As Jolene entered the room Lisa turned and locked the door behind her. Jolene's red hair flamed even in the low light of the dim lamp. She had taken her coat off and clutched it to her nervously not knowing what to do.


Jolene spun around, not believing what she had heard.

"excuse me?"

The look in Lisa's eyes was of pure fire.

"You heard me: Strip! That's all you have to do and everything goes away."

Jolene just stood there, not sure of what to do. She had always maintained her composure well, even in tough negotiations, but Lisa had her over a barrel. The dirt Lisa had on her is what brought her to this hotel room meeting. She only wanted the blackmail to stop, and it seemed like the only way out was to give Lisa what she demanded. Still she could not believe that what Lisa wanted was a strip tease. Slowly Jolene reached behind her and pulled down the zipper of her dress. Lisa's eyes ran over Jolene's form as she stood there trembling.

"All of it"

Jolene kicked her dress to the side as she removed her heels and then rolled down each silk stocking. Jolene's hands were shaking so badly she could barely unclip her garter belt but it eventually hit the floor as well. Jolene was left in only her matching black silk bra and panties.

"I said all of it."

Jolene bit her lip as she unclasped her bra and pulled it away to reveal her more than ample chest. Slowly she pulled down her panties and kicked them to the side, removing the last piece of clothing that protected her from Lisa's prying eyes. Jolene stood there for a moment as Lisa stared at her naked body.

"There, you got what you wanted."

Jolene thought it wasn't so bad, now she just had to get her clothes and go.

"Not yet, just one more thing. Turn around, I want a good view"

Jolene turned to look around the room for the first time. It was fairly large with a small kitchen, a couch and coffee table, the desk and chair that had been behind her, another chair that Lisa sat in, and what appeared to be sliding doors leading to the bedroom.

"What a beautiful ass...I want to see everything, lean over a little and let me see."

As Jolene bent she leaned on the desk. She was still so nervous that she did not hear Lisa get out of her chair and make her way behind her. Before she knew it Lisa had grabbed her right wrist and was pinning her to the desk. In one swift motion Lisa locked Jolene's arm into a waiting cuff that had been tucked into the corner. Jolene started to fight and reached for the cuff but in her shock Lisa grabbed her other arm and pulled it across the desk to the cuff hidden on the opposite corner. Jolene was trapped with her chest pressed firmly against the cold surface of the desk and her arms pulled away from her. Jolene started to yell and Lisa quickly gagged her.

"that will keep you quiet enough."

Lisa bent over the desk to look the petrified Jolene in the eyes.

"Well Ms. High and Mighty. I think it's time to break you in a little bit, show you what you're good for."

Jolene struggled against her bonds and started to kick. Lisa grabbed her ankle and cuffed it to the leg of the desk, and then did the same to the other. Jolene was helpless.

Lisa thought this was a thing of beauty. The always classy Jolene completely naked and bound to a desk, spread wide for her enjoyment. As Jolene continued to struggle Lisa removed the large jeweled pearl necklace from Jolene that was the source of all the trouble.

"now don't struggle, it will only make things worse."

Jolene let out a yelp as she felt Lisa smack her ass firmly and she stopped fighting for a moment.

"that's a good girl"

Lisa gently soothed the red mark that appeared and reached for the blindfold. Jolene started to fight again as it went over her eyes. Lisa smacked her ass again and Jolene fell silent. She had matching red marks on each cheek and did not want another.

"now you and I are going to have a little fun. Don't move, or you will be punished. Do you understand?"

Jolene nodded slightly as Lisa caressed the new welt that had formed.

"good girl"

Lisa's touch grew firmer as she ran her hands over Jolene's ass and down her thighs. Jolene could feel Lisa's fingers digging into her skin as she grabbed onto her flesh and explored her every curve. Lisa took her time groping and enjoying the helpless Jolene, watching her legs shake as she ran her hands up her back and down again to her thighs. Lisa smirked as her fingers found Jolene's wet pussy.

