tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJoker & the Queen of Hearts

Joker & the Queen of Hearts

byMy Erotic Tail©

(This Story was sparked by an idea that Annora had. After much debate, I got the joy of writing it. Thanks A~ This is a story in the Halloween Story Contest 2004, So please vote, comment or 'Give it to me' in Feedback. Good or Bad. Thank You for reading my tale. Happy Halloween)


"Oh...oh...oh," Amber gasped. Her fingers dug deeply into the large roll of black material that she was pressed into. Her strawberry blonde hair swayed back and forth as her head hung. Gripping tightly while rocking back and forth. Looking down at four feet's stances and her sagging dress's swaying flow.

"Shhh...Quiet," Mr. Peters said lightly while grasping Amber's waist tighter. Pulling her to his pumping, short strides. His elderly, frail and lanky frame quivered with excitement mixed with nervousness. His glances darted through the crack in the door then back to his lustful bliss.

The back room of the Ole Town Boutique was filled with rolls of fabric on one side. And a work table with a mannequin, needles, and tools of the trade on the other. The small area was cluttered with boxes and baskets stuck in every Nic and Cranny. The smokey glassed window offered light, yet seclusion.

Amber was bent over holding tightly while Mr. Peters worked feverishly to obtain his ecstasy. The light sound of slapping flesh marked their bodies greetings. Her enjoyment was obvious but her patience was wearing thin. She knew not to be gone from the front of the store for very long. She thrusted backwards harder and faster in an attempt to bring Mr. Peters to his goal.

"Oh Amber," Mr. Peters said as his pace slowed and his grip released. She stopped her strides when she felt his cum. Panting lightly she straightened up and fixed her dress while Mr. Peters began grabbing at her. His erect cock pressed into her side as he made an attempt to kiss her. Fondeling her breasts and hugging lightly.

"AMBER!" A call came from the front of the store and both Amber and Mr. Peters froze. Looking at each other for a second then scrambling to adjust their clothing. Amber ran her hands through her hair quickly then sprang out the door. Mr. Peters was still fastening his pants then his belt's buckle. His black pants matched his black vest that was open over his long sleeve white shirt.

Closing the door behind her Amber flattened out her dresses crinkles and fluffed up her frilly shirt. Cupped her breasts and adjusted them slightly then darted through the blue velvet curtain that led to the show room floor.

"Yes, Mrs. Peters?" Amber said with a shy slight tone. Her face a bit flush and trying not to breathe hard. Grew a smile and come to her side at the front show window. Mrs. Peters was an elderly voluptuous woman with her hands cupped into one another the majority of the time. Her gray haired bun was large which dictated her long hair but no one but Mr. Peters had ever seen her with it down.

"There you are dear. Would you be so kind as to bring me the "Queen Victoria Dress from the back?" She said with glancing eyes. Knowing Amber would reply with curiosity.

"What? Your not selling 'The Dress'," Amber gasped. Her eyes got wide as she stood waiting for a reply.

"I'm afraid so my dear. If we don't make a sale this week. We may not have a next week. Times are tough I know, so we must do what we can to make ends meet." Mrs. Peters rambled while flicking lint and dust from dresses on display.

"But the Halloween Ball is tonight. Perhaps someone will come in today and buy a dress." Amber said with a sinking feeling. She had been saying that all week.

"The Annual Harvest Ball, has been planned out weeks in advance my dear. A sensible woman doesn't wait till the last day to buy her dress." Mrs. Peters said with her 'know it all' personality that she was so well known for.

"Oh," Amber said lightly. Her eyes fell to the floor. Mrs. Peters noticed her sadness and confusion.

"A sensible woman wouldn't pass up a dress like the Queen Victorian though," Mrs. Peters said with a half cocked smile and looking over her glasses at Amber's reply. Amber looked up and felt like a flower blooming. Her sadness disappeared as her mind pondered the thought a moment. Then her lips curled into a smile.

"Oh, I see," Amber said slightly cheerful. "Yes Ma'am. I'll be right back." Amber turned on her heels, whipping her hair and headed back into the back room. Dashing through the velvet curtain with renewed strides. Her middle aged prance was almost child like.

"What does she want this time? More Tea?" Asked Mr. Peters as Amber entered the back room. Her girlish and energetic stride caught Mr. Peters fancy. His eyes watch her flow across the small work room as she began moving boxes around. Mr. Peters put a pin in his mouth and turned to work on the suit before him but one wondering eye kept focus on Amber. Bending over fully and picking up a box then moving it.

