tagNonHumanJoining the Faerie Ch. 02

Joining the Faerie Ch. 02


Still intoxicated with the linking of his mind to Anshalla's Dave ate in silence. As he finished the last bit of tidying up, so no one would have known they had been there, Dave noticed that he was once again rock hard. He reached one arm around Anshalla and gently ran his fingers around the edges of of her wings. Anshalla felt a tingling in her very core and with Dave's cum still dripping from her cunt from before she slipped a leg across his.

Dave slipped his forearms under her wings which Anshalla extended to the full. She then stretched her legs out to the sides like a top gymnast stretching before a competition or training. Supporting herself by her wings she impaled herself on Dave's eager cock. Through the mind link she felt a quick flash of embarrassment as Dave registered Caramine and the other two Faerie whose names he had yet to learn watching them. The tallest of them, her left hand straying towards her virginal cunt.

Dave had never liked the word, "cunt", part of his Catholic upbringing. Now as part of Anshalla's thought pattern he accepted it as the ancient word it was. At the same time he fully took on for the first time that his desires and lust had become part of a sacred ritual. Never even if in three hundred years time he did return to the human world would he see sex as something either casual or associated with either guilt again.

His hands arms moved as Anshalla started to support her weight by moving her wings against the air. his hands made their way to her small breasts as he bent forward just enough to kiss the ridge on her back between the two vibrating wings that controlled Anshalla's hight as Dave raised and lowered his hips to thrust into her eager pussy. The touch of his lips on her wings was all she needed and seconds later vaginal muscles spasmed around Dave's rock hard cock, prompting it to pulsate against the walls containing it, pumping ropes of his creamy white love juices onto Anshalla's cervix.

Flushed from the excitement of watching them and her own self induced orgasm the one whom Dave had seen playing with herself approached him.

"There are two more of us before the ritual is complete. I am Selena who foretold your coming, back in the days before humans leaned to use the power of steam and start all unknowing their destruction of the world."

"And I am Leonine. The magic created through our magic will make the trees we plant over the next moon cycle put on over twenty years growth over the next two cycles."

Selena carried on, "But now it is time for us to go out into the lake again so that you can enjoy running your hands over both our bodies."

Dave smiled and pushed away the slight uncomfortable feeling that was the last remnant of his Catholic upbringing. Strange, that cocktail of guilt, mass, priests and nuns. A couple of days ago he would have said that his concern for the environment was based on his Christian faith, even though the American, "Moral Majority" were among the world's worst polluters.

Not ready to say the Christian God didn't exist Dave was however ready to accept that the ancient earth religion of the faerie which matched much of what he knew of modern paganism seemed to be a lot more honest and therefore more likely to contain, "The Truth" if there was a single truth out there.

Even had Dave not been walking, out into the lake with the two Faerie he had not yet fucked, his penis sticking out like a flagpole. He still wouldn't have been able to say exactly what his guilt was about, While he hadn't exactly been promiscuous, he was far from being a virgin.

Maybe it was his taking on a new faith, or maybe it was having more than one sexual partner that had him for one moment almost hearing the priest's voice from the pulpit. That and his mother's voice.

Out in the middle of the lake the ceremony was not sticking strictly to tradition. As Dave's hands applied lather to Selena's body so Leonine was doing the same to his. Did the Faerie produce some sort of pheromone that worked like a natural viagra? Or was it something in the Mead he had drunk last night?

Whatever the cause his body was more than ready to carry on. As his fingers brought Selena to a shuddering climax Leonine was teasing his erection with her tongue. Once she had her breath back Selena took over soaping Dave's back while he washed Leonine's hair, her head being conveniently positioned. Soon he could take no more and Dave erupted into the Faerie's waiting mouth. She swallowed, once, twice and a third time as eventually the jets on the back of her throat slowed and the jerks of Dave's cock gave way to twitches before dying out completely.

Proceeding to wash the rest of Leonine's body, Dave finished by letting the water take most of her weight while his tongue returned her compliment by first tracing the outline of her lips before pushing into her depths to taste her nectar. Every part of her sex that he could reach was covered before his lips closed around her clitoris. Sucking and nibbling it was not long before she too had her love muscles contracting with powerful spasms.

Letting her legs drop till she was in an upright position leonine let her hips drop towards Dave's waiting member. He tried to keep his movements gentle in order to reduce the pain of taking her virginity. Leonine was having none of it however and she impaled her wet tightness on him before locking her legs around him and then demonstrated that her wings could work just as well in water as they could in air as she pulled his hips up to the surface.

The next thing Dave knew was that Selena had her legs folded back gripping his shoulders as her cunt pressed against his face.

Together they lifted him up in the air. Dave drew his tongue all around the hairless skin surrounding Selena's vagina. There was something special about her aroma. Even after the washing ceremony in the lake he could smell her arousal and he found himself responding by moving on to her outer lips. The taste of her flowing juices were more erotic than anything he had experienced. Dave pushed his tongue deeper to where the glands were that produced such wonderful secretions

At the same time Leonine was moving up and down on his cock. Despite her tightness the motion was so smooth, it was as if his erection was surrounded by hot oil. The other Faerie on his mouth reached forward to take a nipple in her small mouth. Leonine felt her body react and suddenly she was squeezing Dave's cock as wave after wave of her orgasm washed through her whole body. Dave couldn't take any more and Leonine felt the heat of his cum as it filled her.

The Faerie then did some aerial gymnastics that for an instant but only that had Dave wondering whether he was going to fall to the earth. When they were finished he was in position to take Selena from behind. Amazingly despite having only just cum he was as hard as ever. With his mouth against the join between her fluttering wings he smoothly pushed through her hymen.

As he waited for her to get used to his size Leonine was below them licking first his balls then Selena's clitoris. Selena was moaning her appreciation of the attention she was getting from the stimulation between her wings and that around her pleasure centre. As Dave continued with long slow strokes that left only the tip of his glans inside her at one extreme and pushed against her cervix at the other his hands reached round to squeeze her breasts.

Dave felt an urgency that signalled that he was close. He tried to hold back but it was a lost cause. He need not have worried though for as the first spasm of his orgasm hit him Selena cried out with her own climax.

Back on the ground Dave barely had time to rest before Anshalla spoke. "Now that the next generation is ensured to carry on the work it is time for our job to commence."

It took Dave a moment or two to realise that she spoke to all of them with her mind rather than her voice. He realised also at that point that she had shared his experience's with her two sisters. She added, and Dave knew that this time it was only him that could hear, "The mind link is permanent, broken only by death."

As he allowed his mind to open fully to the job in hand Dave joined Anshalla in directing the magic of the five. Using their minds they dug planting hole after planting hole to put in seeds that ranged from apple pips to acorns and Pine nuts to walnuts. By the time they were finished it was dark and every one of them was starving.

They re-created the protective dome and it was not long before a meal that excelled more because of it's freshness and simplicity than anything was ready. At some point they washed and unsurprisingly this involved much touching and stroking. Dave's boner didn't start to subside till well into the meal.

Caramine spoke then with her musical lilt that had really meant there was never any doubt about him joining them, "Tomorrow we must encourage the seeds we planted to grow. By the time we are finished tomorrow their own seeds will be being spread by the birds.

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