tagBDSMJohn's Assignment

John's Assignment


We're out of town for a few days of peace and quiet. I've suggested Nashville where Lori and her friends can entertain us and we're having the time of our lives laughing, and dancing and dinner was great. We're on Painters Row where all the greats nursed their success, frolicking among their ghosts, their hopes, their dreams and their true loves.

Sitting on the bar stool at our table catching our breath you tell me you're going to the mens room, and you stand next to me, put your hand behind my neck and kiss me hard on the mouth as a tease. Your hand tugs at a slender chain attached to nipple clamps you attached to my breasts while we were in our room in the hotel a few hours before. My thoughts race back a few hours; at the time you kissed and sucked them and twisted them until they were like erasers. The clamps hurt a little bit but keep me in a state of constant anticipation. Having attached them you tugged and tested and my clit grew hard and twinged at each tease. You made me mount your cock while you played and asked me "Who's cock do you love to fuck?"

"Yours. I love to fuck your big, hard gorgeous cock." and I squirmed atop you needily as you tugged on the chain and just as I thought I'd get some relief you stopped me and then told me to squeeze the muscles of my pussy on your cock. You can feel it, I feel your hardness. I want it, you.

"Clean me." you said, and dutifully I sucked and licked you with my tongue, tasting the mix of our fluids in my mouth. You kissed me, savoring the flavors too, and then had me lean over the bed and spanked my ass until I was so hot and swollen I thought I'd faint. You went to the closet, pulled out black lacy panties, pulled off the tag and came over to the bed and slid them up my legs and over my hips as you kissed my aching pussy goodbye for a while. I can feel the throbbing of my clit and I could cry I want you so badly.

You return to the closet and bring back a slinky red dress that you chose for the feel of the fabric. You pull it over my naked breasts decorated with silver chain and clamps. My nipples stand erect underneath and your cock throbs at the sight of them. The chain dangles through a slit in a series of folds giving you access to teasing me. My nipples jut out as I raise my arms and pin my hair up in a twist. My mouth is still swollen from sucking you, hard, and you kiss me, nibble at my lower lip, tugging at my tits. "You are very, very sexy tonight. You know what I like, how to please me. I will reward you well Sexy One."

The memory tantalizes me and I can't wait to discover what you will do next. My nipples ache. My pussy is wet, hot and aching to be filled again. My ass feels teased against the cloth and I remember the spanking vividly. All night you've teased me, but I especially love your kisses. My hand trails down your strong arm and your hand slips from mine as you wink and disappear into the crowd.

As you go a tall voluptious red hair watches you disappear and leans against our table as she appraises you. "My, my, my he's a mighty hot one..."

"Oh, you have no idea what this one does to me...."

She leans forward and her eyes travel down my neck to my chest and rest on my hardened nipples and the chain peeking through the folds. "Oh but I bet I do. I used to have one of those." she says with a knowing smile.

"Oh really? God, it's driving me crazy. He's figuring out all my buttons and I'd dare say he's going to install a few new ones of his own."

Red laughs, and swings her glossy hair back around to her back. It flows and shines and she reminds me of women I've imagined in fantasies before. Her eyes are green and freckles splatter across her fine nose. Her ass is high, firm and tight in black pants, slid inside a pair of leather boots. A tank with thin straps hugs her ample breasts and they are firm and round and I imagine the pale color of her nipples against alabaster skin. I'd like to suck them and wonder if her pussy is bare, trimmed, full...

"I've been watching the two of you for a while." she tells me. Her eyes are intently gazing into mine. "I think you're about to have one hell of a night to remember Blondie. I think your Master, and that IS what he is, and I can see it... Is going to fuck you until you scream."

I swallow, hard. My breath coming a little faster for some reason. It's one thing of course to play a game with you, another all togther to be exposed for it blatantly.

"Does he know how to find your sweet spot?" and she rests a finger on my bare shoulder

I simply nod in response and I'm not beleiving this conversation is unfolding.

"He's a very good fuck isn't he?" and her finger traces the strap of my dress and travels down to the shimmering chain and she runs her finger gently through the folds of fabric and finds the chain. "He makes you do things you never imagined you'd do at all, much less pang in anticipation of, doesn't he?"

