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Joins Mile High Club


I was onboard flight United Air 678 from Sydney to Los Angeles. I was sitting in the economy class cabin. The flight was full; there was no room to breath let alone move. My seat was at the rear end of the plane at a window of a three-seat section. I felt claustrophobic and was not looking forward to the 14-hour non-stop flight. I always requested the aisle seat but this flight was so overbooked I had to take what I was given.

Sitting two seats from me on the aisle was Jenny, a girl I knew at college, who now was a sales rep for a new line of performance, compression sports wear. I was never friendly with her at college. My friends and I thought of her as a blonde bimbo. I felt bad for all the bitchy things I said about her, as she was so friendly on the flight.

I placed my bags in the overhead locker and then sat down with my new novel. I was wearing an old pair of faded jeans and an old blue t-shirt.

As I opened my book a guy squeezed past Jenny to take the seat between us.

"Hi, I am David, Jenny's girl friend." He introduced himself

He was quite good looking, tall with the dark hair, olive skin and a sexy smile, and quite well toned, but probably 5 years younger than me.

"Calm down Rachel, get hold of your hormones. He is too young and he is taken! "I told myself.

David's attention turned to Jenny who was dressed in a white skirt far too short and a black halter styled top, which was cut quite low. Her breasts were oozing out of the top and the skirt rode high up her thighs. It was good she was wearing black tights underneath her skirt.

"Rachel, stop being a bitch. She obviously wants to be noticed and it's working. If you want attention you also need to show off a bit more."

My inner voice was bugging me so I started to read the book, hoping it would shut my mind out.

"Drinks, anything I can get you?" the stewardess offered Jenny and David, who were now joking and talking like they were the best of friends.

"Yes, I will have a glass of red wine" Jenny replied.

"I will have a beer." David requested.

"What would you like?" the stewardess asked looking over at me.

"I will also have wine please." I answered.

I hated flying. I always got so anxious. I would drink myself to sleep and then awake in time to land in LA. I had just had a sip of the wine when David got up to go to the toilet. When he returned he climbed over Jenny's legs but while holding onto the seat in front he lost his balance and he fell right onto my food tray, knocking his beer and my wine all over both of us.

"I a so sorry!" he apologised as he climbed back upwards to assess the damage he had caused in his fall.

The wine had spilled right across my jeans, and all over his pants.

I was angry and uncomfortable, but I had to be polite.

"It's an accident. Don't worry!"

We had only just started the flight with another 12 hours to go and I was now wearing soaking wet pants.

"Hey guys. I have some pants you can wear. Its gear I am taking to the sports trade exhibition in the US." Jenny offered looking sympathetically at the wine all over my jeans.

"Have you ever worn compression tights before?" Jenny continued.

"Look at what I have on. These are them." Jenny spoke as she lifted up her skirt to show off her shiny black tights.

"Luckily I have another pair in my bag and its better than sitting in wet pants for the next 12 hours" Jenny offered as she stood up and retrieved her bag from the overhead locker, opening the zipper and handing me a plastic bag.

"Go and put them on. I know they are skin-tight, nobody is really going to see you here. I wear them for running all the time" Jenny continued.

I took the bag from Jenny and was about to go to the toilet to try them on when I read the XL on the size chart on the box.

"These are extra large, they will be far too big for me, but thank you anyway for thinking of me." I said to Jenny handing her back the plastic bag.

"You are right. These would be too large for you, but they would fit you, David, and they are unisex. You should put them on!" Jenny continued.

"I am not putting on such tight pants, Forget it" David resisted Jenny's offer.

"You cannot sit in the wet clothes. Many guys wear them for sports and nobody will even notice you wearing them anyway. Go on, put them on and don't be stubborn!" Jenny insisted.

"You cannot stay like that Rachel, I don't have another pair with me, but you are soaked and I don't need the pair I have on now, So I will go with David to put on his pair and I will take mine off for you to wear"

Jenny would not let David refuse her offer so the two of them got up and went to the bathroom.

A few minutes later David returned to his seat.

As David was shuffling in to his seat, I turned to face him and found myself staring at his body in the tights. I couldn't take my lusty eyes off his round butt and then when he sat down I glared down at his package wrapped tightly by the skin-tight spandex, which nicely outlined his cock.