"No. She wants the Queen Victoria Dress." Amber said with a coy tone. Turning on her heels with a pointed finger at Mr. Peters. "And don't you forget...you owe me!" Amber said sternly looking the old man in the eyes.

"Yes, yes...just like last time. I promise. I need a couple days though as we agreed, right." Mr. Peters said nervously while both eyes focussed on his fingers threading.

Amber cleared a path to a closet door that hadn't been used in quite awhile. Opening the 'creaking' door and peering into darkness she fumbled through the cluttered space. Thumbing through the hanging clothes till she emerged with a gold colored hanger with a leather cover over a long gown. Amber held the covered garment high as she walked slowly towards the door.

"What's she going to do? Put it in the window as bait?" Mr. Peters said with sarcasm and a smirk.

"Yes," Amber replied. "I hope she doesn't sell it. But if it will bring in a customer." Amber said while exiting the room. Mr. Peters eye's watched her leave with a smile on his face.

"Here you are Mrs. Peters." Amber said as she walked up with the covered gown held high, before her. Mrs. Peters proudly took the garment from Amber and placed it on a rack and began unraveling the lace that held the leather closed. Patiently and delicately pulling each stitch loose till the leather opened up enough to drop towards the floor. Mrs. Peters folded the cover as it revealed its contents.

"Queen Victoria once wore this dress," Mrs. Peters said as she fluffed at its frill and checked its stitching. The Pearl white gown layered to the floor with rows and rows of dainty lace.

"I know Mrs. Peters. You've said that a hundred times. It possesses 'Magic' powers." Amber said with a snicker. "Ask the dress to help your finances." She finished with a snort.

"Do not mock what you do not know young lady." Mrs. Peters said sternly. She took the dress to the front window display and began putting it on a mannequin and lacing up the back. Amber went to her side and helped her with a humble smile. Mrs. Peters smiled in return as the two fixed the dress to display it's unmatched beauty.


"Yes...yes...YES! Fuck me...fuck me...YES!" The sound of skin smacking skin rapidly mixed with pants and moans rang out. Devon had a handful of hair, pulling on Silvia's head slightly with clinched fist and gritting teeth. Silvia was on the bed, on her hands and knees. Being rammed forward then pressing back hard as Devon wildly pumped her with one hand gripping her waist tightly.

Driving his weight forward into Silvia with feverish short rapid thrusts. Releasing her hair to get a firm two handed grip on her hips while humping faster and harder. His balls slapping wildly as his excitement escalated. Salvias bare breasts swung back and forth with their momentum. Her large brown nipples were firm and hard. She caressed herself, pulling, tugging and twisting at her nipple, roughly.

"Oh...oh...oh," Devon screamed, he gripped and held tightly as his body quivered. Pressing into her fully and pulsing. His moans and jerks made Silvia smile.

The door opened and Amber walked in. Silvia and Devon froze in their separating motion. Four wide eyes stared at Amber who just stood in the doorway in a daze.

"Amber...AMBER!" Devon yelled out as Amber turned and ran off crying. Devon scrambled for his clothes but soon found it to be to difficult with his erection. He sank on the bed as Silvia got up and got dressed.

Amber ran down her stairs with eyes full of tears. Her feet were only touching the wood as her body sailed down the sections of steps then scuttled across the landing to the next set of steps. Flying down the stairway corridor with her hand skipping along the rail as her shoes entangled and her weight projected her forward. Swinging her arms wildly as she flew forward. She crashed into the wooden floor with a mighty thud.

Amber's eyes opened slowly as she heard some chatter. First she saw the red. Then she saw the horns. The devil was hovered over her. His black mustached goatee' with a frightening grin, shook back and forth slowly before her.

"She aint dead." He said as the child ran off with his bag of goodies. A little girl with a halo quickly followed. Amber found it difficult to focus as another person leaned over her. Her hair seemed to glow as this person shielded the overhead lights glare. Her smile seemed familiar but her hair was long and wavy. Falling into her face as Amber stirred and tried to get up. Her head rang with pain as she sat up slightly.

"You all right my dear?" Asked the kind stranger with a gentle and soothing tone. Then Amber slipped into unconsciousness.