"You're just a slut! Look at this, you're soaked"

Lisa fingered Jolene's clit as she leaned over and snarled into her victim's ear.

"Well guess what? You're my slut now. I am going to use you any way I want, and you're going to like it. Just like a good slut should."

Jolene whimpered into her gag as Lisa slid two fingers into her swollen pussy.

"do you like that? I can tell you want to be fucked."

Jolene shook her head and pulled against her bonds trying to escape. Lisa smacked her ass again as she drove her fingers deep inside her captive. She could feel Jolene's pussy grow wetter as she clenched against the pain.

"Don't lie to me. I'm going to give you exactly what you need."

Lisa reached down to open a drawer in the desk and retrieved a large glass vibrator. Jolene whimpered as she felt the cold glass slide past her lips. Lisa slowly pushed the toy deep inside her wet slit, filling Jolene's slick canal with it.

"That's what you need, isn't it?"

Lisa slid the hard glass tube in and out of her helpless captive, bottoming out against her cervix each time. Jolene struggled and tried to close her legs as she felt Lisa's fingers pulling apart her lips to finger her throbbing clit again.

"I told you not to fight!"

Lisa's hand grabbed the back of Jolene's head, pulling her head up by the hair as she turned the vibrator on high and slammed it into her victim. Jolene tried to scream against the ferocious assault but her sounds were muffled by the gag. Lisa enjoyed watching Jolene strain against her bonds, straining to get free of the relentless pounding she was receiving.

"Do you like that? You like getting fucked don't you."

Jolene continued to scream as Lisa forced the large phallus deep inside her.

"take it, take it and like it, slut"

Her bonds were digging into her wrists and ankles but would not give no matter how hard she pulled. Her pussy ached from being stretched by the hard glass. Tears filled her eyes and were absorbed into the blindfold as she stopped fighting, broken.

"That's a good girl. Are you going to behave now?"

Jolene nodded slowly, her body aching from being spread so wide and fucked so hard. Jolene felt a leather collar get tightened and buckled around her neck, and the cold metal chain draped down her back. Lisa reached up and unhooked the strap that Jolene's cuffs in place, pinning her arms behind her back and clipping the cuffs to each other. She reached down and released the ankle cuffs and clipped those together as well. Lisa pulled Jolene's shaking body up by the chain and slowly led her to the middle of the room.


Jolene paused, still in a daze, and Lisa forced her to her knees. Lisa reached behind her and clipped the cuffs together. Jolene was hog tied. The only way for her to keep her balance bound like that was to spread her legs lewdly wide.

"If I take this gag off do you promised not to scream? You'll be punished if you do."

Jolene shook her head in compliance and Lisa removed the gag.

"Don't move"

Jolene tried to imagine what she looked like, stripped naked, bound and blind folded, kneeling and waiting to be fucked. Lisa's brutal assault on her body was painful, and yet she wanted nothing more than for it to continue. She needed to cum. She could hear Lisa moving around the room and tried to guess what might be next.

Lisa had far more planned. She moved the straps that had held Jolene so well in place onto the bed. She took her time watching Jolene kneeling on the floor waiting for her return. The wetness of Jolene's pussy glistened in the light and Lisa ached for a taste, but that would have to wait. Lisa stripped off her clothes and grabbed something else from the table.

Jolene knew that Lisa had come back, her breath quickened in anticipation of what might be next. Lisa's hands were back on her body, spreading her legs even further. Lisa pulled on the chain, forcing Jolene's head back, and tied it to the cuffs holding it there.

"That's a good whore. Spread wide for me"

Jolene felt Lisa's lips on her nipple and her hand on her other breast. Her chest had always been very reactive to touch and Lisa's touch made her juices drip down her thigh.

"Such amazing tits...I'm almost sorry I had to wait so long to give them the attention they deserve."