I knew I should not feast my eyes on someone else's boyfriend, but then he was a good-looking male, wearing body-hugging clothes and he was only inches away from me. David was sitting back down in his seat. I turned to face him and found myself staring at his body in the blue tights. I couldn't take my vision off him. My hormones possessed me.

"Rachel, these are for you to put on!" Jenny spoke as she returned to her seat lifting up a loose pair of black tights up in the air for me to take.

I hope she didn't notice me ogling her boyfriend I thought to myself.

I took the tights, climbed over David's legs and went to the toilet to change. My pants were really wet to the bone. I stripped out of my wet pants. My undies were also soaked too so I took them off and I sat on the toilet seat and rolled the tights up my leg and over my hips.

They were tight, really super tight spandex leggings in black with a blue stripe down the side.

I looked at myself in the mirror. Not quite the attire for a flight but better to be dry. The material covered me like a second skin, showing every curve and dimple. It had a high inseam pulling tightly into my butt. I would have to walk quickly back to my seat so not to be seen parading in this. I never had my undies on so I had not planned on returning this to Jenny. I would buy it from her and keep it. I left the toilet cubicle and went back to my seat.

"Wow you look good in those- maybe you can model them for us at the exhibition!" Jenny exclaimed.

"Thank you for this, as least I don't have to wear uncomfortable wet clothes"

As I climbed over David's legs to get back to my seat, I noticed him looking at my legs and crotch. Any guy would have with such tight clothes pulling into every crevice. I felt it pulling into my pussy and I wanted to pull the material out but avoided doing so in case it was noticed.

I realised that I was turned on from the attention. It must have been a month since I last had sex. Maybe I was frustrated or was I becoming a sex maniac?

I sat back down on my seat and I forced myself to read my book, but every once in a while I would glance over at his groin and just look at the blue shiny material stretch itself over his bulging manhood.

I couldn't focus so I turned on the movies and selected a movie.

It was already in the middle of the movie but I watched it anyway.

There was this couple at a party- a luncheon with everyone dressed formally. There were tables laden with food and a dance floor, on which many people were dancing. This couple was having a tiff and they were not talking to each other.

The guy was getting upset that his girlfriend was ignoring him and he lifted his hand to put on her shoulders as he seriously spoke to her. She was in a mood and in rejection to his efforts she pulled away ferociously, but in doing so, his hand got caught on her blouse and the buttons tying it together came off, splitting it open and exposing her naked breasts. She was so steamed up with anger as she turned away form him that she couldn't be bothered to pull her shirt closed. She continued walking through the crowd of dancers with her pert breasts revealed to all. Everyone was glancing over at her, but she continued in her stride.

She was usually the quiet shy type but was so consumed by the fire within that she just continued her way with wild and carefree exhibitionism. To demonstrate that she was proud and didn't care she pulled her shoulders back, allowed her blouse to fall further down her shoulders and continued pushing her way through the crowd.

Her nipples now displayed erections. Her facial expression was one that clearly sent out the message that "If you want to look at me you can, I don't care!"

This couple left the party and climbed into a white limousine. As they sat down in the car, they both realised that their boiling anger had transformed into an intense wave of raw animalistic lust. They were horny and desperate for a good fuck.

Another lady from the party, dressed in a long black dress, climbed into the back seat of the limousine with them. The couple ignored this woman.

As the limo pulled off for the 60 minutes drive back to Rio, she climbed on top of her boyfriend, facing him. She shuffled around as she pulled her panties off her legs and he opened his fly. She then sat down on his hard cock and they fucked in the car right next to this lady. They didn't care and just went with the flow indulging their urges.

She still had her dress on which covered their torsos from view. The guy ignored the company and he pinched at her nipples as she closed her eyes and he held her tightly as she continued bouncing up and down his cock.

This was the most erotic movie scene I had ever scene. It played to one of my fantasies -- an accidental act of public nudity. I was turned on by it and I felt my pussy well up as it throbbed with tension and a tightness that needed urgent touching to release. I was wound up like a toy that reared to go and my frustration was getting the better of me. I folded my legs over each other, the exact opposite to my instinct to open my thighs wide and flick my finger against my clit until I was pleasured.

