tagBDSMJoining the Circle Ch. 01

Joining the Circle Ch. 01



Chapter 1: Making Friends

The bus ride home from work seemed even worse than usual. Junie felt lucky that she had a seat and tried to shrink up as best she could. She hated it when the bus was crowded and she had to sit next to someone else. It made her intensely aware of her size. Her over sized bottom always was just a little wider than the seat and frequently pressed up against the stranger next to her.

It brought up all her issues. Junie had been intensely shy from childhood. Nervously she hid her face in the book she was reading. Her fingers gripped the lacy, hand crafted book cover that hid the lurid scene of a woman being ravished on the cover; and eagerly escaped from the crowded bus.

As she got off at her stop, her cell phone made its familiar nagging tones. Junie's lips turned down. There was no question who it was. It had to be James, "Sir James," she corrected herself aloud.

Junie struggled with ambivalence. There was a time when she would have answered eagerly, happy with any contact from him, but now, lately, this long distance Master/slave thing was not as much fun.

In too many ways it wasn't enough. Not only did James live halfway across the country, but his personal circumstances made it impossible for it to be anything more. So it was all the phone calls, computer chatting, and unsatisfying webcam foolishness. Somehow these little forays into the lifestyle served only to make her aware of what she did not have, could not have. And it made her crave more; suffer more from loneliness than she ever had before.

And lately James had changed, Junie no longer felt like he cared for her like he had in the beginning. There was a distance and an almost scary feel to the things he wanted her to do, and it was bad scary, not good scary. Junie had tried to talk with him about it, about needing more, feeling lonely, longing for the feel of real arms around her. His response had been impatient, even angry that her difficulties with shyness kept her home in front of her computer, afraid to go out and do any of the things he had directed her to do. He began to pressure her to agree to anonymous sexual contacts with strangers, men he would find and send to her apartment.

So far Junie had refused to consider anything so dangerous, dangerous and, deep down in her heart she could not help but think, pathetic.

Junie opened her phone and answered, following the strict protocol, "Greetings, Sir James, your slave obediently awaits your command."

As usual his voice was impatient, "How come it took you so long to answer?"

Junie made a face, "Your slave begs your forgiveness. Her bus was late and crowded. It would have been difficult to speak discretely." It was a lie, but she found herself lying to him more and more often lately.

James exploded, "Jesus Fucking Christ, I don't give a fuck where you are! If I call, I fully expect you to answer promptly!"

Junie winced and held the phone a distance from her ear. How come she always got mixed up with men who yelled? She tuned him out. It wasn't like he had said anything new lately. Mechanically she repeated his daily instructions and threw in a few perfunctory, "Yes Sirs," now and then as she walked up to her tiny one bedroom apartment.

She was standing in front of her refrigerator staring at a half eaten four layer chocolate fudge cake when he yelled again, "Are you listening to a word I have been saying?"

Junie jumped, her shoulders coming up around her shoulders, "Sorry, Sir, your slave was a little distracted."

His voice took on that exasperated, exaggeratedly patient tone that she was starting to loathe. "Are you ready to listen now?"

Feeling guilty, Junie spoke quickly, "Yes, Sir."

"I was saying I want you to go to your computer and read the email I sent you today. It has a link to a personal ad I want you to look at."

This was new. "A personal ad?"

"You are all the time bitching about feeling lonely. This looked like something that you might be interested in."

His email had a link to a popular alternative personal site and Junie read over the advertisement of a couple looking for a sub. The words caught her attention. There was an intensity mixed with just a note of humor.

Northwest_Hunters: Experienced Dominant, 50, and wife, 52, retired professionals, able to devote full time to the right sub. Him: 5'11" 200 lbs, non drinker, non smoker, SSC, honest, sarcastic, cruel, perfectionist, control freak, sick sense of humor. Her: 52, tall, slender, switch, bi. Loving, generous, strict, funny, bold, creative.