A gentleman's gazing stare made Amber smile as she walked into the Country Club. The Annual Harvest Ball had been a celebration for as long as anyone could remember. Judge O'Bannon hosted the gala at the country club this year. It was the who's who social event for this small town.

Amber took short and carefully placed steps, while coming through the entrance of the ball room. She stopped as she passed the threshold and scanned the room. The spacious oval room was filled with a crowd of people on the outer arena where tables were lined in rows and rows around the center wooden dance floor. Lit by an enormous chandelier that sparkled with crystal and illuminated the room brightly.

Most of the occupants were dressed in tuxedos and formal gowns but an array of creative individuals wore very unique and individual costumes filled with the Halloween spirit. A man wearing a Large orange pumpkin suit passed in front of Amber and smiled as his eye's scrolled up and down her frame. Another gentleman sitting to her right stood from his seat while eating dinner with his wife in a fixed stare at Amber as she walked by. Amber blushed from his obvious entrancement and the napkin still tucked in his collar as a makeshift bib.

"Hello Amber...aren't you the cat's meow!"

"Hello Mr. Jameson," Amber replied with a slighted greeting.

"Where did you ever get that dress?" Mr. Jameson asked while straightening his tuxedo's collar. His tall thin frame towered over Amber but she noticed his unusual intrust in her for the first time. Mr. Jameson ran the local grocery store. He was usually to busy to even return her 'hellos'.

"My fairy godmother," Amber said with a mysterious and sensual smile. Mrs. Jameson quickly come to her husbands side to introduce her spouse to another couple a few tables away.

Amber slowly paced around the oval with a painted smile as men nodded and tipped their hats to her as she passed. She noticed the display case she strolled by showed her mirrored reflection in a slight and ghostly way. She stopped a moment and gazed at herself. The beautiful Queen Victoria Evening Gown fit superbly. Her bare shoulders were adorned with strands of her pinned up hair. A large sexy fixed curl fell upon her forehead that she normally wouldn't wear. But as she brushed it back she felt the sting of a whelp that it hid.

Her breast bulged in a blossoming way. Seemingly to pop out of their confines. Amber's waist was taught from draw string pulls that give her the appearance of having little or no waist which enhanced her perfectly round rear. The dress seem to mold into her legs as it streamed to the floor and trailed just behind her. She tried to recall how she came to wear the 'Magic' dress. It was easy to recall the fall at the stairs and Devon's deed.

"You look stunning My Lady," a gentleman noted while walking by. Amber grace a slight curtsy with a dimpled smile.

"Thank you sir," Amber giggled. Looking back into the reflective glass she caught the crowds gathering behind her. She turned to see what the chatter was about. Everyone's attention was focussed on a Mans voice.

"Come one...come all and gather around, Men and Women of costume and gown. It's time for...a trick or treat, so listen up for something sweet." The voice rang out loudly from the center of the ball rooms dance floor while the crowd encircled this man.

"All the Men stand over here, And all the Women start to fear. For cometh a game that we shall play, Then you may dance the night away." The crowd seem to shuffle around. The Men tended to head in one direction while the Woman went another. Amber stood smiling as the room seemed to open up. The Men in costume and those who were not were starting to press against one side of the room. The Women gathered on the other. The man doing all the dictating was becoming visible to Amber as the dance floor became visible.

He scuttled along with quick darts and jest's. Helping a gender to its side of the room then scurry to another to escort them along. His mumbles and hand gestures were as comical as his costume. Three long strands that come to a point with bells that jingled while flopping loosely from his cap. His lime green suit was adorned with multiple bright colored patches of letters and numbers. His antics fit his verbal squealing as he came to the Halloween Ball as a gesturing Joker.

"Here you go," The Joker man said as he clutched Amber's hand and placed a piece of paper into her palm. His smile grew wide as he gazed upon Amber and the Queen Victorian Gown. He went to the woman who was next to Amber and placed a piece of paper in her hand too. "Here Madam," But his eyes were still on Amber.

"Okay Gentlemen be so kind and dear, as to start a line from right here." The Men formed a line quickly.

"And now the ladies oh so dear, Please fall in along right in here." The Joker had all the males facing one way while the women were all turned towards the Men's line.

"MYSTRO! Please!" The Joker yelled and the band began to play. He waltzed a spinning twirl towards a lady and grasp her in his arms playfully. Then spun her around and fled towards the lead man of the males line.

"Would you be so kind as to say the number one,

Then we'll begin our little fun." The Joker said as he spun around as if dancing alone.