I looked over at David. He was sleeping. I looked over at Jenny. She was also sleeping. I felt safe to ogle at David. His blanket had fallen down and I had a clear view of his cock straining against the tights. I looked carefully to check I was not imagining things. His cock was rock hard. I continued to voyeur him and then to my amazement, his cock started to jump. The tights were perfect. I could make out the ridge between the head and length of his penis. I could see a vein run along the bulging length of his penis. I watched on enjoying this eye candy and then to my surprise his cock jumped again. This time it continued jumping and twitching up and down a few times. I then noticed white cum oozing out of his tights, until his whole groin area was wet.

Amazingly David was still sleeping on the chair besides me and not aware of what had just happened. I meanwhile was feeling hot and horny between my legs. I realised that David must have had an erotic or wet dream. I was now so turned on I couldn't think straight.

I felt an intensity burning in my crotch. As I straightened myself I my seat I looked down at my crotch. The spandex had pulled right into my slit and my vaginal folds on both sides stuck outwards. This was more than skin-tight. The spandex wedged itself into me. I looked at the others to check that they were sleeping. I slid my hands down my legs on top of the smooth stretchy fabric. As my hand trailed down to my inner thigh I felt the dampness between my legs. I so much wanted to touch myself right then and there. The pangs of tension were rupturing through me. I needed to be satisfied and I needed intense pleasuring.

I pulled my blanket over me. I bent my knees and held them up with my feet grounded at the end of the seat. I then slid my hand under my knee and slowly twitched my middle index finger and ran it up and down those swollen folds in the middle of my pussy, intensifying the downward pressure as I reached the my clitoral hood, where I rubbed it in tiny circles. I was doing all this over the tights, but I yearned to feel my flesh. I pulled the tights outwards at the waist to create access for a finger to find its way into my wet core, or even to touch my clit, but the tights were too tight to allow good access. I needed to take them off.

David awoke. He looked around, looking dazed and confused. I quickly stopped masturbating. I noticed him look around at his groin as he sat up in his seat. He realised that he had cum all over himself and he very quickly stood up, pulled the blanket over himself, climbed up over Jenny to go to the toilet.

I had a clearing to get to the privacy of a toilet cubicle myself, so I quickly unfolded my legs, got up and climbed over a still sleeping Jenny and made my way into the aisle.

As I moved a few paces behind David, the food trolley arrived. He had to back up to let it though. In doing so he collided with me. I felt his butt collide with my stomach. The physical contact was like adding oil to the fire. He turned around and faced me as the trolley moved passed us. I have no idea why I took the risk but I did.

"Hey, did you have a nice dream ☺?" I asked him gazing purposely down at his wet crotch.

"Actually yes and it was all about you believe it or not!" he answered.

I was not sure if he was having me on or serious.

"Yes it started with you bending downwards and me watching your luscious ass in those tights. I proceeded to do things to you and you responded in kind and yada yada, if you know what I mean" He went on.

"So yada yada and you had a wet dream." I teased him.

David went red in the face as he answered, "well I suppose so"

Not sure where I was going with this conversation or should I put it sexual flirtation, but I added a few words "Well you are not the only one horny around here!"

I suddenly wished I had not said this.

He smiled at me and then as the trolley had passed us by he proceeded to the toilet.

"Well now that you have discovered my little secret. I need to get changed quickly." He remarked.

I followed him towards the toilets. I had my own cunning plan once I got a bit of privacy.

We arrived at the toilets and they all had the red light on it indicating that they were occupied.

"Maybe the tights are affecting our hormone levels." I suggested.

"Look it does outline ones figure like a second skin. Its like being naked but not being naked because one is covered up" he went on.

"Just look at it" David pointed to his groin which was tightly encased in the taught spandex material.

"Excuse the dark blue wet area, but look at me." he pointed to himself.

I looked on at his package- his penis was slightly bent sideways and his ball protruded outwards. Two full sexy testicles full of cum, I imagined to myself.

"And even you look how it exposes you" David drew his attention to me.

We both looked down at my crotch. I felt suddenly uncomfortable with his focus on my pussy. A clear cleft showed where the spandex was pulling into my labia. I think they call it a camel-toe.