"Yes. You know he does."

"God. I miss that." Red says and she pulls the chain forward impinging on your territory, really, and I'm so surprised by the sudden flirtation I'm not sure what to do. She leans forward her hair brushing against my heavy tits and whispers in my ear "God it's heaven to be well fucked, and I can't wait for you to get it the way you really, truly need it. I just wish I could be there to watch."

As you emerge through the crowd you see her fingering your chain and asking me questions about how well you please me. As she leans forward for a moment you imagine she is going to kiss me. You're wondering where in the world this is all coming from.

"Come dance with me until your lover returns." Red takes my hands and pulls me out of the chair onto an impromptu dance floors. We start dancing and you hang back. Watching us shimmy and shake with abandon. The curve of breasts and hips, our backs against one another in a spirited romp. She dances close. The chain keeps my breasts taut, and close together and gently tugs as I move around the dancefloor. What sweet torture.

Red sees you coming and manuevers me so that you are approaching me from behind. She smiles devilishly and winks at you. Your hands lead as you wrap an arm around my waist and pull my ass towards your grinding hips. We instantly find a rhythm and the thick silky material feels wonderful in your hands. My arms raised in celebration above me, you take your other hand and run it from the side of my breast, gently caressing me, and then sliding all the way down.

Your eyes meet Red's and you give her a slight nod and she moves closer to me, placing her hands on either side of my waist. Her smile is radiant and her eyes are watching the movement of the chain as she licks her teeth with the tip of her tongue. You arms reach around me and guide her elbow so that her hands graze against my hungry tits and she pulls on my chain again. Your hands travel down my waist to the curve of my ass and you gently slap it to the beat of the music a few times, and then travel down and back up again.

Red turns around as you turn me towards you and she and I are dancing in rhythm to the fast, happy bluesy toon. Our asses and backs stroking one another and a happy, light appeal between us. The look on your face is devilish, and you have your bedroom eyes appraising me, Red, and you're pleased at this surprising development "What have you been up to?" you ask.

"Teasing you back, of course." I smile back at you, and rest my fore arm upon your shoulder and pull you closer with the other. "I am so hot for you Baby..." and you pull on my chain a bit and rest your hands upon my hips as they shake and shiver side to side.

"I'm going to give it to you so good tonight." and your cock is growing stiff and you move even closer and your lips graze against mine and I start to kiss you when you tease me with your tongue and shake your head that you won't give it to me until you're ready to.

Red stares into your eyes as the three of us dance on the floor. She shows you the back of her business card, which reads "Let me help you do her right tonight. Room 428 at the Hyatt". You laugh because we are room 430 in the same hotel and the possibility to really do what you want to do to me with Red becomes real. You kiss me as you turn between Red and me. She runs her hands down your back, rests on your hips and she grinds up against you as I sandwich you on the other side. You place one hand on my hip pulling me close, another on her ass pulling her in. You feel her sliding her card into your back pocket, and you run your hand down her thigh.

The band takes a break and Red asks me to go to the ladies room with her. "You don't mind do you John?" and you shake your head, knowing that any serious negotiation between women always occurs in the Ladies Room.

She and I are washing our hands and just about to reapply lipstick and Red says "Hold on a second as she leans towards me and kisses my lips lightly. "Where are you staying tonight?" she asks me, since she's not sure if you'll say yes yet.

"At the Hyatt. I think it's room 430." I'm not sure how you'd feel about her moving in on your goods. I think you'd like to see this but I'm not sure if she's trying to steal me away . Would you be angry?

"Hah. So am I.!" But Red doesn't tell me she's right next door but she's confident that your appreciative laugh was more knowing and anticipatory than she'd realized. She slaps me on the ass, hard, and says, "Come on, your Lover wants you too."

She eases my anxiety a bit and returns to the table with me. You've ordered shots for the two of you, and she downs three with your only taking one, biting down hard on lemons after each one. She's flushed and she says, I need to get back to the hotel. I hope I'll see you two soon."