Looking for: Sister/slave/sub/pet/toy, age 35-50, large sized women welcome but must be fit and healthy, looks less important than brains. Must be single and willing to pursue a long term relationship, and if we prove to be compatible, willing to relocate. Good communication skills, honesty, no smoking, light drink, no illegal drugs. Must be bi or willing to engage in sexual activity with both male and female owners. Absolutely must be willing to completely submit mentally and physically to a Dominant and willing to respect the authority of his alpha sub.

For: Serving both a Master and a Mistress in bondage, spanking and other impact play, role play, name calling, forced masturbation, blindfolds, gags, erotic denial, hair pulling, rape fantasy games, forced oral, anal, toys.

Hard limits: sex with animals, blood, potty stuff (sorry we will not piss or shit on anyone), liars, married people, nut cases, republicans.

Short term goal: Online relationship, exploring and getting to know each other, learning each other's limits.

Long term goal: Live in 24/7 D/s relationship in our rural home. We are outdoors people, have dogs, travel several months a year. Must be willing to share in day to day household chores.

Junie's imagination spiraled. It sounded a little too good to be true. There was no way they would be the slightest bit interested in her.

James' voice over the cell phone, resting forgotten against her ear, startled her, "Well, you gonna answer it?"

A wave of shyness made her voice reluctant, "Do you think I should?"

Once more his voice took on those tones, like he was talking to a child or a head case. "I sent you the fucking email. What do you think?"

Junie could not help but think that he was either yelling, lecturing, or talking down to her in that condescending tone almost all the time. The small flash of anger gave her the courage to say, "Okay, I will then."

They had been looking for over two years. There had been lots of responses, a few promising, most ludicrous. If it had not been for his sick sense of humor and her patience, they would have quit a long time ago.

Getting a sub had been Donna's idea. For years she had been sub to Bob, but had fantasies about having a sub of her own. She had had several female lovers, but nothing that lasted and she wanted to involve Bob in this.

Junie's answer to their ad looked much the same as many of the others. She was in her mid-forties, divorced, kids moved in with dad in their teens, not much experience in BDSM, but curious, very curious. She had read a lot about the lifestyle. Was looking for a Dom, but had not thought much about what it would be like to serve a Domme. She stated she had never had sexual experiences with another woman, but was bi-curious and open to that as well.

She lived in the northwest, only about a hundred miles from where they lived. That was a plus. Close enough to meet easily for interviews and play dates, but far enough that they wouldn't need to have any of those uncomfortable moments of accidentally running into each other if things didn't work out. She had not worked much when her kids had been growing up and now worked part-time in a school records department.

Donna had answered her back.


What do you think it would be like to be a submissive to a couple? Why did you get divorced?

What do you need to feel fulfilled in a relationship?

Looking forward to your response,

Northwest_ Hunters

Donna attached a picture of Bob and her that had been taken the summer before when they had been out kayaking. One of their Golden Retrievers was leaning against their legs. Bob had his arm around Donna, they had both been laughing at the camera, and if you looked close you could see Bob had Donna's breast in one of his hands. She and Bob looked their ages, but were athletic. Neither one was particularly handsome or beautiful, but they had an easy, happy look on their faces.

Junie wrote back,


Thank you for answering my reply to your ad. I am not sure what exactly it would be like being a sub to both a man and a woman. I know I would try very hard to learn and obey both of you.

I got a divorce because my husband left me for a younger woman he met at work. He said "No hard feelings, Junie. I just fell out of love with you." I couldn't really blame him. I had not been very happy in our marriage... it was boring... I spent all my energy and time on the kids.

Fulfilled? I think I need to feel valued, needed. It's like everyone in my life has just sort of moved on and left me behind and I am no use to anybody anymore. All my life I took care of everyone and now they all don't need me anymore. I am tired of feeling unimportant.



Dear Applicant Junie,

If we choose you to be our sub, you would be expected to obey your Master and Mistress in all things; what you wear, where you go, who you socialize with, your manners, and decorum.