"Can I help you stretch it out? I am sure that's uncomfortable" David teased me smiling.

All this attention only heightened my rampant hormone levels. I was hot down there. I felt like I had buried the lava from a burning volcano, wanting to erupt.

"And just look at your ass -- there is nothing better than women in spandex. I love the outline of the g-string sticking through." David turned his head around to look over at my butt.

"Hey, I can't see your g-string!" he commented.

"That's because I don't have one on. I never wear undies under tights." I answered

"Wow! That's so naughty. " he replied as he daringly putt a hand onto my one butt cheek and massaged my gluts.

I didn't back away. I let him slowly caress my butt. His fingers started to go into my butt crack as his palm held tightly onto my round butt cheek. I was so turned on I just wanted to tear the tights off and fuck him right then and there.

A toilet became vacant.

Before he could proceed to enter the cubicle I pushed ahead.

I stood in the doorway and suggested, " Should we continue in here?"

David entered as we negotiated the small space for two adults.

I sat down on the toilet seat, while he stood in front of me. I with my two hands I reached around his butt. I placed my hands on his round butt cheeks and held them. They were so sexy to feel. I peeled his tights down his thighs. I stopped pulling the tight material at his knees when his cock was in full view. He had dark pubic hair and his penis was still flimsy but getting harder -- almost like standing at half -mast. His penis was at my eye level. I was fixated on his large hairy balls hanging like royalty. I had the urge to grab them and hold his manhood in between my fingers.

With my left hand I cupped his balls and with my right hand I clenched his penis as I arched forward over the toilet seat, I puckered my lips and I took it into my mouth. It quickly grew into a full hard on. I tasted the remnants of his cum from his wet dream. I didn't mind the taste. I found it sexy, really sexy and very erotic and arousing. I licked strokes up and down the head of his penis twirling my tongue around the circumference of the ridge where he was circumsized.

His penis was bulging out like a thick strong pole of flesh and it stretched up high with a slight kink to the right. It was full of blood now, reddening and its veins protruding down its length. I pouted my lips as I went up and down its length like a piston engine. David put his hand up my shirt. As I felt his hand brush up against my voluptuous breast my body squirmed again. I clenched my pelvic muscles in response, sucking my breath inwards as I gasped for breath. I was revved up and ready to jump his bones. His fingers clenched around my nipple and he pulled at them. Its sent lightning bolts down through my body touching every nerve and switching on all my circuits to full capacity.

I opened my legs wide. It was involuntary. It was nature forcing my pussy lips open to take in some manhood and make way for testosterone rich balls to squirt its thick white cum deep inside my cunt. I was soaking and oozing fluids through my tights. My pussy was now well passed the damp stage. David was moaning as I kept my pace going up and down on him. I felt his hands holding my hair as I came up to catch my breath.

I stood up and pulled my shirt off over my head. He put his lips around my nipple and sucked them tightly as I stretched my neck backwards. He put his hand against my pussy and drew lines with his index finger up and down my pussy, pushing into the wedge formed in my tights, along my slit and in between my fleshy folds. His finger traced up and down the outside of my tights teasing me into a tensed up frenzy. I so wanted him inside me. His finger nudged against my throbbing and swollen red and hot clit. As he touched it, I could hold back no more. I had to get rid of the barrier between us. It was time for flesh against flesh. I put my hands on my hips and I pulled my tights off my legs. He now had free access to sensually explore my body.

He kneeled down and he took my clit into his mouth and he massaged it, caressed it, bit on it gently with his lips as his tongue danced the tango with it, until I could no longer hold it in. My pussy and all its nerve endings were tensed up like a wound up spring. I was rocking my pelvic floor, gyrating it and swinging my torso up and down into his face when I clenched all my facial muscles and arched backwards and I let out a loud squeal. I felt like I needed to urinate but I pushed the sensation outwards and I went with it. My pussy ejaculated for the first time. It squirted clear fluid out it. My body vibrated in violent yet pleasurable and satisfying spasms of relief. My whole pussy was contracting quickly and out of control while more and more fluid pushed it way out in a stream as if I was urinating. All this liquid was landing on David.

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