing her own clit and spanking it just as the servant was doing to her sister.

Suddenly everything moved quickly as the man sank his full length between the girl's desperate lips with one thrust and began to fuck her hard. He showed no finesse as he battered her young pussy with deep, hard, fast strokes. Gen watched the man intently as he thrust in and out of her, matching him with upward thrusts of her own. Her pussy juices were soaking his cock, spilling out and soaking the bed beneath them as Johnny stroked his own length, impressed by his older colleagues stamina.

He watched as the girl was fucked closer and closer to orgasm and just as her body started to tremble, overcome with lust, shaking uncontrollably in pleasure, the footman unbelievably pulled out. He pulled out of one girl's cunt, pulled her sister down beside him and thrust his dripping cock into her mouth instead. Johnny didn't know if his colleague was fearful of making the girl pregnant but it was the hottest thing he had ever seen.

As Gen rode her way through her orgasm, the servant's cock now replaced by her own fingers, she watched in delight as her sister took another mouthful of the man's hot cum. Johnny was right; just as his own balls began to tingle and his cum to shoot from his cock again, the man was emptying his into Bea's mouth. He had ever seen the likes before and wondered what their parents would say when he showed them the video.

However, once the girls had finally recovered and allowed their latest lover to leave the room, still in a state of some undress, they took each other's hand and crawled back into their bed. Johnny watched intently as the two sister wrapped their arms around each other and found comfort and warmth in each other's sweaty body.

Johnny's mind began to run riot as he wondered what might happen next. He knew he wasn't going to be disappointed whatever happened as Bea took the lead, climbing on top of her sister and kissed her. Johnny was used to seeing his sisters kissing but this was not a sisterly peck on the cheek. This was a long smouldering kiss, her tongue darting in and out of her sister's parted lips as her hand moved to her sister's sweet, young breasts. Bea lingered there for a while, caressing them before brushing the palm of her hand over her sister's engorged nipples.

Johnny's cock was already starting to grow when he saw Bea moving down Gen's obviously expectant excited body, kissing every inch of her sister's smooth skin as she moved inexorably towards her target. Gen wasn't about to make her sister wait and gladly spread her legs before being instantly rewarded. She felt Bea's breath on her swollen clit.

Gen sighed in anticipation and the look on her face told Johnny that she knew what was coming next. Sure enough, he watched as Bea's long tongue licked and probed between her sister's pussy lips, lips that were slick with her juices.

Johnny was in heaven himself now which is exactly what it looked like Gen was experiencing as her sister dipped her tongue into her pussy, licking from bottom to top, up and down, up and down, savouring the taste. Johnny's own fingers were by now wrapped around his stiffening cock just as he watched Bea's opening her sister up, stretching her cunt wide open, while her wet tongue moved to Gen's clit, swirling round and round it until her sister was raising her hips, offering her pussy as a sacrifice to the invading tongue.

Johnny began to pump his cock harder by the minute as he watched Bea plunge her fingers in and out of her sister's pussy. Still licking the other girl's swollen clit, her fingers hooked up to find and then massage her sister's G spot. Gen was thrashing about the bed in ecstasy. She spread her legs wider and pushed up as far as she could to meet Bea's unrelenting tongue, rocking her hips back and forth. Johnny could almost hear her screaming in pleasure.

When Johnny was about to cum yet again he looked on astounded as Bea reached under the pillow, pulled out a large, thick dildo and inserted it and fast deep into her sister's cunt. This was obviously a practised move for the sister's because that dildo hadn't appeared out of nowhere.

Johnny continued to tug rapidly on his cock as Bea continued to fuck her sister with the dildo but she had also reached down to her own cunt and was wanking herself as she continued to suck and lap around the toy buried deep in Gen pussy.

Gen was screaming in absolute lust now as her sister plunged the plastic cock ever deeper while still lapping up the juices pouring from her sister's young pussy, juices that were by now pouring out and soaking the bed.

Finally, Gen's body slowly relaxed on to the bed and ceased trembling. Now it was obviously her turn to return the favour.

Johnny could take no more and his cock erupted once again as he watched Gen kiss her sister, their lips brushing and then parting, their tongues dancing joyfully with each other. Slowly she made her way down her sister body, marvelling as she always did at the similarities and the differences between two such close sisters.

Following the same path her sister had with her, Gen played with Bea's firm breasts for a short while before she felt her sister open her legs. Bea's cunt was shaved perfectly smooth, just as her own was, and it was just as deliciously dripping as her own.

Gen licked the length of her sister's moist slit, from bottom to top, and savoured the musky tang of her Bea's juices, just as she always did. She continued to lick up and down just for a moment before she moved to her sister's clit and, moving one hand down from Bea's gorgeous big tits, started to push two fingers into the her sister's welcoming cunt.

Bea had been fucked many times by her sister but each time was always wonderful and she pulled her cunt lips wide open to give her sister as much access as she could. Gen knew exactly what her sister wanted and gave it to her, inserting first two, then three fingers.

Now it was Bea's turn to writhe on the bed in ecstasy and Johnny could only watch in amazement as the two sisters pleasured each other as only lovers can. He could see Bea's nipples were bigger and harder than ever before and he knew she wouldn't be able to stop herself from cumming very soon.

Almost as if she could read his thoughts Bea began to cum came with a long, silent scream, bucking and writhing and crying out in lust for a long time. Eventually she calmed down and her sister gently slid her fingers from her very sensitive cunt before feeding her the juices from her soaked fingers.

Gladly licking them, one by one, she hugged her sister until they both closed their eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

"Well," said Johnny to himself. "That's not something you see every day."

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