We spend a while alone, and you're working me over, pushing my buttons, and getting me hot. We talk for a while and dance a few slow dances. When you lead me out of the bar into the chill of the air. As we walk back to the hotel you ease me into a side alley for a moment and push me up against the wall gently. You reach at the hem of my dress and start to play with my thigh and move your hand up closer and closer to my pussy. I can hear people and I say, "John...people are coming..."

"So? It's mine isn't it? Didn't you give it to me?" and you delight in the look of passion mixed with panic in my face. I want to retain some control, I need your sex, and I'm not sure if I'm afraid you're going to keep going and grope me at the passing crowd of men laughing just 25 feet away now, or if you're going to stop and leave me teased and aching even longer. You let the hem drop, but lean forward and kiss me with your hand pulling on my chain.

"I like yanking your chain." You say with a heady sexy sound to your voice and a devilish look on your sexy mouth.

"I like having you yank my chain. John, I'm dying, it's been all night. Take me back to the hotel."

"Oh I will take you back to the hotel soon enough, and have I got a surprise for you. Have I got a surprise for you." My dress travels up the satin is heavenly and you're a bit rougher at the thought of Red joining you. You've got plans for her, pushy little thing that she is. You'll master both of us at once you think.

You bury your hand inside the lacy panties digging your finger deep inside my pussy and running your finger against my g-spot. You are pushing my pussy upwards, I'm exposed and the sidewalk is just a few feet away. You slide another finger inside and I'm full with them and you're running them towards the top of my tummy in a come hither motion and your hand is getting wetter. Your other hand pulls on my chain and my breath is ragged and I'm quietly moaning in delight.

I hear the sound of college boys coming down the street laughing about getting drunk and carrying on. I look at you and you just smile at me and cover my mouth with yours while you play and slide your thumb around my clit while you dig deep.

They are getting closer and you whisper into my ear "I'm going to let them see me play with my pussy. Here they come Baby. Can you hear them getting closer.?" You bite my lower lip, kind of hard... "It's mine isn't it? Did you really give it to me?" You kiss me full and hard and moan as you finger my pussy. I'm terrified of what will happen.

The boys come closer and while I get more and more excited, I can see a tall young man with dark hair and dark eyes. He notices our embrace and he doesn't say anything while his friends carry on. His gaze catches mine as I feel your hard cock pushing up against my thigh and your groping inside of me is bringing me closer and closer to cumming. You look over your shoulder quickly to gauge your distance. You see the exchange and you lean into my ear so as not to interrupt the look between us. "Come on Baby, come on. Give me a little show. Let me show off my sweet pussy."

"Oh God John. Oh God." I can't believe how excited I am for you

"Come on you gave it to me...show me it's mine." The boy comes closer his friends drifting off at an angle into the street they don't notice he lags behind and he stands there watching us and he slides his hand in a long stroke down the front of his crotch and his eyes are riveted to mine. "Mine, mine, mine." You say, "Show him how your pussy is all mine."

I can't take it anymore. I just can't take it anymore and I strain to be quiet and not call attention. The boy is rubbing his cock hard staring into my eyes and I feel you so hard and you tug on my tits and keep coaxing me on and I just slip over the edge and your hand is hot and wet with my cum as my pussy clutches and spasms and throbs over your fingers. "Good good girl..." you say as you pull down my panties and kiss my pussy in front of the boy." You take my panites off over my low open toed heels and you turn and toss the boy my new black lacy thong and he catches it and brings it to his face to breathe in the wet hot aromoa.

He laughs and gives you a thumbs up as his friends suddenly notice he's fallen far behind. You feed me your fingers and have me suck them clean. The boy puts my panties in his pocket and hurries to catch up with his friends. "You've been a good girl for me tonight. Come on to the hotel and let me put you to bed" and you rearrange my dress and my chained nipples. You tug at them and smile, and then say "But you know I'm not nearly finished with you for the night don't you?"

When we return to the hotel we lie down upon the bed and you feed me chocolates in between kisses. We talk, bond, just stuff. You've given me more lingerie to wear that shows off your new nippled clamps.

It's a little late, but not too terribly late. You are not tired tonight. You want to fuck me hard and long. You pick up the phone and I look at you quizzically. "Are you ready?" you say into the phone and I'm curious what in the world you're talking about. "Ok, come to the door inside your room and open it. I'll be right there."