Lisa grew more forceful, kneading Jolene's large chest and biting her nipples. Lisa's hand snaked down Jolene's stomach as she flipped on the fingertip massager that she wore on her hand. Jolene jumped as Lisa pushed the small vibrating toy against her clit. The attack on her chest had set her clit on fire. Jolene pressed into Lisa's hand desperately trying to cum.

"Not yet, you don't get it so easy."

Lisa backed away and watched Jolene's chest fall, her aching pussy dripping with want. Lisa grabbed the glass vibrator and slowly slid it inside of her captive.

"Ride it"

She turned on very low and watched Jolene struggle to move against it. It wasn't on strong enough, and she couldn't thrust against it hard enough to get off. Jolene heard the shutter of a camera. Lisa was taking pictures of her humiliation! Over and over again she heard the camera snap pictures, from every angle imaginable.

"Now you'll remember that you are my slut, and you'll behave."

Lisa put down the camera and reached back for the chain. Pulling it even further down and tilting Jolene's face straight up.

"Now let's see how good of a whore you can really be."

Lisa put one leg up on the coffee table and pulled Jolene's head into her pussy. Jolene's hungrily lapped at her Lisa's sweetness, eager to please and to keep those pictures private. Lisa ground herself against Jolene's face, forcing her to tongue deeply. Lisa could feel that Jolene was more than talented and was struggling to stay standing. Just before her leg gave out Lisa pulled Jolene away, pushing her down.

"Good girl, you'll make a wonderful sex slave."

Lisa unhooked the ankle cuffs from the wrists and grabbed the chain around Jolene's neck, forcing her to her feet. She dragged Jolene to the bed and threw her down on her back. Lisa attached the cuffs to the waiting straps and Jolene was spread as wide as possible, spread eagle, to the bed. Lisa grabbed the camera for a few more photos of the helpless Jolene, then set it to video mode and placed on the dresser.

Lisa crawled onto the bed and straddled Jolene's face again, craving more of her talented tongue. Jolene resumed hungrily lapping at her new Master's delicious pussy. Lisa reached down and slid her fingers inside Jolene's throbbing slit and fucked her deeply. Jolene moaned into Lisa's pussy and drove her tongue deep inside her hole. Not wanting to wait anymore Lisa leaned down and pushed her tongue between Jolene's cunt lips to finally taste her new slave's juices. Lisa slowly tongued Jolene, still not letting her cum. She grabbed the glass vibrator and forced it between her wide spread legs, fucking Jolene deeply.

'It's time to make my slut scream"

Jolene moaned as Lisa pounded her snatch with the vibrator and tongued her clit. She could barely concentrate on the delicious pussy that was pressed against her face. Lisa spread Jolene's pussy lips wide, tonguing every fold and pressing hard on her cit. Lisa could feel Jolene shaking beneath her as her body tensed with every thrust. Jolene started to buck against her restraints, as she could feel each wave building.

Jolene screamed into Lisa's pussy as a massive orgasm crashed over her, still Lisa would not stop. Jolene came over and over again, breathless and aching. Lisa continued to tongue her spent victim as she twisted and turned against the bonds. Jolene tongued Lisa, screaming into her pussy as she came. Lisa rewarded her fuck toy with a flood over her face as Lisa came harder than she ever had. Lisa collapsed onto the bed, next to Jolene. After a few moments Lisa reached up, pulled off Jolene's blindfold, and kissed her forehead.

"Stay or go, it's your choice now"

With that Lisa unhooked Jolene's bonds. Jolene laid there for a moment, thinking about what to do. On one hand Lisa had brutally raped her and humiliated her in ways she had never thought of. Jolene could have her thrown in prison for this. On the other hand that was the best sex she has ever had. Jolene rolled to her side and looked at Lisa for a moment, then she leaned over and kissed her on the lips.

"I'm your slut now, Master"

Lisa reached up and pulled Jolene towards her. They kissed each other like newfound lovers and lay down wrapped up in each other. Jolene still wore the cuffs of her new found role as they both drifted off to sleep.

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