"One?" The older gentleman said curiously. The Joker ran back and forth along the line of women staring with wide eyes.

"And which lucky lady has such a number,

Look at your papers and nudge the lady in slumber." The Joker said jokingly as the room rang out in laughter from many who were amused.

"I do," a young lady said proudly waving her piece of paper over her head. Her robust size barely fit into the leather outfit that strapped up the front but showed more flesh than material. The Joker laughingly paired the two up and the next man called out the number 'two'.

The pairing and dancing had gotten on a roll and was moving quickly along as the Joker was sliding back and forth putting couples together for the celebrations 'Special' Everybody's dance.

"Wait one moment...hold on....stop!" The Joker had his arms up high. "I want the number 13. It's only fitting. Do you want the unlucky number of thirteen on Halloween?" The Joker asked the next man in line. Offering him a choice while shaking his head 'no' to the man.

"If you want the number thirteen then by all means its yours." The man said laughing slightly put on the spot.

"Thirteen," The Joker called out loudly. Looking around for a response. Going up and down the line of ladies with a happy face then sad as the woman before him would shake their head, 'no'. "Hello...I'm calling for number thirteen!" The Joker said slightly irritated then running back and forth with a look of anticipation towards the line of women.

Amber pulled her gown up from the sides and lifted the dress high while taking a step down onto the dance floor. Then another step slowly and well balanced. Then the final step that brought her onto the wooden floor. Her head raised slightly as she took a deep breath and walked forward with grace. Her gown flowed elegantly behind her as she lowered her hands and released the dress. She brought both her hands together in front of her as Mrs. Peters would do. She thought of Mrs. Peters as being well defined and used her natural way to mimic for she knew all eyes were upon her.

Every step brought her closer to the Man dressed as a Joker, whom was standing in the center of the dance floor with a plastered smile. Standing tall and erect without his gestures and ramblings. His hand went out towards Amber as she walked up to him. Amber reached out and allowed the man to take her hand gently and kiss it. Cautiously she held her hand in readiness to jerk it back "If this Joker tries to start licking or even bite" her, she thought.

"May I have this dance sweet lady?" The Joker asked as gentleman with finesse. His posture was strong, his eyes soft, his hand still holding Amber's. She made a deep curtsy then turned to face her paired up partner. The dancers circled around them, spinning and stepping.

"My name is John," the Joker said as he reached his arm around Amber slowly. Pulling her lightly he began stepping in time with the orchestrated music. Her hand lightly cupped into his as they began to dance. She placed her other hand upon his shoulder and followed his lead. Stepping lightly and fluently. "And what is your name?"

"Amber," she replied proudly with her chin held high. Her feet moved with grace as he led them around the other dancers. The band played as the dance floor flowed with an ocean of moving bodies. The bells from the jokers cap only jingled periodically as they swished about the oval floor.

"Well, Amber...why do I not know you. Are you from around here?" He asked with curiosity. His eyes glued to hers and hers to his. The room seemingly spun behind them as they slowly twirled around and around.

"I have lived in Ole Town all my life. I thought I knew all the Jokers around here. So why sir do I not know you?" Amber asked. Her head still swam with thoughts of 'how she arrived here with the Queen Victoria Dress. Don't be to trusting of a Joker, what was she going to say next time she saw Devon'? But all her thoughts finally channeled to, 'who was this Man'?

"You never heard of Judge John O'Bannon? You must not vote and or you never had to go to court?" The Joker said with a serious tone.

"Your Judge O'Bannon? I thought Judges were old men with gray hair?" Amber said with a slight snicker and batted her eye lashes as their hands tightened a bit.

"Well, I have a gray hair or two I assure you." John said with a smile. "And you are, Amber...the...?" Amber thought for a moment while her mind raced for a cute response. Her eyes shot to her right then to her left.

"The Queen," Amber said with pride taking a deep breath, filling her chest with air causing her body to fill out. Amber said and looked her dance partner in the eyes with a sensual smile. Her boldness seemed to surprise even her but her head was still in a daze and her knot on her forehead ached slightly.

The band slowly finished the song for a standing encore as the Annual Celebration song and dance ended. People slowly filtered back to their tables. Amber and John stood looking at one another for a moment. "Care to dance another my Queen?" John asked with a snicker as he bowed lowly, raising an arm high in the air behind him, comically.

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