You would be expected to serve both of us sexually. You must agree to not engage in any sexual contact with outside people without prior permission from your Master and Mistress. For our own entertainment and your training you would be expected to submit to being tied up, whipped, and tortured (both physically and sexually).

Prior to any commitments, we would give you a safe word. We would negotiate your limits and respect them, but if your limits do not fit our needs we may not be compatible.

We would provide room and board. You would be expected to cook, clean, and do other household chores. You would have a reasonable allowance, but if you have any major expenses or debts you would continue to be responsible for them.

You would be free to leave this relationship at any time. We reserve the right to end this relationship at any time.

Do you think that this kind of relationship would be one that would make you happy?

I can promise you that if we get this far into our relationship, it will be because we value you, want you, and find you important. It would be my responsibility as your Mistress to make sure that you feel this, believe this, revel in this every second of your service to me and Bob.

Mistress Donna

Bob wrote:


I know that Donna sent you a picture of the two of us. I want you to send us a picture of yourself, just a nice normal everyday picture. Wear the type of clothes you feel comfortable and attractive in. I want the picture to show your whole body. In addition I want you to write an accurate description of your body.

I know that Donna has tried to outline the expectations we would have for you in our house as clearly as possible. I would direct you to the original personal ad I wrote. Is there anything she has listed or in the things I listed ( pain, role play, name calling, bondage, spanking, forced masturbation, blindfolds, gags, erotic denial, hair pulling, biting, rape fantasy games, forced oral, anal, toys) that you think would be impossible for you to do? It is extremely important for you to be honest both with yourself and us.

Is there anything that we have not listed or mentioned that you would need, absolutely require, in order to be happy and fulfilled?

Last; are you currently in a sexual relationship with anyone? If yes, please describe it and talk a little about how it would be to have to end it.

Remember it is absolutely required that you be honest with yourself and us. If there is no honesty this cannot work.

Master Bob

Both Bob and Donna knew that these letters came on a little strong. But they were trying to weed out some of the posers. Usually they never got an answer back from these letters.

Junie wrote back,

Dear Mistress Donna,

Ma'am, I am going to answer your and Master Bob's letters separately. If this is in error, please correct me.

Obeying you as to what I wear: As your submissive I would obey you in all your wishes, but in honesty I must admit I am very shy publicly and if the clothing you chose for me was revealing, I would have a great deal of difficulty. I would not defy you, I would try to obey, but I fear I would panic and fail you.

Obeying you in where I go: Day to day that would not be a problem. But I am a mother and if one of my children was sick or injured I would have to be able to go to be with them. I would also like to be able to visit them from time to time.

Obeying you in who I socialize with: I am very shy. I do not have any close friends at the moment, just a few old friends I keep in touch with via email. There is no one I would need to socialize with.

Obey in manners and decorum: I would strive to behave in the manner you demand.

Obeying you by not having sexual contact with outside people without prior permission from your Master and Mistress: Once more, my shyness is what I deal with. I have not had a sexual relationship with anyone for several years. I have had a couple of online friendships. Obeying this would not be a problem.

Obeying in being tied up, whipped, tortured (both physically and sexually): I would try, but I don't know how much I can take. I know I want to try. The whole idea is very exciting to me. Knowing I would have a safe word makes me feel braver.

Obeying in performing household chores: Here I smile, I was married and a mother for years and years. Taking care of a house is one of the things I love to do and feel most confident in. I love to cook and always have taken pride in my home and my yard.

I have no major expenses other than my car payment. If I could no longer maintain that payment, I would sell my car.

If I may ask, if I moved and became your sub, would I still be permitted to work and if not, would you provide health insurance? That is the primary reason I work now.

Your statement that you could end the relationship at any time is a little frightening to me. When my husband left me I was very lost for a while. I guess I need to know that if you were dissatisfied with me, you would tell me and give me opportunities to improve before you threw me out. I am sorry, Ma'am, I am just frightened of being abandoned again.

I hope I answered your questions to your satisfaction. I tried very hard to be honest.