You walk across the room and open the door. Red is standing there in a corset her tits high and round and her nipples pushed forward to the lacy edge. A black mini-skirt and thigh high leather boots, and long black gloves. Her red glossy hair straight down her back, one strand running across her hungry tits.

"John..." I say looking at you.

"It's mine isn't it? To do with as I please?"

Not that I'm complaining really but you're pushing my edge out farther and farther. Emotionally it's complicated and I'm caught up in it all. The passion is almost unbearable and I'm stunned at how excited I keep getting when I want to somehow slide behind my decorum all over again. It washes over me in waves.

You stand and you start taking off your clothes. You look at Red and you say, "I want you to spread her legs and eat her pussy right now." And she walks over to me and lifts up my nightgown, sheer, see through and another pair of lacy panties shows through.

"My pleasure." She purrs and she approaches my pussy, bare, naked so sensitive beneath the sheer material. She kisses it, blows hot hair on it, breathes it in. "I think you've already been playing with her naughty pussy John. Does she come for you the way you want her to? Is she obedient? As obedient as I would be?"

You hand her a bottle of KamaSutra, the clove kind and say "That's not for you to worry about. You both had better please me tonight. Put this on her pussy and lick it up."

She does. Her mouth is delicate, it feels different, soft, more insistent, and she grabs hold of my clit in her teeth to hold it still and flicks it with her tongue.

"You like my pussy?" you ask Red and she moans back in affirmation. You raise her ass in the air and you are standing above us behind her your eyes fixed on mine. You rub her ass along the edges of more sexy lingerie and you tease her pussy through the material. "I have two pussies for my pleasure tonight don't I Baby?"

I'm slightly jealous and excited at the same time...what in the world are you going to do next? There are snaps at the base of her corset and you unsnap them. You take the KamaSutra and you smear it all across her naked pussy and you blow air across it. She moans into my pussy and sucks harder. My heart is racing and I push my pussy into her face. You slide your thumb into her pussy and play with her clit feeling it swell and get tight at your touch and you keep pushing her until you feel her start to tremble.

Suddenly I hear you slap her ass, very hard and she pushes forward and moans into my pussy. But she is trained not to stop when she's started following orders. You say "Were you trying to take my pussy tonight Red? Huh?" and you slap her ass hard and insistently over and over again. Each blow and she sucks and teases me more and more. I can feel my pussy tighten and I want you to fill it.

You look into my eyes and say "But you, you've pleased me..." and you lean forward and dig your fingers in my pussy as Red sucks my clit and you fuck me with your fingers, and bring me the hot hard cock that I love to suck to my mouth.

While I am swallowing your cock in my mouth, you reach down and slide a vibrating egg into my pussy and you cover it with oil. You have Red kneel before you next to me and you torture her titties, hard, and then cover her pussy with oil too. Then you tell her to rub her clit next to mine. Her clit is hard, long, and protrudes while mine hides underneath a hood. You coat us both in the oil and have her slide all over me. You tug on the nipple chain and put your fingers in my mouth.

Red raises my body up with my ass in the air and spreads my cheeks for you. You slide the head of your cock in there and tease me...in and out over and over again. The vibrating egg is pressed against my g-spot with my ass up in the air like this. I'm tight, it feels so so good with the head of your cock teasing me too. I want to cum on you and you tell Red to get beneath us and lick everything in sight. She sucks your balls while you tease-fuck me and I feel the head of your cock get harder and bigger in me. She sucks my pussy and slurps it up and I get tighter against your cock and you have to push a little harder to stay in the tight little hole that please you. She pulls on my chain and you slide your finger in my ass and slap it back and forth, hard and red and my pussy clamps down tight.

"Come on my cock." You say to me and as though it were a switch I just explode in a wave of passion.

"Lick it up Red" and she does "Get her ready for a good hard fucking.:

This is pretty much fun and you laugh. I am breathing hard and you lower yourself into Red's pussy and it's hot and tight and wet, very excited and you fuck her good and hard, a punishing hard fuck. She starts to cum and you deny her release as you take the egg out of my pussy and put it into hers. You place me on top of her and our oily bodies meld as you slide your cock into my pussy from behind.

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