Dear Master Bob,

Attached is a photo of me taken last summer. I am wearing a summer dress on my way to my daughter's graduation. I do not often wear dresses, but I liked the way I looked in this picture.

Describe myself, starting at the top: I am 5'2" tall and weigh 165 lbs. My hair is salt and pepper, but I keep it dyed black (my original color). It is straight and I wear it in a shoulder length bob. I would change my style if you directed me to. I have big brown eyes and I think they are my best feature. I have a heart shaped face and a small mouth. My teeth are kind of crooked and not as white as I like. I think I am cute, but I am not very confident about my appearance.

I have narrow shoulders and large breasts, (38DD). My nipples are large with large aureoles, they are brown colored. I have a small round fat belly and big round fat butt. My pussy hair is mostly gray. I tried to dye it to match my hair, but it did not work so I have shaved it off. I have average length legs for my height and small feet.

I am healthy. I have no ongoing health issues other that I am premenopausal. I do not have any issues around that other than I have irregular menstrual periods and have had a few hot flashes. I do not take any medication. After the birth of my third child I had a tubal ligation and would not need birth control if we are to have intercourse.

Sir, the list of things I would be expected to do is one of the reasons I answered your ad. I have been fantasizing about things like those since I was a young girl. Just reading those words makes me tremble. My body is very responsive sexually, but it seems like I need intense stimulation to reach orgasm. None of them are impossible. I have not done all those things, but I know I desperately want to try them all. I am not sure if I will enjoy them all, but if I felt like I was serving you, making you happy by doing them, that would be more than enough.

Things not listed? Things I would have to have? Nothing comes to mind at this time, but if I do think of something I will tell you as soon as possible. I think I am a little overwhelmed thinking of the possibilities of being a sub to you and Mistress Donna.

I am not in a physical sexual relationship with anyone at this time. I am in an online relationship with a man, a Dom. I will refer to him as Sir J. He has been training me, but is married and cannot meet me in person. He knows I want more and have been lonely and unhappy. He is the one who told me about seeing your ad for a sub and recommended I answer it. He is aware that I may end up terminating our relationship, but I was close to doing that already. I was getting sick with wanting what I could not have.



Bob opened the attached photo and looked at the petite plump woman in the photo. She was wearing a yellow sleeveless dress and had a soft close lipped smile on her face. Her huge brown eyes made her look almost childlike.

"Donna, look at her. She is cute as a bug. And her little body looks so lush."

Donna ran her hand over the back of his neck as she stood behind him. "Lush? Looks like you could drown in those boobs. I would like to see those big brown eyes full of tears."

Bob laughed a soft carnivorous chuckle, "You like?" He reached behind him and ran his hand up between her legs, feeling the heat and wetness.

"I like."

"What should we ask her next?"

"I want to know more about this online Dom, this Sir J. Make her tell us what he makes her do. See if she can have him email us. I want you to talk with him. And I want to hear about her fantasies. Have her talk a little about her personality, how she deals with frustrations, what she thinks her strengths are, what really pisses her off, what her hobbies are."

"We should talk a little about ourselves too."

"I wonder if it is too soon to start instant messaging with her?"

Bob laughed, "You just want to cyber with her."

"Maybe, but I also want to see how she thinks without so much time to craft her answers."

"Let's hold off on the cybering."

Bob wrote to Junie:


You did well sending me your picture and answering my questions. You are indeed very cute and voluptuous. Both Donna and I find you very attractive.

How long have you been in this online D/s relationship? How often are you in contact with him? What have you told him about us? Tell me what things you do together. Tell me what have you done together that you like, and what has not been successful.

I would like to talk with Sir J. You have my permission to give him my email address. Ask him if he would be willing to email me.

Tell me about your sexual experiences. How old were you when you first had sex? How many lovers have you had? What kinds of things have you done?

You mentioned your fantasies. Tell me one of your favorite sexual fantasies.

Master Bob

Donna wrote:

Dear Sweet Junie,

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